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Volume 3 February 15, 1959 Issue 1

Kennel Club of Philadelphia

The Philadelphia show was held Dec. 6, 1958, Alva Rosenberg judge.

Winners were as follows:

American–bred Dogs, four shown: First – Meander Kennels Meander Munchauser (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Oh. Happy Talk O'Lazeland) Second–Pennyworth Kennels Pennyworth Vengeance (by Ch. Pennyworth Pathfinder ex Ch. Wingedfoot Field spring Bryony) Third – F. T. Hill's Hill's Pride O'Petal (by Hill's Blue Boots ex Ch. Poppypinkpetal) Fourth - Lazeland Kennels Liebeskind 0 ’Lazeland (by Surfrider O'Lazeland ex Ch. Meander Liat O'Lazeland)

Open, Dogs, three shown; First – Lazeland Kennels Fisherman O'Lazeland (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Sunmertan O'Lazeland) Second– R. E. Pedersen's Garden City Fantastic Mouse (by Garden City Mysterious Mouse ex Ch. Garden City's Glamorous Mouse) Third– Meander Kennels Meander Town Topics (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Ch. Happy Talk O'Lazeland)

Winners Dog to Fisherman O'Lazeland. Reserve to Meander Munchausen

Puppy Bitches, two shown; First – Mrs. W. P. Wear's Stoney Meadows Lady Skipper (by Fawn Sail of Knotknum ex Stoney Meadows Career Girl) Second – Clare C. Hodge's Hodge 's Blue Whippy Lynn (by Ch. Strathoak Meander Newsprint ex Hill's Blue Riffon)

Novice Bitch, one shown, E. May Steiner's Hill's Little Audrey (by Hill's Blue Boots ex Ch. Poppypinkpetal)

American–bred Bitches, three shown; First – D .R. Match & Lazeland Kennels Windholme Mother Goose (by Ch. Meander Bob White ex Ch. Bo-Peep of Birdneck Point) Second – Mrs. C.C. Hodge's Hodge Blue Petunia (by Ch. Strathoak Meander Newsprint ex Hill's Blue Riffon) Third–Pennyworth Kennels Pennyworth Black– Eyed Susan (by Ch. Wingedfoot Ringmaster of Pennyworth ex Ch. Pennyworth Blue Iris)

Open Bitches, three shown; First– Mardormere Kennels Lady Luck of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Caniston Camellia) Second – Mrs. Henry G. Sayres Seagift So Silky (by Old Mortality ex Seagift Gravity of Glenbar) Third– R. W. Hill's Hill's Black Diamond (by Hill's Gun Metal ex Hill's Misprint)

Winners Bitch to Lady Luck of Mardormere. Reserve to Stoney Meadows Lady Skipper.

Best of Winners to Fisherman O'Lazeland

Best of Breed to Meander Kennels Ch. Meander Mockingbird (by Ch. Meander Robin ex Ch. Dizzy Blond of Meander) Best of Opposite Sex to Mardormere Kennels Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad (by Laguna Liege ex Brekin Ballet Shoes)


Thanks to Peggy Newcombe, who sent the Philadelphia results.

Grand Rapids Kennel Club, Grand Rapids, Mich.

The Grand Rapids show was held Jan. 11, 1959. There were eight entries for judge Maurice L. Baker.

Winners were as follows:

Puppy Dogs, one shown, Steve Hurt's Eyleland Thor (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Bedtime Story)

American--bred Dogs, one shown, Edith E. Spencer's Harbridge Chamois Ru Sell (by Harbridge Sunny Sun ex Pennyworth Blue Diamond).

Open Dogs, one shown, Harry J. Bridge's Harbridge Rolling Stone (by Choirmaster of Allways ex Pennyworth Blue Diamond)

Winners Dog to Harbridge Rolling Stone. Reserve to Harbridge Chamois Ru Sell:

Puppy Bitches, two shown; First – Barbara & Ralph Eyles Eyleland Whirlpool (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Bedtime Story) Second – Harry J. Bridge's Harbridge Suede (by Choirmaster of Allways ex Harbridge Ballerina)

Open Bitches, one shown, Barbara & Ralph Eyles Eyleland Stoney Meadows Beth (by Stoney Meadows Epic ex Stoney Meadows Molly)

Winners Bitch to Eyleland Stoney Meadows Beth. Reserve to Eyleland Whirlpool.

Specials, two shown. Best of Breed to O. J . do Korsak's Ch. Rosalie of Rosehall (by Stoney Meadows Front Page ex Ch. Be Peep of Birdneck Point Best of Opposite Sex to Harbridge Rolling Stone.

Ch. Rosalie of Rosehall went on to place second in the Hound Group.

