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Volume 3 June 15, 1959 Issue 3

American Whippet Club California Specialty

The California Specialty of the American Whippet Club was held May 24 in connection with the Del Monte Kennel Club Show. There were 32 dogs entered for judge Donald Hostetter. There were 34 entries in the regular classes, with 4 absantees, 2 entries in the Veterans, bitch class, 3 entries in the Brood bitch class, and 3 entries in the Stud dog class. The entries wore made up by these exhibitors Dave Libby Bush, Calif; Canyon Crest Kennels, Calif;& Mrs Jose Cebrian, Calif; Andrew Delfino, Calif; Dorthea & Donald Frames, Calif; Mrs. R. B. Henderson, Calif; Miss G. Hoeft, Calif; Mrs. W. Howell, Calif; Patti &Monty Long, Calif; Miss Nancy Milliard, Calif; Janes Martinez, Calif; Don McGuire, Calif; Robert Saltmarsh, Calif; Mrs. H.H. Schapps, Calif; Mr, & Mrs. Gregory Stout, Calif; Strathoak Kennels, Calif; Suzanne & Chas. Turner, Calif; James Young, Calif.

Winners were as follows: (Best Opposite Sex & Brood bitch class winners not submitted)

Novice Dogs, three shown; First – Suzanne C. & Charles H. Turner, M.D .'s Piperkins Sandbar (by Ch. Meander Robin ex Picardia Priscilla) Second – Mrs. H.H. Schaps' Bibili (by Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic ex Great Circle Daphne) Third – Mr. & Mrs. Jose Cebrian 's Willie M (by Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic ex Whiteacres Springsong)

Bred by Exhibitor Dogs, two shown; First - Dorthea & Donald Frames' Piperkin's Robinson (by Ch. Meander Robin ex Picardia Priscilla, U.D. Second – Mrs. W.

Howell 's Great Circle White Knight (by Meander Pilot ex Great Circle Holiday)

American Bred Dogs, three shown; First – Miss Nancy Mailliard 's Great Circle Highflyer (by Great Circle Sandflea ex Great Circle Bewitched) Second – Andrew Delfino's Great Circle Sunday ( by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Caniston Carlotta of Ivarden) Third – Dorthea & Donald Frames ' Piperkin 's Robin Goodfellow (by Ch. Meander Robin ex Picardia Priscilla, U.D.)

Open Dogs, two shown; First - Mrs. R. B. Henderson 's Great Circle Had Hatter (by Meander Pilot ex Ch. Great Circle Holiday) Second – Patti Long 's Meander Pilot (by Ch. Meander Bob–White ex Ch. Meander Monotype)

Winners Dog to Great Circle Highflyer . Reserve to Great Circle Mad Hatter.

Novice Bitches, two shown; First – Miss C. Hooft's Piperkin Summer Story (by" Ch. Meander Robin ex Picardia Priscilla, U.D.) Second – Suzanne & Charles Turner, M .D.'s Lady Swift of Piperkins (by Ch. Meander Robin ex Picardia Priscilla, U.D.)

Bred by Exhibitor Bitches, two shown; First – Strathoak White Velvet (by Strathoak Starcopy, C.D. ex Whipoo 's Silken Elegance, C.D.) Second – Dorthea & Donald Frames ' Piperkin's Patience (by Ch. Meander Robin ex Picardia Priscilla, U.D.)

American Bred Bitches, three shown; First – Strathoak Kennels ' Strathoak Starsheen (by Strathoak Starcopy, C.D. ex Whipoo 's Silken Elegance, C.D.) Second – Mrs . W. Howell 's Great Circle Little Alice (by Meander Pilot ex Ch. Great Circle Holiday) Third – Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Stout ’s Great Circle Mothers Day (by Ch, Meander Kingfisher ex Caniston Carlotta of Ivarden)

Open Bitches, three shown; First – Miss G. Hooft 's The Lark of Meander (by Ch. Meander Robin ex Ch. Dizzy Blond of Meander) Second - Mr. & Mrs. Jose Cebrian's Great Circle Zelda (by Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic ex Ch. Great Circle Daphne) Third - Roger Saltmarsh ' De Janero (Other Particulars unknown)

Winners Bitch to The Lark of Meander. Reserve to Strathoak Starsheen

Best of Winners to The Lark of Meander.

Specials, eight shown. Best of Brood to Ch. Great Circle Holiday (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Caniston Carlotta of Ivarden), owned by Mrs. Wendell Howell

Veterans Bitch class, two shown; First – Mrs. W. Howell 's Ch. Tantivvey Viscaria (by Tantivvey Peter ox Tantivvey Priscilla) Second – Mrs. W. Howell 's Ch. Great Circle Bewitched (by Ch. Windholme Witchcraft ex Picardia Poppins)

Stud Dog class, three shown First – Mr. Jose Cebrian 's Ch. Great Circle Valiant (by Ch. Great Circle Swiftwater Bill ex Ch. Tantivvey Viscaria)

American Whippet Club Specialty

The eastern Specialty Show of the American Whippet Club will be held jointly with the Specialty Show of the Greyhound Club of America, on Friday, October 2, 1959, at the duPont Airport, Greenville, Delaware. Mrs. Philip S. P. Fell is chairman of the joint Specialties.

Judges will be Mr. Wm. Brainard, Jr. for Whippets and Mr. Robert Forsyth for Greyhounds. The Specialties are the day before the Devon Dog Show Assoc. All Breed Show, Devon, Pa., where the judges will be Cal G. Stewart, Jr., Narberth, Pa., for Whippets and George G. Brooks, Scranton, Pa., for Greyhounds.

