A special thanks to Terry Schwartzman of Travlin' Whippets for the Historic contribution to the AWC

American Whippet Club
Specialty Show

September 9, 1960

There was a total of 58 dogs and 86 entries for judge Mrs. Winifred L. Heckmann, who did the classes. Mrs. Theodora Pedersen judged the Puppy Sweepstakes.

Puppy Sweepstakes, twelve shown; first, Pennyworth Kennels' Pennyworth Ebony King by Ch. Fleeting Falcon ex Ch. Pennyworth Blue Iris) second, Mardormere Kennels' Crystal of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Fascination of Mardormere) third, Claire A. R. Ellison's Stoney Meadows Christmas Eve (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Red Fox ex Meander Chit Chat) fourth, Barbara & Ralph Eyles' Eyleland Cinnamon Roll (by Stoney Meadows Epic ex Eyleland Stoney Meadows Test).

Puppy Bogs 6-9 mo., three shown; first, Lazeland Kennels' Wanderlust O'Lazeland by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O'Lazeland) second, Mrs. W. P. Wear's Stoney Meadows Winston (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Red Fox ex Meander Chit Chat) third, Barbara & Ralph Eyles' Eyleland Cinnamon Roll (by Stoney Meadows Epic ex Eyleland Stoney Meadows Tost)

Puppy Dogs, 9-12 mo., four shown; first, Pennyworth Kennels' Pennyworth Ebony King (by Ch. Fleeting Falcon ex Ch. Pennyworth Blue Iris) second, Pennyworth Kennels' Pennyworth Sparrow Hawk (by Ch. Fleeting Falcon ex Ch. Pennyworth Blue Iris) third, Lazeland Kennels' Beachfire O'Lazeland (by Ch. Surfrider O'Lazeland ex Pennyworth Forget—Me—Not) fourth, Barbara & Josephine Steinberg's Traymatt Plywood (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Traymatt Fides, C.D.)

Novice Dogs, one shown, E. May Steiner's Beau Midnight Masque (by Poppypicturepage ex Hill's Little Audrey)

Bred by Exhibitor Dogs, one shown; Meander Kennels' Meander Ten Four (by Ch. Meander Robin ex Ch. Dizzy Blond of Meander)

American Bred Dogs, four shown; first, Mardormere Kennels' Lucky Number of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Fascination of Mardormere) second, Stanley Pimble's Stoney Meadows Othello (by Stoney Meadows Epic ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Fairy Tale) third, Meander Kennels' Meander Pin Boy (by Ch. Meander Bob—White ex Ch. Meander Monotype) fourth, Agnes Griswold's Caniston Cockerel (by Ch. Meander Bob—White ex Meander Hidden Meaning)

Open Dogs, six shown; first, Janet C. Koch's Renpark's Jeff of Sheldegren (by Ch. Fleeting Falcon ex Ch. Renpark's Verry Merry) second, D. R. Match's Seven League Solitaire (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Melissande O'Lazeland) third, Pennyworth Kennels' Seagift Fleeting Fly Half of Pennyworth (by Valentine's Gift ex Pat's Pride) fourth, Miss F. Julia Shearer's Meander Fair Copy (by Ch. Meander Bob—White ex Ch. Meander Monotype)

Winners Dog to Pennyworth Ebony King. Reserve to Renpark's Jeff of Sheldegren.

Puppy Bitches, 6-9 mo., five shown; first, Mardormere Kennels' Crystal Of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Fascination of Mardormere) second, Mardormere Kennels' Amber Morn of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Fascination of Mardormere) third, Stuart Burford's Siren Song O'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O'Lazeland) fourth, Barbara Eyles' Eyleland Sweet Roll (by Stoney Meadows Epic ex Eyleland Stoney Meadows Test)

Novice Bitches, one shown, Lazeland Kennels' The Baguette O'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O'Lazeland)

Bred by Exhibitor Bitches, three shown; first, Lazeland Kennels' Soliloquy O ' Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Ch. Meander Lint O'Lazeland) second, Barbara & Ralph Eyles ' Eyleland Hepzibah (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Greet Circle Hester) third, Pennyworth Kennels' Pennyworth Black Orchid (by Ch. Fleeting Falcon ex Ch. Pennyworth Blue Iris).

American Bred Bitches, three shown; first, Lazeland Kennels' Solidago O'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Ch. Meander Lint O'Lazeland) second, Mardormere Kennels' Lucky Damsel of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Fascination of Mardormere) third, Miss F. Julia Shearer's Meander Buttins (by Ch. Meander Bob- White ex Meander Hidden Meaning)

Open Bitches, ten shown; first, Mrs. W. P. Wear's Stoney Meadows Golden Apple (by Chanctonbury Hercules ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Fairy Tale) second, Barbara & Ralph Eyles' Eyleland Winter Wind (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Ice Folly) third, Mardormere Kennels' Lucky Cameo of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Caniston Camellia) fourth, Lazeland Kennels' Whipoo's Wish Me Well (by Ch. Whipoo's Whimsy, C.D. ex Meander Slap Happy)

Winners Bitch to Stoney Meadows Golden Apple. Reserve to Eyleland Winter Wind. Best of Winners to Stoney Meadows Golden Apple.

Specials, twelve shown, Ch. Seven League Saddler, Ch. Meander Wet Paint, Ch. Meander Flip the Dip, Ch. Meander Pickpocket, Ch. Garden City's Victorious Mouse, Ch. Lucky Penny of Mardormere, Ch. Lucky Leader of Mardormere, Ch. Renpark's Wendy of Shelde gren, Ch. Fisherman O'Lazeland, Ch. Liebeskind 0' Lazeland, Ch. Stoney Meadows Model, Ch. Stoney Meadows Sprint;

Best of Breed to Calvin G. Perry's Ch. Stoney Meadows Sprint (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Marathon ex Stoney Meadows Snow Bird) Best Opposite Sex to Stoney Meadows Golden Apple.

Veteran Dog & Bitch Class, one shown, Mrs. James Ellison's Stoney Meadows New Penny (by Saddlerock Sho Deed 'E Does ex Meander Topaz, C.D.)

Get Class, two shown; first, Barbara & Ralph Eyles' Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle, represented by Eyleland Winter Wind, Eyleland Hepzibah, Traymatt Plywood, second, Lazeland Kennels & D. R. Motch's Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire, represented by The Marquise O'Lazeland, Siren Song O'Lazeland, Wanderlust O'Lazeland.