BOSTON – 1959 Walter Wheeler

The uniformly high quality of the Whippet entries at Boston's Eastern Dog Club Show, January 31st, made the judging interesting and the wins exciting. Mrs. Wendell T. Howell of San Francisco brought her famous Ch. Great Circle Holiday, her speedy English Specials, and a striking eight month old white son of Holiday; Donald Hostetter drove up from Virginia with his fawn male, Liebeskind; Mrs. Doris S. Wear came from Maryland with her Specialty Winner, Ch. Stoney Meadows Snow Queen, and two promising fawn out–cross pups; the Parker Pharisees entered an appealing youngster by Ch. Ringmaster; Mrs. Charles B. Newcombe's Pennyworth Kennels was represented by Ch . Pennyworth Party Girl and an attractive son of Ch. Bryony; Mrs. Frederic P. Houston of New York sent in her pretty little import Ch. Wise Child of Allways; Calvin Terry showed his two new Whippets, a white bitch and a brindle male. Mr. Cleaves and I, of course, entered our dogs, though we were not sure until the very morning of the show that they would compete, as they were just recovering from a severe bout with enteritis.

However, our vet's constant attention, liberal doses of penicillin and intestinal tonics had them tenuously on their feet for the judging, We were assured that it was safe for them and safe for the other entries to bring them to the Armory. We can show them so infrequently (my white dog 's latest wins were a Best-In­ Match over all breeds in Wellesley in September, and a Best of Breed at Lewiston- Auburn in October for his eleventh point) that we regretted not presenting them at the Boston show with the flesh we like on our Whippets.

Mr. Kenneth Given spent much tine making his decisions. Although the quality was even and good enough to permit other combinations of placements which might have been equally well received by the exhibitors, he seemed to be consistent in what he sought in the Whippets. His placements of the 15 Whippets follow, with four points in dogs, one point in bitches, five Specials and no absentees.

The BEST WHIPPET was Mrs. Wear's Special, Ch. Stoney Meadows Snow Queen, BEST OPPOSITE, Liebeskind O'Lazeland.

We all were exceedingly proud of Snow Queen who went on to second in a very outstanding group, topping such a well-known Best-In-Show winner as the Afghan, Ch. Shirk han of Grandeur.

It was a rare treat for Mr. Cleaves and me to be able to visit with all the Whippet owners over drinks and dinner at out apartment the evening of the judging. The party provided a little publicity for the breed in the society columns of the Boston papers. Mr.& Mrs. Intro Nielsen are in Europe for the winter and so had to send their regrets. They write:

"You will be interested to know that we brought our three Whippets to Europe with us, by plane. One has gone now to our son in the Army in Germany , but the other two are here with us - the only two Whippets in Portugal, we are told.

There are many Greyhounds here, and in Spain. They are smaller than our breed, and I doubt if they have registry papers! But every farmer in the back country seems to have one or two, some of them very handsome in form" and color. Actually, they look like a breed between Whippet and Greyhound, and I suppose there are literally thousands. Very interesting."

Perhaps another year we will have an even larger entry, since Mrs. Newcombe is bringing up to Hew Hampshire some of her finest show dogs. Calvin Perry is establishing a kennel there, even while at the University in Durham, and locally, not only will a champion Pennyworth bitch be bred, but both Mr. Cleaves and I hope to become situated so as to lease a quality matron or two for our studs, when they finish for their titles.

Boston winners were as follows:

Puppy Dogs, one shown, Mrs. W. P. Wear 's Stoney Meadows Midshipman (by Fawn Sail of Knotknum, C.D. ex Stoney Meadows Career Girl)

Bred by Exhibitor Dogs, two shown; First - Mrs. Wendell T. Howell 's Great Circle White Knight (by Meander Pilet ex Ch. Great Circle Holiday) Second - Irene & Parker Harris Renpark 's Connecticut Yankee (by Ch. Wingedfoot Ringmaster of Pennyworth ex Ch. Renpark 's Verry Merry)

American–bred Dogs, one shown, Burton A. Cleaves' Stoney Meadows Potentate (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Marathon ex Stoney Meadows Snow Bird)

Open Dogs, four shown; First – Lazeland Kennels Liebeskind O 'Lazeland (by Ch. Surfrider O 'Lazeland ex Ch. Meander Liat O 'Lazeland) Second–Walter Wheeler's Stoney Meadows Marble Faun (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Marathon ex Stoney Meadows Snow Bird) Third–Calvin G. Perry's Meander Town Topies (by Ch. Meander King­fisher ex Ch. Happy Talk O 'Lazeland) Fourth–Pennyworth Kennels' Pennyworth Vengeance (by Ch. Pennyworth Pathfinder ex Ch. Wingedfoot Fieldspring Bryony)

Winners Dog to Liebeskind O 'Lazeland. Reserve to Stoney Meadows Marble Faun.

