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1999 American Whippet Club Whippet Annual

Pages 1 through 25

Cover Story

Ch. Hamrya’s Bandolino JC

Gracing this year’s cover is the irrepressible, electric Bandita, Ch Hamrya’s Bandolino JC, representing Hamrya and Darjeeling Whippets. Bandita is a double Lucky Charm great granddaughter and a Clover granddaughter. These two fine littermates made their appearance on the cover of the 1991 AWC Annual.

Sired by Ch Delight’s Customade for Mariki FCh SC (Ch Hamrya’s Moon Madness x Ch Delight’s Split Image)
out of Hamrya’s Golden Slippers (Ch Starline’s Golden Opportunity x Clover), her special personality was evident from birth. She was a spunky puppy and emerged as an entertaining, clownish young adult. Always out in front: first to escape the ex-pen, first to kill a squirrel, and first in her classes at AWC Regional specialties, Bandita is a girl with an attitude. She is the essence of Hamrya - sound, intelligent, intense on the lure. A pure running machine, Bandita is mechanically efficient, a covering the maximum distance with a minimum of lost motion. It has always been a challenge containing her high energy and happy feet at various specialties and supported entries, but this sparkle has contributed to her becoming a ringside favorite.

At the 1999 AWC National, she was honored with RWB under Betty Stites. Jerri Putnam approached Jane Cooney and me and asked if she could show her. Those folks who know me personally know that I have never let anyone show my dogs, much less have them leave home without me in tow. First and foremost, my dogs are my companions and pets. With much trepidation, we sent her off to Texas to live with Jerri and Bente. From her first shows with Jerri, we knew Bandita would do us proud. She proceeded to accumulate Breed wins and Group placements from the classes, followed by more Breed and Group placements after she finished her Bench Championship. In a limited four months of specialing, Bandita finished out the year in the Top Twenty.

Our thanks go to all the judges who have recognized her outstanding qualities and for remembering that color is immaterial. A special heartfelt thank you to Bente and Jerri for the conditioning, training and love they have shown our girl, and to Shirley Cooney, for insisting I keep another brindled bitch.

Donna D. Lynch
Needham, Massachusetts
Cover Photo by Gay Gazebrook

Jane Cooney Waterhouse
Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio

Statement of Editorial Policy

Established by the Editor with the concurrence of the Board of Directors of the American Whippet Club.

OBJECTIVES: To unite those people interested in the breeding, showing, racing, coursing and generally improving
the breed of Whippets for the purpose of exerting effectually a combined influence upon all matters affecting the breed. To promote and maintain a high standard of conduct in the transaction of all business connected with the breeding of Whippets.

Material for the WHIPPET NEWSLETTER and ANNUAL is always welcome from all readers, whether AWC members or non-members, and all the material that is used is presented with a minimum of editing, so as to retain the individual style of the writer. Each issue is the result of material sent in by the readers and reflects the interest of the readers.

The articles or material submitted for publication should pertain to Whippets in general,
be constructive and free from personal animosities and grievances; further, the material and not the contributor is the basis of acceptance, and the editor will decide the suitability of the material submitted. When submitting material, please typewrite or print plainly, especially proper names.

NOTICE: The opinions expressed in the WHIPPET NEWSLETTER and ANNUAL are those of the individual writers and advertisers and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the editor or the AMERICAN WHIPPET CLUB, or any group to which the individual writer may belong. Further, the editor of the WHIPPET NEWS cannot be responsible for statements made anywhere in the publication except on the editorial pages and in the editor’s personal advertisements.

THE WHIPPET NEWS is the official publication of the American Whippet Club and is available to non-members of the American Whippet Club for a donation of $20.00 per year. This donation includes the WHIPPET NEWS ANNUAL and the monthly NEWSLETTER.
Our appreciation goes to all those who contribute to make this publication a success.