Produce Class, two shown; first, Lazeland Kennels' Ch. Meander Liat O'Lazeland, represented by Solidago O'Lazeland, Soliloquy O'Lazeland, Ch. Liebeskind O'Lazeland. second, Barbara & Ralph Eyles' Eyleland Stoney Meadows Test, represented by Eyleland Hard Roll, Eyleland Sweet Roll, Eyleland Cinnamon Roll.

Brace Class, one shown, Miss F. Julia Shearer's Ch. Meander Flip the Dip and Ch. Meander Pickpocket.

The entries were made up of the following exhibitors - David Biddle, Pa; Stuart Burford, Va., Claire Ellisin, Pa., Mrs. James Ellison, Pa., Barbara & Ralph Eyles, Ill., Agnes Griswold, Pa., Lisa Houston, N. Y., Janet Koch, Mass., Lazeland Kennels, Va., Mardormere Kennels, N. Y., Meander Kennels, Va., D. R. Motch. Va., Raymond Paxton, N.J., Pennyworth Kennels, N.Y., Calvin Perry, Me., Stanley Pimble, N.J., Miss F. Julia Shearer, Va., Barbara & Josephine Steinberg, Ill., E. May Steiner, Pa., Strathoak Kennels, Calif, W. D. Wear, Pa.

American Whippet Club Specialty Show Donald P. Hostetter, A.W.C. President

Plans are completed and your entry blanks in your hands for the American Whippet Club Specialty to be held at Stoney Meadows, Penllyn, Penna, on September 9, 1960. The layout for the show is the nicest we have had for years, the trophies lovely, and the polo field for the races could not be better.

Mrs. Winifred Heckman will judge both Greyhounds and the Whippet Specialty, and Mrs. Theodora Pedersen the Whippet Puppy Sweepstakes, which should bring out some of the top specimens of the future.

Mrs. W. P. Wear, as Entertainment Chairman, has planned luncheon and dinner to be served at Stoney Meadows on Friday, and it should be a wonderful time for all the members to get together in the pleasure and support of our American Whippet Club.

Since Friday will be a very full day, it has been decided by the committee and the Racing Secretary, Mr. Louis Pegram, that the races will be held in the late afternoon on Thursday, September 8th. This will give us ample time, dogs and handlers will be fresher, and will not interfere with the long judging hours a large entry demands. I hope all members and interested Whippet owners will be on hand with their dogs to make your Specialty a great success.

Dutch Racing
Wendell T. Howell

Whippet racing in Holland is a very thriving sport. In a country that can be crossed in every direction in two hours in a fast Dutch train, there are eight permanent race tracks and three portable sets of boxes and lure machines. These Dutch tracks are owned and supported by the local racing clubs and are operated under the rules of the Dutch Kennel Club. One of these rules is that no Whippet standing over twenty inches is allowed to race and the well known show judge and Whippet breeder, Madame Donath of Den Dolder is the official Kennel Club measurer. Also, dogs under a year old are not eligible for racing, so when they are of age and measured by Mrs. Donath, then the fun begins, In this connection regarding age it is interesting to note also that to get a show championship in Holland the fourth and final certificate must be won after the dog in question is two years old. This would seem to eliminate the early comers and the early goers. One wonders what this sort of rule would do in our country if applied to some of our early champions.

The track I visited on a Sunday afternoon in July is just outside Amsterdam beside a major highway. Mr. & Mrs. Hugenholtz kindly offered me a ride from Mrs. Donath's house in Den Dolder (very kindly, as I had all my luggage, and there were three of them and two Whippets already in their little European car). We arrived about one o ' clock to find the circular track gay with brightly colored flags, equipment ready, and a large crowd of people with their dogs. Flags fluttered also from a small grandstand and the clubhouse, where one of the members was doing a thriving business in sandwiches and good Dutch boor. In the track infield grazed a herd of Shetland ponies, I was told they were very useful for grass cutting, and payed rent as well.

The language barrier in Holland for an American is not as formidable as it might seem. Either one is replied to in perfect English, or a charming silent smile. Almost everyone speaks English

Instead of describing the appearance of the track I will ask Gene Jacobs to supply a sketch.

The wheels pinned in the ground are perambulator wheels minus rubber tires, and the lure machine is an upturned bicycle set on a platform. The starting boxes are spring operated and rear loading, permanently set in cement. In Amsterdam the boxes are made of steel, and all Dutch boxes are large enough to accommodate Greyhounds and Afghans. Instead of having our type of nose hole, the boxes are barred and set back at an angle from bottom to top of about thirty degrees. They open efficiently with their spring system and are so constructed that their mechanism is weatherproof.

This July Sunday afternoon the two judges and the timekeeper went to their booth on the finish line and the President of the club announced on the loudspeaker that the races would begin. This was a training day, in preparation for a big race against Rotterdam, so no admission had been charged and the meet had not been advertised. Even so, there was a crowd of people drifting in from the highway, augmenting the group already present of about seventy—five people with dogs.

As I write this, driving with Barbara Eyles along the Illinois expressway towards the Jacobs' house, trying to meet the deadline for the Whippet News, I am aware that my Sunday afternoon in Amsterdam is far away and my notes on it are in a suitcase lost at Idlewild. I hope my kind Dutch friends will forgive the ommission names and details, which they worked so hard helping me get together. The unbelievable fact is that twenty four races were run that afternoon, with no strain or hurry, due to the complete efficiency of management and machinery. There were only two slight failures with the lure machine, both immediately fixed.

The circular track is 300 meters, or three hundred twenty eight and one tenth yards. Both Greyhounds and Whippets are divided into A and B classifications (as a result of these training meets). Whippets A class running the distance under twenty five seconds. Greyhounds A class I think, under twenty three. Afghans and Borzois are not divided in class.

A young man on a motorcycle slung the skin over his shoulder and started around the track. He drove in a clockwise direction from the lure machine toward the boxes, round the track and back to start again. At every perambulator wheel was posted a young girl or boy holding a stick with a hook on the end with which they snagged the moving line and pulled it down around the little wheel. When the cyclist had dropped the skin in front of the boxes he rode off the track with a satisfying series of roars. This whole operation took less than a minute. Also about thirty feet in front of the lure machine stood a boy holding a very long stick with a hook on the end, through which he ran the line. He pulled this up in the air when the dogs ran in at the end of the races to keep the dogs from tearing the skin.

