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Volume 2                        April 15, 1958                     Issue 1

Important "Firsts" For Whippets

Mardormere Kennels' Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad won the Hound Group at the 1958 Westminster Kennel Club show and became the first Whippet to win the Group at the Garden. John W. Cross, Jr., Chairman of the Dog Show Committee of The Westminster Kennel Club writes that since 1930, "there have been many placements of Whippets in the Group but this is the first time the Group has been won by a Whippet." Prior to 1930 the Hound Group and the Sporting Group were one. Mr. & Mrs. George A. Anderson are to be congratulated on this fine win.

Equally important is the first Whippet to earn the Utility Dog degree in Obedience. This honor goes to Picardia Priscilla, U.D., owned and trained by Donald W. Frames, Bakersfield, California. According to the American Kennel Club, this is the first Whippet to get a Utility Dog degree. This is a truly wonderful accomplishment and represents many hours of training and work for both dog and owner.

Special recognition is due these two Whippets for making history in the breed.

Judging Whippets At Westminster
Mrs. Albert E. Van Court

I enjoyed so much judging Whippets at the 1958 Westminster Kennel Club show. The enjoyment stemmed from the high quality of the Whippets shown, and the courtesy and good sportsmanship of their owners. Whenever a judge gets universally good dogs to judge the thrill is real.

The Best of Breed, Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad went on to win the Hound Group and gave the many spectators a faultless performance in the big ring at Madison Square Garden, both in the Group and Best in Show judging, and I am sure all Whippet fanciers were pleased with the recognition the breed received.

The quality of the other dogs and bitches shown in the classes was very good and some of the Specials closely pressed the Best of Breed selection.

The three top wins in Whippets at the Garden represented brooders from two sections of the United States and from England. The Best of Breed, Mardormere Kennels' Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad (by Laguna Liege ex Brekin Ballet Shoes) was bred by Mrs. D. U. McKay, England. Winners Dog and Best of Winners, Mrs. Wendell T. Howell's Great Circle the Scot (by Ch. Great Circle Valiant ex Heather Patch) was bred by James F. Young, California. Winners Bitch, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Jacobs' Whipoo's White Chiffon (by Ch. Meander Robin ex Whipoo's Silicon Elegance, C.D.) was bred by the Jacobs, Illinois.

The American Whippet Club Mid-West Specialty
Hold in conjunction with the International Kennel Club, Chicago
March 29-30

The Chicago Whippet Specialty, judged by Mr. Harry T. Peters, Jr., went very well. Mr. Peters drew a quality group of dogs and coupled with excellent cooperation from the exhibitors, Mr. Foley and members of the International Kennel Club, the breed judging went along smoothly and on time.

Exhibitors came from Washington State, California, Virginia and the Midwest states. Three features drew this interesting display of Whippets; the importance of International itself, the judge, and the glitter of racing, offered for the first time in many years.

The breed classes were well covered with silver trophies of several types, including the silver teaspoons and Best of Breed sterling silver ash tray offered by the American Whippet Club.

The tremendous success of the Whippet races was felt by everyone in the building. Our sincere thanks go to Louis Pegram, Chairman and the officials of International Kennel Club, who provided the best inside race track in America. The physical quality of the race dogs was very high.

The conditions at International are very good and help one through this two day event. A large breed ring with enough non-skid matting on the floor is an important feature. Plenty of crate and grooming space is available.

The photographer, Mr. Frank Herman, of Frasie Studios, was on hand to take pictures both at the Specialty ring, and at the race track. Pictures of the winners should be available soon.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all who were a part of the 1958 Chicago Whippet Specialty.

Eugene L. Jacobs, Chairman

There were 20 entries at the Chicago Specialty, with 3 absentees. The entries were made by those exhibitors- C. Chase Arnold, Michigan; Pearl H. Baumgartner, Washington; Baron O. J.  de Korsak, Michigan; Barbara and
Ralph Eyles, Illinois; Mrs. Wendell T. Howell, California;  John R. Hutchins, Texas; Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Jacobs, Illinois; Lazeland Kennels, Virginia; Dr. Ralph Logan, Illinois; William W. Monigold, Washington; John D: Stanz,
Michigan; Barbara & Josephine Steinberg, Wisconsin; Barbara Walton, Illinois.

