A special thanks to Terry Schwartzman of Travlin' Whippets for the Historic contribution to the AWC

Rock River Valley Kennel Club, Inc., Rockford, Illinois
November 6, 196O, Judge: Mr. Heywood R. Hartley

Bred by Exhibitor, Dogs, one shown, Barbara & Josephine Steinberg's Traymatt Floor Boards (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Traymatt Fides, C.D.)

Open Dogs, two shown. First, William E. Fields' Oberon of Briskways (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Eyleland Buttercup) Second, Barbara & Josephine

Steinberg's Traymatt Plywood (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Traymatt Fides,C.

Winners Dog to Oberon of Briskways. Reserve to Traymatt Plywood.

Open Bitches, two shown. First, Barbara & Ralph Eyles' Eyleland Hepzibah (by Oh. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Great Circle Hester) Second, Ralph Eyles' Eyleland Stoney Meadows Tost (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Laguna Leonie)

Winners Bitch to Eyleland Hepzibah. Reserveto Eyleland Stoney Meadows Tost.

Best of Winners to Eyleland Hepzibah.

Specials, four shown, Ch. Whipoo's White Chiffon, Ch. Traymatt Eyleland Herkimer, Oh. Eyleland Winter Wind, Ch. Great Circle Hester.

Best of Breed to Barbara & Ralph Eyles' Ch. Eyleland Winter Wind (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Ice Folly). Best Opposite Sex to Josephine Steinberg's Ch. Traymatt Eyleland Herkimer (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Oh, Great Circle Hester)

Ch. Eyleland Winter Wind went on to place second in the Hound group under Alva Rosenberg.

Central Ohio Kennel Club, Columbus, Ohio November 20, 1960, Judge: Mr. H. H. Cahoon

Open Dogs, three shown. First, Thomas L. Kirchner's Harbridge Bartsia (by Harbridge Rolling Stone ex Laguna Lovely Lady) Second, John H. Berger's Whipoo's Happy Time (by Ch. Whipoo's Whimsy, C.D. ex Meander Slap Happy) Third, John G. & Marguerite Wilkey's Rockabye Blue Boy (by Tinribs Tiger Rag ex Rockabye Peace Pipe).

Winners Dog to Harbridge Bartsia. Reserve to Whipoo's Happy Time.

Open Bitches, five shown. First, Tom Kirchner's Harbridge Suede (by Choirmaster of Allways ex Harbridge Ballerina) Second, Claudine S. Jensik's Feline of Kerry Estates (by Lydney Rising Sun ex Harbridge Snow Flower) Third, John Berger & Maynard C. Davisson's Whipoo's Fawn-A-Belle (by Ch. Whipoo's Whimsy, C.D. ex Whipoo 's Cockspur) Fourth, Hary J. Bridge's Harbridge Snowberry (by Harbridge Mustang ex Reckless Debutante)

Winners Bitch to Harbridge Suede. Reserve to Faline of Kerry Estates.

Best of Winners and Best of Breed to Harbridge Bertsie. Best Opposite Sex to

Harbridge Suede.

Thanks to John Berger and Tom Kirchner who sent in the Columbus results.


Mrs. Rex Hodgson, Secretary Northern Counties Whippet Club, writes- Enclosing a catalogue of the show held on November 19th. We had a record entry, 2O4 from 75 dogs. The weather was dreadful - foggy - but it didn't daunt the Whippeteers, they turned up in force.

Northern Counties Whippet Club members 16 class limited show, November 19, 196O. Judge: Miss G. C. Ussher.

Best Dog Puppy, Mrs. Winson's Kookie's Caper of Yaret (by Briarcliffe Bing Boy ex Baby Peach Pride of Yaret) color, Brindle.

Best Bitch Puppy and Best Puppy in Show, Mr. Thomas' Peach Melba of Yaret ( by Briarcliffe Bing Boy ex Baby Peach Pride of Yaret) color. Peach-fawn.

Best in Show to Mrs. Winson's Yaret Chatsworth Treasure (by Peter Pan of Northmanor ex Down of Northmanor) Color, Pale fawn-brindle.