So the races began. Class A and B Whippets and Greyhounds, Afghans and Borzois. The Whippet times varied from twenty four seconds to about twenty seven. The Greyhound times ran about twenty three to twenty six. The Afghans (green I think) did a best time of thirty four. Borzois that finished at all were similar. The Whippets and Greyhound race card was run on a definite pattern of progression to the finals in each grade(here is where I miss my notes) and several qualifying heats were also put in for single dogs of each breed. These were green dogs, qualifying in their A or B divisions.

Mrs. Hugenholtz has a very nice young dog who was run twice by himself against time and ran one good heat of about twenty five seconds. It takes a good dog to come out of the box alone and concentrate that hard without competition.

Incidentally, Mrs. Hugenholtz also owns a sort of half brother to Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic, of USA race renown, by the same sire, Wild Goose, out of a daughter of Domenic 's mother. This young dog was naturally of great interest to me, and I'm sure will soon start running well enough to please Mrs. Hugenholtz.

The leading Whippet race kennels in Holland this year belongs to Mr.& Mrs. Roukens Schipholweg. Their dogs are also winning races all over Germany and Switzerland. They have only been breeding Whippets for a few years and have succeeded fabulously with a combination of good luck and very good management.

They kindly asked me to their house after the races. Mrs. Schipholweg is able to look at all her race dogs through little sliding windows in her kitchen. They have a small grass track for training in their garden.

The type of Whippets being raced in Holland amazed me by their quality. Heads are long and well formed, stifles well let down. Feet and ears in a few cases leave a bit to be desired but by and large the Dutch dogs compare very favorably indeed with what we consider good show type in this country.

The Dutch have made amateur dog racing in their country into a very popular sports event. There is no betting and no commercialism. Every owner is proud of his dog, no matter what its class and speed. There is complete good sportsmanship

on all sides and cheers for the winners from the losers. An interesting training sidelight is that all the Whippets expect and receive a few squares of Dutch chocolate after they have raced. All amateur dog racers in every country have lots to learn from the Dutch. In hospitality I know they can't be surpassed.

North Shore K. C. & Middlesex County K. C.
Walter Wheeler

Following is the placings of the Whippet judging at North Shore K. C., Myopia Hunt Club, Hamilton, Massachusetts, and the Middlesex County K. C., Concord, Massachusetts . The entry was exactly the same at both shows, and the placings very close, so I have merely copied the catalogue, using the left margin for the North Shore and the right margin for the Middlesex placements.

Frank J. Parker sends the following show results

Farmington Valley Kennel Club
Kenneth W. Given, Judge

Open Dogs, one shown, F. Julia Shearer's Meander Fair Copy (by Ch. Meander Bob White ex Ch. Meander Monotype)

Open Bitches, one shown, Frank J. Parker's Renpark's Merry Antoinette (by Ch. Wingedfoot Ringmaster of Pennyworth ex Ch. Renpark's Verry Merry).

Best of Breed to Renpark 's Merry Antoinette. Best Opposite Sex to Meander Fair Copy.

Renpark's Merry Antoinette went on to place third in the Hound Group under Mrs. Edith Nash Hellerman.

Windham County Kennel Club, May 15, '1960 Kenneth W, Given, judge

Puppy Dogs, one shown, Janet C. Koch's Renparks Jeff of Sheldegren (by Ch. Fleeting Falcon ex Ch. Renpark 's Verry Merry)

Puppy Bitches, one shown, Janet C. Koch 's Renpark's Wendy of Sheldegren (by Ch. Fleeting Falcon ex Ch. Renpark's Verry Merry)

Open Bitches, two shown; first, Frank J. Parker's Renpark's Merry Antoinette (by Ch. Wingedfoot Ringmaster of Pennyworth ex Ch. Renpark's Verry Merry)

second, Nancy—Jane Jackson's Whipoo's White Reflection (by Ch. Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander ex Ch. Whipoo's White Chiffon)

Winners Bitch and Best of Winners and Best Breed to Renpark's Merry Antoinette. Reserve to Whipoo's White Reflection.

Renpark's Merry Antoinette went on to place fourth in the Hound Group under C. A. Swartz.

Champaign Illinois Kennel Club, July 16, 1960
Miss Julia Shearer, judge

22 dogs in competition

Puppy Dogs, two shown; first, Barbara & Josephine Steinberg's Traymatt Plywood (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Traymatt Fides, C.D.) second, Barbara & Josephine Steinberg's Traymatt Floor Boards (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Oh. Traymatt Fides, C.D.)

Novice Dogs., one shown, Mrs. Josephine 0. Bailey's Jo—Carr Rustic Captain (by Whipoo's Silver Skipper ex Ch. Whipoo's Brushburn)

Bred by Exhibitor Dogs, one shown, Harriet M. Freese 's Lysander of Briskways (by Oh. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Eyleland Buttercup).

American Bred Dogs, four shown; first, William E. Fields' Oberon of Briskways (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Eyleland Buttercup) second, Barbara & Ralph Eyles' Eyleland Hubert (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Great Circle Hester) third, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Jacobs' Whipoo's Court Card (by Ch. Meander Bob—White ex Ch. Whipoo's Brushburn) fourth, Joyce Steinberg's Bob—White of Ebonwood (by Ch. Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander ex Ch. Whipoo's Whisper)

Open Dogs, four shown; first, Josephine Steinberg's Traymatt Eyleland Herkimer(by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Great Circle Hester) second, Edward Jenner's Red Letter O 'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O'Lazeland) third, Barbara & Josephine Steinberg's Stoney Meadows Peacock Pie (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Marathon ex Ch. Snow Flurry of Meander) fourth, J. R. Hutchins Jr. & Sam E. Hearn's Bull O'The Woods O'Blue Beaver (by Ch. Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander ex Ch. Whipoo's Sharp Focus)

Winners Dog to Traymatt Eyleland Herkimer. Reserve to Oberon of Briskways.

Puppy Bitches, two shown; first, Barbara & Ralph Eyles' Eyleland Hepzibah (by

Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Groat Circle Hester) second, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Jacobs' Whipoo's Single Entry (by Meander Town Topics ex Ch. Whipoo's Wild Honey)

Bred by Exhibitor Bitches, one shown, Barbara & Josephine Steinberg's Traymatt Fedora (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Ch. Traymatt Fides, C.D.)

American Bred Bitches, one shown, Dr. & Mrs. Philip W. Edlin's Whipoo's Dark Venture (by Ch. Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander ex Whipoo's Silken Elegance, C.D.)