Winners were as follows:

Open Dogs-- Mrs. Wendell T. Howell's Great Circle the Scot (by Ch. Great Circle Valiant ex Heather Patch). Second- Eugene L. Jacobs’ Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander (by Ch. Meander Bob White ex Meander Slap Happy). Third-Lazeland Kennels Surfrider O'Lazeland (by Ch. Meander Bob White ex Summertan O'Lazeland). Fourth- C. Chase Arnold's Harbridge Knight Star (by Ch. Sunny Jim of Mardormere ex Renpark’s Arbutus).

Winners Dog to Great Circle the Scot. Reserve to Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander.

Puppy Bitches, 6-9  Months— Barbara and Ralph Eyle's Eyeland Buttercup (by The Baron of Birdneck Point ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Bedtime Story). Second— William W. Monigold's Casperette of Monty—Jo (by Ch. White Acres Silver Spice ex White Acres Spring Shadow).

American—bred Bitches— Barbara and Ralph Eyles' Eyeland Begonia (by The Baron of Birdneck Point ox Ch. Stoney Meadows Bedtime Story). Second-- Mrs. Eugene L. Jacobs' Whipoo's Cockspur (by Ch. Meander Bob—White ex Ch. Whipoo's Brushburn). Third— Barbara Walton's Whipoo's Whisper (by Ch. Meander Robin ex Whipoo's Silken Elegance, C.D.),

Open Bitches— Lazeland Kennels! Meander Liat O’Lazeland (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Ch. Happy Talk O'Lazeland). Second—Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Jacobs' Whipoo's White Chiffon (by Ch. Meander Robin ex Whipoo's Silken Elegance, C.D.). Third— John D. Stanz's Lynridge Lady Fair (by Harbridge Sports Page ox Harbridge Don Ton). Fourth— Barbara and Ralph Eyles' Stoney Meadows Ice Folly (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Marathon ex Stoney Meadows Snow Bird).

Winners Bitch to Meander Liat O'Lazeland. Reserve to Whipoo's White Chiffon; Best of Winners to Meander Liat O'Lazeland.

Specials (4 entries) Best of Brood to Meander Liat O'Lazeland.

Best of  Opposite Sex to Great Circle the Scot.

 Whippet Racing
International Kennel Club of Chicago
March 29-30
Louis Pegram

Often it is difficult to find the proper place to start a story but certainly the word "success" should be a part of every paragraph dealing with the rebirth of Whippet racing at the International Kennel Club Show.

The management prepared the most elaborate track ever constructed for a two day indoor event, consisting of 4 in. of black earth properly packed to give safe footing. The tremendous length of the International Amphitheater at the Union Steel: Yards offers the longest straightaway area to construct such a race course in America.

This excellent footing had much to do with the extremely close finishes that resulted in all of the races.

Whippet breeders from Illinois brought along their starting boxes, combining the outstanding qualities of both the Greyhound and Whippet starting boxes now used on major tracks throughout America. The drag type lure was also used and operated in a perfect manner for every race. Twelve races were run during the elimination heats and in only one case was there a mechanical failure when one of the boxes was slow in opening.

Whippets entered in the race events came from Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Washington, and Mrs. Wendell T. Howell representing the Northern California Whippet Club flow five of the Club's top racers to compete in these special race events;

Competition was of the keenest nature and the quality of Whippets used for racing, Iron a conformation standpoint, wore equal to that of the Whippets shown in the regular classes of the American Whippet Club Mid-West Specialty Show. If breeders for show dogs have lost their natural instincts for the original purposes they wore bred, certainly these races would leave little doubt that the Whippet with minimum training is still a great little competitive race do.

The handicap system used was based on drawing the names of the dogs from a hat, then pairing all of the heat winners against each other, seconds against seconds, thirds against thirds, etc.

