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1994 American Whippet Club Whippet Annual

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In Loving Memory

Ch Fallowfield Carte Blanche, TT
(Madcap Stage Door Johnny x Sheridan Sun Singer, TT)

May 2, 1978 - April 25, 1994


(Ch. Gold-Dusts Joint Venture x Whippletree Hadley, FCh)

Simon has always been First and Best. Best in Futurity. Best of Winners, AWC Supported Entry. Best in Field at his first Field Trial, and many, many thereafter. Best ASFA Coursing Dog of the Year, 1991. First AKC Dual Champion Whippet. And, most importantly, Best Friend.

Simon is out of the gorgeous, elegant bitch, Whippletree Hadley. Her first litter, by Ch. Bo-Bett's Luke Skywalker, LCM, in 1987, consisted of four bitches, of which two were shown and finished, Martha and Pauline. Her second and final litter was by Ch. Gold Dust's Joint Venture, in 1989, and consisted of three males, one bitch, three of which were shown and finished, Simon, Kara and Skipper. Every puppy Hadley produced was a superior specimen, and if I had to do it all over, I would go out and buy her again. Her elegance, soundness, big dark eyes, calm, steady temperament and remarkable coursing ability have come down through the generations. I still see “Hadley” qualities in puppies of her descendents.

(The cover portrait is by Patricia Livermore of Princeton, NJ, who owns a lovely Simon niece.)

  Sharon A. Sakson
3375 Brunswick Pike #273, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 (609) 896-3239

Statement of Editorial Policy

Established by the Editor with the concurrence of the Board of Directors of the American Whippet Club.

OBJECTIVES: To unite those people interested in the breeding, showing, racing, coursing and generally improving the breed of Whippets for the purpose of exerting effectually a combined influence upon all matters affecting the breed. To promote and maintain a high standard of conduct in the transaction of all business connected with the breeding of Whippets.

Material for the WHIPPET NEWSLETTER and ANNUAL is always welcome from all readers, whether AWC members or non-members, and all the material that is used is presented with a minimum of editing, so as to retain the individual style of the writer. Each issue is the result of material sent in by the readers and reflects the interest of the readers.

The articles or material submitted for publication should pertain to Whippets in general, be constructive and free from personal animosities and grievances: further, the material and not the contributor is the basis of acceptance, and the editor will decide the suitability of the material submitted. When submitting material, please typewrite or print plainly, especially proper names.

NOTICE: The opinions expressed in the WHIPPET NEWSLETTER and ANNUAL are those of the individual writers and advertisers and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the editor or the AMERICAN WHIPPET CLUB, or any group to which the individual writer may belong. Further, the editor of the WHIPPET NEWS cannot be responsible for statements made anywhere in the publication except on the editorial pages and in the editor's personal advertisements.

THE WHIPPET NEWS is the official publication of the American Whippet Club and is available to non-members of the American Whippet Club for a donation of $20.00 per year. This donation includes the WHIPPET NEWS ANNUAL and the monthly NEWSLETTER.

Our appreciation goes to all those who contribute to make this publication a success.

Special thanks for invaluable assistance go to Donna Lynch, Jill Baum, Pat Dresser, Barbara Parsons and Dr. Nancy Rich.


p 2. AWC Whippet News Editorial Policy 120. WWWA 1994 Specialty Results
4. AWC Officers and Board 121. SCWA 1994 Specialty Results
5. Message From AWC President 159. AWC Nat'! Race Secretary's Report - Koch
13. KENNEL LISTINGS 178. Northern California Whippet Fanciers Assn.
16. Continental Whippet Alliance 200. Western Washington Whippet Assn.
33. AWC Register of Merit - Bengtson 207. Top Producers - Parsons
45. “Inheritable Eye Disease” - Brunkow 244. Metropolitan Atlanta Whippet Assn.
59. “Spinal Cord Disease” - Rich 250. 1995 AWC Specialties
72. Southern California Whippet Assn. 251. PEDIGREE SECTION
84. North America Whippet Racing Assn. 287. AWC Membership List
95. AWC Rescue - Smith 296. Index to Advertisers
115. 1994 AWC Specialty Results - Baum IBC 1996 AWC National Specialty



