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2000 American Whippet Club Whippet Annual

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Multiple Best In Show and Best In Specialty Winning

BIS, SBIS Ch. Chelsea Made You Look of Sage, JC
(Ch. Chelsea Gold Rush of Keynote, SC x Sage Simply Outrageous)

Special dogs are born, but must also be raised to be great. “Redford” is certainly an example of this. “Redford” was born to be special, he had all the “right stuff”. He was special as a puppy and matured into a beautiful representative of his breed. We wish to extend a special thank you to all of the judges who have recognized his wonderful dog and extend our appreciation to everyone who helped raise “Redford” to be special.

Record for 2000
40 - Group First
3 - All Breed Best In Show
2 - AWC BestIin Show
Award of Merit - AWC National Specialty
Award of Merit - AWC Midwest Specialty
Best of Opposite Sex - Westminster Kennel Club

Sire of 8 Champions in 2000

The response to “Redford” from breeders, hound authorities and all-arounders has been very enthusiastic. “Redford” has been successful winning under specialty judges and all-breed judges alike. “Redford” is very keen on the lure himself, with several of his “kids” very near earning thier ASFA Field Championship - this we are very proud of.

“Redford”, truly is a dog that appeals to many on several different levels.

Jackie Hubble - SAGE
Deann Christianson - CHELSEA
Deborah Bahm
Jeff & Lori Wilson

Statement of Editorial Policy

Established by the Editor with the concurrence of the Board of Directors of the American Whippet Club.

OBJECTIVES: To unite those people interested in the breeding, showing, racing, coursing and generally improving the breed of Whippets for the purpose of exerting effectually a combined influence upon all matters affecting the breed. To promote and maintain a high standard of conduct in the transaction of all business connected with the breeding of Whippets.

Material for the WHIPPET NEWSLETTER and ANNUAL is always welcome from all readers, whether AWC members or non-members, and all the material that is used is presented with a minimum of editing, so as to retain the individual style of the writer. Each issue is the result of material sent in by the readers and reflects the interest of the readers.

The articles or material submitted for publication should pertain to Whippets in general, be constructive and free from personal animosities and grievances; further, the material and not the contributor is the basis of acceptance, and the editor will decide the suitability of the material submitted. When submitting material, please typewrite or print plainly, especially proper names.

NOTICE: The opinions expressed in the WHIPPET NEWSLETTER and ANNUAL are those of the individual writers and advertisers and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the editor or the AMERICAN WHIPPET CLUB, or any group to which the individual writer may belong. Further, the editor of the WHIPPET NEWS cannot be responsible for statements made anywhere in the publication except on the editorial pages and in the editor’s personal advertisements.

THE WHIPPET NEWS is the official publication of the American Whippet Club and is available to non-members of the American Whippet Club for $35.00 per year. This subscription includes the WHIPPET NEWS ANNUAL and the monthly NEWSLETTER.

Our appreciation goes to all those who contribute to make this publication a success.

Special thanks for invaluable assistance go to Donna Lynch, Jill Baum, Barbara Parsons, Karen Rock


p 2. AWC Whippet News Editorial Policy
4. AWC Officers and Board
5. Message From AWC President
10. Arizona Whippet Association
32. No. California Whippet Fanciers Assn.
34. Southern California Whippet Assn.
49. Looking Back-Past AWC Spec - Bengtson
90. Continental Whippet Alliance
116. AWC Register of Merit - Parsons
117. AWC Versatility Awards - McManus
128. Metropolitan Atlanta Whippet Assn.
139. Whippet Health Foundation - Arthur
140. Whippet Health Survey - Austin/Brunkow
142. CERF Report - Brunkow
150. NOTRA
170. Jersey Rag Racers
190. 2000 AWC Specialty Results
196. NCWFA 2000 Specialty Results
197. SCWA 2000 Specialty Results
232. Carolina Lure Coursing Society
238. Lone Star Whippet Club
262. Top Whippet Producers - Parsons
357. AWC Membership Roster
368. Index to Advertisers

Jade Whippets

Celebrating our 17th year of sharing Whippets that make you smile . . .

Isn’t that what it’s really all about?

