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Volume 3 August 15, 1959 Issue 4



American Whippet Club Specialty

Mrs. Philip S. P. Fell is chairman of the joint specialty shows given by the American Whippet Club and the Greyhound Club of America. These specialty shows will be held on Friday, October 2, 1959, at the duPont Airport, Greenville, Deleware. Important show details

Mrs. Fell has announced — Mr. Wm. Brainard, Jr. will judge both Whippets and Greyhounds;

The show secretary has been changed and is:

William Christopher 2018 duPont Bldg. Wilmington, Delaware

Mrs. Fell emphasizes that all entries and checks must be sent to the show secretary, not the Foley Organization.

Two special features at the Whippet Specialty will be the Puppy Sweepstakes and Racing Entertainment.

Mrs. George Anderson is still ill, which is most unfortunate. She has been ill since Christmas. We would like to take this opportunity to wish her a speedy recovery.


The whole—hearted support of the New Hampshire shows in July by various Whippet owners turned those three days into a veritable Whippet circuit. The Rockingham County Kennel Club show July 7th at Portsmouth (entry 473) drew 13 Whippets, while the two shows on following days at Lakes Region Kennel Club in Franklin (entry 468) and Carroll County Kennel Club in North Conway (entry 471) attracted 15 Whippets each, with majors in both sexes at all three shows. Two bitches finished for their titles and two dogs and a bitch earned their second majors at those shows. Both Best of Breed winners placed in outstanding groups.

Mrs. Doris Wear brought two class entries up from Maryland; Mrs. Charles B. Newcombe supported the breed by bringing six class entries and one specials; Miss Sylvia Borgel showed a pu ppy bitch; Calvin Perry handled his class dog and bitch at two of the shows; D. R. Notch sent up a specials from Virginia, while Burton Cleaves and I showed our class dog and specials respectively. It was most gratifying to hear remarks from outsiders about the esprit do corps and congeniality amongst our Whippet owners. It is this friendly and cooperative attitude that makes raising and showing dogs within a particular breed a mean ingful and enjoyable experience. On behalf of the Carroll County Kennel Club show at North Conway, Mr. Cleaves and I would like to express our sincere appreciation to Mrs. Newcombe, not only for her many entries but also for her generous donation of prize money.

At Portsmouth under Mr. Rees L. Davies, Mrs. Newcombe 's white and fawn Pennyworth Vengeance and Pennyworth Black Eyed Susan took the points with D . R. Motch's white and red specials, Ch. Seven League Saddler, Best of Breed. At Franklin under Dr. A.A. Mitten, Mrs. Newcombe 's Pennyworth Vengeance and Mrs. Wear's red bitch Stoney Meadows Red Vixen took the points with Best of Breed again going to Ch. Seven League Saddler. At North Conway, under Mrs. W.C. Edmiston, Calvin Perry 's brindle dog, Meander Town Topics and Mrs. Newcombe 's imported blue fawn bitch, Eng. Ch. Hillgarth Shot Silk of Pennyworth took the points with Best of Breed going to Mrs. Newcombe's orange brindle Ch. Fleeting Falcon.

North Shore Kennel Club

There were 18 Whippets entered, one absent, for judge Percy Roberts. Winners were as follows:

Bred by Exhibitor Dogs, one shown, Pennyworth Kennels ' Feu Follet do Pennyworth (by Ch. Pennyworth Pathfinder ex Pennyworth Mistletoe)

Open Dogs, four shown; First - Mrs. W. P. Wear's Stoney Meadows Red Fox (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Laguna Leonie) Second - Burton A. Cleaves ' Stoney Meadows Potentate (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Marathon ex Stoney Meadows Snow Bird) Third - Pennyworth Kennels ' Pennyworth Vengeance (by Ch. Pennyworth Pathfinder ex Ch. Wingedfoot Fieldspring Bryony) Fourth - Calvin Perry's Meander Town Topics (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Ch. Happy Talk O'Lazeland)

Winners Dog . to Stoney Meadows Red Fox. Reserve to Stoney Meadows Potentate.

