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Volume 3 April 15, 1959 Issue 2



American Whippet Club California Specialty
Wendell T. Howell

The California Specialty of the American Whippet Club will take place at the Del Monte Kennel Club Show, on Sunday, May 24, The judge will be Donald Hostetter, The Del Monte Show is the most beautiful in the west, taking place on the lawns of the Del Monte Lodge, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Northern California Whippet Racing Association is handling the details of the Specialty, and will also arrange accommodations for any out of town exhibitors. Whippet racing is to be the advertised attraction of the show, and there will be a full set of races run on the side of the 18th fairway sometime in the afternoon. Del Monte and the Northern California Club will offer a full set of trophies for the races. For any information about the show or places to stay, write: Mrs. Wendell T. Howell, 2100 Jefferson St., San Francisco 23, California .

Whippet Statistics Dr. Samuel Scott

Last year I sent the Whippet News a digest of statistics regarding our breed, I'm enclosing a similar digest for the year 1958. I do not swear to the accuracy, for as I said last year, I do these things for my own amusement, and it is possible that I slipped a mite along the line. At any rate, I would appreciate an expression of opinion about them from the readers. If they do not find them useful or interesting, I certainly won’ t send them again next year. On the other hand, I ' ll be glad to continue if the readers want them. In the following statistics, the figures in parentheses in each case is the comparable figure for 1957.

In 1958 I counted 455 (428) All Breed Shows that made Group and Best in Show Awards. The Gazette lists 440, but some of them were limited in some manner.

Whippets were in competition in 266 (249) of the Shows.

2 (5) Whippets won a total of 10 (10) Bests in Show, tying for number of Bests with Pomeranians and Fox Terriers for 15th (12th) place.

The 2 were: Ch. Fleeting Falcon and Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad. The latter was also on the list last year.

10 different Whippets won a total of 45 Group 1's. Last year 12 won 41,

14 different Whippets won a total of 58 Group 2 ’s Last year 14 won 40.

22 different Whippets won a total of 40 Group 3’s Last year 15 won 25.

21 different Whippets won a total of 51 Group 4 ’ s. Last year 13 win 18.

This represents a total of 154 (124) Group placements by 40 (28) different dogs in 266 (249) shows attended.

The dogs in no particular order and including the 2 named above, were:

Ch . Laguna Lucky Lad, Ch. Rosalie of Rose Hall, Ch. Fleeting Falcon, Renparks Shadow of Dalverne, Ch. Whipoo 's Spattarib of Meander, Briarwyns Bridget, Wise Child of Allways, Lucky Strike of Mardormere, Ch. Canyon Crests Jet Lady, Renparks Maid of Gold, White Acres Snow Flurry, Ch. Canyon Crests Teardrop, Ch. Pennyworth Miss Tease, Ch. Great Circle the Scot, Ch. Meander Pickpocket, Ch. Meander Mockingbird, Ch. Lady Luck of Mardormere, Ch. Great Circle Holiday, Ch. White Acres Sea Shanty, Ch. Canyon Crests Jet Princess, Ch. Stoney Meadows Snow Queen, Regalaires Pollyann, Ch. White Acres Sea Seraph, Ch. Poppypinkpetal, Ch. Mighty Mouse of Garden City, Meander Liat O ' Lazeland, Stoney Meadows Sprint, Caniston Comet, Ch. Stoney Meadows Titania, Ch. Foxbar Blue Spot, Canyon Crests Black Diamond, Pennyworth Marie, Ch. Meander Magpie Ch. Seagift Snowmaiden of Pennyworth, Whipoo ' s Whisper, Caniston Cavalier, Ch. Harbridge Nocturne, Ch. Whipoo ' s White Chiffon, Lucky Leader of Mardormere, and Ch. Great Circle Hester.

If I omitted any dog or the title to any dog, my apologies. It was unintentional.

Thanks to Dr. Scott for this very interesting report. We feel these statistics arc especially interesting because the comparative figures for the previous year are included. We hope this statistic report will be an annual feature of the News.

Whippet Racing

International Kennel Club, Chicago, Illinois
Louis Pogrom

Last year we were greatly enthused with the high caliber of racing presented at the International Kennel Club Show, Chicago, Illinois. This year every phase of racing showed to even a greater advantage.

Ch. Whipoo 's Whimsy, C.D., again was the star performer, blazing down the long 200 yard track, winning his two qualifying heats easily, and in the final feature heat a most impressive young dog, Ch. Wingedfoot Dominic, by some two lengths.

Whimsy is now undefeated after two years of racing at the International Show, winning easily over the fastest Whippets in America. Breeders interested in racing should give this great Whippet every consideration as a stud dog. This family should carry on, as every member from the litter is outstanding as race dogs.