Debi Adams – JADE Whippets (360) 357-4070
2315 28th Court SE Olympia, WA 98501-3802
jadeda@aol.com www.jadewhippets.com


President .......................................... Harriett Nash Lee
Vice-President ............................................ Cora Miller
Treasurer .................................... Christine Hopperstad
Delegate to the American Kennel Club ...... Donna Lynch
Secretary .................................................. Lori Nelson
31838 N. 52nd St.
Cave Creek AZ 85331


Cathy Gaidos
Christine Hopperstad
Harriett Nash Lee

Wendy Clark
Lori Nelson
Cindy Scott

Connie Brunkow
Jack McManus
Cora Miller

Cindy Scott
4815 Topaz Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918


Founded January 11, 1930

Applications for membership in the American Whippet Club are available
upon written request to the AWC Secretary (see address above).

Subscription to the AWC Whippet News (including monthly Newsletter and Annual) - $35.00 per year

Christine Hopperstad, 130 34th Ave. E, Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 322-5872 / FAX: (206) 323-8314 / email: cah@gte.net

Pat Dresser, (216) 239-1829

Wendy Clark, 5088 Breckenhurst Drive, Hilliard, OH 43026
(614) 777-0124 / email: clark.25@osu.edu

The American
Whippet Club


2000 has been a good year for the American Whippet Club. We once again had a record breaking entry at the National Specialty which was held in Pennsylvania. There were 656 entered in breed competition, 122 in the Futurity, 61 in Obedience and 66 in Agility. We also held a race meet and a coursing meet which will be remembered for the snowy weather! Of course the week was filled with all of the other usual “National events” and I would encourage any of you who have not been fortunate to attend a National Specialty to put it on your list of “to do”. It is a wonderful week of good fun and beautiful Whippets! It is also the venue for the Annual Club meeting which I feel members should attend and participate in. The club is continuing to grow in numbers as we see our breed become more popular. It is every member’s responsibility to be an advocate for the breed and to help protect the health of the breed. We have a Code of Ethics which addresses this and I would encourage every person who is breeding or considering breeding their Whippets to reread the Code of Ethics and abide by it. We all should be dedicated to halting the sale of Whippets in pet shops and by commercial breeders.

The club has made some changes in 2000 which I believe will benefit the membership. The change with the most impact is the initiation of the “Conference Call Board Meeting”. This has been an effective way of carrying on Club business and it opens the option of holding Board office without undertaking large personal expenses. We are also adding a fifth region to our Club which will encompass “middle America” and will add a fifth Regional Specialty. This will certainly make attending a regional Specialty a shorter trip for many of our members! This change will be finalized in 2001. The membership called for a change in the ROM/ROMX program and with due process and membership input the changes were made and the new program will be in effect beginning 2002.

Our Rescue program continues to be the best in the country and Chairman Peggy Bush is being asked to assist other breed clubs in making their programs work as well! Thank you to all our Rescue Volunteers nation wide!

I want to thank the Board of Directors for their time and energy devoted to the club. It has been an honor to serve this club on the Board and as your Secretary and President. The backbone of any organization is its membership and the Board is the mouthpiece for the membership. So continue to support the Board with your input and lets continue working for the breed we all love.

Harriett N. Lee

Ch. Mariki's W - Two Thousand


(CH. Whippletree's Delight at Ampersand x CH. Delight's Peek-a-Boo)

Breeder: Ray Johnson, Mariki

Owner: Christopher Johnson-Brown

Ch. Hamrya's Madam Butterfly (Kira)


Ch. Delight's Custom Made for Mariki (Cowboy)

Proudly introduce their son and daughter

Valley Point's
Walkin' in Memphis

Valley Point's
Bobby's Girl

Memphis is owned by
Jean Riganati & Judie Valliere
Jenny is owned by
Jean Riganati


Jean Riganati (VALLEY POINT) 508-476-2877
Donna Lynch (HAMRYA) 781-444-6539

 Autumn Whippets 

Autumn’s Material Girl
(Ch. Red Cloud Quintessence JC x Ch. Autumns Terry Cloth)

Gracie was shown by Sue Vernon,
friend and co-breeder.
Many thanks for an exciting win –
WB / BOW for a 5-point major.