The Whippet Specialty will include Puppy Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes have been requested by many Whippet Club members, and should draw a very good puppy entry.

Another feature for the Whippets will be racing. While it is hoped that as many dogs as possible who are entered in the classes will also race, plans are being made for any entries of dogs for racing only to be patterned after the Chicago race entries.

Trophies for the Whippets will be purchased by Miss F. Julia Shearer. Trophy donations have been made in the form of a Trophy Fund for this purpose.

Mrs. S. Hallock duPont is Show Secretary for the Whippet Specialty. Entries must be sent to the Show Secretary. Her address is Box 790, Wilmington 99, Delaware.

Twin Brooks Kennel Club, Incr.

The Twin Brooks show was held April 12, 1959, Mrs. Philip S. P. Fell, judge.

Winners were as follows!

Puppy Dogs, one shown, Mrs. W. P. Wear's Stoney Meadows Quintessence (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Laguna Leonie)

Open Dogs, one shown, Mardormere Kennels . Lucky Loader of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Fascination of Mardormere)

Winners Dog to Lucky Leader of Mardormere. Reserve to Stoney Meadows Quintessence

American Bred Bitches, two shown; First - Mardormere Kennels ' Lucky Lass of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Glimmer of Mardormere) Second - Mardormere Kennels Serenade of Mardormere (by Fawn Dandy ex Rhythm Song of Mardormere)

Open Bitches, two shown; First - Mardormere Kennels' Lucky Gem of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Blue Gem of Mardormere) Second - Mardormere Kennels' Lucky Lad of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Fascination of Mardormere)

Winners Bitch to Lucky Gem of Mardormere. Reserve to Lucky Lad of Mardormere

Best of Winners to Lucky Leader of Mardormere

Best of Breed to Lucky Loader of Mardormere. Best of Opposite Sox to Lucky Gem of Mardormere.

Lucky Leader went on to place third in the Hound Group.

Thanks to Betty Fell for these show results.

Thanks to Pearl Baumgartner, who sent the following show results

Walla Walla , Washington , April 24, 1959; Judge L. Starkey

Combined Sexes.

Winners and Best of Opposite Sex to Mrs. W. Howell's Great Circle Little Alice Reserve to Mrs. Henderson's Great Circle Mad Hatter

Best of Breed to Mrs. W. Howell's Ch. Great Circle the Scot

Richland , Washington , April 25, 1959; Judge Francis Holland

Combined Sexes.

Winners to Mrs. Henderson's Great Circle Mad Hatter. Reserve to Mrs. Howell's Great Circle White Knight

Best of Opposite Sex to Ch. White Acres Snow Flurry owned by P. H.& C.L. Baumgartner.

Best of Breed to Mrs. Howell 's Ch. Great Circle the Scot.

Yakima , Washington , April 26, 1959; Judge R. Cross

Winners Bitch to Mrs. Howell ' s Great Circle Little Alice.

Winners Dog and Best of Winners to Mrs. Henderson 's Great Circle Mad Hatter

Reserve to Mrs. Howell's Great Circle White Knight

Best of Opposite Sox to P. H. & C. L. Baumgartner 's Ch. White Acres Snow Flurry Best of Breed to Mrs. Howell's Ch. Great Circle the Scot, who went on to place fourth in the Hound Group.

Ladies Kennel Assoc. of America

This show was held May 16, 1959, Mrs. Geraldine R. Dodge judge

Winners were as follows:

Open Dogs, three shown; First – Mardormere Kennels' Lucky Leader of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Fascination of Mardormere) Second - Mrs. W. P. Wear 's Stoney Meadows Red Fox (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Laguna Leonie) Third – Mrs. Frederic P. Houston 's Fanfare of Allways (by Ch. Bellavista Barry ex Laguna Limner)

Winners Dog to Lucky Loader of Mardormere. Reserve to Stoney Meadows Red Fox.

Puppy Bitches, two shown; First– Mardormere Kennels’ Lucky Penny of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Honey of Mardormere) Second – Mardormere Kennels' Lucky Cameo of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Caniston Camelia)

Open Bitches, three shown; First – Mrs. W. P. Wear's Stoney Meadows Red Vixen (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Laguna Leonie) Second – Mardormere Kennels' Lucky Gem of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Blue Gem of Mardormere) Third – Mardormere Kennels' Lucky Dream of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Fascination of Mardormere)

Winners Bitch to Lucky Penny of Mardormere. Reserve to Stoney Meadows Red Vixen.

Best of Winners to Lucky Leader of Mardormere

Best of Brood to Mardormere Kennel's Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad. Best of Opposite Sex to Mrs. Frederic P. Huston's Ch. Wise Child of Allways

Long Island Kennel Club

This show was held May 17, 1959, Mrs. Helena H. Neal judge.

Winners wore as follows:

Open Dogs, two shown; First – Mrs. W . P. Wear 's Stoney Meadows Red Fox (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Laguna Leonie) Second – Mrs. Frederic P. Houston 's Fanfare of Allways (by Ch. Bellavista Barry ex Laguna Linnet)

Winners Dog to Stoney Meadows Rod Fox. Reserve to Fanfare of Allways.