Oh. Wingedfoot Dominic was easily the second best Whippet raced. This young dog, imported from England last year by Mrs. Wendell Howell of San Francisco, California , is on the small side, but has everything needed to make a great race Whippet. He breaks the box well and finishes strong, making him dangerous at every stage of a race.

The crop of young racers was outstanding. I am sure many of these young dogs introduced to racing this year in Chicago will be racing with the top handicap Whippets next year.

Top puppy honors went to Eyleland Peppermint Boy owned by Barbara & Ralph Eyles. This fine, outstanding brindle and white racer, from a conformation standpoint, has everything needed for racing, and he is sure to be among the very best racers during the next few years. Eyleland Stoney Meadows Toast showed strong in her last race and was the second high scoring puppy during the two days of racing.

The International Kennel Club again left no stones unturned in making Whippet racing outstanding to all who raced. The track had excellent footing, giving every Whippet an equal chance. A loud speaker system was installed so that all races and finishes could be announced to the tremendous crowds who packed all sides of the long racing course. Gene Jacobs handled the mike in an excellent fashion, giving pertinent information as to the history of Whippet racing, training, etc., which was tremendously beneficial to those people who were watching these special events.

Of special interest was the addition of new Whippet exhibitors who had not raced their dogs before the International races. Apparently these new owners and their Whippets will continue on in this phase of the sport, as almost without exception their racers showed to an advantage.

It goes without saying that with the many fine puppies shown, and the number of new people entering into Whippet racing, the sport is certain to grow into one of our most popular amateur sports. It is a wonderful spectator sport, and oven a greater thrill to own and train one of these speedy little race dogs.

On behalf of all Whippet owners who took part in racing, I wish to thank the International Kennel Club and its officers for offering the very best of everything in promoting the Whippet Racing Entertainment.

Final Score of Racing Dogs

13 Whippets over a year of age competed in the races. Trophies were awarded through 6th place. After the two-way tie for second and the three-way tie for third were run off, the final placements were:

Award....................................... Owner & Dog .....................................Points

First - Mr. & Mrs E. B. Hopkins ' Ch. Whipoo 's Whimsy, C. D . ............. 15

Second - Wendell T. Howell's Ch. Wingedfoot Dominic ........................ 9

Third – Mr. & Mrs. C. C. Bailey 's Whipoo 's Silver Skipper …......…….. 9

Fourth - Wendell T. Howells Ch. Great Circle The Soot. ...................... 7

Fifth – Mr.& Mrs. Eugene L. Jacobs ' Ch. Whipoo 's White Chiffon ..... 7

Sixth - Wendell T. Howell's Ch. Great Circle Holiday ........................... 7

Other dogs who placed in their heats, and thus received points wore:

Calvin Perry 's Whipoo 's White Luster, 6 points ; C. Chase Arnold 's Harbridge Knight Star, 6 points; Richard Kelm 's Whipoo 's Princess Anne, 5 points; C. 0, Bailey 's Jo-Carr 's Tarzan, 5 points; C. C. Baileys JO-Carr 's Rustic Captain, 3 points; B. & J. Steinberg 's Ch. Traymatt Fides, 3 points; Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Jaco b's Whipoo 's White Reflection, 3 points; C. C. Bailey 's JO-Carr 's Silver Dollar, 1 point; B. & R. Eyles ' Ch. Great Circle Hester, 1 point; Mr. & Mrs. E. L, Jacobs ' Whipoo 's Showy Luster, 1 point;

13 Whippets under a year of age competed in the puppy races. Trophies were awarded for the top two placements:

Award Owner & Dog Points

First.....Barbara & Ralph Eyles ' Eyleland Peppermint Boy.................12

Second ... Ralph Eyles’ Eyleland Stoney Meadows Toast ................. 9

Other puppies who placed in their heats, and thus received points were:

W. T. Howells Great Circle Little Alice, 8 points; B. & R. Eyles ' Eyleland Long John Silver, 7 points; Mrs. R. Henderson ’s Great Circle Mad Hatter, 7 points; C. C. Arnold 's Silver Sprite of the Chase, 5 points; B. & J. Steinberg's Traymatt Fedora, 6 points; B. & J. Steinberg' s Stoney Meadows Peacock Pie, 2 points; B, & R. Eyles ' Eyleland Beatty, 2 points; B. & R. Eyles ' Eyleland Rod Mack, 2 points; Mr. & Hrs. E. L. Jacobs ' Whipoo' s Marimba, 2 points; B. & J. Steinberg 's Traymatt Felicitas, 1 point.