President Cathy Gaidos
Vice-President Pat Dresser
Treasurer Christine Hopperstad
Delegate to the American Kennel Club Cathy Gaidos
Secretary Harriett Nash Lee
14 Oak Circle
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Cathy Gaidos
Christine Hopperstad
Harriett Lee

Wendy Clark
Pat Dresser
Lori Nelson

Cindy Scott
4815 Topaz Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Eastern: Harriet Nash Lee
Midwest: Pat Dresser
Southern: Robert Lopes
Western: Isabell Speight

Founded January11, 1930


Applications for membership in the American Whippet Club are available upon written request to the AWC Secretary (see address above).

Subscription to the AWC Whippet News (including monthly Newsletter and Annual) - $20.00 per year


Christine Hopperstad, 130 34th Ave. E, Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 322-5872 / FAX: (206) 323-8314

Pat Dresser, (216) 239-1829

Wendy Clark, 5088 Breckenhurst Drive, Hilliard, OH 43026 (614) 777-0124

The American Whippet Club


As 1994 draws to a close, the purebred dog fancy is still reeling from the recent barrage of negative publicity in the media. Reports on 20/20 and in Time magazine question every aspect of the dog game, from the integrity of the stud book to the preponderance of genetic defects in dogs bred for the show ring. These reports contain numerous inaccuracies and many facts have been skewed to sensationalize the stories, but the message is clear - we do have problems that must be addressed if we want to continue enjoying participation in purebred dog events.

Everyone involved in purebred dogs, from the owner of one registered dog to the board and officers of the American Kennel Club, must do their part to erase the negative connotations that have been attached to “AKC registered show dogs”. We must take a pro­active role in getting out the message about the advantages of owning a purebred and the many performance activities available in addition to participation in the conformation ring.

What should be the American Whippet Club's role in this movement? I think we have an obligation to exert a positive influence in all directions.

As a member club, we should make it clear to the American Kennel Club that remov­ing the tarnish from the image of purebred dogs should be their number one priority. We should show our support for the newly established AKC Canine Health Foundation by making an annual contribution. We must insist that the integrity of the stud book be main­tained through investigation and inspection of suspect breeding facilities.

The American Whippet Club must inform our members that dishonest, unethical or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. We must establish guidelines for responsible breeding. We must make sure our personal dealings in the sport are above reproach and our reputations remain squeaky clean. Now might be a good time to consider a strong, enforce­able code of ethics, or, at the very least, a code of conduct for Club members to follow. Our goal must be to strive for the very highest level of excellence in every aspect of our whippet activities.

It's time to make sure that we are all doing our share to improve the sport of purebred dogs. The American Whippet Club will do what is necessary to educate and inform its mem­bers on how to actively participate in achieving this goal in the upcoming year. I am sure we can count on each of you to do your part to insure our success.

Cathy Gaidos

(Ger.Imp. Flyer of the Crackerjacks x Ringdove Quilchena, ARM, ORC)

We are proud of our multi-meet winning beauty from a phenomenal litter. Standing just 19” tall and weighing 27 lbs., she has many wins on both the straight and oval track and is Nationally ranked on both.

We hope her second year of racing is as exciting as her first and would like to thank Tony and Helena for our very own black queen.

Cassie's record to date (1/94-12/94):

• Finished RCH in 4 meets

• Finished ORG 1 week after RCH, in 5 meets

• Won British rules whippet racing SUPREME weight class racing

• Won a total of 6 straight racing meets with 3 seconds

• Won 3 oval track meets and 4 seconds (lost to kennel mate)

• Finished her SUPREME RACE CHAMPION title

Tony and Helena James
British Columbia, Canada

Merril and David Woolf
Sonoma, California 95476
707/ 938-1850

(Ringdove Quantock, SRCH, SORC x Jandall Tosca)

NOFCAS NUMBER 1 coursing whippet in 1993.
Missed by 0.8 of a point from finishing as NOFCA's top hound.
Won 8 out of 10 hunts she was entered in.
Zerlina is also an enthusiastic straight racer, excellent bed warmer and stands 20 inches tall and weighs 30 lbs.