Puppy Bitches, one shown, Sylvia Borgel 's Whipoo 's Sylvan Sprite (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Whipoo 's Wild Honey)

Bred by Exhibitor Bitches, one shown, Pennyworth Kennels ' Iris la Fleur do Pennyworth (by Ch. Pennyworth Pathfinder ex Pennyworth Mistletoe)

Open Bitches, six shown; First — Mrs. W.P. Wear 's Stoney Meadows Lady Skipper (by Fawn Sail of Knotknum ex Stoney Meadows Career Girl) Second - Pennyworth Kennels ' Hillgarth Shot Silk of Pennyworth (by Seagift Speedlight Mustang ex Hillgarth Silver Suntan) Third — Pennyworth Kennels ' Pennyworth Black—Eyed Susan (by Ch. Wingedfoot Ringmaster of Pennyworth ex Ch. Pennyworth Blue Iris) Fourth - Pennyworth Kennels Pennyworth Mistletoe (by Ch. Wingedfoot Ringmaster of Pennyworth ex Ch. Pennyworth Blue Iris)

Winners Bitch to Stoney Meadows Lady Skipper. Reserve to Hillgarth Shot Silk of Pennyworth. Best of Winners to Stoney Meadows Lady Skipper.

Specials, four shown, Ch. Stoney Meadows Marble Faun, Ch. Stoney Meadows Sprint, Ch. Stoney Meadows Rod Vixen, Ch. Fleeting Falcon. Best of Brood to Pennyworth Kennels ' Ch. Fleeting Falcon (by Fleeting Father O 'Flynn ex Fleeting Oldown Snipe) Best Opposite Sex to Stoney Meadows Lady Skipper.

Thanks to Doris Wear who reserved the space and sent in the North Shore Kennel Club results.


There were 89 Whippets at the Northern Counties Whippet Club's Championship Show, July 25, 1959, with 201 entries. The judge was Mr. Anton Rost, New York. (C.C. stands for Challenge Certificate. A.C.C. is awarded to best of each sex at championship shows only. An exhibit must win 3 C.C. 's under three different judges before taking the title of champion).

The Dog C.C. was awarded to Mr. F. E. Jones ' Ch. Robmaywin Stargazer of Allways (by Ch. Evening Star of Allways ex Ch. Mistrals Mrs. Miniver) Reserve C.C. to

Mrs. W. M. Wigg 's Ladiesfield Starturn (by Jet de Gratton ex White Swan of Teighways)

The Bitch C.C. was awarded to Mr. E. Kelly's Jetta de Gratton (by Jet de Gratton ex Starshine of Genevan) Reserve C.C. to Mr. F. Barnes ' Tweedie of Teighways (by Int. Ch. Wingedfoot Ringmaster ex Pyprusgrass of Teighways)

Best of Breed to Ch. Robmaywin Stargazer of Allways. Best Puppy to Mrs. K. Chapman 's puppy dog, Confetti (by Ch. Bouquet ex Be for Butterfly)

Mr. Anton Rost 's report of the show, in part..."In the competition for the C.C. and the reserve C.C. in bitches, the decision was very close, but I make Kelly's Jetta do Gratton, the old lady as I affectionately call her, pretty near an ideal Whippet, she excels the reserve ticket winner, Barnes ' Tweedie of Teighways, in relationship of shoulder blade to upper arm and while she doesn't go quite as true in front, I feel that age should be considered here, she definitely has bettor bend of stifle and stands over more ground, a pleasing impression of a Whippet, my only regret is that I couldn't have known and owned the little black girl in her youth. Best in Show was Mr. & Mrs. Jones ' Ch. Robmaywin Stargazer of Allways. The trite expression 'youth must be served ' fits perfectly two very lovely Whippets. The dog, however, excelled in spring of action and power behind which is quite natural under the circumstances. Altogether, the entry was very representative, and I was highly pleased with the showmanship or lack thereof, shall I say, of the exhibits. The exhibitors were very cooperative in eliminat­ing excessive posing at my request...

(Dog C.C.), dog of splendid conformation and naturally, therefore, a good mover going, coming, and from the side, while heads of course do not matter much with many people, I still do like to see one with the keen expression that this dog has... (Bitch C.C.), an old lady of nearly 8 years old that I have seen on a previous visit, and have admired, she is in beautiful condition and my idea of what a Whippet should look like, her faults, if any, are so minor that they are not oven worth a mention,.

NEW CHAMPIONS, a new feature, starting with the October issue. Each issue we will present a three generation pedigree Of new champions, with colors of the dogs when possible. These pedigrees will be on separate pages which can be removed and filed by those readers interested in studying pedigrees. To start, we will print pedigrees of champions finishing within the last six months, since March 1, 1959. These will be presented on a first come basis. Then, owners of a new champion should send in the pedigree as soon as the confirmation is received from the American Kennel Club. Please include the name of the dog, breeder, owner, date of birth and color, as well as the color of the dogs in the pedigree.

