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1998 American Whippet Club Whippet Annual

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Ch. Cygnet Watch Me Ms Whitney, CD, JC, ROMX

AWC 1998 National Best In Sweepstakes Veteran (12 yrs)

Am.Mex.Ch. Watch Me Belle Bathsheba, JC, ROM (9 yrs)

AWC 1997 & 1998 National Best Brood Bitch

Watch Me True At First Light (4 mos)

Ruby daughter

1998 has been a spectacular year for Watch Me Whippets. In addition to the above achievements, much gratitude and congratulations goes to our extended family. The Davenports for BIS Watch Me Frolic At Dengayle’s super year; Sharon Simmons for Ch. Watch Me A Lotta Attitude’s AWC 1998 National High In Trial, plus Watch Me Stairway To Heaven’s BIS Sweepstakes Western Hound Association; Jamie and Barbara Ross for Watch Me Beach Blanket Bingo’s AWC Support Lake Mathews KC BISweeps and RWB at the AWC Western Regional; Pam Murphy and the Edwards for Ch. Watch Me Fortune Of War’s wins and the Vincent’s success with Ruby!

1999 should be exciting with the Ruby kids and Alan Nowatzki’s Basia kids.

We wish everyone a fun-filled 1999.

Jeanne Thomas Williams

Kathy Thomas

Judy Thomas

42 Congressional Court, Las Vegas, Nevada 89113 (702) 367-6754

Statement of Editorial Policy

Established by the Editor with the concurrence of the Board of Directors of the American Whippet Club.

OBJECTIVES: To unite those people interested in the breeding, showing, racing, coursing and generally improving the breed of Whippets for the purpose of exerting effectually a combined influence upon all matters affecting the breed. To promote and maintain a high standard of conduct in the transaction of all business connected with the breeding of Whippets.

Material for the WHIPPET NEWSLETTER and ANNUAL is always welcome from all readers, whether AWC members or non-members, and all the material that is used is presented with a minimum of editing, so as to retain the individual style of the writer. Each issue is the result of material sent in by the readers and reflects the interest of the readers.

The articles or material submitted for publication should pertain to Whippets in general, be constructive and free from personal animosities and grievances; further, the material and not the contributor is the basis of acceptance, and the editor will decide the suitability of the material submitted. When submitting material, please typewrite or print plainly, especially proper names.

NOTICE: The opinions expressed in the WHIPPET NEWSLETTER and ANNUAL are those of the individual writers and advertisers and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the editor or the AMERICAN WHIPPET CLUB, or any group to which the individual writer may belong. Further, the editor of the WHIPPET NEWS cannot be responsible for statements made anywhere in the publication except on the editorial pages and in the editor’s personal advertisements.

THE WHIPPET NEWS is the official publication of the American Whippet Club and is available to non-members of the American Whippet Club for a donation of $20.00 per year. This donation includes the WHIPPET NEWS ANNUAL and the monthly NEWSLETTER.

Our appreciation goes to all those who contribute to make this publication a success.

Special thanks for invaluable assistance go to Donna Lynch, Jill Baum, Barbara Parsons, Dr. Lisa Costello and Karen Rockwell (proof reader extraordinaire!)
and Susan Vandermeulen for her artistic assistance.


p 2. AWC Whippet News Editorial Policy
4. AWC Officers and Board
5. Message From AWC President
33. Dental Care in the Whippet - Costello
42. Mid-Atlantic Whippet Racing Assn.
67. AWC Whippet Health Foundation
87. AWC Versatility Program and
Performance Events - McManus
96. Greater Twin Cities Whippet Club
102. Continental Whippet Alliance
109. “Annie’s Excellent Adventure” - Gough
118. Southern California Whippet Assn.

137. Inherited Diseases in Whippets - Brunkow
172. Whippet Racing Assn.
182. Metropolitan Atlanta Whippet Assn.
192. Lone Star Whippet Club
204. Tri-State Whippet Assn.
211. “Unlikely Diva” - Brunnen
246. AWC 1998 Specialty Results
252. GSDWA 1998 Specialty Results
253. SCWA 1998 Specialty Results
267. NOTRA
285. Top Whippet Producers
330. AWC 1999 Specialties
363. AWC Membership Roster
372. Index

Dianne Bleecker
– In Memorium –

Dianne Bleecker was not a saint, which was fortunate because she never aspired to be one. Nevertheless, like all of us, she had her aspirations, but unlike many of us, she actually achieved most of hers.