NAWRA National's - 1993 / Zerlina in the #3 jacket

Merril and David Woolf 21714 Broadway, Sonoma, CA 95476 707/938-1850

(Ringdove Quantock, SRCH, SORC x Jandall Tosca)

Multiple meet winner.
Consistent top ten placer on straight and oval track.
Half way to her open field coursing titles.
Danika is an extremely hard running whippet with a no nonsense attitude that she exhibits at everything she tries.
Standing just 19 inches tall, we are very proud of our affectionate young girl.

Danika in the #3 jacket

Merril and David Woolf 21714 Broadway, Sonoma, CA 95476 707/938-1850

(Sunday Morning Coming Down, ARM, ORC, CC, CM, FCH x Ringdove Quorn, RCH, ORC, FCH)

SPROG has many meet wins to his credit, even though his biggest competitors are his kennel mate Cassiopeia and 3/4 brother, Elektras Zion, RCH, ORC.

He is Nationally ranked on the oval and has the distinction of having finished both his race champion and oval racing champion by 16 months of age!

From a litter of ‘1', Sprog is generally known to all as a super friendly all around nice guy.


Sprog finished out the 1994 racing season tied for the National oval track racing association's NATIONAL CHAMPION. Sidelined twice through the season with injuries, he still managed to finish with 6 meet wins, 4 seconds and 1 third in strong west coast competition.


Bred and Owned by RINGDOVE
Tony and Helena James
British Colombia, Canada

Co-owned by
Merril and David Woolf
Sonoma, California 95476
707/ 938-1850




(Ringdove Mr. October, ARM, ORC x Catherin Linton of Kentfield, ARM, ORC)

Torey doesn't have any great racing victories to brag about but he would like to say that if catching tennis balls and stuffed toys on the fly over and over again for hours at a time was worthy of a title, then he would be a champion indeed.

His ‘Mom would like to say that in her eyes, he has always been a champion for no other is more loving, sweet or more dedicated to bringing me a tug or throw toy first thing in the morning.

Oh yes, Torey loves to race also.

Bred and Loved by:
Michelle and Rosemary Whatley
Garland, Texas

Owned and Adored by:
Merril Woolf
Sonoma, California

Haily (aka Raptor Woman), to her friends, joined us recently. She will be shown in the U.S. and Canada when we've a spare moment. The photo catches Haily in our yard by total surprise Look for a spring litter by her and BIS CH. SHILOS HOUDINIV HASUE, FCH, ROM*...

Haily proudly shares the sofa with our house dogs Thomas (BIS AM. CAN. CH. PHOTOPLAYS PRIVATE EYE), DJ (CH. JORCORA CHELSEA DARJEELING) , THE GREAT HOUDINI, as well as Lisa (CH. HASUE TIME AFTER TIME) and the incomparable smooth fox near CH. TALISMAN PHANTOM KAYMAR (aka Uncle Phantom). Our little raptor girl has a body that won't quit, brains, and our boys think she's the perfect addition to our home. Thank you Aunt Sharon Kirley for helping Haily find her way to us.

For information on our dogs, pedigrees, stud fees, lease rates, and possible available puppies, write or phone . . we do wel­come visitors, by appointment only. We believe in quality, not quantity, so puppies available are limited.