It has been suggested and requested that the Whippet show results given in the Whippet News, and taken from the marked catalogue pages, include all of the champions shown. Since this is a breed publication, this addition to the show results is appropriate, and will make the show results more informative to the readers than the Whippet show results given in other publications.

The Whippet News is the only publication devoted exclusively to the Whippet. Breeders be sure and send the name and address of new Whippet owners. Readers who are enjoying your first Whippet, please ask your questions for the more experienced owners to answer through the News.

The deadline for the next issue of the News will be October 8. Watch for a post card reminder. The post card reminders will, from time to time, include a spot check of the names on the nailing list, to insure the sending of the News to those sincerely interested in continuing to receive it. If your name is included in a "check" there will be a request for you to send a card or letter stating you wish to continue receiving the News. If there is no answer the name will be dropped from the list.

Please send us notice of any change of address. The Whippet News is mail that cannot be forwarded.

The opinions expressed in the Whippet News are those of the individual writers and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the editor or the American Whippet Club.

Advertising rates — $1 for a quarter page.

Send letters and ads to:

The Whippet News c/o E. L. Jacobs Mahomet, Illinois

1. The Whippets shall be started from a suitable set of starting boxes acceptable to a majority of those competing.
2. There shall be a suitable lure machine that will enable the operator to keep the lure well ahead of the running dogs; It is suggested that there be a second lure in reserve, to use should there be a breakdown.
3. All dogs must wear appropriate racing muzzles. The judges shall determine whether a questionable muzzle is adequate.
4, The dogs shall wear numbered blankets while racing, the blanket numbers to correspond with their starting box number. The blanket colors shall be: white number 1 on a purple blanket, black number 2 on a red blanket, red number 3 on a pink blanket, white number 4 on a green blanket, yellow number 5 on a brown blanket, blue number 6 on a yellow blanket.
7. A finish line must be clearly designated and plainly visable to the judges.
6. A signaling device, such as a white flag, must be provided between the lure operator and the starter at the boxes.
7. A suitable measuring device for measuring the track must be provided.

1. The Whippets shall run 200 yards measured from the starting boxes to the finish line, on a flat straight track free of physical hazards and not less than fifteen (15) feet wide.
2. The track shall be of suitable footing acceptable to a majority of those competing.
3. The track must be protected from spectators and others not on the track in an official capacity.
4. The length of the track can be changed for purposes of demonstrations, but all other conditions are to remain the same. If times are taken, the distance run must be stated.

1. There shall be three (3) adult persons acting as judges. The judges for any racing event shall not own dogs running in that event. Each judge shall be provided with a copy of these Rules and Regulations and shall have read them prior to officiating.
2. The judges shall enforce all rules and regulations as contained herein.
3. The judges shall supervise measuring the track.
4; The judges shall check all equipment and the track.
5. The judges shall determine the winner, second, third and fourth places in each race.