The racing committee extends their thanks and appreciation to those who donated trophies, the judges, the lure and starting box operators, and all who helped with the races in any way.

Junior Showmanship

Lloyd Freese, 12 years old, won the Chicago Sun Times Trophy for first place in Junior Showmanship, Open C division at the Chicago International Show, handling his family's Whippet, Eyleland Buttercup.

To The Whippet News Readers

In answer to Mr. Jack Stone rs inquiry about the four Whippets on the cover of National Geographic Magazine. I believe you will find them to be Hr. Colin Studd 's dogs of Norfolk. Sorry to say he no longer has his kennels, though quite a few people here do have some of his dogs, I for one, Mr. Studd's kennels used to be Birdneck Point; later he moved to Virginia Beach Boulevard, and gave up his kennels and opened a dross shop. Ho only owns one Whippet now. His address is—Colin A. Studds, Rosehall Dress Shop, Virginia Beach Blvd., Norfolk , Va.

About those coats— Mrs. Pedersen made them by hand and designed them. I believe they were blue and rod. If Mr. Stone would care to write to Mrs. Pedersen, her address is Garden City Kennels, 8651 Oakleigh Rd., Baltimore 14, Maryland . Even if Mr. Stone isn 't interested in the coats Mrs. Pedersen is such a lovely person I'm sure he would enjoy hearing from her. She loves to talk dogs.

Jacque Tucker

Saw Mill River Kennel Club, Inc.

This show was held Sunday, March 8, 1959, Mrs. Phillip P . Fell judge.

Winners were as follows:

American-bred Dogs First - Windholme Kennels ' Windholme Tommy Tucker (by Ch. Meander Bob-White ex Ch. Bo-Peep of Birdneck Point ) Second - Mr. & Mrs. D. R. Motch 's Beachcomber O 'Lazeland (by Ch. Meander Bob-White ex Summertan O' Lazeland) Third-Meander Kennels' Meander Munehausen (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Ch. Happy Talk O 'Lazeland) .

Open Dogs First- Lazeland Kennels ' Liebeskind O'Lazeland (by Ch. Surfrider O ' Lazeland ex Ch. Meander Liat O 'Lazeland) Second - Windholme Kennels ' Windholme Jack Horner (by Ch. Meander Bob-White ex Ch. Bo-Peep of Birdneck Point) Third - Calvin Perry 's Meander Town Topics (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Ch. Happy Talk O ' Lazeland) Fourth-Pennyworth Kennels ' Pennyworth Venegeance (by Ch. Pennyworth Pathfinder ex Ch. Wingedfoot Bryony of Pennyworth)

Winners Dog to Liebeskind O 'Lazeland. Reserve to Windholme Jack Horner.

American-bred Bitches First-Mardormere Kennels ' Lucky Lady of Mardormeres (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lady ex Ch. Fascination of Mardormere) Second-Lazeland Kennels ' Lorelei O 'Lazeland (by Ch. Meander Robin ex Oh. Dizzy Blond of Meander)

Open Bitches First-Mardormere Kennels ' Lucky Dream of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Fascination of Mardormere) Second-Mardormere Kennels ' Prima Donna of Mardormere (by Dictator of Mardormere ex Ch. Honey of Mardormere) Third-Calvin G. Perry 's Whipoo's White Luster (by Ch. Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander ex Oh. Whipoo's White Chiffon)

Winners Bitch Lucky Dream of Mardormere Reserve Lucky Lady of Mardormere

Best of Winners to Lucky Dream of Mardormere

Best of Breed to Lucky Dream of Mardormere. Best of Opposite Sex to Liebeskind 0'Lazeland

Thanks to Betty Fell, who sent Saw Mill River Kennel Club results.

International Kennel Club of Chicago

The Chicago show was held April 4 & 5, 1959. There were 32 entries for judge Alva Rosenberg . (3 absentees)

Winners were as follows:

Puppy Dogs, one shown, D. R. Motch 's Seven League Saddler (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire. ex Melissande O'Lazeland)

Novice Dogs, one shown, Barbara & Josephine Steinberg's Stoney Meadows Peacock Pie (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Marathon ex Ch. Snow Flurry of Meander)

Bred by Exhibitor Dogs, one shown, Harry J. Bridge r's Harbridge Sporting Chance (by Choirmaster of Allways ex Pennyworth Ceramic)

American-bred Dog two shown; First-Windholme Kennels ' Windholme Tommy Tucker (by Oh. Meander. Bob-White x Ch. Bo-Poop of Birdneck Point) Second-Arthur Edwards ' Great Circle Fresno (by Ch. Great Circle Valiant ex Great Circle May Day)