Owned and Loved by:
Aubrey L. and Kathleen M. Banks
20595 Wilmot Road
Belleville, Michigan 48111
313 / 697-1168

Bred by: Diane Bleecker
Morshor Kennels-Florida


AMIR Betsy and Jim Prior, 28221 Patti Lane, Romoland, CA 92585. (909) 928-4229

BELA VA Windsong Farm, 515 - 286th St. SE, Fall City, WA 98024. (206) 222-4734

CARRY-ON Ruth G. Gilpin, Sharon L. Marquis & Frank Zanin, 25 Ridgewood Road, Willington, CT 06279. (203) 429-6166

CASTLECREST Ron & Linda Waggoner, Rt. 2, Box 513, Bandon, OR 97411. (503) 347-2171

DUNBERRY Wendy Clark, 5088 Breckenhurst Drive, Hilliard, OH 43026. (614) 777-0124

FALLOWFIELD Connie Brunkow, DVM, 19644 Henning Road, Danville, IL 61834. (217) 431-8972

GOLD-DUST Joan Goldstein, 5 Klinger Lane, Warren, NJ 07059. (908) 561-3833

IDOVER Elizabeth S. Smith, 25510 Carmel Knolls Drive, Carmel, CA 92923. (408) 625-0366

KIN VA RA Gretchen Vanderford, Kintnersville, PA. (610) 346-8120

LAMBAY Bob & Pam Lambie, PHA Handlers, 4202 W. Monte Cristo, Phoenix, AZ 85023. (602) 978-8068

NORTH WIND Kay Nierengarten, 5654 Chalstrom Dr., Saginaw, MN 55779. (218) 729-8003

PARIS Sharon R. Sakson, 3375 Brunswick Pike #273, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648. (609) 896-3239

PENDEL Del & Penny Yorton, P.O. Box 5747, Kingwood, TX 77339. (713) 572-1012

SANGAREE B. Karen Schechterle, 5409 N. 65th Ln., Glendale, AZ 85301. (602) 848-8160

SKYLINE April & Steven Allaway, 15370 5. Big Rock Loop, Mulino, OR 97042. (503) 829-8829

SPECIAL ACRES Susan J. Short, 9305 East 1700 South, Huntsville, UT 84317. (801) 745-2407

STARLINE Carey & Lori Lawrence, 14810 Fisher Cove, Del Mar, CA 92014. (619) 755-5355

UPPER MOUNTAIN Jeffrey A. Winton & James G. Modica, 383 Upper Mountain Ave., Upper Montclair, NJ 07043. (201) 783-7636

WINDSOME Gail A. Nichols, R.R. 2, Box 563A, Micanopy, FL 32667. (904) 466-4262

WINSMITH Harriett Nash Lee, 14 Oak Circle, Charlottesville, VA 22901. (804) 295-4525

May 15, 1981 - October 29, 1994

“Smudge”, a Whirlaway granddaughter from Farvel's last litter, graced our lives for 13 1/2 years. Her show career was brief, at age 1 she went RWB, RWB, 5 Pt major, 5 Pt major, 2 pts, 5 Pt major. She produced one litter for us of 4 Champions (including a multiple Group Winner). “Smudge” was every inch a ‘Lady' and a Champion.


God saw you were getting tired and a cure was not to be;
So he put his arms around you, and whispered “Come to me.”
A golden heart stopped beating, weary paws went to rest;
God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes the best

Frederica Page Brant

Karen Schechterle

Ch. Alcyon Angelica  

Bred by Christine Hopperstad
Owned by Nancy Tjoelker
Ch. Alcyon Boodro Brown x Allereis Natalie

Angel was bred in 1994 to the very nice Ch. Ole Soul de Sud and produced ten lovely puppies. Watch for them in ‘95!



Ch. Allerei's Bond of Elegance  

Bred by R.H. and J.M. Simonsen
Owned by Nancy Tjoelker
Ch. Starline's Reign On x Ch. Allereis Santa Paula

Bonnie won the 6 to 9 month puppy bitch class at the 1994 AWC National Specialty and continues to win in ‘95!



Can.Ch. Strebor's Engage  

Bred by Chas. Roberts, K. Rudolph & D. Bowen
Owned by Jeanette Dorsey and Nancy Tjoelker
Ch. Allereis Tax Refund x Ch. Oxfords Passion

Amanda finished in Canada in 1994 and is currently turning heads in the U.S. as she goes for the points in ‘95!