1. The dogs must be properly trained and schooled and must, in the opinion of the judges, be sufficiently experienced before they can be entered. Any dog that is not known to have been raced in competition must be run in a schooling race.
2. Schooling races shall be provided prior to the start of the regular races. All dogs in schooling races must wear muzzles and blankets and be started from the boxes.
3. No Whippet under the ago of twelve (12) months shall run in any race other than races provided for Whippets of the same age.
4. There shall be a person acting as Racing Secretary, who will keep a complete record of all races, compute the total points and record and provide the line up for each race.
5. The entries for the first races shall be determined by drawing lots in the presence of one judge, the racing secretary and two or more owners or handlers.
6 The following races are to be made up as nearly as possible of dogs with equal points. The points shall be awarded as follows: With fifteen dogs or less competing, 1st receives 5 points; 2nd receives 2 points; 5rd receives 1 point;' with over fifteen dogs competing, 1st receives 5 points, 2nd receives 3 points, 3rd receives 2 points, 4th receives 1 point.
7. The starter at the boxes shall see that the dogs are placed in the boxes and have a fair start.
8. A false start, due to any faulty action of the starting boxes, break in machinery or other cause, is void and the dogs shall be started again as soon as practicable.
9. No race shall be called official unless the lure is in advance of the dogs at all times during the race and if at any time during the race any dog or dogs catch or overtake the lure the judges shall declare it "No Race", and the race shall be run over.
10. The judges shall closely observe the operation of the lure and held the lure operator to strict accountability for any inconsistency of operation, ether than mechanical failures.
11. A bitch in season shall not be allowed to race or to be anyplace near the track.
12. The racing muzzles and blankets shall be placed on all the dogs running in a race at the paddock before the dogs are taken to the starting boxes, so they may be put into their boxes without further delay.
If a dog bolts the track or runs in the opposite direction, fights or deliberately bumps, and in so doing, in the opinion of the judges, interfers with any other dog in the race, the judges shall declare it "No Race" and the race shall be run over without the guilty dog.
14. If a race is marred by jams, spills or "racing circumstances other than rule 13, or other than accidents to the machinery, while a race is being run, and three or more dogs finish out of five or six running, two or more finish out of four running, the judges shall declare the race finished. If less finish, the judges shall declare it "No Race"
15. If a race is halted by an accident to the lure machine, the race shall be run over as soon as practicable
16. If a dog bolts the track, runs in the opposite direction, or does not run the entire prescribed distance for the race, he shall forfeit all rights in the race and no matter where he finishes the judges shall declare the race the same as if he were not a contender.
17. If it appears that a dog may interfere with the running of the race because ef failure to leave the box, because of accident or for any other reason, any official person around the track may remove said dog from the track.
18. When two dogs run in a dead heat for first place, all trophies, prizes and points to which the first and second dogs would have boon entitled shall be divided equally between them. Likewise, when two dogs run a dead heat for second place, they shall divide second and third prizes and points. If the dividing owners cannot agree as to which of them is to have a cup or other prize which cannot be divided, the question shall be determined by lot by a judge.
19. When determining the final winners of a racing event, any ties in the total number of points shall be decided by a run off.

These proposed rules and regulations are presented by the Central Whippet Racing Club. For help in writing these rules the following were consulted: Rules and Regulations of Greyhound Racing - Florida State Racing Commission, Massachusetts State Racing Commission Rules, South Dakota Racing Commission Laws and Rules of Dog Racing.
These rules and regulations are not final. They are offered for your consideration and study. Proposed changes and or additions will be incorporated where possible, and the revised edition published in the October Whippet News and sent to the Clubs, groups and individuals participating in Whippet racing, as well as to the American Whippet Club, for final approval. These rules are especially intended to govern Whippet racing when presented as entertainment or competition, such as at Chicago, and the various racing groups can, of course conduct their schooling races as desired.
All letters pertaining to the racing rules and regulations should be sent to Mrs. Eugene L. Jacobs, Mahomet, Illinois, and must be received by October 8.

Sylvia Borgel Reports

August, 1959

Whipoo's Sylvan Sprite, my puppy bitch by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle out of

Ch. Whipoo's Wild Honey, is well started on her show career here in New England where she is spending the summer with me at Ogunquit, Maine. On June 28 she won Best In Match over an entry of about 200 at an all breed sanction match at Sanford, Maine. Robert Gorman was the best in match judge. Prior to this, in Cincinnati, she won second in the Hound group at a puppy match at the age of six months. On July 26, Sprite won first in the Hound group at a sanction match at Agusta, Maine, and was first in the Sweepstakes class. Sprite also has gathered quite a bit of show experience in the puppy classes on the Now England circuit. Her lively, friendly disposition makes her very enjoyable to show and she has won many friends.

Pennyworth Kennels Report

Peggy Newcombe July 20, 1959

We had the best time ever on the Now Hampshire (three shows), Vermont (two shows) circuit. The fun started at the Rockingham Co. K. C., July 7, and from there we went to the Lakes Region K. C., July 8, Carroll County K.C., July 9, Green Mountain Dog Club, July 11, and Champlain Valley Dog Club, July 12. At the first show, 13 Whippets were present and accounted for, at the next two shows the entry jumped to 15 and the last two Vermont shows fell to 4 and 3. Wish there was enough room for me to give all the results, but am sure there isn't, so have made up the table that follows to give the results. First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. W. Wheeler and Mr. Burton Cleeves for helping to make the Carroll County K. C. such a nice show for all the exhibitors, especially the Whippet folks. Mrs. Wear came all the way from Maryland with her hubby and made all five shows. My hat off to her, as it was a long trip. The entry was made up of Stoney Meadows, Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Cleaves, Mr. Perry, Miss Sylvia Borgel, D. Motch and Pennyworth Whippets. I am sure everyone enjoyed the whole circuit as much as I, and am sure that we are all looking forward to next year.