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Mahomet , Illinois


General Appearance - The Whippet should be a dog of moderate size, very alert, that can cover a maximum of distance with a minimum of lost motion, a true sporting hound. Should be put down in hard condition but with no suggestion of being muscle-bound.

Head - Long and lean, fairly wide between the ears, scarcely perceptible stop, good length of muzzle which should be powerful without being coarse. Nose entirely black.

Ears - Small, fine in texture, thrown back and folded. Semipricked when at attention. Gay ears are incorrect and should be severely penalized.

Eyes - Large, intelligent, round in shape and dark hazel in color, must be at least as dark as the coat color. Expression should be keen and alert. Light yellow or oblique eyes should be strictly penalized. A sulky expression and lack of alertness to be considered most undesirable.

Teeth - White, strong and oven. Tooth of upper jaw should fit closely over the lower. An undershot mouth shall disqualify.

Neck - Long and muscular, well-arched and with no suggestion of throatiness, widening gradually into the shoulders. Must not have any tendency to a "ewe" neck.

Shoulders - Long, well-laid back with long, flat muscles. Loaded shoulders are a very serious fault.

Brisket - Very deep and strong, reaching as nearly as possible to the point of the elbow. Ribs well sprung but with no suggestion of barrel shape. Should fill in the space between the forelegs so that there is no appearance of a hollow between them.

Forelegs - Straight and rather long, hold in line with the shoulders and not set under the body so as to make a forechest. Elbows should turn neither in nor out and move freely with the point of the shoulder. Fair amount of bone, which should carry right down to the foot. Pasterns strong.

Feet - Must be well formed with strong, thick pads and well-knuckled-up paws. A thin, flat, open foot is a serious fault.

Hindquarters - Long and powerful, stifles well bent, hocks well let down and close to the ground. Thighs broad and muscular, the muscles should be long and flat. A steep croup is most undesirable.

Back - Strong and powerful, rather long with a good, natural arch over the loin creating a definate tuck-up of the underline but covering a lot of ground. Tail - Long and tapering, should reach to a hipbone when drawn through between the hind legs. Must not be carried higher than the top of the back when moving. Coat - Close smooth and firm in texture.

Color - Immaterial.

Size - Ideal height for dogs, 19 to 22 inches; for bitches, 18 to 21 inches. These are not intended to be definate limits, only approximate.

Gait - Low, free moving and smooth, as long as is commensurate with the size of the dog. A short, mincing gait with high knee action should be severely penalized.


Undershot mouth.

Approved November 9, 1955

NEW CHAMPIONS. This section is a regular feature of the Whippet News. Each issue we will present a three generation pedigree of new champions, with colors of the dogs when possible. Owners of new champions should send in the pedigrees as soon as the confirmation is received from the American Kennel Club. Please include the name of the dog and color, breeder, owner, date of birth, as well as the colors of the dogs in the pedigree. The pedigrees are presented on a first come basis and no more than two pages will be presented each issue.

Badgewood Kennel Reports
Betty Fell

November 26, 196O

From England - "Quornden, Ide Hill, Sevenoaks, Kent .On the 1st of July, Ch. Michael of Meander, Badgewood Copper Penny and Badgewood Bullfinch came out of quarantine from the Edenbridge Quarantine Kennel, Edenbridge, Kent. They were in magnificent condition, having had excellent care and attention. They had been transferred from another quarantine kennel the end of February, where the conditions were dreadful, and the care and feeding practically nil. Bullfinch had an accident, which I'm afraid has ended his show career. He broke every bone in his right foot. Though he is perfectly sound he will always have a limp. Michael is fat and happy in his retirement, and Penny has taken up her maternal duties. She has been bred to Ch. Wingedfoot Marksman of Allways, the grandsire of Ch. Wingedfoot Claire de Lune. She is due to whelp Dec. 21st. Everyone is looking forward to the outcome of this mating as she is the first American bred bitch to be mated to Marksman, also the only American bred bitch in England to my knowledge. Our son Philip was given, for his birthday, a bitch puppy, Badgewood Wishful of Allways. She is a dark fawn with white markings on her face, feet and the end of her tail. " Victoria" is now six months old. She is by Ch. Even­ ing Star of Allways, he by Marksman, ex Gayflete Watcherbart of Allways, she being by Ch. Fieldspring Bartsia of Allways out of a bitch by Ch. Allways Wingedfoot Running Fox. "Victoria" was only three months old when we bought her, so we bought a companion to keep her company, Badgewood Juggler of Allways, known as "Paddington" He is also fawn, not the color one thinks of in America, the color of Doris Wear's Joe Dog and Lena, and Mrs. Huston's Wise Child of Allways. He has black points. "Paddington" was five months on the 10th of November. He is by Bellevicta Markee of Allways, he by Marksman, and the dam by Ch. Pilot Officer Prune, out of Chenc­ tonbury Benedictine by Ch. Pink Gin of Larchwood.