Open Dogs, three shown; First- Lazeland Kennels ' Fisherman O ’Lazeland (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Summertan O 'Lazeland) Second- Mrs. Robert Henderson’s Groat Circle Mad Hatter (by Meander Pilot ex Ch. Groat Circle Holiday) Third - Windholme Kennels ' Windholme Jack Homer (by Ch. Meander Bob-White ex Ch. Bo-Peep of Birdneck Point)

Winners Dog to Seven League Saddler. Reserve to Fisherman O'Lazeland

Puppy Bitches, four shown; First-Barbara & Josephine Steinberg 's Traymatt Fedora (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Ch. Traymatt Fides, C.D.) Second- Barbara & Ralph Eyles ' Eyleland Whirlpool (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Bedtime Story) Third-Calvin Perry 's Whipoo 's Copperfield (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Whipoo 's Wild Honey) Fourth-Sylvia Borgel 's Whipoo 's Sylvan Sprite (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Whipoo's Wild Honey)

Novice Bitches, two shown; First-Ralph Eyles ' Eyleland Stoney Meadows Toast (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher x Laguna Leonie) Second-C. Chase Arnold 's Kazmann of the Chase (by Harbridge Knight Star ex Lynridge Lady Fair)

Bred by Exhibitor Bitches, three shown; First-Harry J. Bridge's Harbridge Snowberry (by Harbridge Mustang ex Reckless Debutante) Second-Mr. Eugene L. Jacobs' Whipoo 's White Reflection (by Ch. Whipoo 's Spattarib of Meander ex Ch. Whipoo 's White Chiffon) Third-C. Chase Arnold 's Silver Sprite of the Chase (by Harbridge Knight Star ex Lynridge Lady Fair)

American-bred Bitches, one shown, La's. Wendell T. Howell 's Great Circle Little Alice (by Meander Pilot x Ch. Great Circle Holiday)

Open Bitches, four shown; First-Calvin G. Perry 's Whipoo 's White Luster

(by Ch. Whipoo 's Spattarib of Meander ex Ch. Whipoo 's White Chiffon) Second- Barbara & Ralph Eyles ' Eyleland Stoney Meadows Beth (by Stoney Meadows Epic ex Stoney Meadows Molly) Third-D. R. Motch & O'L azeland Kennels ' Windholme

Mother Goose (by Ch. Meander Bob–White ex Ch. Bo–Peep of Birdneck Point) Fourth– Harriet M. Freese ' s Eyleland Buttercup (by The Baron of Birdneck Point ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Bedtime Story)

Winners Bitch to Whipoo ' s White Luster. Reserve to Eyleland Stoney Meadows Beth.

Best of Winners to Seven League Saddler

Specials, seven shown. Best of Brood to Barbara & Ralph Eyle s ' Ch. Great Circle Hester (by Great Circle Sand Flea ex Ch. Groat Circle Bewitched) Best of Opposite Sex to Mrs. Wendell T. Howell ’ s Ch. Great Circle The Scot.


Mrs. R. Hodgson, Secretary, Northern Counties Whippet Club writes–

The first News you sent to me is going the "rounds" of our members, we pass it on at the many shows we are able to meet at, and I have boon asked to make it able to meet at, and I have boon asked to make it possible, that our Club would welcome American Whippeteers as members, the members subscription for twelve months is 1O/6, i.e. one dollar and 60 cents!! The year book is sent free to members and includes names and phone number, prefixs, major wins etc., and a kennel review if required. The Year Book is produced in February of each year and records our activities of each year of the previous year.

On March 18th & 19th at our Manchester Championship Show (all breeds), Whippets had a grand entry of 122 from 62 exhibits for Mr. Gwyn Owen to judge, a member of our Club. Mr. G. Mannering won his first challenge certificate with his white dog Oldoaks White Rajah, owner bred and by Ladypark Springrain of Allways out of Markover of Test. Rajah went Best of Breed and to a great round of applause came out top in the Hound Group, judged by Mrs. A. J. Hopwood.

I have enjoyed reading the "letters" in the News and I will try in the near futu re to write you some "tales" of my Whippets. One I own at the moment, or should I say he owns us, by the name of "Bing" : lives in the house and of course misses nothing! I have kept other breeds, but find Whippets superior in every way. More next time:

Km. Hodgson's address is - 4 Victor Ave. , Bare, Morecambe, Lanes., England

Mrs. Dorothy Lewis, Secretary, Midland Whippet Club writes-

My Whippet News arrived safely and it gave me a great thrill to read about the sins from all the kennels I had the pleasure of visiting during my stay in America. Especially as I had seen many of the dogs, or their progeny mentioned.

