A special thanks to Terry Schwartzman of Travlin' Whippets for the Historic contribution to the AWC

American Whippet Club Specialty Show
Mrs. S. Hallock du Pont, Chairman

The American Whippet Club Specialty Show will be held September 9, 1960 in conjunction with the Greyhound Club of America Specialty on the farm of Mr. and Mrs. W. Potter Wear, Penllyn, Penna.

Our judge will be Mrs. Winifred L. Heckman doing both breeds, except for the Whippet Puppy Sweepstakes, which will be judged by Mrs. Theodora Pedersen. Rain or shine it should be a wonderful day. Mr. & Mrs. Wear have recently done over the barns with excellent facilities for the exhibitors, and plenty of room for boxes and rings if the weather is bad.

Racing will be held after the judging on the adjoining Penllyn Polo Field under the rules of the A. W. C., and Mrs. Wear, as entertainment Chairman, has made arrangements for a luncheon to be served between judging sessions, and a dinner after the show, both at nominal prices.

This date falls the day before Far Hills, which, of course, is followed by Westchester , giving exhibitors three good shows in three days. Your prize lists for both the show and the races will soon be in the mail. I hope all members and Whippet enthusiasts will make every effort to be present with a good entry and help make this one of our very best Specialties.


California Whippet Specialty of the American Whippet Club
Northern California Whippet Racing Club
Wendell T. Howell

The California Whippet Specialty of the American Whippet Club was held in connec tion with the Del Monte Kennel Club all breed show at the Del Monte Lodge, Carmel, California . The date was May 29th, and there were thirty entries with only two absentees. Detailed results follow. Our judge was Mr. Leo Wilson, the well known English editor and all – rounder judge. He stuck consistently to English type, which was not too hard to do, as in the dog classes there were two recently imported English dogs, and his BOB was also the imported Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic, of racing renown. His best of winners was Domenic's daughter, Zelda, who is ex Ch. Great Circle Daphne, of English breeding.

When a golfer slices badly enough on the last hole at Del Monte to get his ball mixed up in the Whippet racing area, he is bound to complain to somebody, as indeed some did last year. So we were not permitted by the management to hold racing at this Specialty. This was a great disappointment to all, including Mr. Derek Rayne, the head of the show, who felt the gate had suffered from the absence of racing. We held some races anyway on the athletic field of the Monterey Junior College in connection with the Afghan racing group. This was kindly arrange by Earl Stites. We used the Afghan equipment, which is excellent, except for the fact that there are one or two Whippets small enough to escape from the boxes via the Afghan head holes. The racing was marred by a serious accident to Great Circle Sunday (Vole) who somehow tripped and landed with a crash on his back on the hard surface of the track. Operating the boxes at the races was Dr. Bill Mottram of San Francisco , who immediately took Vole off to another veterinarian in Montereyand had him X-rayed. At this writing it is fifty fifty whether Vole will recover.

Sympathy to Virginia and her son Freddy Stout, and to Andrew Delfino who is in Venice and doesn't yet know of the accident. Dot and Hap Frames were up from Bakersfield, also Dr. & Mrs. Turner with their dogs. This bad accident was hard for racing newcomers to take, but they kept bravely on and raced all afternoon, dogs and people enjoying themselves thoroughly. Norman Ellis had his puppy Tosca, also Stargazer, and though the results were not tabulated it seems all the novice dogs ran very well. The leading puppy was Great Circle Carmen (by Domenic) now in the care of Norman Ellis. There is real talk and thought going into the formation of a Central California Racing Club, and we all hope this will become a reality.

In regards to the accident to Vole, I should like to state that in many years of racing I have never seen this happen. It is never the slow ones who hurt themselves and Vole is still keen and very fast in spite of his seven years. But as we are all only too well aware, age puts a few extra pounds on most of us. I do not think this would have happened to a younger dog in racing shape.

Our continuing close association with the Afghan racing people is very pleasant for us all. Once they got started racing (by joining us at Mrs. Henderson's track) their group has grown enormously, propelled by the enthusiasm of Betty and Earl Stites, Marianna Burrows, Avis Axelson, Jane Langdon and many others. They in turn have fired enthusiasm in the south, and there is now a large group there racing on a greyhound track at Gardena. I should like to take this opportunity to say some thing about the good sportsmanship of the Afghan racers. It is very hard for them sometimes to come up smiling when their great big dogs are consistently beaten by our little ones. They are still looking for an Afghan fast enough to beat a Whippet at any distance we have run. I hope they do, and am sure they will, even though when it ultimately happens some of us are going to lose a lot of money.