Open Bitches, four shown; First – Mrs. P. Wear's Stoney Meadows Red Vixen (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Laguna Leonie)Second; Mardormere Kennels' Lucky Dream Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Fascination of Mardormere) Third - Mardormere Kennels' Lucky Gem of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Blue Gem of Mardormere) Fourth-Pennyworth Kennels’ Pennyworth Mistletoe (by Ch. Wingedfoot Ringmaster of Pennyworth ex Ch. Pennyworth Blue Iris)

Winners Bitch to Stoney Meadows Red Vixen. Reserve to Lucky Dream of Mardormere.

Best of Winners to Stoney Meadows Red Fox.

Best of Breed to Stoney Meadows Red Fox, who went on to place third in the Group Best of Opposite Sex to Ch. Wise Child of Allways

Thanks to Betty Fell who sent the Ladies Kennel Assoc. & Long Island show results.

Ladies Dog Club

May 30, 1959, Dr. Frank P. Miller, judge. Margaret P. Newcombe writes - Enclosed are the results of the Ladies Dog Club in Mass., where we had a grand entry of 16 Whippets. I did not get to Framingham the next day but understand Mr. Perry won Winners Dog & Bitch and "Lad" was Best of Breed. The entry at Framingham was 9 Whippets and the judge was Mr. H. Hartley.

American Bred Dogs, three shown; First - Pennyworth Kennels ’ Fleur dos Poi de Pennyworth (by Ch. Pennyworth Pathfinder ex Pennyworth Mistletoe) Second - Burton A. Cleave s' Stoney Meadows Potentate (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Marathon ex Stoney Meadows Snow Bird) Third - Pennyworth Kennels’ Pennyworth Thunder Bolt (by Ch. Pennyworth Pathfinder ex Ch. Wingedfoot Fieldspring Bryony)

Open Dogs, four shown; First - Walter Wheeler 's Stoney Meadows Marble Faun (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Marathon ex Stoney Meadows Snow Bird) Second - Pennyworth Kennels' Pennyworth Vengeance (by Ch. Pennyworth Pathfinder ex Ch. Wingedfoot Fieldspring Bryony) Third - Mrs. W. P. Wear 's Stoney Meadows Red Fox (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Laguna Leonia) Fourth- Calvin Perry 's Meander Town Topics (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Ch. Happy Talk O'Lazeland)

Winners Dog to Stoney Meadows Marble Faun. Reserve to Pennyworth Veangeance.

American Bred Bitches, two shown, and did not get the placings.

Open Bitches, three shown; First-Pennyworth Kennels ’ Hillgarth Shot Silk of Pennyworth (by Seagift Speedlite Mustang ex Hillgarth Silver Suntan) Second - Mrs. W. P. Wear 's Stoney Meadows Red Vixen (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Laguna Leonia) Third - Pennyworth Kennels' Pennyworth Mistletoe (by Ch. Wingedfoot Ring master of Pennyworth e x Ch. Pennyworth Blue Iris)

Winners Bitch to Seagift Shot Silk of Pennyworth. Reserve to Stoney Meadows Red Vixen

Best of Winners to Seagift Shot Silk, of Pennyworth. Specials, two shown. Best of Breed to Seagift Shot Silk of Pennyworth. Best of Opposite Sex to Mardormere Kennels’ Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad


The Whippet, Misty of Hillsborough, C.D., owned and handled by Mary Russell, Grand Rapids , Mich., earned a qualifying "log" toward her Companion Dog Excellent degree at the Kalamazoo Kennel Club Show, Kalamazoo, Mich. Misty placed first in the Open Class "A" of 11 entries, and was the only entry to earn a qualifying score.



by Margaret Wigg

( From the Northern Counties Whippet Club YEARBOOK 1959 )

And nor is a good Whippet! Fawn has long been accepted as the usual colour for a Whippet and many variations of this colour exist today as they always have.

Our Standard says "Any colour or mixture of colours", the scope is tremendous with a colour scope so elastic. Rightly, I think Whippet breeders have concerned them selves with the production of a good specimen regardless of colour.

It happens that only two black Champions have existed in England to date, and that generally speaking much prejudice has existed and still does against a black Whippet. This should not be so, as a colour prejudice with a Kennel Club Standard such as ours, is narrow minded. We can only afford to have preferences and not prejudices.

Something that is more difficult than the usual run, presents a challenge and an interesting breeding problem.

Why are there so few black Whippets, and why are they not generally good specimens and able to hold their own with the more usual colours? There are so few, because the original breeding stock for this colour practically all came from the same source, else because although many theories have been advanced as to the origin of Whippets and the stock they were founded on, no one has over really decided what their ancestors were. Whatever they were, very few indeed were black dogs of any description. It has been proved time and again by the breeders who interest themselves in black Whippets that to have black, you must put the blacks there on both sides of the pedigree, if it is only introduced now and again it will disappear, in many cases never to return, even once.

The problem for those of us who want to breed blacks comparable with the best fawns or parti-colours, is to find out how we can introduce as much "black" blood time and again to get it dominant, or able to reproduce itself consistently and what lines can be used with the black to improve the colour and conformation of the black Whippet. It is useless to say "That is good for a black", it must be a good whippet in any company irrespective of the colour.

The great majority of black Whippets come from unregistered racing stock, flanked in our main black pedigree by red and white Whippets which can go bank further than this central black theme, which were the racing stock.