I do think it is a splendid idea for our Clubs to exchange news–My Club had a very successful show at the end of January, Mr. F red Jones went Best in Show with his Robnaywin Stargazer of Allways.

Whippet racing here has also become very popular and several new clubs have started during the last few months.

In the meantime, may I, on behalf of my members wish all readers of the Whippet News the Best of Luck and many wins during 1959.

Margaret Wigg, Ladiesfield Whippets, Surrey writes

This is to congratulate you on the News which Mrs. Hodgson forwarded on to me to read. It is so interesting to know of the activities of the American miners, and how keen they are to use their Whippets for many activities apart from showing and being pets. I do believe they are the most versatile dogs one could wish for. There is no finer companion as they combine the attributes of the lap–dog and a talented sporting dog so beautifully that everyone who keeps one is suited. I have always lived in the country; and have had the pleasure of seeing the Whippets course rabbits and hares, kill rats and mice like the best terriers and cats–collect the eggs laid in inaccessible places by the hens, and retrieve to the gun. My first Whippet got up to Novice Obedience Standard, and Mrs. Stancomb of the Tinribs Whippets had a bitch she entered a time or two in Obedience, and she acquitted herself very well. It

is interesting to read of the lady in your notes who is training in Obedience. ' Not very many Whippets will carry the dumbbells used for Obedience. Personally, I think they are rather out of their sphere in Obedience training for competi­ tion purposes, so that the necessity of retrieving such a hard object as a dumbbell does not arise with me.--But Obedience training is so good for any dog (and the owners incidentally) that it has much value if adapted slightly in the matter of retrieving.

My great interest is to breed a line of really top class black Whippets. We make slow progress with many teething troubles and set backs. But imagine my pleasure when I heard from one of your contributors (Mr. Hearn) the other day that he had fallen in love with my black dog Ladiesfield Starturn and had had his picture painted. I think that is a great compliment.

Mrs. Hodgson is sending on your News to me again soon.

Thanks to everyone for the advertising, articles, show reports, letters and kennel reports. We appreciate your support. There is a great deal of interest in the show reports, so keep sending the marked Whippet pages from the catalogues. We welcome all news, reports and opinions.

The next issue of the News will be out June 15, deadline for this issue will be June 8. Watch for a post card reminder of the deadline date. Please send us notice of any change of address.

The opinions expressed in the News are those of the individual writers and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the editor or the American Whippet Club.

Send letters, reports and ads to The Whippet News, c/o E, L. Jacobs, Mahomet, Illinois

Pennyworth Kennels Report

Peggy Newcombe March 6 , 1959

I an now the owner of Ch. Fleeting Falcon and anyone wishing to use him please contact me at 22 Grandview Terrace, North Hampton, New Hampshire. His stud fee is $75. This all took place rather suddenly and this is the first chance l ' ve had to let the Whippet fancy !now. Tiger, as he is called, is here in New Hampshire and I have him in the house with Bryony. He is a fine dog and has made himself right at home.

I also picked up the following from Popular Dogs Westminster Issue. For 1958, Whippets won 1O Best In Shows out of a total 439 for the year, and 46 Hound Groups out of 435.

Falcon– 6 Best In Shows
Lucky Lad– 4 Best in Shows

Falcon– 21 Group Firsts

Lucky Lad– 14 Group Firsts

C. C. 's Black Diamond– 2 Group Firsts
C. C. 's. Jet Lady-2 Group Firsts
C. C. ' s Jet Princess– 2 Group Firsts

Total 41

The other Hound Groups were won by single dogs from different kennels.

Dr. Samuel H. Scott Reports
March 30, 1959

The Whippet. brooding program did not take a giant stop forward this month in Oklahoma . We had been eagerly awaiting a litter by Meander Third Man ex Ch. Harbridge Nocturne. To our utter consternation she whelped one puppy; and a male at that; You can 't say much about a ton day old puppy, but that he is black with a white blaze on his chest, and four white feet and a white tip on the tail. Nocturne whelped seven her last litter. Dr. & Mrs. Heiser have a litter by our Ch. Harbridge Sun Streak ex Harbridge Statuette. Two in this litter. Well, you ' ve hoard of the Oklahoma droughts, haven't you? They have a very attractively marked parti bitch and a silver grey dog. We dream that the pups will make up in quality what they lack in quantity. Ah well, there will be more litters and more ' puppies in the future.

our racing activities are going a bit better. We have had three trials now, and the dogs and equipment are working much better. The people arc still pretty amateurish, but we 'll learn if the dogs will just be patient with us.