She did this by approaching life on her own terms and by establishing and adhering to her own code of ethics. By those standards, she led a successful life and in doing so, proved that “success is a journey, not a destination”.

Part of the journey was spend establishing Morshor Kennels – a true labor of love. In this endeavor, she made a difference and left her mark.

Another part of the journey was Davin. It’s been said that if you have one true friend in life, consider yourself lucky. Well, Dianne and Davin shared a true friendship enhanced by their abiding love and caring for each other. They were truly there for each other – to share in the joys and to hold on to each other when joy changed to tears.

Yet another part of the journey was having just one more Christmas and celebrating the arrival of a new year. Her tenacity allowed her to have more time appreciating those she loved – reminiscing a bit, enjoying laughter, and sharing her memories.

But do not plan on journeying to a site to remember her. Instead, remember Dianne when you behold what is beautiful and dear to you –

~ It might be the serenity of a sunrise or the breathtaking glory of a sunset;
~ It might be the peal of laughter or the delicious movement of a gentle breeze;
~ It might be simply holding the hand of someone you love;
~ It might even be holding your dog’s head in your hands and seeing its love for you reflected in its eyes.

  In closing …  
Farewell my friend    
As you step gently into the long night Farewell my friend  
Leaving me at the threshold As you softly say good-bye Farewell my friend
For there I cannot follow And slip peacefully beyond my reach As yet, another journey reaches its end
    You followed your heart on life’s path
And, in leaving, took part of my heart with you ~

Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey L. Banks IV (Hause Hounds) - Bo Bengtson - Renee Clayton - Bill Collingwood - Jane Cooney - Shirley Cooney - Sheila Feldman - Karen Gibson - Joan Goldstein - Carol Harris - Bobbie & Art Idleman (Bar-O) - Diane Laratta (Hollowell) - Linda Larson (Plumcreek) - Lori & Carey Lawrence - Harriett Nash Lee - Donna Lynch - Jason Maleck - Bill & Sharon McCollum (Fortune) - Pam Murphy - Bente Opsahl & Geraldine Page - Calvin Perry - Mary Jane Pruett - Fred & Marge Ruppel - Ray & Penny Spanola - Lynne Underwood


President ................................... Harriett Nash Lee
Vice-President ............................Jean Balint
Treasurer ...................................Christine Hopperstad
Delegate to the American Kennel Club...... Donna Lynch
Secretary ....................................Cathy Gaidos

10177 Blue River Hills Road
Manhattan, KS 66502



Wendy Clark
Lori Nelson
Cindy Scott

Jean Balint
Jack McManus
Cora Miller

Cindy Scott
4815 Topaz Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Cathy Gaidos
Christine Hopperstad
Harriett Nash Lee
Eastern: Harriett Nash Lee
Midwest: Karen Rockwell
Southern: Robert Lopes
Western: Barbara Nyby


Founded January 11, 1930

Applications for membership in the American Whippet Club are available
upon written request to the AWC Secretary (see address above).

Subscription to the AWC Whippet News (including monthly Newsletter and Annual) - $25.00 per year

Christine Hopperstad, 130 34th Ave. E, Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 322-5872 / FAX: (206) 323-8314

Pat Dresser, (216) 239-1829

Wendy Clark, 5088 Breckenhurst Drive, Hilliard, OH 43026 (614) 777-0124

The American
Whippet Club
A Message From The President –

In reflecting on the past ten years in the AWC, here are some of the changes we have seen. In 1988 at the second National Specialty, there were 421 entries in Breed and 15 in Obedience. In 1998, there were 447 in Breed and 19 in Obedience. We have added Agility, Lure Coursing and Triathlon competition to our Specialty week, emphasizing the versatility of the breed.

In 1999, we will have an Eye Clinic, BAER testing, and a Tattoo Clinic held during our Specialty week, indicating our concern for the health and welfare of our breed. We should definitely be proud of these additions!