Open Bitches, two shown; First–Calvin Perry's Whipoo's White Luster (by G. Ch. Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander ex Whipoo's White Chiffon) Second – Mrs. Ch. W. P. Wear's Stoney Meadows Lady (by Fawn Sail of Knotknum , C.D. ex Skipper Stoney Meadows Career Girl)

Winners Bitch to Whipoo's White Luster. Reserve to Stoney Meadows Lady Skipper.

Best of Winners to Liebeskind O'Lazeland

Specials, five shown. Best of Breed to Mrs. W. P. Wear's Ch. Stoney Meadows Snow Queen (by Stoney Meadows Epic ex Ch. Snow Flurry of Meander) Best of Opposite Sex to Liebeskind O'Lazeland

* * *

Thanks to Peggy Newcombe who sent a marked catalogue, and to Walter Wheeler, who sent the marked Whippet pages with his report of the Boston show. Thanks to Kate de Korsak, who sent the results of the Grand Rapids show.



The Westminster show at Madison Square Garden, New York, was hold February 9- 10, 1959. There was an entry of 28, with 6 absentees, for judge Mrs. Statter Day.

Winners were as follows:

Open Dogs, three shown; First – Lazeland Kennels' Liebeskind O 'Lazeland (by Ch. Surfrider O 'Lazeland ex Ch. Meander Liat O 'Lazeland) Second – Mardormere Kennels' Lucky Leader of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Fascination of Mardormere) Third– Robert E. Pedersen's Garden City's Fantastic Mouse (by Garden City's Mysterious Mouse ex Ch. Garden City's Glamorous Mouse)

Winners Dog to Liebeskind O 'Lazeland. Reserve to Lucky Leader of Mardormere.

Puppy Bitches, two shown; First–Mrs. W. P. Wear's Stoney Meadows Lady Skipper (by Fawn Sail of Knotknum ex Stoney Meadows Career Girl) Second - Barbara & Ralph Eyles' Eyleland Whirlpool (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Bedtime Story

American-bred Bitches, two shown; First - Mardormere Kennels' Lucky Dream of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Fascination of Mardormere) Second - E. May Steiner's Mills Little Audrey (by Hill 's Blue Boots ex Ch. Poppypinkpetal)

Open Bitches, four shown; First - Calvin G. Perry ' s Whipoo ' s White Luster (by Ch. Whipoo 's Spattarib of Meander ex Ch. Whipoo 's White Chiffon) Second - Mardormere Kennels ' Lucky Lady of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Fascination of Mardormere) Third - Canyon Crest Kennels ' Canyon Crest 's Stevie (by Canyon Crest 's Black Diamond ex Stoney Meadows Jill) Fourth - D.R. Motch Lazeland Kennels Windholme Mother Goose (by Ch. Meander Bob White ex Ch. Bo-Peep of Birdneck Point)

Winners Bitch to Lucky Dream of Mardormere. Reserve to Whipoo 's White Luster.

Best of Winners to Liebeskind O'Lazeland

Specials, eleven shown. Best of Bread to Mardormere Kennels' Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad (by Laguna Liege ex Brekin Ballet Shoes) Best of Opposite Sex to Mrs. Wendell T. Howell' s Ch. Great Circle Holiday (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Caniston Carlotta of Ivarden)

Brace Class, one shown, Canyon Crest Kennels Ch. Canyon Crest's Jet Princess and Ch. Canyon Crest's Jet Lady.

At the American Whippet Club annual meeting held during Westminster, the members were very sorry to learn of the illness of Mrs. George A. Anderson and Miss F. Julia Shearer. Harry Peters sent the best wishes of the American Whippet Club and the flowers contributed by the Club members present at the meeting , to Mrs. Anderson and Miss Shearer.

To The Whippet News Readers-

There is an extraordinarily fine book recently published by the National Geographic Society, Washington, D. C. It is called The Book Of Dogs. It is a handsome volume, chock full of color photographs. It contains a large amount of pictures, which in some way, include -greyhound dogs. The book jacket is a fine color shot of four Whippets. Can anyone tell me whose dogs they are and where they got their handsome checked jackets?

Jack Stone


International Kennel Club Show
Chicago , Illinois

April 4 and 5, 1959

Louis Pegram


A meeting was held at the Westminster Kennel Club Show in New York City with William O g i l vie Mr. George Foley, Mrs. Wendell Howell, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Jacobs, and Mr. Louis Pegram attending. It was decided that Whippet racing would again be one of the added attractions at the coming International Kennel Club Show.