Our most successful lure is converted from a bicycle, and we have no difficulty in keeping ahead of the dogs. Mr. Leslie Hart, one of our newest converts, is a welder, and he did a wonderful job in constructing the lure. All we had for a pattern was a clipping that we had received from California . It was a part of a feature article on racing that had been run in a newspaper out there.

Our boxes, which we constructed ourselves, are slightly modified from plans which the Jacobs kindly sent us. We 're in the process of making jackets now, and have a number of opportunities to put on demonstrations that will give us wonderful publicity just as soon as we are sure that things will go smoothly. The only things we have purchased are the muzzles, and we have found that

part of the fun of the whole project is the building of equipment. We would like to know what is considered good tine for 2O0 yards. Won ’t some of the experienced racing people let us know, so we can tell whether our dogs are really running or whether they just appear to be running well

On the conformation front, we have had two major shows recently. At Oklahoma City , Cameo Apache, bred by us and owned by Mr. San Hearn, went Winners Dog for 5, and our 1O month old pup, Harbridge Passing Fancy, went Best of Winners for her first major. Oh, Meander Magpie II, owned by Mr. Hutchins, went Best. This was on February 28. The next day, at Lawton, Mr. Hearn ' s Speed Way of Blue Beaver, which he had entered strictly as a point–maker, went Winners.

One of those things. Our Fancy repeated for her second major. Magpie repeated for Best. Things have been stagnant since then, what with us and the Heisers expecting litters. We 'll get back into the swing of things soon now.

Strathoak Kennels Report Christine Cormany March 11, 1959

The news from Strathoak is It much right now, as our Specialty winner, Starsheen, ( Dot as we call her) has been on the sidelines with a bare tail. We noticed the baroness about 5 weeks after the Spe c i al t y and thinking it was a fungus we took her to the Vets and was assured it was not a fungus but was from whipping it against the inside of their sleeping quarters or even the wire fence of their runway. The Vet taped it up pretty good and said to leave it on a week. Within two weeks I went thru 5 rolls of tape!! Every once in awhile it would stay on for more than 4 days at a time, but between Dot and her dear little sister, Patches, they managed somehow to chow the tape off and the tail tip was not improving any. After starting with the 4th roll of tape I tried an experiment and have found that it worked. I cleaned the tail off good with Bactine, put on a fine coating of vaseline, wrapped it well with gauze bandage, and then with a small cardboard tube slipped it over the end of the tail and the gauze bandage. With the adhesive tape I wrapped the tube from bottom to top, leaving the opening at the end unwrapped, and tore than halfway up the tail. It worked fine, for about 2 hours, the two of them had it chewed off in nothing flat. Having just sprayed tie furniture with "cat repellent" I wondered about something. So on wont another tube etc., then I sprayed it thoroughly with the "repellent". The tube and tape stayed on for 8 days, until I removed it myself. The hair had started to grow back in, the sores were healed and we felt the tail was on the road to recovery. We put the tube on again, only this time did not put any gauze bandage under it, only put the gauze on whore the adhesive tape would adhere to the upper part of the tail, again we sprayed with the "repellent" and it stayed on for 1O days; I found it necessary though to spray every other day or so, just to discourage any chewing or pulling on the tube and tape. We 've moved the final tube and it has been off now for a week, and although Dot is still wagging her tail with m uch gusto, she has not injured the tip again, but we are keeping a close lookout for any further damage. As seen as we notice anything, naturally the cardboard tube is going right back on again. Acetone will remove any old adhesive loft on the upper part of the tail. Prior to using the gauze, we found in removing the adhesive it would bring any new hair right off with it, also any old hair! Thus we felt the best way was to wrap a coating of gauze around it first, then the tape. This of course did not allow any air to get to the tail and the hair was slow in growing and the sores were also slow in healing. We found improvement as soon as we put on the cardboard tube over the gauze. The Bastine acted as sort of an antiseptic and I believe helped some what in healing the small sores. We have seen Great Danes with sore tail tips but in all the years I've had Whippets, this is the first one I ' ve experienced, and we just hope we will not have to constantly keep a tube on the end of the tail to prevent further damage, but we sure will if we must.

By the time this is out, both of the "girls" will have been well started in their Obedience work; we are aiming for 3 shows in May but will not push them if they aren ' t ready. Dot needs the "coaxing" method of training, whereas Patches will take it the hard way, a reprimand means nothing to her, it's just a big joke and she comes back for more: A quick mover and eager to please, she is showing signs of being a flashy Obedience performer.

March 26, 1959

News from the Southern California area is interesting this time and for a change, not all "Strathoak".