The Club has almost doubled in size in the past ten years and we have seen the popularity of the breed increase also – all the more reason to continue to be diligent in protecting our breed.

In 1998 the Whippet Health Foundation incorporated and is close to having it’s tax exempt status. Though the organizational process has been time consuming, it is felt this groundwork is very important in the future success of the Foundation.

1999 is the year for the second Whippet World Congress to be held in England. A time to renew acquaintances made in Vermont and resume the business of sharing the joys and concerns of our breed.

I would like to thank the Board members, Committee members and the many volunteers who have given so freely of their time and talents to keep the AWC an active and growing organization.

Harriett Nash Lee

Ringdove Rhapsody of Reata, SORCIII, RCH


(Ringdove Quantock, SRCH, SORC x Heklah Mercedes, RCH, FCH)

“Tawny” showed us all that it is the size of the heart, not the body (27 lbs), that determines a true Champion! Tawny wowed us with a NOTRA Oval career that took her to the top as “All-Time” Bitch with 119.5 National Points! She completed 53 Oval Meets recording 28 wins, 12 second, and 7 third place finishes! And, she is beautiful as well!!

We thank Tawny for her wonderful racing career that also included NAWRA Sprint Meet wins, with unofficial timed runs at 11.0 seconds over the 200 yard course. Is she ready to retire? She is thinking about it, as her kids want her to spend more time at home!

Proudly Owned by
Mary Lewis & David Woolf
Wonderfully Bred by
Helena & Tony James, Ringdove Whippets

Reata Whippets
Mary & Jack Lewis • 13765 S 1300 W, Riverton, Utah 84065
801-254-6817 • email: William.Lewis6@gte.net

Nikki then . . .

Nikki forever . . .

Smoken’s Emotional Rescue CGC
( 08/05/82 - 04/23/98 )

When I took her in as a foster, Nikki looked like ribs on stilts. She could cradle a man’s fingers between her ribs like a cigarette on an ash tray. Plus a few pounds and minus a few teeth (“7 teeth are better than 6”), Nikki embodied dignity and self-worth as only an elderly Whippet can. Now she is in that special place, where she is the queen and Smokey is her hunter. Rest well, my old bird. You are well-loved.

Holly Chin

Ch. Hand’s Lehi Gold Rush, JC
(Ch. Kachina’s Spellcaster, SC x Ch. Surrey Hill’s Splashdown)

Lehi finished in style with four majors and a Best of Breed over Specials. Thank you to the judges that recognized Lehi for his correct size and movement and to Connie Alexander for handling Lehi to his championship. He will be seen with his owner in agility, obedience and coursing trials. He has already earned one leg each in UKC and AKC agility (1st place score 100 and Best of Breed). Watch for this young man - he can do it all.

Dee Ann Wenzel
402 Adrian Drive
Garner, NC 27529
Breeder and Co-owner
Marie G. Hand and George H. Hand
Hand’s Whippets
7301 Paddock Drive, Raleigh, NC 27613

Hand’s Storm Tide V Surrey H
(Ch. Sporting Field’s Jazz Fest x Ch. Surrey Hill’s Scotch Bonnet, SC)

This Bonnie / Rory son is flawless in movement. Storm is of correct size and excellent temperament. We are very proud to have bred and own this promising young man. He will be seen showing off his owner “George” in the ring.

Karen Bowers Lee
Breeder and Owner
Marie G. Hand and George H. Hand
Hand’s Whippets
7301 Paddock Drive, Raleigh, NC 27613

Kachina’s California Dreaming
(Ch. Chelsea Drakkar of Oxford x Ch. Kachina’s Magic Pfyre)

This striking young male has turned many heads with his showmanship and good movement. Pointed from the puppy class, going Best of Winners over major pointed dogs. Watch for Winston in 1999 with his proud owner.

nnie Alexander
Connie Alexander, Brenda Adams, Anne Taylor
Marie G. Hand and George H. Hand
Hand’s Whippets
7301 Paddock Drive, Raleigh, NC 27613

BIS SBIS Ch. Watch Me Ruby Red Slippers

(Am.Mex.Ch. Watch Me Star Spangled Banner x Am.Mex.Ch. Watch Me Belle Bathsheba, JC, ROM)

America’s Number One Whippet All Systems 1996 and Number 8 Hound
Number One Whippet All Breed 1997 and Number 8 Hound

Nearly 50 Hound Group wins and 11 All Breed & Specialty Best In Shows

Her daughter, Watch Me True At First Light, was Best Puppy In Show 1999 AWC National

Congratulations, Harriett, on a great show career.