Each heat winner received five points, the second dog; two points and the third one point. As the heats progressed, the high point dogs were matched against each other as were the low point dogs in other heats. Eighteen Whippets were entered for racing and sixteen of those racers received at least a portion of the purse offered by the International Kennel Club of Chicago. In order that the readers might see how closely these races were contested, I am listing below the total points accumulated by each racer during the two days of racing.

Ch. Whipoo's Whimsy, C.D. .....….. 15
Whipoo's Silver Skipper.  …........... 10
Ch. Great Circle Violet. .................. 8
Great Circle Titanium …..............… 8
Great Circle the Scot ….............…. 7
Whipoo's China Doll, C.D …......…. 7
Harbridge Knight Star …...........… 7
David .............................................. 6
Volo ….........................................….5
Whipoo's Cockspur ….............….. 5
Whipoo's White Chiffon …......…. 5
Whipoo's Tarnish …................…. 5

Whipoo's New Twist …...........…. 3
Traymatt Spes …......................…. 3
White Acres Sea …..................…. 2
Ch. Whipoo's Wild Honey .......... 2

 The high point scorer and undefeated during the two days of racing was Ch. Whipoo's Whimsy, C.D., owned by Mr. & Mrs. E. B. Hopkins, St. Joseph, Illinois.. Whimsy, whose only whim seems to be doing everything in an outstanding fashion, deserves a tremendous amount of personal praise. He set an all-time record for the brood in being the outstanding race dog of the 1958 winter season, and he is also an American Kennel Club show champion and has received his Companion Dog degree in Obedience.

Second honors went to Whipoo's Silver Skipper, owned by Mr. & Mrs. C. C. Bailey, Champaign, Illinois. Skipper is a full brother of Whimsy, both by the great show champion Meander Robin. These two racers were bred by Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Jacobs of Mahomet, Illinois. This entire litter of Whippets were outstanding both in the show ring as well as on the track.

Tied for third and fourth honors were Ch. Great Circle Violet, owned by James Martinez, San Francisco, California, and Great Circle Titanium owned by Mr. & Mrs. Charles Pickney, Berkley, California.

Several of the Whippets received their first introduction to the starting box in the preliminary schooling races held the morning before the regular heats were run. Showing great improvement with every start was Harbridge Knight Star, owned by Mr. C. Chase Arnold of Glen Arbor, Michigan. In his final race, Knight Star won very handily over his field. Traymatt Spas,  owned by the Misses Barbara and Josephine Steinberg, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, also improved greatly with each start and compiled a score of a second and third in two of the three heats in which she raced.

Mrs. Wendell Howell, San Francisco, California, has a fine young racing prospect in her latest English import, David. This young dog shows lots of determination and won his second heat handily against a good field of sprinters. The Scot, also owned by Mrs. Howell, showed little the first clay of racing, but found himself in the final heat on the second and galloped home to an easy victory. This dog may have been the "dark horse" of the meeting.

While the American Whippet Club could not sponsor this event, cooperation from the members was outstanding. Mr. Donald Hostetter acted as head judge, assisted by Mrs. Wm. Potter Wear and Mrs. Barbara Eyles. The American Whippet Club donated the trophy given the winner, while Harry Peters, Jr., Louis Pegram and Chase Arnold gave similar trophies to those Whippets placing second, third and fourth on a total score basis.

Certainly Mr. Eugene Jacobs, Midwest Chairman of the American Whippet Club and his wife, Sibyl, deserve great credit for the tremendous amount of work put forth in making the Midwest Specialty, the Whippet Club dinner and Whippet racing a success at the International Kennel Club Show. The Jacobs are tireless workers for the breed and promote the Whippet as a pet, show dog, companion dog and racer. They are a great asset to the breed.