Dodie has a yellow Labrador bitch puppy, Loughderg Never Say Die of Badgewood and Ogden has a black pup, Loughderg Boyne of Badgewood. "Daisy" and "Charlie". Daisy is field trial bred. Her sire is Cornlands Westelm Flight, by Ch. Poppleton Lieutenant ex Loughderg Caradoo, by F.T. Ch. Hilldyke Simon. Charlie is by Ch. Loughderg Ket, by Loughderg Shokestown Urch, who was Best in Show at W. E. L. K. S. and Edinburgh this year, ex Loughderg Aifa, by Urch out of Daisy's dam, Loughderg Caradoo. We have great hopes for him in the spring.

I had the honor Saturday of judging the four classes for Whippets at the Kensington Canine Society Show. This is one of the oldest shows in London.

Puppy Dog or Bitch (puppies 6 to 12) 1st Mrs. Dorothy Lewis' Wingedfoot Fleur-de­Lys. She is eight months old and a beautiful bitch pup. The color of Ch. Stoney Meadows Sprint. Beautifully balanced, lovely reach of neck, deep brisket and lovely top line. She stands over ground and is a beautiful mover. If she matures the way she is going she'll be a sure champion. She is a grandfather granddaughter mating, Ch. Wingedfoot Marksman ex Ch. Claire de Lune. 2nd Mrs. L. Roberts' Candy Queen, 11 months old red fawn bitch by Ch. Bellavista Barry ex Pothurst Fink Lady. A very nice pup, more mature, but none of the balance nor way of going of the winner. 3rd Mr. A Naumann's Palmercross Love Light. A particolor bitch, white with light fawn brindle markings, 10 months. An eye catcher, taller than the first two with a lovely head and neck. Nice depth but needed a great deal of road work to tighten and harden her up. 4th Mrs. C. M. Coller's Wilful of Allways. By Ch. Eveningstar of Allways ex Gayflete Watcherbart of Allways, 6 months 3 days. A full sister to Victoria ! She is a red fawn with black points. Sweet little outline, covered a lot of ground, but very immature. However, I thought enough of her to place her over three other more mature pups. I did not know she was Victoria's sister either:

Novice Dog or Bitch(winner of not more than two first prizes, each of the value of G1 or more, $2.8O) 1st Miss B. E. Osborne's Falmerseross Good Report. Flashy white and light fawn particolor. 2nd Mrs. C. M. Coller's Wilful of Allways. 3rd Mrs. M. Commander's Lillywhite, Pure white.

Graduate Dog or Bitch(winner of not more than three firsts each to the value of 62 or more, in Graduate, Post Graduate, Minor Limit, Mid Limit or Open Classes) 1st Miss B. E. Osborne's Shalfleet Selbrook Daylight, bitch, by Ch. Robmaywin Stargazer of Allways ex Porthurst Creme de Menthe. 2nd Mr. & Mrs. D. H. L. Gollan's P eppard Peter Piper, dog, Ch. Peppard Pied Piper ex Palmerscross Golden Lure. 3rd Mrs. C. E. Francis' Sante's Toby, dog, by Sante Bebob ex Wisteria of Laguna. 4th Mrs. Audrey M. Rolls' Velrosa Voodoo, black bitch, by Whiskey of Ridgeway ex Shy Lady.