1. A dirt track will be put down several days in advance of the show.
2. A loud speaker system will be installed to be used in connection with the Whippet races.
5. Heavy ropes will be furnished to keep the crowd off the track during and following each race.
4. The Central Whippet Racing Club will bring their starting boxes and lure and will operate these during the schooling and actual racing. $25 will be set aside to cover the cost of transportation of equipment.
5. Mr. Ogilvie will print entry blanks for the race Whippets and a list of people donating trophies. These will be mailed by Mr. & Mrs. Jacobs to all people who receive The Whippet News.
6. Whippets from all sections of the country are allowed to compete and do not necessarily have to be entered in the regular- show classes. It was felt, whenever possible, that as many racing dogs as possible should also be entered in the regular show classes.
7. Mr. Ogilvie will contact the International Kennel Club officers in regard to money to be given in the form of purses. All of this money, excluding the cost of moving racing equipment, out entry blanks, and purse checks, will go in the form of a purse given to those Whippets who finish first, second and third in any of the race heats.
8. There will be schooling for all who wish to try out their Whippets over the indoor track at 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning, April 4'. Whippets who will not complete the course during schooling races will not be allowed to run in the regular racing events during the two days of the show.
9. Handicapping Dogs! names will first be drawn from a hat. Then they will be grouped in all future heats on a point basis of five points to a winner, three points to a second and one point for finishing third. Whippets with the highest points will be raced against other Whippets with higher point standings. Whippets with lower points will be grouped with other low point Whippets. All Whippets who finish the course will be allowed to race each day.
10. There will be a special race for young doss under one year of age if there are enough dogs to complete a satisfactory race for puppies.
11. There will be two or three race programs each day. The major trophies will go to the Whippets with the highest points over the two days period. Purse money will also be paid on a point basis.
12. Trophies were promised by various members of the American Whippet Club when discussion was held just before their regular annual meeting in New York City. All Whippet owners not contacted are urged to give trophies. Bring a trophy the day of the show or notify Mrs. Eugene Jacobs, Whipoo Kennels, Mahomet, Illinois, that you would like to donate a trophy for one of these race heats. Please have all trophies labeled with the name of the donor.
13. For any information in connection with any phase of Whippet racing at the International Kennel Club Show, please write Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Jacobs, Whipoo Kennels, Mahomet, Illinois.

* * *

Perpetual Race Trophies

Beginning with the Chicago races, 1959, Eyleland Kennels offers three perpetual race trophies. These trophies are to be offered and won at the Chicago International races and and to be retained by the winners for one year.

For First in the Finals and the Grand Winner – A cup about 22 in. tall, 5 1/2 in diameter, with two handles and an attractive "grecian" border design around the top. This cup was last won in October 1928. It is engraved with "Winner, National Derby Purse, Girard Kansas", and with a running greyhound- ­whippet type dog.

For Second in the Finals and Runner–Up – A cup about 12 in. tall, 5 in. in diameter with two handles and four small "victory figure" designs. It is engraved with "Runner up, National Spring Futurity" and with the racing dog.

For the Best – A slender, solid cup about 21 in. tall including the base, with two handles. This was last won in 1954. It is engraved with "National Fall Sapling".

These three trophies are silver plated and of classic, grecian design.

The committee for the Chicago races feels fortunate in having these very appropriate racing trophies offered for these winners. The committee will arrange to have "Chicago International" engraved on the trophies. The names of each of the winners are to be engraved on the cups. Due to the many Whippet owners coming from great distances to compete for those trophies, and because of the size, shape and value of the trophies, it would not be practical to mail or ship them to the winners. The only way to have the winners names on the trophies is for the winners to have their names and the date engraved on the cups at their own expense. (Could use some of their prize money) The committee feels certain that anyone winning; one of these trophies will be pleased to do this.


Mrs. S. E. Evans, Secretary, National Whippet Association writes

It will be so nice to be kept informed of Whippet activities over there – and a grand link between our several fanciers there and here...

We ran a specialty show on Nov. 13, 1958. Enclosed please find our catalogue which may interest you, especially the photographs.

May I wish you – your Longtails-- and all fanciers over there a Happy and Prosperous 1959.

There were 123 Whippets at the National Whippet Association 's Championship Show, November 13, 1958, with 223 entries, including 17 in the Parade of Champions. Dogs were judged by Mr. B. H. Evans, bitches judged by Mrs. D. Whitwell.