As Mrs. Ellis, President of the International Kennel Club, assisted by Harry Peters, Jr., and Wm. Ogalvie, presented the trophies to the high score race winners, it brought to a close racing at the International Kennel Club Show. While one phase of racing ended, a new and brighter future for the Whippet has started. The thousands of people who saw those races gave the Whippet now publicity. Many cameras flashed, taking pictures of individual winners and zany of the Whippet owners were swamped with requests from the spectators where they could buy Whippets. Numerous sales were made right on the track and orders were booked for young puppies to be delivered at
a later date.

So again it is the same old story: As goes Whippet racing, so goes the progress and the popularity of the brood.

Whippet Statistics Dr. Samuel H. Scott

I compiled these statistics for own amusement, and it occurred to no
that the readers might possibly he interested. I got my information from. the A.K.C. Gazettes. The readers should draw their own conclusions, for it is in that area that statistics may be made to say almost anything you want then to say.

In 1957 there wore 428 All Brood Shows that made Group and Best in Show Awards.

Whippets were in competition in 249 of the Shows.

5 different Whippets won a total of 10 Bests in Shows, tying for number of Bests with Dalmatians and German Shepherds for 12th place.

The 5 were: Ch, Canyon Crest’s Manie, Ch. Canyon Crest's Teardrop, Ch, Laguna Lucky Lad, Ch. Meander Mazurka, and Ch. Canyon Crest's Jet Princess.

12 different Whippets won a total of 41 Group 1’s.

14 different Whippets won a total of 40 Group 2’s.

15 different to Whippets won a total of 25 Group 3’s.

13 different Whippets won a total of 18 Group 4’s.

This represents a total of 124 Group placements by 28 different dogs in 249 shows attended.

The dogs in no particular order and including the 5 named above, were: Ch. Great Circle Holiday, Ch. Meander Bob White, Ch. Renpark's Sabrina of Dalverne, Ch. Foxbar Blue Spot, Ch. Stoney Meadows Sport Extra, Ch. Poppy Pink Petal, Ch. Stoney Meadows Snow Queen, Ch. Whipoo's Wild Honey, Ch. Wingedfoot Fieldspring Bryony, Ch. Rosalie of Rose Hall, Regalaire's Poll Fan, Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle, Ch. Pennyworth Impression, Ch. Fascination of Mardormere, Ch. Whipoo's Whinny, C.D., Ch. Great Circle Hester, Pennyworth Miss Tease, Pennyworth Party Girl, Ch. Mighty Mouse of Garden City, Renpark's Architect, Ch. Pennyworth Impressive, Pennyworth Pinup of Renpark, and Ch. Picardie Pollyanna.

A Book About A Whippet, A Review
Nita Hopkins

Well! What do you know? DUSTY FOR SPEED: A book about a boy and his WHIPPET! Did you know about it all the time? Why didn't somebody mention it? A story of a real dog, a beautiful sensitive Whippet with the speed of lightening in her slender legs.” Hero is a delightfully wholesome, grass roots type of tale dealing: with how the boy, Jan, acquires Dusty, who isn't whole-heartedly gently accepted by the entire family, but she's wins her way into their hearts and even helps solve some of their difficult ties. There are scones at a rural harvest festival and the county fair where local farmers race their Whippet pets. Of course Dusty, the Whippet's joyful speed eventually provides her the opportunity to prove that she is "fastest of them all," but not without one troubles of her own.

It seems this is the first book written by Mr. and Mrs. Neilson together, published by E. P. Dutton & Co.., 1947. It is about their own dog. Whippet owners should enjoy the illustrations of Hans Kreis with Dusty as the real life model. I do believe he portrays a true, sympathetic understanding of the Whippet personality and physical attitudes. This book may have been meant for juvenile readers, but who doesn't enjoy stories of the adventures of children and animals, especially with a Whippet heroine?

The suggestion, made by Doris Wear and unanimously approved by The American Whippet Club, to have advertising at a nominal fee in the Whippet News is proving to be a very good idea. This issue, the first one to include paid advertisements, is most encouraging with four pages of ads. Lot us hope successive issues will continue to carry a large number of ads. The advertising helps make the News more informative, as well as helping greatly to defray mailing and publication expenses.
Thank you for your support.