Special thanks for invaluable assistance go to Donna Lynch, Jill Baum, Barbara Parsons,

p 2. AWC Whippet News Editorial Policy
4. AWC Officers and Board
5. Message From AWC President
35. The Immune System - Costello
56. Metropolitan Atlanta Whippet Assn.
60. Continental Whippet Alliance
65. AWC Versatility Awards - McManus
85. AWC Register of Merit - Parsons
94. Lone Star Whippet Club
110. NOTRA
127. Whippet Health Foundation - Arthur
152. No. California Whippet Fanciers Assn.
174. Jersey Rag Racers
184. New England Whippet Club
246. AWC 1999 Specialty Results
252. NCWFA 1999 Specialty Results
230. Greater Twin Cities Whippet Club
251. Top Whippet Producers - Parsons
288. Rocket - The Dog Who Would Not Die
- Coyoli
327. AWC Membership Roster
336. Index to Advertisers

Bettie Crawford
For so many she was…
“The wind beneath our wings”
“Our true North!”
Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Leader, Teacher, Mentor, Confidant, Judge.

Bettie lost her battle with cancer January 2, 1999. She was 71.

Bettie had been an active member of the American Whippet Club for many years. She also was a longtime
member of the Collie Club of America (CCA) and the Quarter Century Club. At the time of her death, she was serving on the CCA Health Committee, and was a past chairman of the CCA Color Committee. Bettie was a recognized authority on color genetics.

She was a charter member of the Lone Star Whippet Club and co-founder of several specialty clubs, including
the Collie Club of San Antonio, where she was a lifetime member.

In 1960 Bettie established the Celestial Line of Collies, which was responsible for producing some fifty in-bred and line-bred Collie Champions.
She was recipient of the 1963 CCA Breeder of the Year Award, and was a licensed Collie and Sheltie judge. Her final judging assignment was at the 1998 CCA National Specialty.

Bettie’s dedication, honesty and unselfish willingness to share her vast knowledge and insight with those who sought her guidance is a legacy
she left with those who had the privilege of knowing her. Her influence and impact on purebred dogs will be felt for decades to come. She truly was a legend in her own time.

Bettie’s family is grateful to God for her love, for her life, for your friendship, and for your kindness and prayers. Our entire family deeply appreciates the gifts to the Animal Defense League (a no kill shelter in San Antonio TX) in her memory. She was such a giving person and your gifts, like hers, will help those creatures of God, which depend on us the most.

Bill, Rick, Clayton, Sarah, Brandy, Temple, Shay
and the Whippets of
Elysian Southwest
Ch. Elysian Sparkling Champagne – Ch. Longlesson Red Rain
Elysian Letter Perfect – Elysian Maid To Order – Elysian Risky Business


President..................................................................Harriett Nash Lee
Vice-President..........................................................Jean Balint
Treasurer..................................................................Christine Hopperstad
Delegate to the American Kennel Club....................Donna Lynch
Secretary..................................................................Cathy Gaidos
10177 Blue River Hills Road
Manhattan, KS 66502

Jean Balint
Jack McManus
Cora Miller

Cathy Gaidos
Christine Hopperstad
Harriett Nash Lee

Wendy Clark
Lori Nelson
Cindy Scott

Cindy Scott
4815 Topaz Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Eastern: Harriett Nash Lee
Midwest: Karen Rockwell
Southern: Robert Lopes
Western: Barbara Nyby

Founded January 11, 1930

Applications for membership in the American Whippet Club are available
upon written request to the AWC Secretary (see address above).

Subscription to the AWC Whippet News (including monthly Newsletter and Annual) - $25.00 per year

Christine Hopperstad, 130 34th Ave. E, Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 322-5872 / FAX: (206) 323-8314 / email: cah@gte.net

Pat Dresser, (216) 239-1829

Wendy Clark, 5088 Breckenhurst Drive, Hilliard, OH 43026
(614) 777-0124 / email: clark.25@osu.edu

The American
Whippet Club

A Message From The President –

As we move into the year 2000, it seems an appropriate time for reflection. The AWC has doubled in size in the past 10 years. Our National Specialty has grown to marathon proportions and is chocked full of a variety of activities to suit the Whippet fancy. We have added Agility, Triathlon competition, a Lure coursing day and a Race day - emphasizing the versatility of our breed.

The competition is fun, but I am pleased to report we are also thinking about the health of our breed, by offering an Eye clinic, BAER testing, a Tattoo clinic and, in 2000, DNA testing. All of the above is fit into our already busy week.
The Whippet Health Foundation is incorporated now, with a tax exempt status, and it seems well on the way to addressing health problems seen in Whippets. There has been a new Health Survey sent to the membership and I encourage you to fill them out and return them, as this will help to identify recurring problems that need addressing.