Virginia Huffman
11759 Dixie Rd, Central Point, OR 97502
Virginia Huffman/Autumn
Sue Vernon/Summit

Marial’s Shamasan Cinder, TRP, ARX

(Ch Slade’s Bugle Boy Blu, TRP, ARX, DPC x Ch Queenie’s Hearts Afire, ARX, DPC, OR, CRX-V, FCh)

photo by Dawn Cashin

‘ Cinder ‘

Cinder is a solid red, 22” male, weighing 37 lbs, bred by Phoebe Booth, Cheri Boutelle and Cora Miller. Cinder successfully finished his first year of Continental Whippet Alliance (CWA) competition, completing the Title of Racing Proficiency (TRP) and Award of Racing Excellence (ARX). He is a Grade A racer, a race meet winner and finished in the top ten CWA racers for 2000.

Cinder congratulates his famous multi-Group winning sister, Nellie (a.k.a. SBIS Ch Shamasan Flame ‘N Queen) on winning the 2000 AWC Midwest Specialty!


Doug and Mary Beth Arthur
12035 W. Brown Deer Road
Milwaukee, WI 53224-1417

President: Lori Nelson
Vice Pres: Steven Klein
Secretary: Karen Schechterle
Treasurer: Terry Schwartzman
BOARD: Rick Hahn
Ruth Brown
Julie Konwent
Lorraine Gyenge
Jill Baum

The Arizona Whippet Association was formed in Aug of 2000 by a core group of 16 people experienced in breeding, showing, racing and coursing. Our membership went over 30 within the first two months. In Oct of 2000, we had our first Fun Match. Our plans include several more matches in early 2001, adding coursing and then, hopefully, straight racing, as well. Also we will be doing handling classes and have a Newsletter and webpage up and running. Our goals are to promote the enjoyment of Whippet ownership, to have fun things for pet owners, as well as the show people, and to encourage ALL to get out and participate in the various venues.

If you are in AZ, then COME JOIN THE FUN!


LoRu’s Sangaree Moon

The year 2000 brought great joy and great sadness.

In the spring, a miracle came into my life with “DJ”.
A look alike grandson of my Ch. Sangaree’s Moon Dancer, who I lost in ‘96.

In the fall, I lost my dear friend and mentor of 28 years, Freddie Page. Her Farvel Whippets
and influence were the whole basis of Sangaree. I am glad she lived to know she had a new
“great-grandson” in little DJ. And now she’s reunited with all her beloved dogs, as she longed to be.

Sangaree Whippets
B. Karen Schechterle
5409 N. 65th Lane
Glendale, AZ 85301

In Memory of a Great Lady

Frederica L. Page Farvel Whippets
July 14, 1908 – September 29, 2000

‘Til We Meet Again . . .

Karen Schechterle (Sangaree)
“for yesterday’s memories & tomorrow’s dreams”

Lori Nelson (Wildfire)
“When I began in whippets, I wouldn’t have had
a ‘Clue’ without her knowledge and bloodlines.
Thank you Freddie, for Ch. Wildfire’s Exclusive.”

Diann Jameyfield (Hounds of Jameyfield)
“I’m glad I had the opportunity to know this great lady.”

Iva Cottrell (Merci Isle)
“I’ve long admired Freddie for her ability to create the most beautiful whippet.”

Deann Christianson (Chelsea)
“When I look into the eyes of many of mine,
I can’t help but be reminded of what came before.
I owe Freddie’s Farvel whippets that ‘Take My Breath Away’ look I find in my line today.”

Yvonne Sovereign (Sowagla)
Mary Jane Pruett (Heian)
June Mastrocola (Colacove)
Jan Siehndel (Noralor)
Kerry Kuper (Karasar)
Steven Klein (Grovenor)
Pat Brown
Lynne Underwood (Epinard)
Bonnie Boucher (Snowynde)

and the friends who were with
Freddie from Farvel’s beginning

Dot Frames (Hollypark)
Carroll & Ruby Hayhurst (Whirlaw)
Betty Wolkonsky (Folquin)


Farvel Remembered . . .  
50 years
AKC judge
Red Sails of Suntan, CD (in 1970)   Ch. Farvel’s Happy Chance
(BOB Western Specialty, 1970)
First EVER
AKC Obedience Judge - 1936
Ch. Farvel’s One and Only
(“Tina”, my once-in-a-lifetime girl)
A legacy left Ch. Farvel’s Miss Independence
(“Nora”, the last and finest of Farvel)