Open Bitches, four shown; first, Barbara & Ralph Eyles' Eyleland Winter Wind (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Ice Folly) second, Harriet M. Freese's Eyleland Buttercup (by The Baron of Birdneck Point ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Bedtime Story) third,Jack Stone's Storm Warning Dart of Meander (by Meander Badly Bent ex Meander Delia) fourth, Ralph Eyles' Eyleland Stony Meadows Tost (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Laguna Leonie)

Winners Bitch to Eyleland Hepzibah. Reserve to Eyleland Winter Wind.

Best of Winners to Traymatt Eyleland Herkimer.

Specials, two shown, Ch. Briarwyn's Benjamin, Ch. Great Circle Hester.

Best of Breed to Barbara & Ralph Eyles' Ch. Great Circle Hester (by Great Circle Sand Flea ex Ch. Great Circle Bewitched) Best Opposite Sex to Traymatt Eyleland Herkimer.

Ch. Great Circle Hester went on to place third in the Hound Group under Miss Shearer

Mrs. James W. Case sends the results of the Ventura, Calif., show, July 30,

judge, Mr. R. N. McCandless .... Bred by Ex. Dogs, D.W. & D.C. Frames' Piperkins

Robinson. Open Dogs first, W.D . , B.W. & Best Breed, Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Case's

Canyon Crest Laddie Boy. second, Reserve, D.W. & D. C. Frames' Piperkins RobinGood Open Bitches, first, W.B. Best Opposite Sex, D. W. & D. C. Frames' Piperkins Patience. Reserve, Canyon Crest Kennels' Canyon Crest Surprise.


Dorothy Lewis, Secretary, Midland Whippet Club, sends the following:

On July 5th our Club held a "Match" with the Southern Dachshund Club at Hampton Court , near London. We had 16 aside, which resulted in a win for our Club. The winner was a fawn bitch puppy belonging to Barbara Osborne, by Champion Wingedfoot Marksman of Allways. Our judge was Bill Siggers the all rounder who came to officiate.

During the evening an interesting "Cini" show, kindly brought over by Mrs. Wendy Howell, who is here on a visit, showed us your Whippet racing and also the teaching with the skin for the youngsters. It was most interesting to see it all and to see how keen all the dogs are, even when so young. We thoroughly enjoyed it and were most grateful to Mrs, Howell for her kindness. Racing over here is becoming very popular again now, and there are meetings every week.

Wishing all Whippet breeders the best of luck.

We are sorry this issue of the Whippet News is so late. We got behind in our schedule. Since it is late anyway, we have decided to wait with the assembling until we can include the results of the American Whippet Club Specialty. Many readers are very interested and eager for the results of the Specialty, so no need to wait for the October issue.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this issue. We appreciate your cooperation and interest in the News.

Deadline for the next issue will be October 12. We expect to be back on schedule with this issue. Please send your letters, news, reports and pedigrees for the New Champions section.

The opinions expressed in the Whippet News are those of the individual writers and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the editor or the American Whippet Club.


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General Appearance - The Whippet should be a dog of moderate size, very alert, that can cover a maximum of distance with a minimum of lost motion, a true sporting hound. Should be put down in hard condition but with no suggestion of being muscle-bound.

Head - Long and lean, fairly wide between the ears, scarcely perceptible stop, good length of muzzle which should be powerful without being coarse. Nose entirely black.

Ears - Small, fine in texture, thrown back and folded. Semipricked when at attention. Gay ears are incorrect and should be severely penalized.

Eyes - Large, intelligent, round in shape and dark hazel in color, must be at least as dark as the coat color. Expression should be keen and alert. Light yellow or oblique eyes should be strictly penalized. A sulky expression and lack of alertness to be considered most undesirable.

Teeth - White, strong and oven. Tooth of upper jaw should fit closely over the lower. An undershot mouth shall disqualify.

Neck - Long and muscular, well-arched and with no suggestion of throatiness, widening gradually into the shoulders. Must not have any tendency to a "ewe" neck.

Shoulders - Long, well-laid back with long, flat muscles. Loaded shoulders are a very serious fault.

Brisket - Very deep and strong, reaching as nearly as possible to the point of the elbow. Ribs well sprung but with no suggestion of barrel shape. Should fill in the space between the forelegs so that there is no appearance of a hollow between them.

Forelegs - Straight and rather long, hold in line with the shoulders and not set under the body so as to make a forechest. Elbows should turn neither in nor out and move freely with the point of the shoulder. Fair amount of bone, which should carry right down to the foot. Pasterns strong.

Feet - Must be well formed with strong, thick pads and well-knuckled-up paws. A thin, flat, open foot is a serious fault.

Hindquarters - Long and powerful, stifles well bent, hocks well let down and close to the ground. Thighs broad and muscular, the muscles should be long and flat. A steep croup is most undesirable.

Back - Strong and powerful, rather long with a good, natural arch over the loin creating a definate tuck-up of the underline but covering a lot of ground. Tail - Long and tapering, should reach to a hipbone when drawn through between the hind legs. Must not be carried higher than the top of the back when moving. Coat - Close smooth and firm in texture.

Color - Immaterial.

Size - Ideal height for dogs, 19 to 22 inches; for bitches, 18 to 21 inches. These are not intended to be definate limits, only approximate.

Gait - Low, free moving and smooth, as long as is commensurate with the size of the dog. A short, mincing gait with high knee action should be severely penalized.


Undershot mouth.

Approved November 9, 1955

NEW CHAMPIONS. This section is a regular feature of the Whippet News. Each issue we will present a three generation pedigree of new champions, with colors of the dogs when possible. Owners of new champions should send in the pedigrees as soon as the confirmation is received from the American Kennel Club. Please include the name of the dog and color, breeder, owner, date of birth, as well as the colors of the dogs in the pedigree. The pedigrees are presented on a first come basis and no more than two pages will be presented each issue.

Eyleland Kennels Report
Barbara Eyles

August, 1960

Seems as though summer has almost come and gone before we manage to get some sort of a report into the Whippet News. Not for the lack of things to write about but more for lack of time....primarily due to house building. In addition to owing the News article after article I also owe everyone we know a letter so perhaps a new leaf will be turned over.

Puppywise, we have had litters by Stoney Meadows Epic ex Eyleland Stoney Meadows Tost, whelped March 1st, 1960; Stoney Meadows Epic ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Bedtime Story whelped April 7, 1960; Stoney Meadows Brin Tin Tin by Stoney Meadows Peacock Pie; and an infant litter out of Ch. Groat Circle Bewitched by Stoney Meadows Epic.