Nancy Tjoelker• 10318 235th Avenue East, Buckley, WA 98321 • (206) 862-5679

The Continental Whippet Alliance (CWA) continued its steady growth and popularity the past year. A record number of CWA events were conducted and a record number of entries for an individual CWA event was experi­enced in 1994. CWA events were held in Indiana for the first time and the Fast Trax Club of Michigan conducted its inaugural CWA event in 1994. Special CWA activities included: 1) an Eye Clinic, 2) Best Movement Competi­tion, 3) Best Front Assembly Competition and 4) Best Pet Trick Competition. A milestone of 100 total CWA registered Whippets was reached in 1994.

Conformation judges for 1994 CWA events were: LouAnn Almquist, Pam Baranski, Connie Brunkow, Rob Corner, Cheryl Curik, Marie Jackson, Eugene Jacobs, Mareth Kipp, Pam Leichtnam, Mary Lotz, Marilyn Thynes, Esme Treen and Russ Wischover.

Whippets earning CWA titles in 1994 were:

Ch. Marial's Hotwater of Wyndsor, TRP, ARX, DPC, SC

Reader's Masked Marvel, TRP, ARX
Palmeridge Duke, TRP, ARX
Marial Palmeridge Stetson, ARX, FbDCh
Ch. Slade's Bugle Boy Blu, TRP, ARX, DPC

Marial's Palmeridge Paris, TRP
Win-Fast Prospective Star, TRP
Readers Maksed Marvel, TRP, ARX
Win-Fast Prodigo, TRP

Earning top CWA racing honors for the fourth consecutive year was Marial's Reata Saltwater, TRP, ARX, SRA, DPC (Ch. Marial's Whitewater, CD, ARM, ORC x Elizabeth of Wyndsor). The top winning Whippet in CWA Conformation Competition was Ch. Marial's Palmeridge Brandeis, TRP, ARX, DPC, SC (Ch. Slades Dixieland Dandi Duke, ARM x Marial's Nekoosa).

Future plans include expansion of CWA activities into other states, with Minnesota hosting its first CWA event in 1995. For information on 1995 CWA activities, contact: Doug Arthur, CWA Secretary, 12035 W. Brown Deer Rd., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53224-1407. Subscriptions to the official CWA publication, Line & Lure , are available from Connie Austin and Ule James, 5522 North 224 West, West Lafayette, Indiana 47906-9726.



Ch. Marial's Hotwater of Wyndsor, TRP, ARX, DPC, SC
(Ch. Manal's Whitewater, CD, ARM, ORC x Colby of Wyndsor, ARM, ORC, FCh)

(Ch. Locar's Martini on the Rocks x Idover Simply Splashing)

(photo at 12 mos.)

  This striking fawn and white dog is very sound, has wonderful depth of brisket, balanced side gait, with pigment to spare on a beautiful head. We think Devon is one handsome youngster. He is pointed in limited showing.

Bred by Elizabeth S. Smith, Idover

Owned and shown by:
Wendy Clark


5088 Breckenhurst Drive , Hilliard , Ohio 43026 (614) 777-0124

(Ch. Locar's Martini on the Rocks x Idover Simply Splashing)

  ‘Lacey' is pictured here going BEST OF BREED from the classes over specials at Clackamas Kennel Club under judge Dr. William Haupt, handled by co-owner John Strasburger.

Lacey was also Best of Winners for a 4 point major at Klamath Dog Fanciers under judge Dr. Jacklyn Hungerland.

Michael & Manuela Jondrow and John Strasburger

BREEDER: Elizabeth S. Smith, Idover

(Ch. Locar's Martini on the Rocks x Idover Simply Splashing)

  ‘Jenni' is pictured here going BEST OF OPPOSITE from the classes over a special at Salinas Valley Kennel Club under judge Mr. Alfred Treen. In very limited showing, Jenni was also Best of Winners the next day under judge Mr. Robert Ward.