The quality of the Whippets in the show was more than creditable, perhaps consistent ly higher quality than in any former year. Mr. Wilson's judging was also most consistent, and it was easy to see what type he was after. He was very pleasant to show under, and we were all sorry not to get a chance to talk to him after the show. He even managed to keep his sense of humor when we were all milling around the ring with the stud dog and brood bitch classes. Many thanks to Mr. Wilson of England.

Del Monte Kennel Club

Puppy Dogs, 9-12 mo., one shown, William W. Leggett's King Rosslyn (by Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic ex Speedy Gonzales)

Bred by Exhibitor Dogs, one shown, Dorthea & Donald Frames' Piperkin's Robinson (by Ch. Meander Robin ex Picardia Priscilla. U.D.)

American Bred Dogs, three shown; first, Mr. & Mrs. James W. Case's Canyon Crest's Laddie Boy (by Ch. Canyon Crest's Teardrop ex Canyon Crest's Maria) second, Charles

& Suzanne Turner's Piperkin's Sandbar (by Ch. Meander Robin ex Picardia Iriscilla, U.D. third, Andrew Delfino's Great Circle Sunday (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Caniston Carlotta of Ivarden)

Open Dogs, four shown, first, Noel P. Jones' Freddie of Test (by Wingedfoot Hill Billy of Test ex Highland Lass of Dovecot) second, Mrs. Frank Imker's Laguna Lucky Laird (by Ch. Bella Vista Barry ex Ch. Lilly of Laguna) third, Frank W. McHugh's White Acres Pilgrim Progress (by Ch. White Acres Silver Spice ex Ch.

White Acres Sea Seraph) fourth, Dorothea & Donald Frames' Piperkins Robin Goodfellow.(by Ch. Meander Robin ex Picardia Priscilla, U.D.)

Winners Dog to Freddie of Test. Reserve to Canyon Crest's Laddie Boy.

Puppy Bitches, 9 mo., two shown; first, Norman Ellis' Great Circle Tosca (by Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic ex Ch. Great Circle Bewitched) second, Mrs. W. Howell's Greet Circle Isolde (by Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic ex Ch. Great Circle Bewitched).

Puppy Bitches 9 - 12 mo., one shown, Norman Ellis' Great Circle Star Gazer (by Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic ex Speedy Gonzales)

Bred by Exhibitor Bitches, one shown, Mrs. W. T. Howell's Great Circle Little Alice (by Meander Pilot ex Ch. Great Circle Holiday)

American Bred Bitches, three shown; first, Rosslyn W. Jones' Queen Rosslyn (by Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic ex Speedy Gonzales) second, Suzanne & Charles H. Turner's Lady Swift of Piperkins (by Ch. Meander Robin ex Picardia Priscilla, U.D.) third, Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Stout's Great Circle Mother's Day (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Caniston Carlotta of Ivardon)

Open Bitches, five shown; first, Thomas Krumpe, Jr. & Burton M. Forman's Great Circle Zelda (by Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic ex Ch. Great Circle Daphne) second, Lazeland Kennels' Whipoo's Wish Me Well (by Ch. Whipoo's Whimsy, C.D. ex Meander Slap Happy) third, Dorthea & Donald Frames' Piperkin's Patience (by Ch. Meander Robin ex Picardie. Priscilla, U.D.) fourth, Mrs. W. Howell's Great Circle Xenia (by Ch. Mopalo's Speaker of the House ex Ch. Great Circle Daphne)

Winners Bitch to Greet Circle Zelda, Reserve to Whipoo's Wish Me Well.

Best of Winners to Great Circle Zelda.

Specials, three shown, Ch. Great Circle Mad Hatter, Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic, Ch. Great Circle The Scot.

Best of Breed to Mrs. W. Howell's Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic (by Wingedfoot Wild Goose ex Speedlite Prunella) Best Opposite Sex to Great Circle Zelda.