Farvel Whippets • Frederica L. Page • The Rainbow Bridge, Heaven

Queenie’s Tidal Wave,

Macy found time between race meets to hit a few shows and AKC trials in 2000! After placing 3rd behind two show champions in a very nice Racing Bitch class under breeder-judge Joan Goldstein at the National Specialty, she found her way to an all-breed show where she was awarded Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite Sex for 2 points under breeder-judge Kathleen Davenport. Macy also made her debut in AKC lure coursing, which trials are almost nonexistent in our area. She coursed to the tune of a 5-point major from the open stake and proceeded on to Best in Breed, and picked up another point at a later trial. Macy’s “procrastinating” Mommy still intends to start her in flyball and finally get her big Sis, Becca, going in obedience. But, over and beyond all their accomplishments in competition, they are the absolute joy of my life!

Kathy Feldman

Kennel Listings

AFFINITY Carol Juelfs and Cassandra Juelfs-Rogers, 56 N. Victoria, St. Paul, MN 55104; 651-224-6427; 651-456-0689; crogers@cadan.com

BELAYA Carol Siipola Chittum, 515 286th Ave SE, Fall City WA 98024; 425-222-4734

CARRY ON Sharon Marquis and Ruth Gilpin, 25 Ridgewood Rd., Willington CT 06279; Ph/Fax 860-429-6166

CHAMPAGNE Cheri and Walt Reighley, 405 North First St., Lompoc, CA 93436; 805-705-1380; ChampagneWhippets@hotmail.com

FALLOWFIELD Connie Brunkow, DVM, 19644 Henning Rd., Danville IL 61834-5161; 217-431-8972

FERMANAGH Jack and Charlotte McManus, 2271 US Highway 601 S, Mocksville NC 27028; 336-284-2522; course-track@email.msn.com

HIGH FLYER Erma and Ralph Kovach MD, 6671 Gates Mills Blvd., Gates Mills OH 44040; 440-449-3318

JOWAG Joan M. Wagner, 10625 Briar Hill Rd., Dalton, NY 14836-9616; 716-476-2771

LURDIE Lura and Diego Chacon, PO Box 25, Austell GA 30168-0025; 770-745-0578; lchacon@mindspring.com

NORTHWIND Kay Nierengarten and Mark Shubert, 5654 Chalstrom Dr., Saginaw, MN 55779; 218-729-8003; northwnd@cpinternet.com

SHANNON DOWN Shannon Lyons, 13604 Michael Lynn Rd., Charlotte NC 28278; 704-504-9661; whippets65@hotmail.com

UPPER MOUNTAIN Jeff Winton, Jim Modica and Scott Winton, 398 West Mill Rd., Long Valley NJ 07853; 908-832-5712 or -5713; jeffrey.winton@pharmacia.com

WHIPPOORWILL Barbara L. Henderson, VMD, 16200 Burtons Lane, Laurel, MD 20707; 301-490-6598; whippoorwill@erols.com

Timer won a 4-point major under Judge Madison Weeks (pictured) at the 1st Annual Potomac Hound Show on June 30. She finished with her third major under Judge Charles Herendeen at Southern Maryland KC on July 2 – and had a Group 3 from the classes under Judge Jon Cole along the way! Shown by Shirley Hitter.

Watch for Timer’s puppies from a January 2001 litter by
Ch. Plumcreek Come Fly With Me!

High Flyer – Erma and Ralph Kovach, MD
Dunberry – Wendy Clark

Breeders: Frank & Sallie Richards and Elizabeth S. Smith


Wind Sheen Daydream Beeeliever, FCh.
(Select Ch. Hamrya’s Honey Beee x Multi-BIF Dashing The Lioness, LCM)

Dayvee has made beeelievers out of us.
He finished his Field Championship early in the summer. He has over half
of his races toward his TRP and multiple placements in CWA conformation.