The Whippet Yews is available to everyone interested in Whippets. We welcome your news and reports.

Breeders send in the names of new Whippet owners for the mailing list. Send your news and ads to:
The Whippet News c/o E. L. Jacobs Mahomet, Illinois





C. Chase Arnold Reports
Jan. 19, 1958

I want to say that I certainly appreciate the efforts on behalf of the Whippet News. I enjoyed the last issue and hope that it can be kept going somehow.

We haven't been to a show since the Specialty, but hope to sot back into the swing before long. Work has kept me very busy and we are building a house too, (doing most of the work myself) pretty much accounts for my evenings and weekends. While we haven't been showing, the dogs  have attracted some attention, however. I took three of then to our annual fox hunt and used then in the manner of the old czarist Russian Borzoi coursing roots. That is, employing scent hounds to start the game, and the coursing hounds for the final chase and kill. The man with when I hunted had Walker hounds which located the fox, and I positioned myself with the Whippets along the most likely escape route-when the fox appeared, the dogs wore released. It all worked out very well, and we attracted the attention of the reporter covering the event, and it was mentioned in both the Traverse City Record Eagle and the Grand Rapids Herald.

Among our other activities was an encounter with a porcupine several weeks ago. I don't know who got the worst of the fray, for though the dogs were in pretty bad shape, the porcupine was dead. Those Whippets can be pretty tough little customers when they are threatened, for it is rather unusual for a dog to actually kill a porcupine. I think it is interesting that they had quills only in their mouths. Usually, when a dog has a real fight with a porky, the quills are generously distributed over the whole body from the tussle, but the Whippets seemed to only be interested only in killing as quickly as possible, which, I think, is typical.

We have a new addition to the family too, a Greyhound. Just a puppy and already 75 pounds. This character thinks that he is a Whippet, and tried to prove it by joining in their play, which resulted in a broken foot when he tried to catch one of then in a fast turn. All well with that, however. As you can see, we will be glad to get back into the relatively mild sport of showing.

Dr. Samuel H. Scott Reports
Jan. 12, 1953

We have been fortunate in being able to place puppies from our recent litter with the sort of people who will make good Whippeteers, I think. The following three have expressed the desire that they be placed on the mailing list for the Whippet News. Dr. & Mrs. H. W. Heiser, Jr., Oklahoma City, Okla. Mr. &  Mrs. Sam Hearn, Lawton, Okla. Dr. & Mrs. David F. Parmalee, Forman, Okla.

Mrs. Donald 11. Frames Reports
Jan. 21 1958

My husband and I are very happy to hear that the Whippet News is to be continued. Up to this time our efforts have been mainly in Obedience and we did not have much news to contribute except the usual "legs" in Open and Novice.

At the Tulare show (Sequoia Kennel Club) my husband finished his Whippet Picardia Priscilla for her Utility degree. According to the A. K. C. she is the first Whippet to get a U.D. degree. Our other dogs have been finish­ed for their C.D.’s and his are trained and ready for competition in Open.

We were very happy to hear of Mrs. Hopkins' interest in Obedience training of Whippets. I hope she will continue through to Utility.

Priscilla's pup, Piperkin's Tawny Pipi, C.D., has now 14 points toward his championship. We hope to finish him this month or at least this spring, as we have received word of an impending transfer.

The racing activities sound most interesting. I wish we had time for some of it but Wendy is doing a tremendous job up north. We are looking forward to the results of the competition at the shows.

I would like to add Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Chess, San Diego, Calif., to the mailing list. They are the enthusiastic owners of several Whippets and would appreciate the News.

Hoping to see the News soon and very happy that it is to be continued.