Veterans Bitch Class, one shown, Mrs. W. Howell's Ch. Tantivvey Viscaria, April 17, 1949 (by Tantivvey Peter ex Tantivvey Priscilla)

Brood Bitch Class, two shown; first, Evelyn Anderton's Ch. Great Circle Daphne (by Great Circle Svengali ex Ch. Tantivvey Viscaria) second, Mrs. W. Howell's

Ch. Great Circle Holiday (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Caniston Carlotta of Ivardon).

Stud Dog Class, one shown, Mrs. W. Howell's Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic.

Brace Class, one shown, Norman Ellis' Brace, Great Circle Tosca & Great Circle Stargazer.

The 30 entries were made up of the following exhibitors— Mr. & Mrs, J. W. Case, Cal. A. Delfino, Cal., N. W. Ellis, Cal., E. Anderton, Cal., D. & D. Frames, Cal., Mrs. W. Howell, Cal., Mrs. R. Henderson, Cal., Mrs. F. Imker, Cal., N. P. Jones, Cal., R. W. Jones, Cal., J. Harris, Cal., T. P. Krumpe, Jr., &. B. Forman, Cal., W. W. Leggett, Jr., Cal., F. W. McHugh, Cal., N. Mailliard, Cal., Lazeland Knls., Va., Strathoak Knls., Cal., Mr. & Mrs. G. Stout, Cal., S. & C. Turner, Cal.


Julia Shearer writes - "As far as I know a Lurcher is any dog that is half Grey hound, regardless of the other parent. They are used extensively as poachers dogs, some are most attractive, others, awful."

B. H. Evans, Surrey, England, writes-"I noticed the query of Jack Stone re ‘Lurcher' in the April number of Whippet News.

A Lurcher is a type of dog suitable as a sporting dog to catch ground game such as rabbits, hares etc. As far as the A.K.C. is concerned it is a mongrel. In days gone by poachers in particular made use of them.

They wanted a dog that would mark if there were any rabbits in a burrow. Mark is the method the dog had to indicate that there were some rabbits in the burrow. Generally the dog would start digging with his fore feet, sometimes he would just sit in front of a particular hole.

Nets would then be put over the burrow and a ferret put in to chase them out into the nets. Also he would work the open field on his own, always trained to work from the hedges to the middle of the field. He had a good nose and if he set up a rabbit, generally he managed to be between the rabbit and the hedge. He was fast and would hunt through the undergrowth and hedges. If he did not catch the rabbit, would follow it to its warren and then nets and ferret would be used. A dog capable of all this would be termed a Lurcher.

To breed him the usual procedure was to find a fast sheep bitch and mate her to a Greyhound or Whippet. The sheep-dogs have good noses to find their quarry and those in hilly country are fast and tough and their work demands intelligence and discipline. The Greyhound is expected to give extra speed and if the bitch passes on her quality to a speedy pup then you get a Lurcher that will hunt practically all day under difficult conditions.

In this case you have a first cross. On the other hand neither the Greyhound or sheep bitch had any pedigrees maybe. Working dogs are carefully bred from stocks that excel at their work but they don't necessarily register at the Kennel Club.

A 'Lurcher' is simply a dog that is developed for hunting to suit a set conditions which are not attainable in one breed.

In the case I have given you a sheep dog would not be fast enough.

The Greyhound would be useless to get game out of undergrowth and he does not use his nose. A Whippet does but a Whippet is not at home in undergrowth and is more of a Sprinter than a sustaining runner.

I expect Jack Stone has seen excellent working dogs of no particular breed. If he calls them all ' Lurchers' he is not far wrong."

Colorado Show Results

Colorado Kennel Club, April 24, 1960, Judge Maxwell Riddle, sexes combined

American - bred Dogs & Bitches, first, Harry Taylor's Foggy Weather, dog. Second -Mary Talor's Blue Rocket, bitch.

Open Dogs & Bitches, first, Harold Carr's Whipoo's Sharp Focus, bitch, and B.B. second, Kathleen Bergie's Rockets Torpedo, dog, and B.O.S.

Southern Colorado Kennel Club, May 21, 1960, Judge Dr. Frank Miller, sexes separate.

Puppy Dogs, first, Harry Taylor's Rocket's Firecracker, Winners Dog and B. O. S. second, Harry Talor's Rocket's Chaser.