Rockingham Co. K. C., July 7, judge Mr. Rees L. Davies

Winners Dog - Pennyworth Vengeance, 3 points

Reserve Winners Dog - Fleur dos Pois de Pennyworth

Winners Bitch - Pennyworth Black Eyed Susan and Best of Winners,

Reserve Winners Bitch - Hillgarth Shot Silk of Pennyworth and Best Opposite Sex

Best of Brood—Ch. Seven League Saddler and third in the Group

Pennyworth Black Eyed Susan finished her championship, subject to A.K.C. approval

Lakes Region K. C., July 8, judge Dr. A.A. Mitten

Winners Dog—Pennyworth Vengeance and Best of Winners, 4 points Reserve Winners Dog—Meander Town Topics

Winners Bitch—Stoney Meadows Red Vixen, 4 points, and Best Opposite Sex Reserve Winners Bitch - Whipoo's White Luster

Best of Breed—Ch. Seven League Saddler

Stoney Meadows Red Vixen finished her championship subject A.K.C. approval

Carroll County K. C., July 9, judge Mrs. W. C. Edminston

Winners Dog — Meander Town Topics, points and Best of Winners

Reserve Winners Dog — Pennyworth Vengeance

Winners Bitch - Hillgarth Shot Silk of Pennyworth, 3 points, and Best Opposite Sex Reserve Winners Bitch - Pennyworth Mistletoe

Best of Breed — Ch. Fleeting Falcon and fourth in Group

Green Mountain Dog C., July 11, judge Mr. K. Givens

Winners Dog — Stoney Meadows Rod Fox

Winners Bitch — Stoney Meadows Red Vixen and

Best Opposite Sex Best of Breed — Ch. Fleeting Falcon

Champlain Valley Dog Club, July 12, judge Mr. Gilroy

Best of Breed—Stoney Meadows Red Fox

Great Circle Kennels Report

Wendell Howell

August, 1959

Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic and Speedy Gonzales (by Ch. G. C. Valiant) managed to produce a litter of nine for Mr. Noel Jones of Mountainview, Calif. This is a magnificent start for this popular handler of the working breeds into Whippet breeding. The litter is very even, and all survive to six weeks. Speedy is a very fine mother. She is brindle, by a brindle who is out of a brindle, but there is only faint brindle in the litter. Most of them are light fawn like their father, with the same white mark on the nose. It is interesting to see brindle for once receed. From only one brindle bitch, Ch. Tantivvey Viscaria, we seem to have populated California with brindles, darker and darker, such as her grandson Ch. G. C. The Scot. He has produced a litter of five, bred to Ch. Mopalos Soprano. Here white predominates. Mrs. Bush is keeping two white puppies, Patti Long has one, and they all look very nice. John Harris, of Woodside, Calif., has a dog and a bitch of the Pilot ex Violet litter. I understand that they have driven him out of house and home, and almost out of the store that he operates so successfully. Perhaps he has built a pen for them by now. In spite of his difficulties of adjustment to two very lively puppies of a lively breed, he is most enthusiastic, and says he can't wait until they get old enough to race and show. If they are anything like the one that remains here, I think we will have some high class competition in the breed locally in a year or so. It so often happens that the unheralded breedings produce an extraordinary group of puppies. In this case, Jimmy Martinez bred his Ch. G. C, Violet more or loss just to see what would happen. It is the nicest litter at this age that anyone has had around here in a long time. However, the little ones are coming along too, and who can tell what they will look like.

Stoney Meadows Kennels Report

Doris Wear

August, 1959

We have several puppies who we are about to start readying for the shows. A bitch and two dogs from the litter by Chanctonbury Hercules (English) ex Ch. M. Fairy Tale, and a dog and a bitch from the Ch. M. Kingfisher - Laguna Leonia litter. Whether they will be showable when they ARE ready only time will tell, as at six months they can STILL change from week to week as we all knew! My big excitement is the forthcoming litter, due about Aug. 24th, from Ch. S. M. Snow

Queen bred to Ch. S.M. Sprint! I am anticipating this litter with butterflies as it is very close line breeding to the best winning strain at Meander. It COULD be sensational, may very well not be!

We sold a very promising cream fawn male puppy from the Fairy Tale litter to Mr.