Strathoak Kennels Reports
Christine Cormany
Jan. 26, 1958

It has been a long tine since we at Strathoak have had any Whippet pups around and with our leasing of Whipoo's Silken Elegance, C.D., we were hoping to get back “in the groove". Well, Elegance has given us a good start, six in all, four females, two males. All are white with silver blue markings or silver blue with white markings; two are almost identically marked and marked very latch like their dad. The sire, of course, is our own Strathoak Star Copy, C.D. and this could be the first litter from two C.D. parents in the brood. We are hoping for something nice from this litter and with Elegance's record of being a producer of champions, it could very well be there will be. Star Copy is a litter brother to Whipoo's Silvery Decor° who sired the two champion bitches in Elegance's first litter, so the combination could be the right "cliche". It is really wonderful to have a litter again, our first in over eight years. We've been "tinkering" around in a couple of other breeds, but my aim is to concentrate on Whippets from now on and get our banner flying again.

March 20, 1958

We are delighted here at Strathoak with our litter by our Strathoak Star Copy., C.D. out of Whipoo's Silken Elegance, C.D., who we leased from the Jacobs. The entire litter is uniform in size, no runts or oversized ones; markings are even, dispositions are excellent, and quality seems to be above average for puppies 7 ½ weeks old. Naturally, we can hardly wait for them to be old enough so we can start showing. We are hoping to keep two, as to sex, that is hard to say right now, they are so even in quality, it is hard to decide. One of the litter will go to the Jacobs and it will be interesting to watch the show careers of these litter mates when they start making the rounds. It is very possible Strathoak may have an entry at the Chicago Specialty in 1959!

Whipoo Kennel Reports
Sibyl & Gene Jacobs
April, 1958

We are glad to see the good interest in Whippets created by the Specialty and the races at Chicago. Interest was high around the benching and the track, and as a result, we were pleased to sell three dogs at Chicago and the inquiries are still coming in. Whipoo's New Twist wont to J. E. Glynn, Chicago, Ill., as a pot and for breeding to replace an old Whippet house pot of the family. Mr. Harry Goelitz, Oak Park, Ill., bought a fawn male pup from the Slap Happy-Fish litter, as a pot for his grandchildren. Mr. Goelitz plans to have a litter in the future, as he also purchased the puppy bitch, Casperette of Monty-Jo from Wm. Monigold. Louis Pegram bought the flashy young brindle and white bitch, Whipoo's Tarnishm who showed up well on the track. She has a 3 point major show to her credit.

Another recent sale was a brindle male pup from the Slap Happy-Fish litter to Janes A. Cummins, Houston, Texas.

The bitch, Ch. Whipoo's Brushburn, leased by C. C. (Rod) Bailey and bred to his Whipoo's Silver Skipper, had a litter of six, the night before the Chicago show and races. There are five males, one female. The litter, as seen at a few days of age, is a nice one, with an assortment of color and markings, and the pups are uniform in size.

Maybe some of you have wondered about our kennel name of "Whipoo". This
was created as a combination of the two breeds we raise, Whip pots and Poodles. Our Whippet breeding seems to overshadow our Poodles at times, but last month we had a litter of black Standard Poodles. Only three in
the litter. We were expecting a larger litter, as Standards usually average eight to ten, but the two females and one male look very promising.

Central States Whippet Racing Club

The Illinois members of the Central States Whippet Racing Club spent the winter months building and perfecting their racing equipment. Six starting boxes were built by Mr. O. C. (Red) Bailey and Mr. E. D. Hopkins, who spent many long hours on then. A rack was designed to hold these boxes, and this presents an efficient and sturdy starting unit. Mr. Bailey, Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Lorch experimented with several starting devices, and looked at boxes owned by Wendy Howell and Louis Pegram, before the method used on those six boxes was decided upon. The boxes wore painted and numbered by Sibyl Jacobs.

The group net every other Monday evening at the University of Illinois Stock Judging Pavilion for the purpose of testing the starting boxes, and training their dogs to the boxes, tanbark and inside racing. The boxes and equipment are stored and transported by Gone Jacobs.

This hard work and training payed off with the good showing our dogs made at the Chicago races. We want to express our thanks and appreciation to the Northern California Whippet Racing Association for sending their dogs and for their good sportsmanship, as their dogs had many changes to overcome a trip by air, different climate, food and water. Also, many thanks to all those who helped our group at the races by holding, catching and parading dogs.