There is new competition from a new Whippet recruit, Dr. Shober of San Fernando has recently acquired the silver fawn male, Quicksilver III. Dr. Shober has wasted no time in getting Silver off to the shows; he has been entered for Glendale, and he will be entered for Bakersfield and a few of the other shows coming up quick and fast in April and May. Silver was 'JD for 3 points at the Santa Barbara show last year and Dr". Shober feels they should not be left lying around doing no good: She has been a breeder of Dachshunds for several years so is not new to the show game. I'll have the pleasure of showing the dog for the Dr. until she fools she has fully recovered from a recent broken leg to take him on herself. The dog is by Ch. Stoney Meadows Sports Extra ex a Pennyworth bitch, the none of which the Dr. could not recall in as much as she has not received a copy of the dog's pedigree yet, and I do not have a catalogue of the Santa Barbara show, I am sure the Dr. will want to be on the mailing list, I forgot to ask her when they were here, it was late in the evening and of course we were "wrapped" up in Whippet pictures: I believe she will be an asset to us here in the southern section and we sure are glad to see a new face:

We are looking forward to our trip to the Bakersfield show and a visit with the Francs. Their pups are 2 days toe young but in as much as both are officers of the Club this year, they wouldn't be showing anyway. However, they are coning south (a good 100 miles for them) for a couple of the April shows and with so many coming up all at once we've decided to take in every other one, so ire will take a ride to the San Gabriel Kennel Club show and. see the entry and if all gees well will make an entry at Santa Ana Kennel Club the following week-end'. Three shows in May, two close by and the other over 35O miles north. No hope we shall see some of our northern friends down for our southern shows. The big one of course is Harbor Cities the latter part of Juno.

Bakersfield results, Mrs. Jimmy Dodge judge. WD, 1 point Vender Busch Blaze Away; RWD – Quicksilver III; WB, 1 point -Strathoak Starsheen; RWB - Strathoak White Velvet; Blaze BOW & BB, entry of 4 only. Dot still undefeated in sex with B points now.

Traymatt Kennels Report
Barbara & Josephine Steinberg
April 2, 1959

Our Easter vacation came at the ideal tine this year—the week before the International Chicago Show - giving us plenty of time to practice with the dogs for racing. At the invitation of Ralph and Barbara Eyles, we spent this week with then at their :lace. One of their large fenced in fields was used for our raci n g area. Every dog has been getting two work-outs a day.

Weather-wise we have had our luck. If it rained in the morning, it generally cleared by noon, giving us our racing time for the afternoon. The following day we die our racing in the A.M. luckily, for the rain come in the afternoon (for which time I am taking to compose this report). Friday will be another day for racing, AND washing, MID grooming the show dogs as well - AND THEN ready for the BIG week-end.

April 12th will see Jo and me up in Green Bay, Wisconsin with some of our dogs, taking part in a televised Canine Cavalcade. It will be held at the WBAY Auditorium, sponsored by the Green Bay Kennel Club. This is their third annual showing. The purpose of the show is to bring before the public the pure-bred dog. As each breed is shown, a narrator will give a short resume ' and history of the breed.

The television program will take place in the early afternoon. We are then ached to remain until 5:00 P.M. Benching similar to dog shows will be set up. Ribbons and trophies will be displayed along with the dogs on the benches. Many viewers of the televised portion of the show later cone to the Auditorium to see the dogs and talk with the owners, This gives the breeders a chance to sec their prospective customers. A show of this type does much to educate the public on the pure-bred dog and promote the sale of them.

White Acres Kennels Report
Pearl Baumgartner

March 26, 1959

Bob and I went to San Francisco the last weekend in February, where he judged a Beagle Field Trial while there we visited with Wendy and saw some of her dogs and had a geed visit. She was busy getting her dogs primed for the races at the International.

The state of Washin gton legislature had a bill to bring dog racing back, but it never lot out of committee. Some of those backing it talked to me and they said the horse racing and baseball interests here put up 1 million dollars to defeat it and they only had $200,000 to get the bill across, but he said they wore not licked yet. They had another approach for next year. They want both Whippet and Greyhound races. So send me all the data, concerning the International Dog Races-Newspaper Clippings etc., especially the gate they draw. They had a track planned about 2O miles from our place.

At Peninsula show ( Bremerton) on Sunday March 22, I finished our white bitch, White Acres Snow Flurry and then went on to place 2nd in the Group. The Group winner was a 15 in. Beagle of our breeding—so we rely quite happy. It was also Seattle Beagle Club Specialty. I now plan to bring Flurry out as a Special and hope she can do something in the Groups.

I also have a litter of four out of Ch. White Acres Sea Shanty by Ch. White Acres Silver Spice, whelped Dec. 30, 1958.