Elizabeth S. Smith - 25510 Carmel Knolls Drive, Carmel, California 93923 - 408/625-0366

(‘Select Ch. High Flyer Mach One x Morshors Dirty Dancin)

HIGHLIGHTS: WD, BOW, BOB - Central Ohio KC - for 1st major RWD - 1994 AWC Midwest Specialty - Ravenna KC
WD, BOW - 5 point major to finish - Western Reserve KC summer show

Mark finished his championship at 16 months of age and is a multiple Best of Breed winner.
Watch for Mark cruising in the Specials ring...

  Owner: Wallace Newton 884 N. Lutheran Church Rd , Dayton , OH 45427 (513) 837-5260

Breeders: Erma and Ralph J. Kovach, MD

('Select' Ch. High Flyer Mach One x Morshor's Dirty Dancin')



WB - Manitowac KC


WB, BOS - Delaware KC

Owners: Erma and Ralph Kovach, MD and Candy Teis


Erma and Ralph Kovach, MD
6671 Gates Mills BIvd, Gates Mills, OH 44040- (216)449-3318

(Ch. Merci Isle Deep Woods, JC x Ch. Gold-Dusts Gilt Trip)

Barely a year old, ‘Bo' finished exclusively from the B.B.E. class with FOUR majors, FIVE Breeds from the classes over specials and a Group placement. He was shown twice as a Special, B.O.B. BOTH times!

Bo lives with, is loved and beautifully conditioned by his owners, Art Zapolski and Alice Brittain. He is shown exclusively by Joan Goldstein, his breeder and co-owner. (See Pedigree Section)

Arthur Zapolski and Alice Brittain
1202 North Stiles Street
Linden, NJ 07036
908 / 486-2210

Co-owner: Joan Goldstein
Bred by Joan & Bob Goldstein
5 Klinger Lane
Warren, NJ 07059
908 / 561-3833

(Ch. Merci Isle Deep Woods, JC x Ch. Gold-Dusts Gilt Trip)

“Cinder' is shown going BEST IN FUTURITY at the A.W.C. National Specialty at the age of 10 mos. She is now pointed.
“Cinder” is lovingly shown by Lisa Buzzell or her breeder and owner, Joan Goldstein.
“Cinder” lives with Lisa and is beautifully conditioned by her. She also lives with her litter brother, Gold-Dust's Gilty as Charged (major ptd). Another litter brother, Gold-Dust's Fire Nice, is also major pointed.

Look for Gold-Dust's Gilt Edge in the Bred-By-Exhibitor class. He is co-owned by Mary and Roland Rand and Joan Goldstein and will be started out this Fall.

Thank you, Iva & Lisa!

Joan Goldstein
5 Klinger Lane , Warren , NJ 07059
908 / 561-3833

Joan & Bob Goldstein


8/19/94 Asa Mays WB, BOW 2 pts Greenville KC
10/8/94 Loraine Boutwell WB 2 pts Newnan KC
10/15/94 Nelson Layne BlSweeps Atlanta KC (MAWA Supported)
10/22/94 Kenneth Miller WB 1 pt Thronateeska KG
10/29/94 Stacey Davis WB, BOW 5 pts Kennesaw KC (AWC Supported)
11/3/94 Dr. Robert Indeglia WB, BOW, BOB 4 pts Chattanooga KG


  Thank You !!!!

Cynthia Owens
Barbara Idleman

Bobbie Idleman

120 Phoenix Drive NE, Eatonton, Georgia 31024 (706) 485-5502

Scarlett is shown finishing her Canadian Championship by going Best of Breed over eight Canadian and U.S. Spe­cials for five points under Michelle Billings. We are very proud of our solid red bitch, her strong flowing movement, smooth outline and impeccable pedigree. At Devonair, we strive to produce the versatile, multi-purpose whippet.

Breeders / Heather Dansereau & Heather-Jean Dansereau

Owners: Heather Dansereau & Estelle Hall Lyon / RR#2, 1733 Centre Rd, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8N 2Z7 (905)659-1188

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