& Mrs'. S. Edward Simon, Chatham, New Jersey, for their daughter to show in breed and junior handling classes. This was rather a tall order to fill as the Simons have a Bloodhound who, at his AND the Simons' very first dog show, just a year and a half ago, went from the classes to Best Breed at the Bloodhound specialty and subsequently to BEST IN SHOW all breeds the very same day. Naturally with such a novel and stimulating indoctrination into dog show life they have become dog show addicts and have very wisely picked a smaller and easier — to handle breed for their child. We congratulate them on their discrimination in picking the very BEST breed of all! We have also warned them that though we have done our best to get them started in Whippets with a nice puppy, the only guarantee we can give them outside of the does health, disposition and PRESENT promise, is that he will NOT go BIS on HIS very first outing!

Whipoo Kennels Report
Gene & Sibyl Jacobs
August, 1959

Our Ch. Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander won first in the Hound group at the Laporte County Kennel Club show, Michigan City, Indiana:. This is his second Group win.

The litter sired by Spattarib out of our W's Silken Elegance, C.D. looks very promising as they approach three months of age. We are very attracted to three bitches. Vying for attention is a dog and a bitch from a litter out of Meander Slap Happy sired by Ch. W's Whimsy, C.D. These pups are nearing two months of age.

Dog show entry fees have been going up and up and the increased entry fees are understandable when a show giving club has a great amount of overhead. However, when average shows that offer nothing but an open, unbenched, pasture — field have increased entry fees, they are overstepping their confidence! Recently, we received a premium list for a show in Wisconsin that was unbenched, offering an extremely scant list of prizes for all the breeds (absolutely nothing in Whippets) with an entry fee of $6.25. This may not seem like much entry fee but when you consider what the club is not offering, it is annoying. That extra 25 is the beginning of a general rise to bring the average entry fee for a mediocre show to $7.00! Something will have to give and we think it will be the exhibitor. The exhibitor attending all breed shows will probably go to half as many shows or enter half as many dogs. We do not like to see this trend toward higher entry fees at, shows when the clubs offer very little in return.

Central Whippet Racing Club

Our big contribution is the proposed Official Rules and Regulations for Whippet Racing found elsewhere in this issue. We urge everyone to give these rules serious consideration.

We plan to use those rules for our coming race demonstration at Decatur, Ill.

The northern Illinois race group has boon asked to compote with us. The results will be given in the next issue.

Northern California Whippet Racing Club

Wendell Howell

Congratulations to Oklahoma. You aren't so far away that we can't come over

and race you. Perhaps you would like to set up a race meeting, and we will take you on. We also still plan to go to Albuquerque, and could combine the two. The Afghan people tell us that Mr. Crosby's enclosed ground is in operation already. If some of the local race clubs could arrange races on a point basis, with cash involved, it might stimulate travel from one section to another. Expenses of the journey might be defrayed, and on the other hand one might arrive home completely broke. Between us all here we have a team of six, with which we will challenge anyone who wants to race. This team consists of David (Wingedfoot Domenic) Little Alice, Mad Hatter, Sunday, Violet, and The Scot.

Our only racing report, which sounds pathetic after such a brave challenge, is of the racing at the Richmond show in June. Our machine collapsed, and having only rusty nails and bobby pins available to repair it, we could not get it going at all. The whole affair was a disastro magnifico, and we would all prefer to forget it. The moral appears to be to have a machine in reserve always when racing in public. Accidents can happen, and this is a very good, reliable machine. Another thing that would have made matters very difficult even if the machine had worked was that the crowd was wandering all over the track, stopping on the string, etc., so if the Richmond Club ever asks us back again, that also must be rectified.

We have raced once at Mrs. Henderson's house since the last News issues and had a very pleasant tine. The Cobrian's Zelda shows some foot, and some other puppies who were brought out at this time seem promising. We had a delicious lunch after the races. Several Afghans raced. The Afghan people are coming along a little slowly with the racing idea, as they have a real problem finding a place to run where the dogs can be completely enclosed so they can be caught when the race is over. It is quite a trick to find an enclosure of such a sizes but one feels sure they will ultimately do so. The Pinckneys write from San Diego of most interesting times at a Greyhound training track oval, 440 yards, with a skin run by an automobile engine. They report that the Greyhound people are becoming less and less interested in racing the Whippets, as they are getting beaten. This is a training ground for the Tijuana public track.

Sam Hearn, Lawton, Oklahoma writes: Have been having some very good Whippet races in the field as well as the track. In running the Whippets with Greyhounds in the field, we find the Whippet stands the heat much bettor than the larger dogs this time of year. Just another reason to make us think more of the little follows.