In 1894 a black Whippet called Floreat Etona won at the Crystal Palace. It has not been possible to follow this bitch ' s pedigree forward for ten or twelve years so far, but she was certainly the first important black Whippet in the show ring. There followed down the years several noted black and white winners such as Falside Fascination (1912), then in 1920 the black Moselle did much winning, followed by her black daughter Mozette in 1927. Mozette was by Ch. Watford Playful, but Moselle was by Tip out of Black Bess, both unregistered. This inability to go backwards proves to be the case in taking back the black line being used today in the breeding of black Whippets. This line is the foundation from which came the blacks of Mrs. "Poppy" Martin, the "doyenne" of black breeders today. Mrs. Martin has seen many other black breeders in her association with Whippets, many of them - very famous names to all of us, such as Messrs' Gwyn and Emlyn Owen, Mr. Peddie, and Mr. Stan Kay. Happily those gentlemen are still judging, but do not enter the arena with their dogs these days.

Mrs. Martin owned a red dog called St. David whose grandparents were unregistered, but who through his descendants was an ancestor of all the blacks we know in our nom recent pedigrees coming up to perhaps the best known of all , Kaffir King. He has two lines to St. David, his sire's line, strangely enough, has brindle and blue in it but little black; his dams line has intense black which becomes unregistered after four generations, except in two ancestors namely Judy by Follow Me out of Gleam Lady, and White Collar a black bitch with a white collar and points who goes back through her female line to Poppyleigh, Poppette and Poppy (1922) and so again to the red dog St. David. If we only knew the registration of the black Whippets who came from racing stock in Kaffir King's pedigree, it is probably safe to say that many of them also linked up with the registrations we know.

It has been found that a fox–red with black mask, blue, brindles and some whites will carry the black colour fairly consistently down a black pedigree if the black lines are always kept. But there is another aspect of black breeding

which is more difficult than the colour in many respects, for some reason, using black a great deal reduces the bone. This has to be found somewhere, as a Whippet is not a dog who stands on spindly legs or is too fine, if he keeps to the standard, it is necessary to introduce bone from another colour – this can lose the black. Looking back in this great black pedigree, we find that the colours mentioned in the first part of this paragraph are the ones to use, excluding fox–red as this is too near black, and whilst it improves the density of the black, it may also carry a bone reducing factor,

Another difficulty is that the unregistered racing blacks had very bad foot and indifferent shoulders. No one minded, they were not shown and could go fast but they have left a legacy we do not want with their desirable colour, so when looking for a suitable dog or bitch to improve bone use only one who has as near perfect feet and shoulders.

Champions Poppy Tarquin and Black Diamond of Annalyn have been the only black champions to date. Today there are at least eight kennels and several individuals carrying black Whippets from their line and all started with the introduction of other sound blood for bone and conformation. Let us hope it will not be long before there is another black champion or two.

There were 55 Whippets at the Northern Counties Whippet Club 16 Class Members Limited Show, April 18, 1959, with 150 entries. There were 6 entries in the brace class.

Best In Show to the bitch, Miss A Hudson's Cockrow Winter Jasmine (by Ch. Allways Wingedfoot. Running Fox ex Tinribs Tondelayo) Best of Opposite Sex to the dog, Mrs. Beddall 's Myhorlyns Gay Cavalier (by Ch. Allways Wingedfoot Running Fox ex Myhorlyns Lady Jane). Best Puppy to the dog Mr. Stones’ Silky-Sosame (by Ronaldsway Royalist ex Ronaldsway Resilience) Best Brace to Mrs. Beddall with her Myhorlyns Shooting Star and Myhorlyns Gay Cavalier. The judge was Mrs. D. U. McKay (Laguna

The Northern Counties Whippet Club will hold a Championship Show July 25, 1959. The judge will be Mr. Anton Rost, New York.

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Mrs. Donald W. Frames Reports

Juno 6, 1959

What a fun month we have all had in California! The puppies started their ring career in the San Gabriel show and while they had no competition at least behaved themselves as well as most six month puppies with somewhat lazy trainers. We followed that with the Santa Ana Valley show where they bowed to Christine Cormany ' s lovely white bitches. Of course the day we were all waiting for finally came - the Del Monte show and Specialty. All six puppies were entered of our Priscilla—Robin brooding and of five classes entered they collected three firsts. Mrs. Charles Turner of Newport Beach entered her pup, Piperkin 's Sandbar in Novice dogs and took the class. We were all very proud of them as it was her first tine in the ring as well as Sandbars.

June 13th and 14th we have plans for the two show weekend of the Ensenada and Tijuana Kennel Clubs of Mexico. Never having attended Mexican shows before we are looking forward to the weekend. I understand that three certificates are required for a Mexican Championship and a judge may award a certificate to the Winners Dog and Bitch with or without competition. After this weekend in Ensenada we must settle down to selling our house and moving to our new one. We have been told now that we will stay in Bakersfield so have found a place in the country with plenty room for dogs, horses and us.

Our Priscilla, Prudence and Tawny were bit players in the "Taming of the Shrew" last month. Our Community Theatre put on seven performances and the "coursing hounds" owned by the nobleman enjoyed every bit of the attention. The only trouble the little page had with them was Tawny trying to upstage Prudence, but once he managed to get on the outside facing the audience, he too settled down. We received many compliments and questions about availability of puppies. All in all it was much fun.

The racing at the Specialty was beautifully done. It was one of the highlights of the show. After watching them I think I'd like to try it also. Maybe we can get a Southern California racing group going with monthly meetings. Something to think about anyway.

Almost forgot to mention the Pasadena show. Mr. Hostetter judged the entry of eight, putting up Wendy ' s Holiday with Mrs. Henderson ' s lovely Mad Hatter Best Opposite. I understand that Mad Hatter won Best in Match honors at a Sacramento puppy match over something like four hundred entries. Christine Cormany's bitch took Best of Winners at Pasadena and our puppies took home a little more experience.