The Dog C.C. was awarded to Mr. F. E. Jones) Ch. Robmaywin Stargazer of Allways (by Ch. Eveningstar of Allways ex Ch. Mistrals Mrs. Miniver) Reserve C.C. to Mrs. D. Cleeve 's Dragonhill Hillgarth Spring Salad (by Ch. Dragonhill Tweseldown Minstrel ex Hillgarth Silver Suntan)

The Bitch C.C. was awarded to Mrs. M. McKay ’s Ch. Lily of Laguna (by Ch. Fieldspring Dartsia of Allways ex Ch. Brekin Ballet Shoes) Reserve C.C. to Mrs. M. R. Jones ), Robmaywin Quicksilver of Allways (by Ch. Eveningstar of Allways ex Ch. Mistrals Mrs. Miniver)

Special classes included Open, Dog or Bitch, Black or Blue (Slight white points allowed), Open Dog or Bitch confined to members of the N.W.A., Veteran Dog or Bitch, Special Progeny Class, and the Parade of Champions.

Mrs. R. Hodgson, Secretary, Northern Counties Whippet Club writes

Thank you for The Whippet News which arrived today. It is kind of you to get in touch with us, we think it a Brand idea to be able to exchange views in this way.

I find the NEWS most interesting , of course, I had to down tools and read it at once!

Your shows, or perhaps I should say the method of awards are somewhat different to our way, and we de seem to get more competition, I expect, because of the shorter distances in travelling to shows here.

I am sending you, under separate cover, a few of our show catalogues along- with our Club's 1957 Year Book published last February. This Club is the only one of the four breed clubs here to publish a Year Book, and of course it only covers the activities of members of our Club. Our 1958 Year Book is, at the moment, in the Printer 's hands; we hope to have then out in February when I shall be delighted to send a few over to you. In this Year Book,(you will be interested to hear), there is to be a photograph of your fellow country­ man - Mr. Anton Rost. He very kindly accepted an invitation to our Club Whippet Rally, when over here last July, and it all had to be recorded in the Year Book. However, I think you will get more idea of our Whippet "doings" from the Year Books, particularly the latest one; there will be more photos in, than the one I am sending now.

I am very interested to road of your Whippet Racing. Unfortunately our Club's activities have not included racing so far, although, I do know a lot of our members are keen about it, so perhaps in the near future we shall get around to it.

Our Club will be holding a show (on similar lines as the ones shown by the catalogues I am sending) on April 18, which Mrs. D. U. McKay will judge. Mrs. McKay is the breeder of Am. Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad, of whom we hear quite a lot. It will be Mrs. McKay 's first judging appointment in the Forth, and we are looking forward to having her opinion.

We are also to have our Championship Show on July 25, when we shall meet Mr. Anton Rost again, for this occasion he will be our judge. I shall be glad to send you marked catalogues of each event.

In the meantime, may I, on behalf of the members of my Club, wish all readers of The Whippet News the Best of Luck and Lots of Wins.

There were 46 Whippets at the Northern Counties Whippet Club 16 Class Members Limited Show, October 18, 1958, with 133 entries, including 4 braces.

Best of Breed to the bitch, Mrs. Blackburn 's Miss Penny Loo(by Kelly Boy ex Miss Misty Leo Leo). Best of Opposite Sex to the dog, Mr. Pickles ' Consul of Cravendale (by Collector of Cravendale ex Cream of Cravendale). Best Puppy to the dog, Mrs. Beddall's Myhorlyns Shooting Star (by Ch. Evening Star of Allways ex Myhorlyns Candy Kisses). The judge was Mr. D. W. Armstrong.

Special Classes included Open Fawn or Brindle Dog or Bitch, Open Black or Blue Dog or Bitch, Open Any Broken Colour Dog or Bitch, and the Brace Class.

We are very pleased to include, in this issue, the new feature "From England". The Whippet Clubs in England, through their secretaries, are receiving the Whippet News. The News is an ideal place for an exchange of ideas between the U. S. A. and England. We will keep a file of the very interesting and informative catalogues and Year Books received from England, and anyone is welcome to borrow these.

Thanks to everyone for the advertising, articles, letters, show reports, and kennel reports; all make the News a really informative and worthwhile publication. The next issue of the News will be out April 15, deadline is April 6.

The opinions expressed in the News are those of the individual writers and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the editor or the AWC.

Eyleland Kennels Report Barbara Ralph Eyles February, 1959

Now that the long winter ' s nights are upon us, there is tine to sit down and "catch up". During the summer and fall, with four litters of pups in addition to the usual summer activities indoors and out, shows, etc, we spent tine with Barbara and Josephine Steinberg looking for and purchasing property. We found 60 acres of trees and meadows, rolling hills, and a pond ADD only 3/4 mile from the entrance to the Turnpike – very handy for traveling. But enough of this,– the girls can tell everyone more about it.