As a breeder, we couldn’t be any prouder.

Harriett Vincent
Jeanne Williams

Longlesson It’s Raining Men

Am.Can.Ch. Sportingfield’s Painted Pony, SC

Ch. Seaspell’s Music of the Night

Some things are loved
because they are valuable;
others are valuable
because they are loved.

Owned, Handled & Loved by
Alice VandenBussche

411 Murray Street, Newark, NY 14513


Carol Juelfs and Cassandra Juelfs Rogers, 56 N. Victoria, St. Paul, MN 55104; 651-224-6427
Patricia Taylor, 273 Walnut Shade Road, Felton, DE 19943; 410-697-0451 dndover@magpage.com
Diane Arner, 300 Leininger Drive, Lehighton, PA 18235; 570-386-4019
Dr. Connie Brunkow, 19644 Henning Road, Danville, IL 61834-5161; 217-431-8972.
Jack and Charlotte McManus, Rt. 7, Box 13865, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411; 304-258-9064
Georgette MacLean, 387 Tishauser Road, Hudson, NY 12534; 518-851-9911
grand prix
Wendy Gay, 19208 Woodbridge Lane, Woodland, CA 95695; 530-622-0108
high flyer
Erma and Ralph Kovach, MD, 6671 Gates Mills Blvd., Gates Mills, OH 44040; 440-
Debbie and Bob Boyle, 21806 Dumetz Road, Woodland Hills, CA 91364; ph: 818-883-7094 / fax: 818-883-9752
Kay Nierengarten, 5654 Chalstrom Drive, Saginaw, MN 55779; 218-729-8003
Marilyn and Randy Awram, 691 E. Price Road, RR#3, Essex, Ontario, Canada N8M 2X7; 519-727-5863; oasis@mnsi.net
Donna S. and M. Larry Richards, 8223 Lantana Drive, Denver, NC 28037; 704-483-6269; tntkids@aol.com
Tawnya and Aaron Brumbaugh, 1803 W. Margaret Street, Pasco, WA 99301; 509-542-0657
Barbara L. Henderson, VMD, 16200 Burtons Lane, Laurel, MD 20707; 301-490-6598

Ch. Morshor’s Hiawatha

“Happy Hiawatha” finished with three 5-point majors in one weekend. He is a proven sire (S.R. Upcoming Stars 12/98; HiTor Rippleton Moonbeam), red brindle parti, 22”, perfectly balanced with a winning personality.

Breeders: Dianne Bleecker and Davin McAteer (Morshor)
Owners: Calvin Perry (Appraxin)
Patti Fitzgerald Coles (HiTor)
200 High St., Avon, NY 14414 • 716-226-9164; email: ChWhippets@aol.com

Ch. HiTor Rippleton Centaurus

“Chance” would like to thank Jon R. Cole (pictured at the Great Lakes Whippet Club Specialty), George Bedard (Group I; S.R. Upcoming Stars Issue 12/98), Lt.Col. Wallace Pede (Group 3), Robert Moore and Ellen Frankel.

Chance is a proven sire, stands 211/2”, red brindle parti, with bone, underjaw, attitude, flowing side gait and sound.

Bred / Owned / Handled by: Patti Fitzgerald Coles (HiTor)
Estelle Hall Lyon (Rippleton)
200 High St., Avon, NY 14414 • 716-226-9164; email: ChWhippets@aol.com

Chase . . .  

. . . doing what he likes to do best.

Longlesson TNWDS Hi Priority, CD, MC, FCh, TDI

Chase continues to be a great ambassador for the Whippet world and my “Bestest Boy”.
His kids - B, Dots, Luna, and Jesse - continue to tear up the coursing fields in the U.S.
and Canada.