Our Rescue service, directed by Peggy Bush and carried out by so many dedicated volunteers, surely must be the best of any breed club in the country. It is a real pleasure to tell inquirers that there is a waiting
list for rescue dogs!

I would like to thank the Board of Directors, the committee chairmen, and all the volunteers, who have given their time and energies to the Club and have helped make 1999 another great year.

Harriett N. Lee

Ch Riverchase 'n Reignbows "Annie"

Ch Starline's Reign On

Dan Black, Debbie Giles, Mrs. James Butt

Ch Sportfields An Echo O Promise

Jean Riganati & Donna Lynch

Ch Hamrya's Madame Butterfly "Kira"

Ch Abbey's Banner Bearer

Donna Lynch

Ch Hamrya's Teacher's Pet

Jean Riganati & Donna Lynch

Bitterblue’s Time Warp, CD, LCM2, SC, CGC

(Dual Ch. Bitterblue’s Loco Weed,
x Dual Ch. Shamasan Bitterblue
Columbia, CD, LCM)

Cosmo is NOTRA pointed and will soon make his debut in the agility ring. Cosmo is a joy to live with and train. He enjoys any activity that is available. As it should be, with such a versatile dog.

Kentfield’s PDQ Eureka

(Windyglen’s PDQ, RCh, SORC
x Kentfield’s Danika RCh., ORC, CC)

In her first year of competition, Eureka is pointed on both the flat and oval tracks (WRA and NOTRA) and has 2 firsts and 68 points in two ASFA lure trial outings.
She will be shown selectively and is in training for her CD. The total Whippet.

(breeder and co-owner: Merril Woolf)

Paul & Linda Garwacki
email: bittrblu@ix.netcom.com
Ph: 413-566-3847

You GO Girl!

Bitterblue’s Soul Sister, LCM, CRX

(Ch. Cherché Wizard of the Wind x Dual Ch. Shamasan Bitterblue Columbia, CD, LCM)
Naomi had an exciting year on the field and track. In one year of competition, from her very first trial, she was 1st in 10 of her 15 trials to the finish of her LCM. She also picked up 4 WRA points this year on the straight track. She is 2 years old and we look forward to another strong year from her in 2000. Now mature, we hope to show her a bit more, when she is not in competition on the track or field. We hope to also have her debut in the agility ring next year. You think she can run, you should see her jump!

Paul & Linda Garwacki
email: bittrblu@ix.netcom.com
Ph: 413-566-3847


Rusalka Moonraker

BISS Ch. Allerei’s Rodeo Drive x Ch. Watch Me Shape of My Heart

Ch. DenGayles
Do The Locomotion

Ch. DenGayles Show Biz x Ch. Lambay Watch Me Heaven Sent


Windigo Rusalka Moonraker
Scarlett, pointed from the puppy class, is an AWC Supported Entry Best In Sweepstakes winner and AWC Midwest Specialty class winner. We look forward to a bright future for this lovely puppy.

Pictured to the left, our handsome Julian, Ch. DenGayles Do The Locomotion, completed his title quickly with a Chicago Whippet Club Supported Entry 5-point major along the way.

Scarlett’s breeders:
Allen Nowatzki and Jeanne Thomas Williams
Julian’s breeders:
Pam Murphy and Kathy Thomas

Owner-handled, loved and spoiled by Jennifer and family.

Jennifer Beach-Buda ~ 3251 Sky Ridge Drive, Waukee, IA 50263
515-987-4505 ~ http://cyberwright.com/rusalka ~ email: skyridge@earthlink.net

Kennel Listings

Affinity Carol Juelfs and Cassandra Juelfs-Rogers, 56 N. Victoria, St. Paul, MN 55104; 651-224-6427; 651-456-0689; crogers@cadan.com

CHAMPAGNE Walt and Cheri Reighley, 405 North 1st St., Lompoc, CA 93436; 805-705-1380; ChampagneWhippets@hotmail.com

Cottonwood Harriet Vincent, 8060 Grand Ave., Bainbridge Island, WA 98110; 206-780-2646

Grand Prix Wendy and Rodney Gay, 19208 Woodbridge Ln., Woodland, CA 95695; 530-662-0108; wendygay@aol.com or rodneygay@ps.ge.com