We enjoy the News so...This is the best way I know to unify such a wide spread group.

Great Circle Kennels Report
Wendy Howell

Juno, 1959

Jimmy Martinez has a nice looking litter of two dogs and three bitches by Meander Pilot ex Ch. Great Circle Violet. They are now six weeks old, and about ready to go to their new owners. One male will stay here. They are all fawn and white except for one solid fawn bitch. Jimmy, back from the Marines just for the Specialty weekend, seems very happy about them.

Ch. Great Circle Daphne has a single white bitch puppy by Ch. Mopalos Speaker of the House. This is the survivor of a litter of two born by Caesarian three weeks ago. The other was a brindle dog, who seemed by far the strongest, and then suddenly faded away and died. Poor Daphne will stick to Obedience after this, as she seems to have served notice, with her second Caesarian, that her aim in life is not to be a brood bitch. Evelyn Andert on, who owns her, is kindly sharing ownership of the puppy with me, and Patti Long has kindly given up her pick, due to the general horror and expense involved in bringing this one little puppy to this stage of maturity. Caesarian puppies are usually quite slow at first, it seems, and this one is the mostest. Her eyes have just opened and she spends all the time asleep. She is prodigiously fat and is known locally as Hamster.

Meander Kennels Report
Julia Shearer

May 17, 1959

Donald Hostetter was Best of Breed under me at Old Dominion with Alice and second in the Group, also under me. He had bad luck in that Judy had bred the bitch and I simply could not put her all the way. At Wilmington, Bud Peters gave him the breed and Jimmy Trullinger the Group, a nice win. At that show my Touhy was Best Opposite, next day they were reversed, but I did not hang around for the Group. It was too good a chance to get home early on a Sunday.

Pennyworth Kennels Report
Peggy Newcombe

May 26, 1959

Ch. Fleeting Falcon has sired his first litter and what a surprise! The bitch is Ch. Foxbar Blue Spot, who is a grey and white. She had four puppies, three bitches, one dog. The colors were the surprise; one grey and white bitch, one black bitch, one fawn brindle and white bitch, and the dog is a blue brindle and white. The brindle marking on the dog is real black tiger stripe. Needless to say I was thrilled at the colors I received. Three more bitches are due this month and next, bred to him, so am anxiously awaiting their whelping. As I am sure many do not know his pedigree, please find a copy of same:

The black must come from Waltrie Black Abbot and Kaffir King, as Oldown Smokey is a cream brindle.

Stoney Meadows Kennels Report
Doris Wear

June 8, 1959

As for news I have nothing sensational, but we have had a pleasant show season mostly showing just class animals and creeping up the championship ladder with a dog and a bitch from the same litter. More about these later on when they finish, which they 're bound to do (if they and I live) as the dog with 9 points has both majors and the bitch with both her 's lacks only 2 points.

A week ago we attended the show of the Ladies ' Dog Club, held on May 30th at Wellesley , Mass. There was a good turnout with 16 Whippets entered and I believe, only one absantee. It was not a good day for my own entry, but I got a thrill out of seeing Walter Wheeler finish his nice white dog, Stoney Meadows Marble Faun. This makes him the third champion from one litter by S. M. Marathon ex S.M . Snow Bird, she by Ch. Meander Bob–White ex Ch. Snow Flurry of Meander. The others from this litter to finish are B. Eyles ’ S. M. Snow Folly and my S.M. Sprint. It was nice seeing Peggy Newcombe whom I had not seen since Boston in Feb., and she has proved as I predicted, a shot in the arm for the Whippet life in New England: Her English bitch, Seagift Shot Silk, went from open bitch to Best of Breed. Cal Perry, poor soul, got involved in a Decoration Day parade, and arrived just minutes too late for the judging. However, his dog was shown by a new enthusiast, Jane Jackson, and she also showed her own bitch, acquired from me, S. M. Miss Quality, a sister of the two I've been campaigning. The Ladies Dog Club is held on about the best grounds I 've ever seen for a show - lovely old estate which is now a Catholic college with lots of huge shade trees, perfect for a piping hot day, which it was!

I am enjoying having many fewer Whippet puppies than I did last year. Two, a dog and a bitch from the original four whelped Jan. 25th from Laguna Leonie and six of the original seven from the first litter by my little English dog, Chanctonb ury Hercules (a misnomer if there ever was one!). Whelped Feb. 18th from my black Ch. S. P. Fairy Tale they are a very even lot and very difficult to sort ou t. So far I 'm very pleased but almost wish there were more definate culls!

If others, as I do, like to save all their copies of the News, I wonder if anyone else is now facing the problem of storing them? Would it be possible to have it printed on three hole loose—leaf note book paper so that possibly each Year 's six issues could be put under one cover? It 's just an idea but maybe someone else has a bettor one.

Walter Wheeler Reports

Juno 5, 1959

It is with pardonable pride that I wish to inform The Whippet News that my young white dog, Stoney Meadows Marble Faun, has finally outgrown his puppy front, which was so noticeable at the 1958 Specialty, and has finished for his championship title with a four point win under Dr. Frank P. Miller, at the Ladies Dog Club Show, May 30th at Wellesley, Massachusetts.

A good entry of 16 provided some interesting classes, with an exciting finish when Mrs. Newcombe defeated specials, including her own Ch. Fleeting Falcon, with an imported bitch out of the classes.