Whippet owners from the Central States who raced their dogs at Chicago are: C. Chase Arnold, Michigan, Mr. & Mrs. C. C. :alloy, Ill., Hiss Jean Black, Mr. & Mrs. E. B. Hopkins, Ill.  Mr.& Mrs. E. L. Jacobs, Ill. M Hisses
Barbara Josephine Steinberg, Wisconsin.

The Illinois members plan to form a more formal organization for the purpose of paying for and keeping up the racing equipment, and to stage racing exhibitions in our area. The plan is to have an initiation fee and annual dues for those who train and race their dogs, using the equipment, and annual dues for those interested in racing, whether they have a Whippet or not. So far, interest in this Club has also boon expressed from Wisconsin and Michigan.

Also in the formative stage is a National Racing Club for the purpose of coordinating the various local groups and for keeping the racing methods and equipment standardized.

Northern California Whippet Racing Association
Virginia Cordes Stout, President

The Northern California Whippet Racing Association is delighted to have boon able to take part in the wonderful revival of Whippet racing which took place at the International in Chicago. There were many firsts about this event. First tine for an indoor track of such length, first time for a natural surface (clay) first time in many years and possibly ever that Whippet racing took place before such a tremendous crowd, who were army from the ring area and watching only racing. It was also the first time that an intersectional event had taken place, involving areas as far distant as Illinois and California.

California wants to congratulate Illinois on the fine sportsmanship and organization, and the hard work involved in this event. You had all the work building the machine and the starting boxes, organizing the whole operation with the cooperation of Mrs. Ellis and Mr. Ogilvie of International.

We just sent our dogs, and took a thorough trouncing from your dogs, which we will try to reverse next year. Meanwhile we have plans to put on several exhibitions around here in the next few months, both at shows and charity bazaars, and to keep up our regular training racing, if it over stops raining. We are delighted to have been part of such a success, glad to hear Mrs. Ellis wants racing again next year, and determined to put California out in front next time if possible.

A National Racing Club?

In view of the recent success of the Whippet races at Chicago, it seems opportune to make some real effort to get different sections of the USA together in a National Clubs devoted only to Whippet racing, Thus we could have cone annual event, such as Chicago, at which to crown a national winner, or group of winners, and have one organization behind all our racing events in different sections, racing under similar rules, and under one auspices.

It has been suggested by several people that we band our regional groups together. This is a good tine to begin. I suggest the name Associated Whippet Racing Club, an initiation for of $5.00, annual dues of 2.00, membership to imply receipt of the Whippet News and any other news about racing. There could be two directors from each regional club, also a president and a secretary-treasurer. I also suggest appointment of a person or committee to draw up formal racing rules, a format for records for each dog currently racing in every section. I suggest that membership in this club be open to all who are interested in racing, having a dog or not, acceptable to the directors from their locality, if from no locality having a racing group, acceptable to the president and directors. If anyone is interested in this idea, they will have suggestions, qualification and improvement of what I have said above. In that case please write no at 2100 Jefferson St,, San Francisco, Calif., and we can get this thing on its way. In writing, why not make your suggestions for directors, and we could just begin with those who are mentioned the most, and they can go ahead and elect a president, and appoint anyone new who needs appointing.

Maybe this is too loose a way to handle it, but we might as well get start­ed, and hope we never have the fights that seem to occur in so many breed clubs. It will be interesting to see if racing takes hold in other sections, I feel racing and Whippets in general are on the upgrade, and we can help others by having a little organization, especially for the racing. It is vital to have the same rules, and would be a great help to keep records also most interesting. If anyone is interested won’t they please say so, and write me a letter about it.