Open Dog or Bitch 1st Mrs. O. Yerburg's Greenbrae Laguna. Lucia. Red fawn bitch by Ch. Runway Controller ex Ch. Laguna Leading Lady. A lovely bitch, well balanced, lovely outline, moved like a dream, covered the ground. Would like to see a bit more strength of chin but it was a. slight fault compared to all her quality. I made her Best of Breed. 2nd Mrs. C. M. Coller's Fair Landing of Knotknum, dog, by Ch. Runway Controller ex Wingedfoot Tu Whit Tu Woo. A very nice red fawn dog with a lovely outline and balance, but not the quality nor the movement of the bitch. 3rd Mr. & Mrs. D. H. L. Gollan 's Peppard Peter Pepper, red brindle dog, lovely type, needs to tighten up in movement. 4th Mrs. C. E. Francis' Sante's Toby, white and light fawn brindle parti-color dog. Very flashy, a little higher on the leg than the others. Also needed a great deal of road work. Very low set ears. My winning puppy went on to win any variety, special puppy bitch, from a field of twenty—one! As we had to leave soon after this class, I don't know how my Best of Breed ma de out in her Variety class. Everyone was so nice to us, my husband and the two girls. We were deli ghted to meet and to talk to Mrs. Garrish, who I had missed at L. K. A. and the Whippet Specialty. Mrs. Gollan and Mrs. Yerburg were so kind and hospitable. I believe everyone liked my American way of judging and were pleased not to put their dogs on a table. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Four days later I had a very large assignment at Woolwich, Bexley and District Canine Assn. Limited Show. There were judges for Alsations, Poodles and for Pekingese. The remainder, Mrs. E. Fell (U.S.A.). The remainder being 1 class for Yorkies, 1 for Beagles 2 for Corgies — Cardigan or Pembroke, 1 for Collie or Sheltie, and 2 for Dachshunds any variety, P LUS 18 Variety Classes, a brace class, Best in Show, BIS app. sex, 2nd Best in Show dog and 2nd BIS bitch, Best bred by Exhibitor and Best puppy! I was due to start at five—thirty but didn't until about six. The show was scheduled to close at 1O, but I didn't finish till 11:15. There were from four in the any V. bull breeds (Boxer, Bulldog, Boston, lug, etc.) to twenty in any variety special beginners. I believe this is for a person who has never owned or shown a winner of a Challenge Certificate.

To make a long evening short, my Best in Show and Best Bred by Exhibitor was the Sealyham, Brastedchart Sea Dream, owned by Mrs. B. Forsyth. A beautifully put down, perfectly balanced typy bitch of sixteen months. She has the most lovely front, is a grand mover and never stopped showing. Best of Opposite Sex was Mrs. D. Lewis' Whippet dog, Brekin Simplicatas of Test, by Ch. Wingedfoot Marksman of Allways ex Brekin Fiesta of Fleeting. A fawn dog of thirteen months. He is a beautifully made dog, well balanced, lovely top line, perfect feet, a grand mover, but lost to the Sealy, when in Any Variety not classified, open, on head to be asked to do so many breeds. At the time I was invited to judge I was asked whether I could do Variety classes. Thinking of our monthly Westbury Kennel Assn. puppy matches, which I had done several times, I said I could. There were over three hundred and fifty entries, a hundred and ten dogs, of which in one class or another almost all came under me. I even had three Shih Tzus.

On this note I will wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all of your litters have nothing tut champions and make the Whippet number one in 1961.

Eyleland Kennels Report

Ralph & Barbara Eyles

December, 196O

Some thoughts about this and that. First, on Doris Wear's article an issue or two ago concerning Championship requirements. We have often thought that there should be some system of say, Junior and Senior Champions. Any dog of any age could complete its Junior Championship, just as championships are obtained now. The dog could then go on into Specials and compete as a Champion, just as now. Senior Championship would be withheld until the dog has matured, possibly 18 months of age - or 18 mos. for bitches and 24 months for dogs. After reaching the required age limit, the dog would then have to be Best of Breed at a 3 point show to obtain a Senior Championship rating. Some system such as this would eliminate "flash in the pan" puppies and/or dogs who have such a brief period of "bloom" that they must be shown intensively for a short while in order to finish or they can't make it. And Senior Championships should have nothin g to do with Group wins or placements as it is a matter of relative quality within a breed. To me, a Champion should be a worthy representative of his breed. A dog should not become