Open Dogs, first, Kathleen Beargie's Rocket's Torpedo, and Reserve. second, Harry Taylor's Foggy Weather.

Open Bitches, first, Harold Carr's Whipoo's Sharp Focus, and Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed.

Specials, Canesco Kennels' Ch. Harbridge Passing Fancy.

Terry All Kennel Club, May 22, 1960, Judge Mr. Gordan Parham, sexes combined.

Puppy Dogs & Bitches, first, Harry Taylor's Rocket's Chaser. second, Harry Taylor's Rocket's Firecracker.

American—Bred Dogs & Bitches, first, Harry Taylor's Foggy Weather. second, Mary Taylor's Blue Rocket.

Open Dogs & Bitches, first, Kathleen Beargie's Rocket's Torpedo, and Winners, and Best Breed. second, Harold Carr's Whipoo's Sharp Focus, and Reserve An d B. O.S. Specials, Canesco Kennels' Ch. Harbridge Passing Fancy.

Thanks to Kathleen Beargie, who sent in the Colorado show results. She writes that all class dogs and bitches other than Whipoo's Sharp Focus are from two litters out of Whipoo's Sharp Focus by Ch. Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander. Sharp Focus is by Ch. Meander Robin ex Whipoo's Silken Elegance, C.D.


Wendell T. Howell, now in England, sends the following from an English dog paper:

At Del Monte the American Whippet Club held its Specialty Show for me to judge and I made my Best of Breed Ch. Wingedfoot Dominic.

Winners Dog was the import Freddie of Test who apart from a rather coarse coat was a nice type. Dominic's daughter Great Circle Zelda was Winners Bitch and also Best Opposite Sex.

There was the usual sprinkling of Whippets which we over here would consider too big, but they did not give me any headaches because they were not well balanced. A balanced Whippet, outsize according to our standard but inside the American standard would present a problem to an English judge, but those I had were merely leggy and not in proportion.

A point of interest lay in the winner of the veterans class an 11 year old bitch bred by Miss Clay, Ch. Tantivvey Viscaria.

Leo C. Wilson

This issue of the Whippet News contains a list of the American Whippet Club members, corrected to June 1.

Thanks to everyone who sent in corrections of the subscribers list in the April issue. Also thanks for the ads, letters, reports and news.

The opinions expressed in the Whippet News are those of the individual writers

and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the editor or the

American Whippet Club.

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General Appearance - The Whippet should be a dog of moderate size, very alert, that can cover a maximum of distance with a minimum of lost motion, a true sporting hound. Should be put down in hard condition but with no suggestion of being muscle-bound.

Head - Long and lean, fairly wide between the ears, scarcely perceptible stop, good length of muzzle which should be powerful without being coarse. Nose entirely black.

Ears - Small, fine in texture, thrown back and folded. Semipricked when at attention. Gay ears are incorrect and should be severely penalized.

Eyes - Large, intelligent, round in shape and dark hazel in color, must be at least as dark as the coat color. Expression should be keen and alert. Light yellow or oblique eyes should be strictly penalized. A sulky expression and lack of alertness to be considered most undesirable.

Teeth - White, strong and oven. Tooth of upper jaw should fit closely over the lower. An undershot mouth shall disqualify.

Neck - Long and muscular, well-arched and with no suggestion of throatiness, widening gradually into the shoulders. Must not have any tendency to a "ewe" neck.

Shoulders - Long, well-laid back with long, flat muscles. Loaded shoulders are a very serious fault.

Brisket - Very deep and strong, reaching as nearly as possible to the point of the elbow. Ribs well sprung but with no suggestion of barrel shape. Should fill in the space between the forelegs so that there is no appearance of a hollow between them.

Forelegs - Straight and rather long, hold in line with the shoulders and not set under the body so as to make a forechest. Elbows should turn neither in nor out and move freely with the point of the shoulder. Fair amount of bone, which should carry right down to the foot. Pasterns strong.

Feet - Must be well formed with strong, thick pads and well-knuckled-up paws. A thin, flat, open foot is a serious fault.

Hindquarters - Long and powerful, stifles well bent, hocks well let down and close to the ground. Thighs broad and muscular, the muscles should be long and flat. A steep croup is most undesirable.