Karen J. Rockwell
9163 Milford Drive

Ch. Sowagla

Rebel finished in 1997 completely from the BBE class. He excels in sound movement, moderate size (20 1/2”), depth of brisket and breed type. Linebred on Ch. Surrey Hill’s Houston ROMX, his pedigree includes lots of top producers.


Beautiful Spirit finished in 1998 with 3 majors, and, with luck, she will figure prominently in my breeding program.

In addition to Rebel, I also have at stud:
Ch. Sowagla HangFire, linebred Chummy, and
Ch. Windsome’s Majic Wizard, a Houston son
out of a Chummy daughter.

Fanfare celebrates 1998 with our first homebred Champion

Champion Fanfare’s Fantasia

(Ch. Leyenda’s Majestic Star x Shasta Mountain Flower) (photo at 11 months)

“Erika” earned her title at 15 months. Her most notable wins were Best in Sweepstakes her first weekend out at 61/2 months at the Waukasha KC supported entry, a 5-point major over 7 specials at 11 months, and a 3-point major from the bred-by class.

With her AKC Championship out of the way, Erika will try her hand at racing, coursing, and the whelping box in 1999. A breeding is planned to Ch. Chelsea Drakkar of Oxford, FCh, ROM.

Fanfare Whippets
Shelley Kruger
8320 Evergreen Avenue
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
715-325-5341 • kruger@wctc.net

And . . . A great year in the specials ring!

Champion Leyenda’s Wish Upon A Star

(Ch. Shasta Midnight Star x Ch. Wayward’s Emily Dickenson)

“Sky” made us proud by winning a Group I the first weekend of the New Year. Sky has been a consistent Group placer in 1998, until she took time off to rendezvous with the handsome Ch. Hamrya’s Honey Beee in September. Watch for her puppies as they hit the show ring in 1999.

Breeder / Co-owner
Heidi Powell
Owner / Handler
Shelley Kruger

Here’s the “Scoop”. . .

– Best Puppy –
– WD & BOW – 5 Point Major –
New Champion – All from the 6-9 Month Class!

That was then . . .

This is now!
Select Am/Can Ch. Jade’s Ice Dream Man of Whyme
– American Whippet Club National Specialty Award of Merit Winner –
– Top Ten 1997 –
– Top Twenty 1997 and 1998 –
– 25 Hound Group Wins to date –
– Champion Producer –

Eyes CERF Normal

Debi Adams
2315 28th Court SE
Olympia, WA 98501-3802
Jade Whippets
(360) 357-4070

These are the kinds of photos we received from Betty – rarely of herself, but of the dogs.
Most important in her life were her dogs – her dogs and her family. And her many friends.
We all miss visiting with Betty at the shows, her phone calls and her surprise notes
with photos of the dogs doing funny things (like Tammy as a potted daisy) or just being whippets.

Thank you, Betty, for your friendship, your trust, and your beautiful whippets.

We miss you, but we will remember.

Hamrya’s Funny Valentine

(Ch. Hamrya’s Honey Beee x Ch. Hamrya’s Teacher’s Pet)

Rose has a major under her belt
and we hope to make some shows this summer to add some more points.
Meanwhile, we get to enjoy her wonderful personality and beauty,
Rose and her best buddy Devon do laps
and she gets to chase the real bunnies that come in the yard!

Wendy Clark
5088 Breckenhurst Drive, Hilliard, OH 43026 • 614-777-0124

Breeder: Donna Lynch, Hamrya


Now it’s

Idover Devonshire Cream

(Ch. Saxon Shore Amber Waves x Idover Simply Splashing)

Finally, Devon got motivated on the right day, and finished.
Now, as I promised him, he doesn’t have to do that “show” stuff any more.
But we still get to look at him every day, and admire his fine qualities (if not his 6 am wake-up calls).
His handsome head and gorgeous eyes, beautiful pigment, amazing depth,
soundness in all directions, and weird sense of humor.

He is one of the fine things Betty left us to remember her by.

Wendy Clark
5088 Breckenhurst Drive, Hilliard, OH 43026 • 614-777-0124

Breeder: Elizabeth S. Smith, Idover

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