a Champion just because he has beaten other Champions who may be no more worthy than he but because he embodies the qualities called for in the Standard. For this reason, no dog should be entitled to a full fledged championship until he is mature. I do not subscribe to the theory current in England mentioned in Doris' article that a dog to become a Champion must beat the other Champions being cam­paigned. In any breed, there are worthy specimens who deserve their Championships without necessarily being GREAT dogs. It is once in a blue moon that a truly GREAT dog cones along in any breed. A few years back, the Boxer Bang Away, the Setter Colonel, the Yorkie, and the Dobe. More recently, the Peke, the Bulldog and the Minpin. To have to wait to make a Champion until these dogs fall from their pinnacles or are retired works undue hardship on a breeder of quality dogs in any breed where a GREAT one happens along. While a great dog was "going" in any breed, there would be few or no champions made. This would either create great ill will toward the great dog and its owner or decrease entries so markedly in a breed, it could only have a detrimental effect. Or, unpleasant alternative, breeders who are anxious to make a Champion would take their own "makings" to some obscure show where they were reasonably sure there would be no other competition. And of what value would that be??? Also, most breeders always have new stock coming alon g to show and from a financial angle, probably would suffer in trying to finish a dog under the Champion-beating system. Seems to me that the merit would be in finishing a dog as we do now and having a Junior Champion (or some similar title) and then, when the dog is old enough, if he is still good enough he is worth the time, effort, and expense of showing to his senior title as a mature dog. If not, we would just have to be content with the lower level title. To me, a system though very tiring, this show was a great challenge and I was more than pleased such as this would eliminate a lot of cheap champions and everyone would know that a Senior Champion is a dog who is a mature representative specimen of his breed, one who has retained his quality and conformation – as that is what Champions should be! Along the same line, I wonder why the Westminster Kennel Club, whose show is supposed to be THE show, does not make a point qualification for every dog entered rather than an age and blue ribbon limitation. It is easy to get a blue ribbon and means nothing more then an entry to the Garden if someone desires to take a certain dog. It does not mean that the dog is a good dog. Much more deserving is a do g who may be under the age limit but has major or minor points.

If the WKC limited dogs under one year of age to those with one, two, or three po i nts or ALL dogs entered to those with points, it would more truly be a quality show. As it is now, sometimes one's best dogs have to sit at home because they aren't quite old enough while the Garden entry is a second–best dog who IS old enough. Another idea, and while this one is not mine, we and lots of other people have thought it excellent. Barbara and Jo Steinberg mentioned it to us originally but so far as I know they have never aired the idea in I will. Why not a reduced entry fee for multiple entries? The going rate, at the moment, is $6.OO per dog and people think twice and more before entering more than two dogs at a show. If three dogs in the some breed were $5.0O each ($6.OO for the first and second entries but $15.OO for three entries), many people would enter the third dog for the extra three dollars. It would increase entries in lots of breeds, make more money for the show–giving club, and I don't think it would make that much extra work for the supt. They have to check entries against money enclosed, anyway, and it would be no harder this way – three entries, $15.OO. Wish some show–giving club would try the idea. I know we, for one, would often take three dogs if the entry fee wore equivalent to $5.OO per dog but tacking on an extra dollar per dog is getting up there when one shows consistently. At the end of a year it makes quite a difference. Do think that most people, when making out entries, would muse as follows, "another dog would only be $3.0O more, so I might as well enter." T would seem to me to have advanta ges all around. If only some Club would be brave and give the idea a try, it might have a surprising effect on total entries, additional money received, and increased competition in many breeds.

And re competition in the breeds, we thought Gene Jacob's suggestion of combining . sexes in the minor breeds a good one. Why wouldn't it be possible for show super intendents to automatically combine the sexes where there is a single entry in each sex? Or where there are no more than two in one sex and one in the other? Then, at least there would be a point or two at stake. No one, showing a class dog, likes to enter for a given show hoping for points and then find he or she has the only entry in the sex. Combining the entry used to be done quite a bit on the west coast. Is it up to the AKC, the show supt., or the Club? I should think the entry, not the numerical strength of the breed, would determine the matter, but it would be nice for someone to go home after a lon g trip with more than a ribbon and a SR trophy.