Back - Strong and powerful, rather long with a good, natural arch over the loin creating a definate tuck-up of the underline but covering a lot of ground. Tail - Long and tapering, should reach to a hipbone when drawn through between the hind legs. Must not be carried higher than the top of the back when moving. Coat - Close smooth and firm in texture.

Color - Immaterial.

Size - Ideal height for dogs, 19 to 22 inches; for bitches, 18 to 21 inches. These are not intended to be definate limits, only approximate.

Gait - Low, free moving and smooth, as long as is commensurate with the size of the dog. A short, mincing gait with high knee action should be severely penalized.


Undershot mouth.

Approved November 9, 1955

NEW CHAMPIONS. This section is a regular feature of the Whippet News. Each issue we will present a three generation pedigree of new champions, with colors of the dogs when possible. Owners of new champions should send in the pedigrees as soon as the confirmation is received from the American Kennel Club. Please include the name of the dog and color, breeder, owner, date of birth, as well as the colors of the dogs in the pedigree. The pedigrees are presented on a first come basis and no more than two pages will be presented each issue.

Sylvia. Borgel Reports
June, 1960

So far this year my Whippet, Whipoo's Sylvan Sprite (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Whipoo's Wild Honey), better known as Rima, has earned her C.D. degree in Obedience and won her first point toward her championship. At the Hoosier Kennel Club Show, Indianapolis, March 27, there were two Whippets entered, but

the other one was absent. Rima was fourth in the Hound Group under George M. Becket She also got 185.5 in Obedience, Novice A, her first time in the Obedience ring, after being trained at home only with no class work of any kind. Indianapolis show was very, very crowded with hundreds of people jamming the isles.

At Dayton, Ohio, April 17, Rima was the only Whippet. In Obedience, she got a score of 198 ( out of a possible 200) in Novice A and was third in the class (first got 199, second 198.5). The next week at Columbus, Central Ohio Kennel Club, April 24, there was another Open Bitch contender, Cotillion Cut Up, owned by Jerome Wilson of Columbus. Rima got her first point. The judge was Mrs. C. W. Edmiston. Mrs. Edith Nash Hellerman judged the Group and Rima was fourth.

At Cincinnati, June 5, in Obedience, Rima was second in Novice A out of 15, with a score of 191.5. She messed up on the recall, came and lay down and wouldn't finish. That was her third and final leg.

Great Circle Kennels Report
Wendell T. Howell
June, 1960

This house, and a great many people of this area, are saddened by the sudden accidental death of Mr. George Esteve. He was a brilliant person, who, while doing many other things, found time to take complete and unfailing care of these Great Circle dogs. He was a graduate of a French law school, a journeyman machinist a graduate mathematician, and a teacher of French and mathematics. He will be missed by many people in all those capacities.

His great, nonintellectual enthusiasm was hunting rabbits with the dogs. If anyone wanted to go hunting, there was Georges, his red head a firebrand in the fields, with Scot and David, searching out a rabbit. He was a person who in a subtle often humorous way affected deeply all who knew him. I hope it is not too incongruous that this is perhaps the only public tribute to a very great man.

Roger and Jean Saltmarsh, Larry, Mike and all the Wicks family, Nancy Maillierd and Jim Schurtz, Andrew Romanoff, Alice Davies, Elizabeth Hutcheson, Betty and Earl Stites, Marianna Burrows, Wendy Howell, John Harris.

Whipoo Kennels Report Sibyl & Gene Jacobs June, 1960

We are very pleased that the mid—west exhibitors are being given the opportunity to show under a breeder - judge at the Champaign Illinois All Breed Dog Show on July 16, where Miss Julia Shearer will judge Whippets. This is a pleasant change from the usual "all—arounder" judge for the Whippet exhibitors at a mid—central Illinois show. We hope exhibitors and breeders throughout the mid—west area will take advantage of this opportunity and that there will be a good representation from outside Illinois. We are pulling for an entry of 30 Whippets. A good entry will be influential in determining the possibility of having a competent Whippet judge at this show another year.