White Acres Kennels Report
Pearl Baumgartner

Juno 5, 1959

Mrs. Wendell Howell, Mrs. Henderson, Nary Ann Burrows and Betty Stiles(the latter two have Afghans) drove up to three of our shows in eastern Washington, Walla Walla , Richland and Yakima; the latter two we also attended. We brought four dogs and Wendy and Mrs. Henderson brought five. After the judging at Richland and Yakima we ran some races, which proved to be great fun and an interest to people who watched. It also proved quite a problem to hold them as we just slipped them by hand in the absence of starting boxes.

After the judging at Yakima, Bob Baumgartner, Wendy Howell, Mary Ann Burrows and Betty Stiles went out hunting Jack Rabbits. Bob had Ch. White Acres Sea Shanty, Ch. Seagift Superb of Pennyworth and White Acres Sylvia. Wendy had Ch. Great Circle Holiday, Great Circle Mad Hatter, Groat Circle White Knight and Great Circle Little Alice. Mary Ann and Betty had their two Afghans. After about two hours, they missed Sylvia (Silly), and finally the three girls came back to the show and Bob and I hunted until dark, but we found no trace of her. We left word with neighboring farmers and friends, also put an ad in the Yakima papers. Then, on Monday and Tuesday friends hunted the area, but on Tuesday the winds blew so hard they gave up the search. Then on Wednesday, Bob and I went over and searched the surrounding area, but saw no sighs of her. Then on Thursday P.M., friends of ours called and said a farmer setting up irrigation pipe had seen her drinking from a stand pipe, but his Cocker chased her up into the sage, and since she was so near the seine color as the sage, he couldn 't find her, and again the winds blew clouds of dust, making the search impossible. Then on Friday morning at 3:30 A. M., Mike, my son, and John, my nephew, and myself started for Yakima. We arrived there at 7:50 A. M. and set out to search the area. We parked the car where she was seen the day before (which was a mile down the draw from where she last was). The boys went one way and I the other, with two dogs. We hunted until 8:00 P. M., but found no signs. We put out food and her bed, and prepared to spend the night sleeping in the station wagon. At 5:30 A. M. Sat. morning we were out looking. This time I left the dogs in the car, as they were so foot sore they could hardly walk. I set out to check on the food, and as I walked along a road near a grain field I saw her footprints in the dust. I followed them and they led to where the boys had tied a dead rabbit to a sage bush. It was eaten, all but the hindquarters. After again checking with the boys we all set out again. I walked up toward where she had been last on Sunday. As I reached the top of a hill I spotted Bob's pick up truck. As I walked down toward it I Spotted Carol (our 10 yr. old daughter) and Bob walking up the draw. I called to them and they came down to meet me. We stopped on the road trying to decide whore to look next. We were just about ready to leave and I looked up the draw and there on a knoll stood Silly, looking at us (very much the way a deer stands and looks at you). We called and she hesitated a bit and then came running. I don 't know who was the happiest, us or Silly. She went to Bob and jumped up to him, just as if to say "It's about time you came back, after all I have been waiting six days for you". She was in fair condition, but her feet were cracked and sore; in their condition I doubt if she could have caught any more rabbits for food. I might add that the area she was last in is 150 square miles of sage covered hills, infested with Coyote and rattle snake. Mike saw a rattler on Friday A.M., near where Silly was found. Silly is a 13 mo. old pup, out for the first time, so we consider ourselves lucky to find her.

Melvin Danhauer, Silverdale, Washington purchased White Acres Shanty and White Acres Kayo Kid. He also has built four starting boxes similar to those used at Chicago and over the Memorial Day week end we ran some races. It was the first time any of them had been in boxes. We ran the grown dogs 200 yards and the pups 150 yards. It was quite a sight to sec his two five month old pups get out of the boxes.

Whipoo Kennels Report

Gene & Sibyl Jacobs June, 1 959

Gene recently had occasion to go to St. Louis, and took our Whippet, Biscuit, along in the car. This was the first trip Biscuit has made with either of us, loose in the car, and Gene was very impressed with her good traveling manners and calm, matter of fact attitude. Biscuit rode most of the four hour trip on top of his suit case, looking out the window, rested and once in a while sat on the car seat, leaning against the back of the seat. While in St. Louis, Biscuit visited several homes and while Gene was at a Poodle kennel, Biscuit sat and layed very patiently in the car. She certainly was a good advertisement for the attributes of the Whippet as a traveling companion.

Our kennel runs are crushed rock and gravel and are picked up daily. To retard worm infestation they are "soaked down" once a week with a salt brine and detergent (we use Tide) solution. Salt brine has been used to hinder worm infestation for years and is a traditional, accepted washing solution. However, the use of a commercial detergent was new to us. We have used the brine Tide solution for about a year and soaking the runs with this solution seems to retard worm infestation. Under microscopic study by a veterinarian, Tide destroyed worm eggs on the slide. It is not the foam or suds that has the worm killing effect, but it is the detergent itself mixed with water.

We are very pleased to announce that the Whippet bitch, Whipoo's Sharp Focus (by Ch . Meander Robin ex Whipoo 's Silken Elegance, C.D.), owned by Harold H. Carr, Derby Colorado, won the Hound Group at the Casper, Wyoming show. Also, our male, Ch. Whipoo ' s Spattarib of Meander won the Hound Group at the Southeast Missouri K. C. show, Cape Girardeau, Mo. New litter – Our Whipoo's Silken Elegance. C.D. has a litter of five bitches and one dog, whelped June 5. The sire is Spattarib.