We seem to be having good luck with some of our current crop of puppies. A report has already been written on the Lansing show but there is one more thing I might mention. We sold the dog pup before the show to Steve Hurt, who handled him during judging for the first time and was thrilled to have his new dog do well. I thought it of interest that while the pups were handled throughout by two different people, the judge came up with litter brother and sister for Winners Dog and Winners Bitch. Incidentally, would you please put Steve on the mailing list for the Whippet News - We are well pleased with the dog we purchased from Doris Wear for a stud dog. As a puppy we picked him on his breeding, more than anything else, as while he was a handsome pup, everyone knows what foolers pups can be. He is a combination of Stoney Meadows and Meander (Stoney Meadows Epic – Ch. Snow Flurry of Meander) and as far as we are concerned is proving his worth. Another son of his from our Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle – Eyleland Masked Lady litter was BB at the Milwaukee show for 3 points, on his first outing at age 6 mo. plus.

The litter that interests us the most is the one that we have in the nest now. As it is quite close breeding and a litter we have been looking forward to, the suspense will be something! The litter of three bitches and one dog is by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Ice Folly. On these two dogs, the sires are brothers and the dams are mother and daughter. White with brindle seems to be dominate over fawn, at least this time. We had thought we might get some solid fawns as both grandsires are yellow fawns (both Grand dams are white with brindle) but there were three white with brindles and one white with fawn – no solid colors. They are five weeks now and appear to be the most promising litter we have had, but time will tell.

Great Circle Kennels Report Wendell T. Howell

February, 1959

No puppies at the moment, but two litters on the way, I hope. The trip east was fairly unproductive of show awards, but as always great fun to see other friends and breeders. Holiday came through at the last moment with a Best Opposite at the Garden. The accursed disposition of the Whippet bitch who glares at the judge as if about to bite, and humps herself into a croquet wicket on occasion, is especially irritating in a better than average specimen. We are all aware that this runs in families, and Agnes Griswold reports the same thing in Atomic Blonde, a really great one, and Holiday 's grandmother.

It is interesting to note that Holiday ’s litter by Pilot all have heavenly dispositions, one of the males, in fact, a clown. At Boston I was standing by the ringside watching a class being judged, with White Knight on a loose lead. He saw some liver thrown in the ring, and vaulted Mr. Foley 's fence, much to the horror of Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Van Court, who, up to this moment, had been chatting with me. His litter sister, Little Alice, is also quite an extrovert, also a chewer. On a recent trip to Antelope Valley, California, with Mrs. R. D. Henderson, Little Alice ate an entire lamp in a motel. It was unfortunately made of cork, and proved to be quite expensive.

I hope we succeed in shifting our Specialty to Del Monte, and that at this pleasant show, and convenient time of year, we will see some eastern exhibitors.

Pennyworth Kennels Report
Peggy Newcombe

December 30, 1958

I enjoyed your write–ups in the December Whippet News on the shows, as we so seldom know what is what in Michigan or California. As I am responsible for the en graving on the Club Trophies, was doubly pleased to find the California winners in the News and may I be among those to congratulate Mrs. Howell, Christine Cormany and Canyon Crest Kennels in California. Also, Mr. & Mrs. Eyles out in the mid–west on their nice wins. As it is just as hard to go Reserve these days in our breed, my congratulations also to all the Reserve Winning dogs, and bitches too.

Stoney Meadows Kennels Report
Doris Wear

February 3, 1959

The Maryland Kennel Club held its two day – 600 dog show the 24th and 25th of January with yours truly judging the entry of nine Whippets, of which four were in the Specials class. My final decision, which was not an easy one for the competition was high class and keen, for BB was in favor of that lovely bitch, Ch. Meander Mockingbird. I think her a classic bitch, an ideal size and her good hard condition on the day was a strong factor in her win. How I wish the dear girl enjoyed showing a wee bit more than she does! WD went to Mrs. Pedersen 's Garden City Fantastic Mouse, BOW to Windholme Mary Contrary, bred by Harry T. Peters, Jr., and owned by Miss Shearer. BOS to Mrs. Howell's Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic, who I understand, is having a brilliant racing career on the coast.

It was such fun seeing Wendy a gain after a year. She came on and spent a few days here on the farm with us in the process of which she converted me into a race fan! Through the kindness of Mr. Cosky of Baltimore, we borrowed a lure and tried some of my puppies, most of whom thought it heaps of fun and showed, according to Wendy, some promise of making fair race dogs. All five of the pups I have from my English bitch, Laguna Leonie by Ch. Meander Kingfisher showed definite interest. Meanwhile, Leonie herself was back in the kennel nursing a brand new litter by Kingfisher's full brother, Meander Badly Bent.

At the end of the week we were off to the show in Boston, a 500 mile trip which we made in a station wagon loaded with a mere four adult humans and eight plus the usual paraphanalia necessary to such a jaunt. This trip again served proof of the remarkable adaptability of our remarkable breed...I always have loved the Eastern Club's annual fixture and this year I must confess I saw it through a particularly rosy haze, as my Ch. Stoney Meadows Snow Queen was BB in a good strong entry, and was runner up in the group to an imported Elk­ hound which made her Best American Bred Hound: Fortunately for my nerves, the Elkhound did not go BIS!