Whipoo's Single Entry, called "Una", is the Whippet puppy we decided to have as a house dog along with Fug and 12 1/2 year old Whippet "Fancy". Besides learning important things like sitting up, "Una", commonly referred to as Lady Nibbles, seems to be fascinated about all sorts of odd things, and to date, has eaten off an arm rest on a hand carved French chair, made splinters out of a Teakwood letter opener, eaten the ends of a dog gate, swiped a container of gold gilt powder and after breaking it open, strewing it all over our bed her legs, face, and paws (she did look comical). A day or two later, Lady Nibbles swiped a tube of red oil paint and proceeded to take this tube of paint onto our bed, bite into the tube of paint and smear it over the bed spread and over herself (the clown look again). That same day "Una" got boxed by one of curten cats after she tried to pull her 'superior rank" on said cat! These are hard growing up lessons for a seven month old Whippet puppy. Even though she has her collection of toys and bones, "Una" proceeds to walk around the yard looking for other treasures, biting off flower buds and blossoms and returning to the back door of the house with her treasures - sticks, odd stones, small tree branches, and some unmentionable items!

Oklahoma Whippet Club
Dr. Samuel H. Scott

The Oklahoma Whippet Club is gradually gaining in strength and in interest. At our last meeting we ran 19 dogs, including schooling heats for puppies, and we had a number of spectators present too. Some of the spectators own young puppies and we hope that their interest in the Club will continue as the pups reach running age. The enervating summer heat is upon us and we have to run in the evenings now. We begin at 6:00 P.M. and run until dark. This gives us nearly two hours and usually allows each dog to run two heats. We hesitate to run them more in this weather, even in the cool of the evening. I was interested to read Mrs. Howell's comments on older dogs recently. Thus far this year our top running dog is Ch. Harbridge Hallmark, a two year old. Top bitch thus far is our Ch. Harbridge Passing Fancy, also a two year old. Second dog is our Ch. Harbridge Sun Streak, who will be seven this September. As recently as the first of the year Sunny was almost in a class by himself, but age is beginning to tell now. He will still do 14 plus seconds, but of course that isn't fast enough to beat the fastest. Our Ch. Harbridge Nocturne, now six, ran the fastest 200 yards that we have ever recorded, but it has been some time now since she won a heat. I have observed that some dogs on the track, like some dogs in the ring, seem to know whether or not they win and are honestly ashamed of themselves if they do not. Sunny is this way and it sometimes hurts a bit to see him exert himself and then have to swallow defeat. Some of the youngsters 15-16 months old are really beginning to find themselves now and are pushing the leaders hard. Before long it will really be nip and tuck every heat, we believe.


Kathleen Beargie, Denver, Colorado, writes

I thought you might be interested in the show news concerning the Denver Whippets. At the Colorado K. C. show, April 24 Rocket (Whipoo ' s Sharp Focus) finished her Novice Obedience Title with a score of 191 ½. Scamper(Rocketts Torpedo) finished his title at the Mountain States Dog Training Club's spring trial with a score of 193 1/2, on May 15. So dam and son now both have their C.D.'s. I enjoyed meeting all the Whippet people at Chicago very much, and think it was a real education to see the Whippet races.

John Kreutziger, Denver, Colorado, writes

Just a few lines to let you know I am still around and read the Whippet News regularly. I particularly enjoyed the April issue, I guess mostly because of the racing results at Chicago, and the list of addresses of people who receive the News. There are five of us in the Denver area, I see, and I hope to contact them soon to determine their interest in setting up a local racing & coursing club. Unfortunately, I am a good supporter but a poor organizer, and I hope one of the Denver people may be gifted this way.

While reading this latest issue I thought of an added service the News could possibly render the breeders, and that is a 2 or 3 generation pedigree for top

racing dogs (as well as champion show dogs) along with race results; rather than the one generation pedigree as you do now.

As for comments on the racing rules, I find them completely to my satisfaction. As to the size of Whippets, I never realized the size range was so great as the

11 lbs. for Xenia and 34 lbs. for my Pokey, and Pokey is not fat, and stands 22 in. According to the standard of the breed, the 22 in. is the maximum ideal height. Although 34 lbs. seems heavy (ref: 21 lbs. dividing weight suggested for racing), I can't imagine him being any lighter and still be in top condition.