Until our dog Monocle's tragic demise, we had every intention of breeding Tost to him. As a more or less substitute breeding we bred her to Monocle 's sire, Epic, who has come to live with us and I must say we are most pleased with what we got. The litter consists of three dogs and a bitch, the dogs being red—fawn with a black mask, fawn, and white with fawn and the bitch is a pale yellow fawn. In as much as Tost's name should have been Toast (the 25 letter limit) we have named the pups Cinnamon Roll (red), Hard Roll, Sweet Roll (the bitch) and the white one will be Brown and Serve. At age five plus months, they seem to us to be the best litter we have had since our Pert—Monocle litter where we lost all but one from encephalitis. One always hopes for the best in one's breedings and this one seems to have been a nick. To date, the pups seem to be a combination of the virtues of both parents without the faults of either. The dogs will be rather large but have nice shapes for dog pups and the bitch is small and typey.

Our next litter, by Epic out of Ch. Stoney Meadows Bedtime Story, consisted of two males (we have boys running out of our ears), one black with white markings and one fawn with considerable black in his coat. Tub is black so this follows. We had hoped for a bitch as we had lost her only daughter (also black) and son in the previously mentioned bout with encephalitis, a few years back. It seems odd that we have no offspring from Tub, who was our original foundation bitch, but we haven't.

Brin's litter by Pie, was a paper breeding and it will take some time to tell how it will turn out. Three bitches (solid brindle, solid fawn, and solid white) and one silver fawn dog. Two have been sold as pets. The owners of the stud have taken the white bitch, and we are keeping the brindle. She went through an ugly duckling stage but is now beginning to look quite nice. Since this was a pedigree breeding, her looks are relatively unimportant as I expect the best results will appear in the next generation, but she is coming along nicely.

Our youngest litter by Epic out of Ch. Great Circle Bewitched was a somewhat harrowing experience. Having leased Millicent from Wendy Howell who was going to England for the summer, we were fully prepared for a large litter, as Wendy said she had never had less than seven and would probably have to have a Caesarian, having had one the previous litter. When the time came, Millicent was determined that no one was going to be present at the whelping. I attend my " birthings" and Millicent had been with us since International when Wendy brought her, so I was unprepared for her secretive attitude when the time came. I persisted and so did she, so after I finally gave up and went to bed, she had one pup some time during

the night, which was all clean, dry and nursing when I arrived early in the morn ing to "peek". She then delivered another one around 9:00, also when I wasn't looking, and the next one late that afternoon. When evening came, and she had produced no more, we began to worry. She still looked large and with the pups coming more and more slowly, I was envisioning dreadful prospects. To top it all, we had the worst storm we have had in years, both the phone and power lines were down, it was 4th of July weekend and our vet (when we managed to locate a phone

that WAS working) could find no one to assist in a Caesarian operation. We finally managed to get her to another vet who said she had no more pups to have. One of the three she did have faded during the night and Millicent contracted an infection probably from a retained afterbirth, but now both she and the pups are fine. Millicent is the dam of our Ch. Great Circle Hester and we appreciate the opportunity to be able to lease her from Wendy.

I would not presume to speak for anyone else, but it has worked out for us well to use one stud dog at a time. We bought Monocle at age 4 1/2 months as a potential stud and bred all our bitches to him. Now we are using Epic, his sire. By using a dog in a concentrated fashion, on different bitches, it is easier for us to determine the faults and virtues the dog in question will sire. And having a number of pups sired by the same dog, it enables us to be more selective in what to save for the next generation. We get to know the stud and what we can expect from him and when the time comes to plan the next generation we are well enough acquainted with the dog side of the pedigree to be able to sort out the family faults and virtues — we hope. Theories are fine, in theory; and/but time will tell how they work out in practice.

Most likely someone else will give you ell the facts about wins and places at the Champaign, show, but just in case the enjoyable time had by all who attended the show is not mentioned, I will break into print in the Whippet News for the first time.

A sun shiny day always helps make an outdoor show pleasant and at Champaign we enjoyed one of the few days without rein that we have had so far this year in the mid—west. The number of Whippets at the show must have been very gratifying to the judge (Julia Shearer) and so many Whippets and Whippeteers gathered together gave the show almost a "Specialty" air.

The main reason I am writing this note to the Whippet News is to express thanks for the nice time we all had at the home of Gene and Sibyl Jacobs after the show. Their new kennel building was on display (and for the party, doubled as a bar). I was particularly interested in the kennel because ours is in the building process. I hope they do not mind if I steal some of their clever ideas. The

food was delicious and there was so much of it I am sure Gene & Sibyl were eating salads, cold cuts, olives, pickles, cake etc., all the next week. I just hope they did not have to finish all those bottles of liquor.

I say thanks to the Jacobs for a well organized, well run, and very pleasant party.

Ralph Eyles

Lazeland Kennels Report
Donald Hostetter
Aug. 6, 196O

Following is a résumé of the judging on the Carolina circuit. I took five dogs; Puppy dogs, Beachfire O 'Lazeland (by Ch. Surfrider O 'Lazeland ex Pennyworth Forget—Me—Not) and The Mariner O 'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O'Lazeland). Novice Dogs, Wanderlust O 'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O 'Lazeland) and Homeric O 'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O'Lazeland). Open Bitches, The Marquise O 'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O'Lazeland).

At Spartanburg, S.C., July 29, judge Krebbs, Louisville, Ky., The Mariner won The Puppy class, Homeric won the Novice class and was Winners Dog for three points. Reserve to The Mariner. The Marquise Winners Bitch. Homeric Best of Winners. Best of Breed to Ch. Seven League Saddler, who went on to third in the Hound Group.

At Charlotte N. C., July 31, judge Kenneth Given, and at Asheville under Marie Moyer, the placings were identical. The Mariner won the Puppy class. Wanderlust won the Novice class and was Winners dog for three points. Reserve to The Mariher. The Marquise Winners bitch and Best of Winners for three points. The Marquise Best of Breed. At Charlotte she placed third in the Hound Group under Given, and at Asheville she placed second in the Group under Col. McQuown.