We were all delighted to see Peggy (Pennyworth) Newcombe for the first time since her return to the northeast. She looked better than I've ever seen her and is still, thank fortune, as keen as mustard about Whippets. Thing's look bright for the breed in that section what with her return and the interest being shown by Walter Wheeler, Burton Cleaves, and Calvin Perry. The Messrs Wheeler and Cleaves put on a lovely cocktail and supper party for all the Whippet exhibitors at their apartment which was conveniently near the show, and a good time was had by all.

And now off to the Garden which is another of the few shows at which we can always be confident of a good time if not of a win and THAT after all is what really counts most: Looking forward to seeing you there.

Whipoo Kennels Report
Gene & Sibyl Jacobs February, 1959

We were very, very pleased and thrilled when Gene was one of the winners of four $1,000 cash prizes in a national contest sponsored by the Quaker Oats Co., Ken-L-Products division. The prize was won for completing, in 50 words or less, the statement – "The secret of success in feeding dogs is...." The prize money will g o toward kennel improvements.

We have found the Whippet a very hardy, durable breed. Our dogs live outside in unheated quarters and we have had, unfortunately, a good winter for a "test" of the Whippet' s endurance – all kinds of weather, storms and several sessions of bitter cold, sub–zero weather. Our worst storm, nothing like it in this area for some 30 yrs., was an ice storm which felled many trees, wires and telephone and electric poles, leaving us with no electricity, and thus no heat in the house for over two days. The dogs in their unheated quarters faired much better than the people – all the dogs noticed was the funny way they had to walk to stay upright on the 2 to 3 in. of ice which covered everything. The dogs sleeping quarters are of draft proof construction and filled with dried crass bedding. We always bring bitches in the house to whelp, and all the puppies are raised in the kitchen where they are in the center of all that is going on, until they are old enough and the weather is right to move them out side. To help maintain the dogs through the winter, we feed with regard to the cold weather, adding a good ration of ground beef or kidney suet to each dish of food.

Ira E. Wilson, Rockford, Illinois, writes that he has been having some fun with his Ch . Whipoo 's Brushburn (Dart). She caught 22 rabbits, 3 squirrels, 9 rats to date, and had a long race with a deer one day. The deer got into a corn field and got away from Dart. Mr. Wilson writes that a rabbit hasn't a chance at all if Dart has any run at it and the rabbit has to get to a hole quickly if she doesn't get it. Dart loves to run rabbits. Dart caught the squirrels as they jumped out of the trees and they didn't have a chance to get to another tree; Dart grabbed them like a rat.

Harold H. Carr, Derby, Colorado, reports on his litter sired by our Ch. Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander out of his Whipoo's Sharp Focus (W's Silken Elegance – Ch. M. Robin). He sold one females Moon Rocket, to Dr. Purse, Denver, for his daughter Sandra. Mrs. Herbert D. Beargie, Denver, also has one of the pups, a male called Rocket's Torpedoe. Mr. Carr would like to trade a young BLACK female Whippet for a white male, white and grey spotted, or one marked like Spattarib, and he would be willing to pay transportation both ways. If anyone is interested, Mr. Carr's address is in the advertising section of the News.

Archie Sparrow, Burlington Ontario, Canada, purchased a brindle male pup from our Wild Honey–Monocle litter, as a pet for his nine year old daughter. We understand this has become a live wire around the house.

A Whippet is the new house pet of the Manyard Davissons, Marysville, Ohio, who bought a light grey–fawn female pup from the Cockspur–Whimsy litter. The Davissons live on a small farm and have a boy fourteen, who is very fond of animals.

Central Whippet Racing Club

No races since the end of November, due to the ice, snow and cold weather, and now we have the addition of mud. We are hoping to have one or two race meetings before the big Chicago International races. Everyone is looking forward to Chicago with much anticipation. "Rod" Dailey and E. D. Hopkins are working on our starting boxes and lure, giving then an overhaul so they will be in top working order at Chicago. Besides the boxes we will be taking the lure and two sets of race coats. We are looking forward to the competition from all sections of the country, and expect the Whippet racing Entertainment to be a g rand success.

California Whippet Racing Association
Wendell Howell

We can only report a complete halt in racing for the last month, due to the winter rains and consequent mud, also the departure of one or two members for Eastern Shows. Those who went east report vastly increased interest in racing there. Boxes are being ordered, also machines for lures, and if any of us are able to make the trip east for the Specialty next fall, this writer urges care in backing our local wonders, as some of those eastern dogs are going to be pretty fast. I spent several days at the Wears in Maryland where we trained puppies one day in a blinding snow storm, the lure (A colored cloth) bumping along over the

orchard grass and spraying snow. Next stop Chicago...for the big races there, and much work to be done getting dogs fit and ready. Since the current revival of Whippet racing actually began here in California, we must make a real effort to win the laurels.