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Members, June, 1960

Mr. & Mrs. George A. Anderson Box 665, Glen Head, Long Island, New York
Mr. & Mrs, C. Chase Arnold Box 95, Glen Arbor, Michigan
Mr. Ronald Bachmann 2631 Forest Rd., Lansing, Michigan
Mrs. W. O. Bagshaw 9501 Gloaming Dr., Beverly Hills, California
Mrs. John C. Barrows Box 27, East Norwich, Long Island, New York
Mrs. Pearl Baumgartner 10703 McEachen Rd., Puyallup, Washington
Miss Sylvia Borgel 6727 Kennedy Ave., Cincinnati 13, Ohio
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. W. Brainard, Jr. Marshall, Virginia
Harry J. Bridge 2500 East Mount Hope Ave., Lansing 10, Michigan
Burton A. Cleaves 21 Boulevard Rd., Wellesley Hills 81, Mass.
Mrs. Christine Cormany 1256 Woodbury Rd., Pasadena, California
Mrs. Violet B. Dery 96 Elmwood Ave., Montreal 8, quebec, Canada
Mrs. S. Hallock du Pont Box 790, Wilmington 99, Delaware
Mrs. Claire Ellison Cedars P. O. Box 43, Pennsylvania
Norman Ellis 545 E. Cortland Ave., Fresno 4, California
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph G. Eyles Box 187A, Route 2, Antioch, Illinois
Mr. & Mrs. James A Farrell, Jr. Box 1111, Darien, Connecticut
Mr. & Mrs. Philip S. P. Fell 835 Fifth Ave., New York
'Philip S. P. Fell, Jr. (Basil St. Hotel, Knightsbridge, London S.W.3, England
Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Frames 913 Bunting Dr., Bakersfield, California
Mrs. Lloyd Freese 5653 S. Drexel, Chicrgo 37, Illinois
Mrs. Agnes Griswold 901 Brower Rd., Wayne, iennsylvania
Dr. & Mrs. H. W. Heiser Jr. 4409 N. W. 44th., Oklahoma City 12, Oklahoma
Mrs. Robert Henderson 2265 Ralston Ave., Hillsborough, California
Miss Gertrude Hooft 1820 Poplar Ave., Redwood City, California
Donald P. Hostetter Cobham Virginia.
Mrs. Frederick P. Houston 161 East 81st St., New York 28, New York
Mrs. Wendell T. Howell 2100 Jefferson St., Sam Francisco 23, California
Miss Nancy Jane Jackson 119 Scott Hall, Durham, N.H. (summer— 9 Harris
Ave., Jamaica Plain, Mass.)
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Jacobs Mahomet, Illinois
Edward Jenner Route 1, Box 51, Libertyville, Illinois
Mr. & Mrs. O. J. deKorsak 1419 Hope St., S. E., Grand Rapids, Michigan
Mrs. Patti Long 720 High St., Oakland 1, California
D. Robert Motch Cismont Manor Farm, Keswick, Virginia
Edward W. Nash Kenwood, Charlottesville, Virginia
Mrs. Winthrop Neilson Lloyd Neck, Huntington, Long Island, New York
Mrs. Charles B. Newcombe 22 Grandview Terrace, North Hampton, New Hampshire
Mrs. Theodora Pedersen 8651 Oakleigh Rd., Baltimore 14, Maryland
Louis J. Peg= Ralston Purina Co, Checkerboard Square, St. Louis, Missouri
Calvin G. Perry Box 393, Durham, New Hampshire
Harry T. Peters, Jr. 17 Battery Place, New York 4, New York
Mrs. Stanley Pimble Rt. No. 2, Box 2227B, Browns Mills, New Jersey
Dr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Scott Box 2485, Norman, Oklahoma
Miss Judith R. Shearer Locust Dale, Virginia
Miss Susan Sim East Norwich, Long Island, New York
Misses Barbara & Josephine Steinberg Box 187B, Route 2, Antioch, Illinois
Mr. & Mrs. W. Potter Wear R. D. 3, Cambridge, Maryland
Walter A. Wheeler, Jr. 21 Boulevard Rd., Wellesley Hills 81, Mass.
Mrs. Margaret White Route 5, Box 516, Puyallup, Washington
Jerome Wilson 1012 Zebulon Ave., Columbus 24, Ohio
James F. Young 2204 N. Marengo Ave., Altadena, California

English Member

Mrs. D. F. Whitwell, Kirkholme, Great Ouseburn, York, England