Pennyworth Kennels Report
Peggy Newcombe

Aug. 10, 1960

I would like to report two new champions, information as follows:

Ch. Pennyworth Vengeance, born May 3, 1957. Breeder, owner, by Ch. Pennyworth Pathfinder ex Ch. Wingedfoot Fieldspring Bryony. (Dog)

Ch. Renpark 's Wendy of Sheldegren, born July 3, 1959. Breeder Irene K. & Parker Harris, owner Janet C. Koch. By Ch. Fleeting Falcon ex Ch. Renpark 's Verry Merry. (Bitch)

Oh! it might be of interest to know that these two finished on the Vermont, New Hampshire Circuit, and that Wendy's brother, also owned by Mrs. Koch, "Renpark's Jeff of Sheldegren", only needs two points, after the circuit, two finish. Ch. Fleeting Falcon won two Best of Breeds, Champlaign Valley Kennel Club, Inc., and Green Mountain Dog Club, both in Vermont. Mrs. Wear joined us at Franklin, N.H. for the Lakes Region K. C., with Ch. Stoney Meadows Red Fox and Stoney Meadows Golden Apple in Open and she racked up three Best of Breeds over Falcon, two with Red Fox and one with her lovely bitch, and we wish this lady well as she is terribly nice (Golden Apple I mean). Congratulations Doris and do come up and see us often. The Circuit, I would say, was a success with five points at the first show, but it never dropped below four points in dogs. My new import, Eng. Ch. Seagift Fleeting Fly Half was Winners Dog and Best of Winners at Champlain Valley . Green Mountain, Renpark 's Jeff of S, Winners Dog and Wendy Winners Bitch

and Best of Winners. Woodstock, Vengeance Winners Dog, Whipoo's White Reflection Winners Bitch. At Lakes Region, Vengeance Winners Dog, Wendy Winners Bitch and Best of Winners. Fox B.O.B. Carrol County K. C., Vengeance Winners Dog, Golden

Apple Winners Bitch and B.O.W. and Best of Breed. Rockingham County K.C., Renpark's Marked Man (Vengeance abs.) Winners Dog, Golden Apple, Winners Bitch and Red Fox Best of Breed.

Stoney Meadows Kennel Reports

Doris Wear August, 2960

At the shows we recently attended in New England we got news that there's a move afoot to make the rules governing the attainment of the title "Champion" more stringent, thereby eliminating the so-called "cheap champions" and making the title carry more weight, as it should. The originator of this scheme is one of the all- round judges, a man who has been a top professional handler as well as a breeder of dogs for many years. His idea to us had merit and I thought it might be well to broach it in the News and see what the reactions to it would be amongst the Whippet people. In a "nut shell" it is based on the premise that in no other sport can a champion become a champion without having defeated another champion! Therefore, the suggestion is made that a dog (or bitch) after having acquired 15 points including the two majors just as they do now, shall then have a certificate from the A. K. C. stating that the dog or bitch is now "eligible for the specials class", which from then on they may compete in. Not until he or she has gone "Best of Breed" in specials class of two or more champions under two different judges would this dog become himself a "Champion of Record".

This system, it is thought, would eventually not only eliminate the really poor " champions", but it would also preclude the possibility of dogs finishing for the title too young. We all know of cases where an early maturing animal has become a champion as a puppy or shortly after puppyhood, only to coarsen or grow too big or fail to grow big enough to be a worthy champion as an adult.

To us, this idea has everything to recommend it and we can see nothing against it. What do the News readers think???

Strathoak Kennels Report Christine Cormany July 21, 196O

We have sold one of our Magna Carta-Starsheen puppies to Miss Golde of North Hollywood. From the beginning this puppy looked rather plain and just of pet quality, but now at almost 2 months we feel she will have lots to offer and hope we can pursuade Miss Golde to show her from time to time. Miss Golde had Whippets in Germany and having seen some informal snapshots of these dogs, they were of very good type. We have decided to keep one for ourselves, she seems to have lots to offer, at the same age as Starsheen and White Velvet, this pup has as much depth of chest if not more, is very sound in front, lovely reach of neck and a sweet little head-piece. The one remaining pup for sale is a silver-fawn with white face and has some nice qualities about her, we've hummed and hawed about her and the fawn and have finally decided on the fawn, so watch out for Strathoak Morning Star! The silver has a sweeter face and expression but then our breed is not judged on expression alone, she's sound in front, has nice depth of chest and is a very nice quality pup, she will appeal to many because of her size, she does not look to be as though she was going to be a big one, about average, taking a guess and comparing weights, she may go 18 1/2 inches, and at 2 1 /2 months weighs 9 lbs! We have had a variation on sizes with this litter, one small, one a bit larger, one about average and one bigger!, but they have all gained steadily and each has stayed the same weight ahead of the next one.

We have been watching with great interest and anxiety, the progress of the fourth puppy. She has had somewhat of a health problem and at this writing we still do not know what her future might be. We call her Pixie, her name was originally Spunky as she had been the smallest born but was so spunky and took nothing from any of the others and just fought her way through up to weaning age. My friend, Margaret Purfield, was so entranced with her and learning that her nick–name was Pixie, the puppy was called the same. Starting with the weaning, this pup seemed very healthy, lively, happy, bright and normal. However, perhaps an hour or so after feeding, she would vomit up bits of her food, sometimes it coming down through her nose. At 6 weeks of age we noticed a little gurgling noise and thinking maybe some of the liquid had gotten into her lungs, we took her to a competent Vet. He examined her thoroughly, lungs, heart and pallet were perfectly normal as was her temperature. We were advised to feed her little and often and by herself and keep her quiet for an hour or so after feeding and not to pick her up at any time. She was returned to the Vet a few weeks later and upon examination he concluded she had an enlarged esophagus and would continue to vomit the rest of her life. We could have turned her over to a research Doctor, not to be destroyed, but for observation purposes only. But, being the mother of a 5 1/2 year old child and like other mothers when they get a diagnosis, they like to have possibly two or three other opinions too. We took Pixie to our regular Vet and he said the same thing, an enlarged esophagus and she would be vomiting the rest of her life and the best thing would be to have her put to sleep. We mulled this over a bit and I asked him if he would do an autopsy on her and write a report for me, he said he would do better, he'd make the incision and if it could be corrected, he would do so. To make a long story short, Pixie did not have the incision as they ran some X–Ray pictures and found she had a thymus gland that is not in the proper place and is also larger than it should be. Being sensitive to X–Ray, they gave her a treatment to help reduce the size and we brought her home that same day. Her diet was to be strained baby food meats, but we found this too heavy for her and put her back on kibbles and finely ground hamburger. She has gained a pound in one week, is still a little thin, can count every bone in her body, but she is gaining so must be retaining most of her food. She goes back to the Vets in another week or so. It is hard to think of her little life coming to a possible end as she has been so healthy and to look at her you would never suspect there was anything wrong except when she is sitting facing you, her little throat swells up and down just like a bull- frog!! We are going to do everything we can to keep Pixie going, and altho she will be too small to ever show (however she might appeal to some English judges) she has the qualities and features of a fairly nice one, she is better than some of the "pet quality". She has a good depth of chest, sound front and the sweetest face one could ever find on a Whippet puppy. She's a veteran at riding in a car, and her favorite spot is between the seat and door, which in itself is dangerous because when the door is opened there is a good chance of her falling out! The last two times in the car tho, she has laid beside me very quietly and unconcerned about the whole matter and it is times like that, that one wonders about the future of a little 8 pound 2 ½ month old Whippet puppy.