Wendell T. Howell

There has been quite a bit of talk, and interest in a National Racing Club, Whippet owners interested in racing feel that such a club could sponsor national events such as the recent Chicago races. The National Club should continue to keep the racing equipment used by the several racing groups across the country standardized as it now is. So far, the two main groups have the same equipment. Also, the method of racing should be the same and records should be kept. It seems everyone plans to use the handicap system with points, as done by Louis Pegram at Chicago, Now is the time to form such a club, along with the revival of Whippet racing, and while the equipment and racing methods are the sane. The club will be forced at the beginning and can grow, as the interest in racing grows. We are glad to know that Mrs Wendell T. Howell is getting the ball rolling, and hope she gets good response. We suggest that the National Racing Club co-sponsor the Whippet News with the American Whippet Club. Thus members of both Clubs can be kept informed of all breed activities, and the two Clubs could co­ordinate their interests for the good of the breed. A good example of this is the recent American Whippet Club Chicago Specialty and the races held at the International. Many Whippet owners had dogs participating in both the breed classes and the races. We also suggest that the dues be handled by having the regional club pay a lump sum based on the no. of members they have, per year. As an example, if a club has 10 paying members, the club would pay 4X30 a year to be in the National Club.

Sibyl &  Gene Jacobs


Nita Hopkins, St, Joseph, Illinois, writes— (Feb., 1958)
Any space for a one Whippet owner? I never intentionally planned to own a Whippet—had only been toying with the idea of another young dog to train for the Obedience ring, since I teach Obedience and seemed to be out of participation. Finally it dawned on me that from the Jacobs, in Mahomet a few miles away, I could confidently choose a healthy pup of fine quality as could be had anywhere. Having owned a variety of breeds in the past, here was a new type of personality and temperament to become acquaint­ed with. With that whim we acquired our Whipoo's Whimsy (now Ch. & C.D. the sane day. Well, I never anticipated what a variety of activities one Whippet could lead one into. I have previously reported how he won Best in Match (all breed-all age) at 4 ½ mo. and at 6 mo. qualified in three straight trials, with bettor than average scores, for his Companion Dog title.

During the summer just past, with his breeder, Sibyl Jacobs in charge, he completed his championship at 18 mo., just after being judged Reserve Winner at the Whippet Specialty in New Jersey. Now it’s February and we've been resuming Obedience training and racing-just about have the work requiring jumping and retrieving happily under control.

Recognizing the Whippet need to stretch his legs and lot go, we have given him the opportunity to enjoy himself this way as often as possible. His keen competitive spirit easily convinced him that racing with our car was suitable—but not for US!  We had to find an area where he must run on the other side of the fence, since we could not take off fast enough to got away from him. You see, he chose to run a zigzag course in front of the car, thus controlling it as HE saw fit. Now he regularly hits 40 M.P.H.

I don't mean to say he can hold the speed, but he sure works up to it. Of course, we local Whippet owners are now gathering at regular intervals to lot our dogs run. I just NEVER watch them that I am not impressed with the utter joy expressed in every movement of their bodies-oh yes-rivalry too. It seems to me that a Whippet must run-even as a bird must sing!

Of course, some of these things require more time, effort and patience than cost people are willing to give, but we usually make time for the things we really WANT to do, don't we? This is for me.

Junior (Whimsy) lives with Elmer a near 9 yr. old Obedience trained Cocker, who contributed 'much to his early education by breaking to the leash and setting examples of good behavior, so naturally he accords him every respect due his dignity as a senior. Both are house doss and lap doss too, please.

Perhaps this is a testimonial to the rewarding pleasures of owning and developing a fine Whippet.

John R. Hutchins, Jr., San Antonio, Texas, writes—

I enjoy reading the Whippet News...My ad concerns my new imported dog who I have had very good luck with this past month. I fool very fortunate to own this do and had exceptional luck with on the Texas Circuit...
Ch. Fleeting Falcon, subj. A.K.C. approval, has a record as follows— shown nine times, 1 Best in Show, four Group 1st’s, three Group 2nd’s, one Group 3rd. He finished April 6, going Best in Show at the Panhandle Kennel Club, Amarillo, Texas, under Major Godsal.

J. F. Young, Altadena, California, writes -Wishing you every success with the Whippet News.

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