Dayvee’s housemates are proud of him too.
(CanCh Winsmith Stitch in Time, FCh, JC
x Calico Georgette, JC)
Handled by Randall Krug


Owned and Loved by:
Janell, Bill and Dani Johnson
Bred and Loved by:
Jodi Ellison and David Samuelson

“I am just looking for a companion for my other whippet.”
– Jodi Ellison, 1992

Sheena at
4 weeks old

  Sheena at
2 years old

Multi-BIF Dashing the Lioness, LCM
(Ch. Affinity the Lionhearted x Affinity Scout’s Honor)

I never imagined 8 years ago when I placed Sheena as a companion,
her achievements would be so numerous. In only two litters, she has produced:

5 Champions
6 ASFA Field Champions
1 Award of Racing Excellence
4 Dual Purpose Champions
1 Top Ten CWA Race Whippet, 2000
1 Canadian Companion Dog
1 Canadian Champion
1 Best of Breed, ASFA Region V Invitational
1 Hound Group Placer
1 Hound Group Winner
Multiple National and Midwest Specialty class winners and placers, including
Winners Dog at the 1999 Midwest Specialty
Multiple Best of Breed Winners

Sheena also won Best Brood Bitch at the Midwest Specialty in 1998 and 1999!
Thank you Jodi Ellison for all you have done with Sheena!!!






Jodi J. Ellison

David and Gina Samuelson • 9468 Tyne Lane • Inver Grove Heights • Minnesota • 55077

Ch. Windsheen Dashing Shelbeee, FCh.
(Select Ch. Hamrya’s Honey Beee x Multi-BIF Dashing the Lioness, LCM)

Shelby started the millenium with a bang by finishing her Championship in January of 2000. The road to her Championship included multiple Best of Breed wins and a Hound Group placement. Shelby continued to dazzle us this summer by finishing her ASFA Field Championship in three consecutive trials! We look forward to competing with her on the race track in 2001, she is already pointed toward her Award of Racing Excellence title.






Jodi J. Ellison

David and Gina Samuelson • 9468 Tyne Lane • Inver Grove Heights • Minnesota • 55077

Ch. Windsheen Dashing Beeebop, FCh, TRP, DPC
(Select Ch. Hamrya’s Honey Beee x Multi-BIF Dashing the Lioness, LCM)

Erin is our third Champion to finish from this litter and she did it in grand style, winning multiple Best of Breeds, three majors, and a Hound Group 1 from the Bred-By-Exhibitor class! Her accomplishments in 2000 also include finishing her ASFA Field Championship in two weekends of coursing and completing her Title of Racing Proficiency and Dual Purpose Championship. We are so proud of Erin!!






Jodi J. Ellison

David and Gina Samuelson • 9468 Tyne Lane • Inver Grove Heights • Minnesota • 55077

Ch. Dashing Nieohn Cabernet Red, TRP, DPC


It has been a busy year for Bette. She finished her Championship under breeder-judge Kathleen Davenport (Kamada) in May. In August, we welcomed her six puppies (five boys and one girl) sired by
Ch. Windsheen Dashing Dare to Beee, ARX, TRP, DPC.

We look forward to presenting these puppies in the ring, on the track, and in the field
to the whippet fancy in 2001.

Left to right on the floor:
Dashing Bette on Nemo “Nemo”
Dashing Dare to Bette the Bank “Banks”
Dashing Bette to Win “Nash”

Left to right in basket:
Dashing a Penny Bette “Penny”
Dashing Dare to Bette it All “Abe”
Dashing Bette Your Bottom Dollar “Buck”







David and Gina Samuelson • 9468 Tyne Lane • Inver Grove Heights • Minnesota • 55077

Ch. Windsheen Dashing Dare To Beee, ARX, TRP, DPC

(Select Ch. Hamrya’s Honey Beee
x Multi-BIF Dashing the Lioness, LCM)

George finished his Award of Racing Excellence title in three race weekends!

He is the only whippet show champion in the Top 10 of any race organization in 2000.

George also started lure coursing this year. Competing in only two lure courses, he has earned a first and second placement toward his ASFA Field Championship.

Shown in the breed ring selectively, George captured Best of Breed wins under respected breeder judges Mary Beth Arthur (Marial) and Carol Curry (Locar).


What More Could George Dare Too Beee!!!

He is strikingly handsome
and has proven to be an outstanding athlete.






I would like to thank David and Gina Samuelson and Jodi Ellison
for allowing me to be the proud owner and handler of this incredible dog.

I will see everyone in the classes with George’s promising puppies.

Randall S. Krug

Jodi J. Ellison

David and Gina Samuelson • 9468 Tyne Lane • Inver Grove Heights • Minnesota • 55077

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