Central Whippet Racing Club

We have been invited by the Sandemac Kennel Club, Decatur, Illinois to present Whippet racing entertainm ent at their All Breed show, August. We presented a successful set of races for this club last year. We invite anyone who can come and race with us at Decatur this year. We sincerely hope we have competition from outside our group. Decatur has an excellent, well maintained race track, with grandstands for spectators. A public address system will be used to announce the racing.

We have observed and discussed the need for a set of rules for racing for national approval and use. Several of us are working on some rules and when we have them ready we will send them out for revisal and comment to all Clubs, groups and individuals participating in Whippet racing, as well as to the American Whippet Club, and we will have them published in the August Whippet News. After hearing everyones reaction, we will then revise the rules and try to incorporate everyones suggestions and then acquire final approval. It would then be up to the judges of the races to inforce the rules. The racing rules will cover the number of judges; measured tracks; fighting, interference and other things that warrant disqualifi cation; the point system of scoring which also acts as "handicapping" since the dogs run with dogs of equal ability; muzzles and the place the dogs are to be muzzled, when the blankets are put on or down at the boxes, for fairness we feel all the dogs should be muzzled at the same time; colors of the racing blankets.

Northern California Racing Club
Wendy Howell

Hunting has died down at this season due to the heat and the fact that the first barly crop is not yet cut down. We have had some good hunting in the last few months, sometimes with a group of Afghans. The local Afghans can not possibly keep up with the Whippets, on either the long or the short haul but we hear from Mr. Crosby that his Afghans in New Mexico run about even with his Whippet. The Whippet will be a year old in June. The fanciers in New Mexico are building an enclosed coursing track and grounds. One of these days one of us Whippet owners will lose a lot of money betting against the Afghans. Such a thing has not come about as yet. Some of us are planning to pack a few dogs into a small airplane and try out their coursing ground.

The main news this month is the recent races at Del Monte. Racing at Del Monte is always a lovely sight, and this year was no exception. We ran the dogs a little over 200 yards on smooth short grass, slightly uphill, and the best time, in the final was 12 1/2 seconds; The set was won by Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic. Mr. Young has been writing us some very stern letters about the unfairness of not following the English, and more recent American rules of handicapping by weight. Far be it from me to disagree with Mr. Young, who has forgotten more about racing than any of us will ever know, but if you were to handicap David (CH. Wingedfoot Domenic) a yard per pound, by the old rule, he would be absolutely unbeatable, as he only weighs 20 lbs. at fit racing weight, and the only dog to beat him, Ch. Whipoo 's Whimsy, C.D., can not give him ten yards and still beat him, and any other dog would be left far down the track. Mr. Young is probably right, but I will still let David take his chances. We must get an overall sensible rule about fighting. The judges have nothing to go by if fighting occurs, and it only makes for hard feelings among the owners. We were faced with this situation at Chicago, and it happened again at Del Monte. The race was not ruined, but the unfairness was obvious, and nobody knew what to do about it. We usually have judges who do not own racing dogs, so it would be very simple for them to apply a rule fairly, if the rule existed. The best thing to do about fighters, and the only thing in incorrigible cases, is not to race them at all. But there are many borderline cases; and many times that fighting occurs because of accidental bumping at the start. Donald Hostetter has been after us all to set up a set of rules. We really must do it.

Great Circle Highflyer, owned by Miss Nancy Mailliard was second in score at Del Monte. He is a big dog, and a fine hunting dog also. Ch. Great Circle Violet has young puppies, and raced well , looking fit, but not up to her real form. Mrs. Henderson’ s fast youn g dog, Great Circle Mad Hatter, won two points for a second place (against the grown dogs) thereby beating out Little Alice for a very fine trophy for puppies, offered by the Del Monte show. The biggest surprise of the day was the form shown by Vole (Great Circle Sunday). This five year old dog has not been run for a year, and is on the fat side as well. He tied for third place with The Scot, and showed the most tremendous speed and enthusiasm. If they really want to run that much it seems sometimes a triumph of sheer nerve over age and avoirdupois. Ch. Groat Circle Bewitched (Millicent) after winning the veterans class in the Show, came on to get one third place in the races; She is a true running bitch, and was once absolutely the fastest around here, but in this case age and puppies have taken their toll. The Scot is her great grandson, Violet is her granddaughter; Highflyer is her son, so it doesn ' t seem likely that she will out run any of them in the future. We had a telephone connected to the main loudspeaker at the show, and Gregory Stout was able to get the entries and results announced promptly. He did a masterful job of running all that, and scoring the races. Our judges were Drs. Bill Mottram and Mike Shaffer (who have between them saved most of the Whippets lives at one time or another) and our breed judge Donald Hostetter; Evelyn Anderton kept time, and the rest of us caught and chased and generally made ourselves useful. It all went very well, and the day was beautiful and the track fast. What more can anyone have on a beautiful afternoon than a speedy, colorful set of Whippet races?

We hope to race again soon at Mrs. Henderson's house, as we have several young dogs coming up that need work. All this will be reported. We also can now report that we have almost a whole reel of racing movies in 16mm film. When this is cut and titled we are planning to send it around the country so people can see what is going on here. It is in color, and includes some movies taken at Chicago as well; Mrs. Henderson is responsible for getting this scheme underway. She has stood a great deal of the expense and taken many of the pictures'. The whole Club owes her a vote of thanks, as I know everyone will think when they sec the pictures.