Aug. 6, 196O

Santa Barbara K. C., General Edward McKinley, Lexington, Ky., judge. WD–BOB Laguna Lucky Laird – 4 dogs, 3 points. WB-BOS Strathoak Starsheen – 4 bitches, 3 points. Lucky Laird has been campaigned since Specialty and needs but 2 points to finish. Starsheen, who has not been out since Santa Barbara show last year, needs but 2 pts. to finish, getting her 2nd major yesterday. Starsheen after having a litter of pups, was in fine fettle and showed like a million, her daughter is going to have some going to keep up with her. Our record at Santa Barbara we are proud of – '58–RWB, '59-WB and RWB, '6O .- WB and BOS; '59 & '60 being both majors for us. Starsheen now has in 8 shows-5 winners and 3 reserves.

Aug. 3, 1960

Will you please place the name of Mr. John P. Towne on the mailing list for the Whippet News. He has just bought our choice puppy from Starsheen, the one we planned on keeping for our shows next year, Strathoak Morning Star. He is very interested in the breed as to characteristics, temperament, color combinations etc. M. Towne met Donald Hostetter when he was out here and entered at the Santa Monica show and Donald gave him my Dad's phone number. Mr. Towne called the day we were off to the Santa Barbara show but came out Monday evening and Dad brought him over to see the pups; along with Morning Star we also showed him Silver Star (Dawn) and as there isn't too much to choose in quality there is a bit of difference in size. Mr. Towne left Monday evening to "sleep" on it, and came back Tuesday to get his puppy. We wish him all the luck in the world with her and feel she is a credit to both sire and dam, and sincerely hope she will develop into the adult dog we hope her to be. We will keep Silver Star for awhile and see what transpires with her. As to little Pixie, we have not made any decis ion on her yet, the vomiting has decreased to the point it is almost nil, but she still "gurgles" at tines, especially when excited.

Traymatt Kennels Report B. & J. Steinberg August, 196O

Our all white bitch, Traymatt Necessary Nell, by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle and out of our Ch. Pennyworth News Girl, whelped a litter of six--three of each sex, on the 25th of May. Two all white boys and a solid fawn like the sire, Stoney Meadows Epic. The three females vary in shades of fawn. All are doing fine.

Traymatt Matchless Monica, a red and white litter sister to Nell, was also bred to S.M. Epic, who by the way, is also their grandsire on their sire's side. She whelped July 25th, a litter of nine; six males and three females. Two solid dark fawn males, one all white boy with a fawn spot on his forehead; the other three males beautiful marked parti–colors; and the females also parti–colored.

Monica and Nell, who will be three years old this November, are the first get by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle--they were the only two in the litter.

Our nine month old male pups--Traymatt Plywood, a solid brindle and Traymatt Floor Boards, all white--are the last of Monocle's get, out of our Ch. Traymatt Fides C.D. (Monocle's accident happened a few days after this mating). Woody and Floor Boards were the only two in this litter.

Monocle's first champion get, Traymatt Eyleland Herkimer, white with red brindle markings, bred by Ralph & Barbara Eyles, owned and handled by Josephine Steinberg, won his points undefeated in the classes. His latest win was under Miss Julia Shearer at the Champaign K. C., going Best of Winners over his litter sister and Best Opposite to his dam, Oh. Great Circle Hester.

Whipoo Kennels Report
Sibyl & Gene Jacobs
August, 1960

We were very pleased with the number of Whippets shown at the Champaign, Ill. show under Miss Julia Shearer, and thank everyone who helped to make the Whippet showing a success. Our only regret was that the entry was almost totally from Illinois and that no other sections of the mid—west were represented.

From the east Cal Perry reports that his Ch. Whipoo 's White Luster whelped

a litter of six gorgeous pups on Aug. 7th., sired by Ch. Stoney Meadows Red Fox.... 4 males and 2 bitches. The males colors are: one completely white, one white with a large spot on one side of herd and a saddle mark on one side (marks were black, but are fading in to sable), a strange fawn with black mask and white blaze and front (really lovely). The bitches are nearly all white with a finger mark in red over one eye and on one shoulder, a very dark fawn with Black face-this may be a red. This last bitch was the smallest at birth, but is by far the largest now. Nancy Jane Jackson reports that her Whipoo 's White Reflection now has 10 points including both majors. "Lilly" is now temporarily retired until after she whelps her litter.

Whipoo's Note Well, now owned by Cal Perry, has 10 points and both majors, so she is well on the way at 14 months old.

White Acres Kennel Reports
Pearl Baumgartner

August, 196O

These are busy times here at White Acres. We have had our race track completed enough so that we have been running races on it since July 4th. At the present time it is manually operated. It consists of a fifty foot boom mounted on a wheel in the center with the outer end riding on a roller skate which in turn rides on the top board of the inside fence. This gives us a little more than a 1OO yard track. Our boxes are a single unit consisting of five stalls. All the doors are connected to a single spring. They load from the back and have windows in the lower portion of the exit doors. This window keeps the dogs head down and tends to make a foster break. These boxes are similar to those used at the Greyhound track at Portland. As the skate comes around it makes a noise similar to "Rusty", the electric rabbit used on the Greyhound track. All we have to do is run the roller skate around and the kennel dogs really sing out. At the present time we have just the inside fence up, but hope later to install an outer fence giving us a 15 foot wide track. It has become quite a challenge to the ones pushing the boom that carries the lure to see if they can push it feat enough for some of these speedy Whippets. For the fast ones it is wise to have two people pushing the boom.

Since we have been running the dogs on the track, our house dogs, Champion White Acres Silver Spice, White Acres Snow Flurry, White Acres Sea Shanty and White Acres Sea Seraph, jump the yard fence every time any of us go in the direction

of the track and they usually have made several laps around before we arrive. We usually run the older dogs three tines around which makes it about 32O yards.