Lurdie Lura and Diego Chacon, PO Box 25, Austell, GA 30168-0025; 770-745-0578

Mason Hill Roberta (Bobbi) Mason, 8815 Bull Run Trail, Woodstock, IL 60098; 815-337-4423; masonhillk9@aol.com

MIMBRES Owen J. Light, 3102 Lynn Dr., Navarre, FL 32566; 850-939-3195; owenlight@bsc.net

Northwind K Kay Nierengarten and Mark Shubert, 5654 Chalstrom Dr., Saginaw, MN 55779; 218-729-8003; northwnd@cpinternet.com

Oasis Marilyn and Randy Awram, 691 East Puce Rd., RR#3, Essex, Ontario, Canada N8M 2X7; 519-727-5863; oasis@mnsi.net

Renpapark Irene K. Cetta, 584 Pritchard Rd., Limestone, TN 37681; 423-257-8910

WHIPPOORWILL Barbara L. Henderson, VMD, 16200 Burtons Lane, Laurel, MD 20707; 301-490-6598; whippoorwill@arols.com

Whisperun R. Jolene Davis, 19225 Fm.Rd. 345, Troup, TX 75789; 903-859-3282; day 903-859-6802

Wynmor Chez Suave SC

(Ch. Wheatland Rico Suave SC x Ch. Wynmor A Hot Wire)

In this photo Chez shows her four year old maturity level, along with her obvious strength.
Shown sparingly while trying to attain that last major to complete her breed championship, she was WB/BOW for both Mrs. Victor Olmos-Ollivier at the Sugarbush Kennel Club show July 25th (as pictured) and for Mr. Anthony Gutilla at the Delaware Ohio Kennel Club show October 31st, 1999.
All of Chez’ points have come from the Bred-By-Exhibitor class. Thank you all, for her awards.

Wynmor Whippets at Pastime Farm
Carola K. Beranek - breeder/owner/handler
8345 Branch Road
Medina, Ohio 44256-8983
330 - 667-2590

Douglas Moore

Ch.* Wynmor Clipper Skipper SC, CGC

(Ch. Wheatland Rico Suave SC x Ch. Wynmor A Hot Wire)

Clipper finished his breed title with back-to-back majors during the Crown Classic in Cleveland, Ohio. As Diane Laratta said, “Anything else would be anti-climatic.” How true. The first thank you goes to breeder-judge Mrs. Isabell Stoffers, who awarded Clipper WD/BOW at the AWC Supported Entry during the Medina Kennel Club show on 12-17-99. The second thank you goes to Mr. Kenneth Miller, for the second major awarded the following day at the Richland County Kennel Club show. Thank you’s are also due Mr. Mark Kocab, who piloted Clipper to the majors, and to Mrs. Janet Cutting, who shared the other points with me. I cannot forget those who took the time to compliment me on Clipper at the different shows. Thank you all.

Wynmor Whippets at Pastime Farm
Carola K. Beranek - breeder/owner/handler
8345 Branch Road
Medina, Ohio 44256-8983
330 - 667-2590

Douglas Moore

Ch. Barchet Singular Sensation
(Ch. Barchet-Vision Lyin Eyes x Ch. Barchet Lickety Split)

Presents his next generation of Specialty winners.
We just can’t hardly wait ‘til 2000…

New litters: Connie Alexander - Kachina
Mike and Linda Allen - Miklinw

And congrats from us to Art & Bobbie Idelman, Ruby Sipper, Harriet Vincent
and Jeanne Williams for the wonderful great grandchildren.
Jordan is bred on a limited basis and by private treaty.
Pedigree on request.

Linda Johnson
5135 Rabbit Farm Road, Loganville, GA 30052
770 - 466-1049

1997 Southern Specialty Winner
1998 Top TwTwenty Winner
1999 BOS Madison Square Garden
1999 Ranked in the Top Five Whippets
SBIS Ch. O’Run Gustav Nordic Wind SC
(Ch. Barchet Singular Sensation x Ch. Bar’O Cachet of Bo-Bett FCh.)

Grandma Linda had to get into the act!
I wish I was as skinny as he is!
Winning a Group with his regular handler
Jan Margaret Swayze, under respected judge John Shelton.