Final scores of Del Monte Racing Dogs-

Owner & Dog Points

He w ell 's Ch. Wingedfoot Domonic ............ 15

Mailliard ' s Great Circle Highflyer .................. 7

Delfino 's Groat Circle Sunday ........................ 6

Howell 's Ch. Great Circle The Scot ................. 6

Henderson ' s Great Circle Mad Hatter ........... 2

Howell 's Great Circle Violet ..............................2

Howell 's Great Circle Little Alice ..................... 1

Howell's Great Circle Bewitched.................... 1


Harold H. Carr, Derby, Colorado, writes-

Harry Taylor wants to make a champion out of The Rockett (Whipo o's Sharp Focus), so he has been showing her. He showed her at Casper, Wyoming and won the Group. Then showed her at Denver and she went Best of Breed and also got one leg on Obedience title. He will show her June 7 at Greely, Colo ., and June 21 at Colorado Springs . He also showed one of her pups and he went Best of Opposite Sex at the Denver show. Guess we are going to have to breed The Rockett the next time she comes in season as I have a few friends who want a pup.

Nita Hopkins, St. Joseph, Illinois, writes-

I sure do look forward to Gene 's Whippet sketches. They 're so unique.

Wendy certainly deserves credit for her efforts in creating interest in racing. Owners surely must find the Whippet Statistics both useful and interesting. I think Dr. Scott deserves a vote of thanks for his trouble.

Why shouldn 't we express an interest in the particular contributions of other Whippeteers?

Nancy Jane Jackson, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, writes-

I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed the Whippet News and how I look forward to each new issue. I have learned so much and find the reports and articles extremely interesting. For a person just beginning in Whippets they are particularly informative.

I have just bought my first Whippet, a bitch, and just love her. Whippets are such wonderful little dogs that I am so glad that I finally got acquainted with the breed. I am quite interested in Obedience as well as show, so therefore may train my bitch for the Novice work.

Members, June, 1959

Mr. & Mrs. George A. Anderson Box 665, Glen Head, Long Island, Now York

Mr, & Mrs. 0. Chase Arnold Box 95 , Glen Arbor, Michigan

Mrs. W. 0. Bagshaw 9501 Gloaming Dr., Beverly Hills, California

Mrs. John C. Barrows Box 27, East Norwich, Long Island, New York

Mrs. Pearl Baumgartner 10703 McEachen Rd, Puyallup, Washington

Miss Sylvia Borgel 6727 Kennedy Ave. , Cincinnati 13 , Ohio

Mr. & Mrs. Wm. W. Brainard, Jr. Marshall, Virginia

Harry J. Bridge 2500 East Mount Hope Ave. , Lansing 10, Michigan

Burton A. Cleaves 21 Boulevard Rd., Wellesley Hills 81, Mass.

Mrs. Christine Cormany 1256 Woodbury Rd. , Pasadena, California

Walter Donning Stokes Rd., Medford, New Jersey

Mrs. Violet B. Dory 96 Elmweod Place , Montreal 8, Quebec, Canada

Mrs. Claire Ellison Box 52 , Line Lexington, Pennsylvania

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph G. Eyles Box 248 , Route 1, Waukegan, Illinois

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Farrell, Jr. Box 1111, Darien, Connecticut

Mr. & Mrs. Philip S. P. Fell Mill River Rd., Oyster Bay, Long Island, N. Y.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Frames 2309 Gale Ave. , Bakersfield, California

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Mrs. J. A. Griswold, Jr. East Valley Rd., Wayne, Pennsylvania

Mr. & Mrs. Vernon L. Hazard Alverne Manor, Soipio Center, New York

Dr. & Mrs. H. W. Heiser, Jr. 4409 N. W. 44th. Oklahoma City 12, Oklahoma

Mrs. Robert Henderson 2265 Ralston Ave., Hillsborough, Califernia

Miss Gertrude Hooft 1820 Poplar Ave. , Redwoed City, California

Donald P. Hostetter Cobham, Virginia

Mrs. Frederick P. Houston 161 East 81st St., New York 28, New York

Mrs. Wendell T. Hewell 2100 Jefferson St. , San Francisco 23, California

Steve Hurt 2549 Lake Michigan Dr. , Grand Rapids 4, Michigan

John R. Hutchins, Jr. Box 1699 , San Antonio, Texas

Mr, & Mrs. Eugene Jacobs Mahomet, Illinois

Edward Jenner Route 1, Box 51, Libertyville, Illinois

Mr. & Mrs. O. deKorsak 1419 Hope St. S .E., Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mrs. Patti Long 725 High St., Oakland 1, California

D. Robert Motch Keene, Virginia

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Mrs. Winthrop Neilson Lloyd Neck, Huntington, Long Island, Now York

Mrs. Charles B. Newcombe 22 Grandview Terrace, North Hampton, New Hampshire

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Dr, Samuel H. Scott Box 2485, Norman, Oklahoma

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Barbara & Josephine Steinberg 2329 N. Palmer St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Mr. & Mrs. W. Potter Wear R. D. 3, Cambridge , Maryland

Walter A. Wheeler, Jr. 21 Boulevard Rd., Wellesley Hills 81, Mass,

Mrs. Margaret White Route 5, Box 516 , Puyallup , Washington

Jerome Wilson 1012 Zebulon Ave., Columbus 24, Ohio

James F. Young 2204 N. Marengo Ave., Altaclena, California

English Members

C. H. Douglas Todd, Colewood Farmhouse, Thanet Way, Nr. Herne Bay, Kent, England

Mrs . D. F . Whitwell, Kirkholme, Groat Ouseburn, York, England