I was very interested to hear about how the Jacobs dogs stand the cold, as you hear people say how delicate the Whippet is. That proves they are a strong and sturdy brood, I have 4 in the house, and mother has 2 in the house and the others are out in an unheated kennel except for heat lamps. Of course we have so :Much rain, they need the heat lamps because of the dampness. The 3 mo. old pups have been out since they were 8 weeks. They are outside during the nice days and inside the kennel with heat lamps nights, and they make for a better, sturdy dog, and can withstand disease bettor than house pampered ones. My house dogs consist of a 9 yr. old, 6 yr. old, 5 yr. and the 3 yr. old I just finished, all bitches. Then mother has her 2 champions in. Of course I enjoy then in the house and would like to be able to keep them all with me, but that makes for a house full of dogs.

I might add that Flurry is our 8th Whippet champion and 4th homebred one since January 1953. I also might add I have finally gotten some of the other breed exhibitors interested in the breed, so I hope we can popularize the breed a bit nom. Of course I don 't want it as popular as Beagles and some of the others. I have, in the past, only had a couple of litters a year because of the lack of interest, but now I hope to do a bit more breeding so I hope to see entries up some at shows.

Whipoo Kennels Report
Gene & Sibyl Jacobs
April, 1959

We have had several letters requesting more information as a result of our last report telling of our dogs living outside in unheated quarters the year around.

Puppies are moved to permanent, outside living at about 8 wks. of age if the weather is suitable. Before that time, the pups are gradually acclimated by givin g them periods of outside play. These periods are started when the litter is about 3 wks. old and the time outside is increased as the pups get older and are Fore active. In late fall or winter the pups are moved out whenever there is a docent day, and they are acclimated, starting at an older age. Once a litter is permanently moved outside they are left out, as nothing is harder on pups than to move them in and out as the weather changes. Our puppy pen where the litter first lives is sheltered from the wind on the north by the building containing the sleeping box, and on the west by a 6 ft. board fence. Ol der puppies are moved to a larger pen which has a 6 ft. board fence on the west and is partly sheltered on the north. Those puppy pens are close to the house, so the pups do not feel isolated and can still receive a lot of attention.

All our sleeping boxes are enclosed on all four sides and are inside another building. The draft proof construction is made so when the dogs enter the opening to their box there is a hall and they have to turn and go through another opening to enter the sleeping area. The construction forces them to make almost an S curve to go to bed.

New litter–Barbara Tom Kilcullen 's Whipoo's Whisper has a litter of five sired by our Ch. Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander.

Central Whippet Racing Club

We were all saddened by the death of Jack Lorch on March 19, after a lengthy illness. Mr. Lorch designed and constructed our lure machine and worked on our starting boxes. He was always very much interested in our dogs and the racing activities.

On a brighter note are the results of our trip to Chicago and the Chicago races. We were feeling anything but confident with only one practice session since November, and that one a week before Chicago. However, our dogs did not let us down and we cane home with 6 trophies, including the grand prize.

We are very pleased to note the increase in the total number of Whippets for racing at Chicago. Especially encouraging is the number of dogs under a year of age who participated in the puppy races and the excellent way they ran.

Our congratulations to the winning members of other clubs who participated in the races, and we hope to be able to race the members of those groups during the coning year.


Mrs. Donald Frames, Bakersfield, California, writes

I am afraid that we have no news about the Bakersfield Whippets, however we are working with the puppies for the Spring shows and shall have some fun with them soon. & Mrs. Charles H. Turner of Newport Beach, Calif. have two of our puppies and are very enthusiastic about them. They are very interested in the Whippet News..

We are all quite excited at the prospect of a Specialty at the Del Monte show in May. It is a lovely setting with the rings set between the Lodge and the ocean. Certainly one of the most beautiful California shows.

We have become quite lazy this winter and have not done any Obedience work at all. The only thing we really want to do now along that line is a stab at a Tracking Title. With only one passing score necessary for a degree, the whole thing sounds quite easy, but know it won't.

Sam Hearn, Blue Beaver Kennels, Lawton, Oklahoma, writes-

A couple of the pups out of Ch . Whipoo 's Silvery Duster by Whipoo 's Court Card have points now. I have a 5 point major on my male pup, Speedway of Blue Beaver, here at the Lawton show under Korbol. Mrs. Killion 's male pup, Thunderbolt, picked up 2 points at Ft. Worth under Mosley. My other male, Cameo Apache, got 3 points at Oklahoma City under Spence and 2 points under Hartly at Dallas. Have been having cone very good rabbit races lately, Looks like these Oklahoma Jacks will have to give way for the Whippets.