Goose is loved and loves:
Mother Goose Karin Buck
1580 Grant Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30319 • 404-634-1318 • email: kbuckwhpt@aol.com

Seafire Spectrum of Light
(Ch. Barchet Singular Sensation x Ch. Merci Isle Escape To Seafire, SC, FCh)

1999 Winners Bitch and Select - AWC Eastern Specialty
under judge Magnus Hagstedt

Jean Krikorian
88 North End Road, Townsend, MA 01469
978-597-0173 • jmkseafire@juno.com
The other kids!
Seafire Refected Sound
Seafire Shadow of the Moon (ptd)

15 Fabulous years come to an end
Fare thee well my best friend… But only for a while…
Ch. Barchet Turn It Loose
“Futurity Fred”

AWC 2nd Futurity Winner
AWC 1987 Southern
Specialty Winner
Adam at 15,
waiting for Mom to come to bed!

Linda Johnson
5135 Rabbit Farm Road, Loganville, GA 30052
770 - 466-1049

Sage Hounds presents “Three Generations”

Ch. Sage Outrageous Fortune – “Bert”, a Jason daughter – at 13 years
Sage Simply Outrageous – “Sadie”, a Drake daughter – at 8 years
Ch. Sage Outrageous In Red – “Daphne”, a Rush daughter – at 22 months
The ladies above represent 3 of our 4 litters in 18 years of Whippets and we are very, very proud of them, as well as our foundation bitch Ch. Tripletimes Rudely Elegant (Ch. Plumcreek Chimney Swift x Ch. Quicksilvers First Bid), who started it all. Our “Daphne” has multiple Group Placements herself, and her littermates include Select Ch. Chelsea Made You Look of Sage JC – a multiple Group Winner, Ch. Chelsea Dangerous Beauty – AWC Best In Futurity winner, Sage Chelsea River of Dreams JC – pointed with a Group Placement, and Chelsea Sage Sweet Hereafter – pointed.

Sage Hounds
Ron and Jackie Hubble
12010 S. 29th Avenue, Bellevue, NE 68123

(5/7/90 – 8/29/99)

Never shown,
he was still “my champion”.
Sleeping with head on my pillow
each night; sleeping in my heart now.
1999 not only ended with his loss,
Stryker was the last link to my
beginning in Whippets in 1972.

“Fate… so unkind,
took them out of my life,
but not out of my mind.”



Cherokee Moon

Ariami’s Rhapsody

Thank you to co-breeder of Feather, Yvonne Sovereign, for getting me back into the BBE class.
And thank you to Lark’s breeder, Lynda Pemberton,
for letting me have this special girl who looks so much like what I had.

Hounds of Sangaree
B. Karen Schechterle
5409 North 65th Lane, Glendale, AZ 85301
(602) 848-8160

Ch. Paris Fergal of Tiber

(Ch. Starline’s Reign On x Ch. Paris Princess)
Fergal finished quickly, always owner-handled. He is shown taking the Breed at Moore County Kennel Club, under Mr. James R. White. Watch for his first litter, the Speedy G “Artistic Ones,” out of Karasar’s Taz Mania.

Ellen Lambiris
5701 Crutchfield Road
Raleigh, NC 27606
Sharon Sakson
& Peter San Paolo
Lawrenceville, NJ

From left to right…
Paris Shining Star – “Acie”
( Ch Locar’s Martini On The Rocks x Ch Paris St Andrews Devon)
Ch. Paris Hurry Rising Sun Khahara – “Dylan”
( Ch Paris Fergison of Tiber x Ch Paris Sirius Hottime Tonight)
Ch Paris Fergison of Tiber – “Tigger”
(SBIS Ch Starline’s Reign On x Ch Paris Princess)

Gail Peek and Carol Melora

Idover Time To Fly

“Timer” debuted at the National, but really just got started showing in October,
going BOW at her first show and Group 3 at her second.

High Flyer
Erma and Ralph Kovach, MD

Wendy Clark

Frank & Sallie Richards and Betty Smith

High Flyer Penny Seranade

“Sera” debuted at the Midwest Specialty Sweepstakes (placing in her class),
but now is old enough for the BIG time. She just started and already has her first major.
We (and many others we’ve heard from, thank you very much) think she’s really great.
Long all over, very sound, and a really great on the side.

High Flyer
Erma and Ralph Kovach, MD

Wendy Clark


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