Tom Baker, Hold Michigan, writes-

I am making a trip to California…I hope to have time to see some of the whippets out west. I have the addresses from the Whippet News.

I must say that I think that you have done a great job on the News. I would appreciate very much becoming one of the mailing list. I will write the news a letter after I get back from the west and a good show that I would like other people to know about.

Sam Hearn, Blue Beaver Kennels, Lawton, Oklahoma, writes-

We had some very good races on Sunday. (The Whippet club we have going down here). We had Dr. & Mr s . Scott from Norman, Dr. & Mrs. Hieser, Oklahoma City, Mrs. J. Killion Lawton and of course myself. We had several heats and I thought the dogs really did well for the first time out of boxes. (I love this dog running). I've run Greyhounds for ten years before I got my first Whippet; now my Greyhounds have all been moved out except one I've used for a push dog and to start my Whippet pups. I'm sold on these little dogs.

Winthrop Neilson, Long Island, New York, writes

We are enthusiastic readers of the Whippet News, and wish it continued success. Actually, we have not seen the last several copies as they are waiting for our return to New York.

You might be interested in the following item about our three Whippets. We brought them to Portugal with us last fall, by air. Our male, Wood Magic's Star Borealis C.D., has since traveled on to stay with our son in the Army at Stuttgart , Germany . Our two bitches, Stardust Janie of Mardormere and Wood Magic 's Morning Star, are here with us, and apparently are the Only Whippets in Portugal . They caused quite a sensation: Our Stardust "Dusty", the heroine of the children's book we wrote some tine ago, is quite old now but still very full of spirit. She did not mind the trans–Atlantic airplane ride one bit. Incidentally, our son writes from Germany that there are some Whippets there and also in Switzerland. Prices are high. I understand that if one buys a Whippet from the kennels in Switzerland, the sale is subject to a check–up within the following few weeks. If the dog is not receiving proper care, the dog, is taken back and the sale is cancelled. An unusual system.

Mrs. Jacque Tucker, Norfolk, Virginia, writes

You were asking about the black Whippet and bi t ch and I'm sorry to say we have no papers on Kim either. We bought him for a companion for Christine and had no intention of breeding Chris or showing her at that time. Actually Kim is a very handsome and slick gentleman and the fastest thing you have ever seen, but he is not show material at all... However we love him very much, and if a dog-ever loved - his home and family, Kim does. He guards his loved ones jealously, believe me, and no other dogs are allowed anywhere near us. One morning, a largo dog passed too close to the house and Kim broke the window pane out. He is a little expensive at times, but worth it.

Mr. Barnett still has some Whippets, I believe, and I'm sure he would enjoy The Whippet News. I want to take this opportunity to wish you every success with the Whippet News. We think it is great.

Archie Sparrow , Ontario, Canada , writes-

I enjoyed reading Whippet News very much and I learned a lot about Whippets reading it. I am looking forward to reading the next one.

I had an argument the other day with a fellow who has an Afghan Hound and he said an Afghan was faster than a Whippet. He didn't know I had a Whippet and received the Whippet News, and when I told him I had a Whippet and received the News and told him about the Whippets racing the Afghans and beating them.

He had to admit I was right.

A. S . Wells, Chambly County, P. Q., Canada, writes-

As probably the newest convert to the Whippet fancy, may I thank you for forwarding me the Whippet News since Nov. ' 58, which I have found very interesting.

For my first venture in Whippets I have imported a blue-fawn brindle bitch "Tirkane Tintack" by Ch. Always Wingedfoot Running Fox ex Lightfoot Fine Fleur, and had her bred prior to shipping to this country by Ch. Tinribs Tetrach, who is by Ch. Wingedfoot Marksman of Always ex Tinribs Bolney Safe and Sound, and out if which breeding we now have a blue bitch and a silver dog puppy to add to the Cranmore line, and which I trust will not let us down in the shows of this country.

Mrs. John Wilkey, South Euclid, Ohio, writes-

First I want to thank you for sending me the Whippet News. I didn't realize there were so many Whippet owners. I have wondered why more people don't have this wonderful brood of dog. Being a novice dog owner — and a Whippet at that - why couldn't you have a column about care and feeding? There is so little even at the Library on this dog. There certainly must be others who would like and profit (especially me) on knowing more about our dogs.

Jim Young, Altadena, California, writes-

Wishing you and the Whippet News continued success for 1959.

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