Our show activity has been rather slow this sunnier, having attended only two, one on June 19th held at Longview, Wash. Since puppy entries were $2, we entered six, five in Jr. puppy and one in Sr. puppy. The five (3 bitches 2 males) were the entire litter of Ch. White Acres Sea Shanty, sired by Ch. Great Circle The Scot. I had five friends who had never shown a Whippet before show them and judge D. Rayne spent considerable time placing the dogs. 1—White Acres Cherokee, 2—White Acres Choctaw, 3—White Acres Shawnee, 4—White Acres Chippewa; White Acres Breath less, entered in Sr. puppy, was placed Winners end Best of Breed, and White Acres Cherokee, Reserve Winners. The second show was Dog Fanciers of Oregon held at Portland on July 10th. Judge H. Cox. Jr. Puppy— 1—White Acres Choctaw, 2—White Acres Shawnee. Open— 1—White Acres Cherokee. 2—White Acres Breathless. Winners and Best of Breed to White Acres Cherokee. Reserve Winners to White Acres Choctaw.

We are also pleased to announce that Doris Ringer's White Acres Sea Foam finished his C.D. at Longview on June 19th and is now working toward a C.D.X. degree.

Windsprite Kennels Report
Walter Wheeler

June 25, 196O

The English Champion which I have leased from Peggy Newcombe snapped back into condition so quickly after her first litter of seven puppies (when she was over five years old) that I showed her at two weekend shows, and with the two majors, she completed her American title. This was when her litter was less than 10 weeks old!

It is a promising litter, and we hope that several will be sold to new owners in this area who will show enthusiastically.

August, 196O

Enclosed please find the pedigree of Eng. & Am. Ch. Hillgarth Shot Silk of Penny­worth, which I am leasing from Peggy Newcombe. This bitch finished her American Championship recently with two majors at Middlesex and North Shore. I have recently received the confirmation of her title, so the pedigree can now be published in the Whippet News.

The litter out of this bitch is as promising as ever...most of the puppies have gorgeous American type heads but seem also to have the deep English bodies and good toplines ...a happy combination. Several have been sold, and I am hoping that the remaining puppies will also go to parties who will show and perhaps breed.

The sire, Ch. Stoney Meadows Marble Faun, was shown at Wachusett Kennel Club show, He went Best of Breed over Janet Koch's Renpark's Wendy of Sheldegren (WB) and Renpark's Jeff of Sheldegren (BW) and went on to fourth in a good Hound Group. The other Hound placements went to well—known Group and Best—In—Show winners and handlers.

Please add Mrs. Harry F. Koch to the address list of the Whippet News. She is a marvelous boost to the breed, being a gracious loser as well as winner. Her bitch has finished her championship now, and her dog is just two points from his title.

Puget Sound Whippet Fanciers Racing News

On July 1Oth the exhibitors of the Dog Fanciers of Oregon had the pleasure of seeing 15 Whippets from the Puget Sound area run 5 races on the track of the Multnomah Kennel Club track (for Greyhounds). They were lead to the post by 4 small grooms dressed in the traditional red and white uniforms. The Dog Fanciers had acquired the services of starter and the lure operators. The boxes were set at the 335 mark which was quite a distance for the 7 to 11 month pups which we had planned to run in the 4th race, but since it was too much trouble to move the boxes we decided to chance it and let them run and if they tired they would probably quit. This proved to be quite a race and they all ran like veterans. Since this was just an exhibition the dogs were run according to their size and racing ability. The 5th race was made up of winners of the first three races and the second place of the first race. As it turned out this race was made up of Ch. White Acres Silver Spice and three of his get, White Acres Kayo Kid, White Acres Gunsmoke and White Acres Shanty all littermates. In this race Kayo beat his sire for the first time. The audience was overwhelmed at the ability of these little dogs, and a great number of people along the sidelines could be seen picking their dogs for the winners circle.


Norman W. Ellis, Fresno, Calif., writes— Whippets in the Athens of the agricultural hinterlands: Fresno.

At eight a.m. the morning of July 8th, Mrs. Wendell Howell's fine bitch, Ch. Great Circle Holiday, gave birth to one white puppy dog with brindle spots, on the carpet of Mr. Norman Ellis's bedroom. This feat was followed every hour on the hour until six splendidly colored puppies were whelped. Mr. Ellis, frantic midwife, missed going to the office, as he was much too busy cutting umbilical cords and tidying up placental things left about his bedroom by Holiday. At two thirty, at which time it seemed evident that Holiday was through erupting, Mr. Ellis tossed her into his car and whisked her off to the vet's.

Once at the vet's dear patient Holiday was given an injection to clean her out, so to speak. The shot had the desired effect. On the way home Holiday gave birth to her seventh puppy, on the back seat of Mr. Ellis' automobile! The interior of the car had little character before, but it now looks as if someone had met a fearful and dreadsome assignation on the back seat! The guilty puppy—dog has turned out

to be Mr. Ellis' litter pick and he has definate designs on this dogs future. Revenge The puppies are now five weeks along life's Whippeting way and are fat and over­active. Holiday has learned to hide in a tree to escape her devouring brood. Mr. Ellis wishes he could do the same. Relief is, according to Mrs. Henderson, on the horizon as Mrs. Howell is expected back from abroad at any moment. When last heard of she was winging into Boston. Mr. Ellis will be driving the puppies, ahead of a chariot with Holiday as lead dog, to San Francisco as soon as word of Mrs. Howell's arrival in San Francisco reaches this forsaken outpost.

It will be nice for the puppies to see their father, Ch. Great Circle The Scot. He can be frightfully proud of this magnificent litter. These are the most beautifully marked Whippet pups imaginable. Scot may also be terrified by the toothful playfulness of his children.

Mr. Ellis wishes to say that he is happy to have been of service to Wendell Howell, in the interests of friendship and the admiration he has for Mrs. Howell, and also that he felt a keen responsibility to the memory of the late Mr. George Esteve, whe 's unfortunate and untimely death prevented him from helping Holiday in Mrs. Howell 's absence.

Burton M. Forman & Thomas P. Krumpe, Jr., San Francisco, Calif., writes—

We have had a somewhat disappointing time with Zelda due to circumstances beyond our control. We had hoped that Zelda would achieve her championship without losing a show, but bad luck has beset us. A few days before the first show she lost, she was badly injured, and had stiches in two front toes, with a resulting limp that lost her three or four shows. After removal of the stitches, she was in great form and took Best of Breed in San Francisco. Within a matter of days she came into season, put on many pounds, and is now in whelp. Already entered in the Eden show in Pleasanton we are going ahead with showing her even though she 's huge because we feel it is an extra point for the dog that will win.

After whelping her litter in September hope to have her finished shortly-barring other accidents.

Enjoy the Whippet News very much, and look forward to receiving it.