Great Circle Kennel Reports
Wendell T. Howell

December, 196O

It is a difficult position to be waiting outside for a taxi when everyone in the house is about to sit down for Christmas dinner. Having said farewells, it is more tactful just to leave. However, for these dogs and myself this has been impossible. It seems more difficult than one would suppose to settle ones house and other matters and move from one continent to another. However, we will all be away soon, I hope.

Last week the nightmare of all who raise dogs in a large city came true for me. Routinely getting out of the car with three Whippets, picking up grocery packages, one of them, young G. C. Isolde, decided to take off. Of course the others follow ed, through the park, around the Palace of Fine Arts, and into the Presidio. Isolde came back, having been hit but not hurt, but there was no sign of the other two. Finally the trail was found, and at the end of it, Ch. G. C. Little Alice, hit in the head, but not quite gone. I am glad to report that she has physically recovered, though it will take her a long time to get over the mental effect of having been practically killed by something she never saw. The soldier who hit her said the whole thing happened so fast he couldn't stop. The other bitch, Xenia, somehow escaped. All very lucky.

After a brave battle, and the best care possible, G. C. Sunday, (Vole) had to be put down at Davis (University of California Agricultural College) last month. He never fully regained the use of his hindquarters after his racing accident last June. The usual side effects ultimately followed, and it became impossible to keep him going any more. He was a cheerful, intelligent, brave little dog and we all miss him; especially, of course, Virginia and Gregory Stout and Andrew Delfino. Virginia did her best to get him well, but it was just not to be.

Laguna Lucky Laird, English bred by Mrs. McKay, finished with his last point at Petaluma two weeks ago. Canyon Crest Jet Lady and Jet Princess have been taking most of the Best of Breeds at our shows lately. We have the premium list for the Garden, and so another year has rolled around.

Mopalo Kennel Reports Patti & Monty Long November 28, 196O

Competition should be keen and exciting here in Northern California this coming year. Four litters hove been whelped this fall. Two are by the English import and new Champion, Freddie of Test. One at Noel Jones' and one at Tomburton's. The other two are by our Ch. Mopalo's Speaker of the House. Miss Gertrude Hooft, of Picardia fame, has a litter by him and her lovely Ch. Meander the Lark and we have a litter out of Ch. Phyllis Jenson. It is the first time in years that there will be so many different kennels represented at the shows.

Our litter was quite a novelty, Phyllis presented us with ten puppies! Three died shortly after birth so we have seven left. They are all strong and healthy and we are looking forward to getting into the competition ourselves in the next year or so.

We have a lovely puppy from the Ch. Freddie of Test - Great Circle Zelda litter. A pure white male, three months old and looking better every day. We are really pleased with him.

Strathoak Kennel Reports Christine Cormany December, 196O

As the outcome of our little Pixie was unknown at the time for "deadline" last issue, we can now give a full report for this month of December. We were interest­ ed in the report of Doris Wear about her experiences with two, as this is my first, I doubt if I will have the courage to go through it again, but then you always feel you want to at least give them one last chance. Up to the Labor Day weekend we had great hopes for Pixie, she was putting on weight, growing like a normal puppy would and was as healthy and full of mischief as her litter sisters, in fact she was the trouble maker!! The Sunday evening she ate her dinner as usual with the rest of the gang, and without warning turned around and up it came. Monday morning she was still vomiting to some extent and drinking water by the gallons, so it seemed. I watched her during the day and at times the water even came up, it seemed apparent that nothing was going to stay down at this point. Tuesday she seemed somewhat better and then Tuesday night I realized that what should have been done before was now necessary to do. Wednesday morning, with ache in my heart, we took Pixie to the Vets and left her with instructions to be put to sleep and to have an autopsy. In checking with our Vets in the afternoon, we found we had one for the books. In addition to the enlarged misplaced thymus gland. (which is suppos­ ed to be down with the lungs and heart, but was up in the throat) the stomach was not only turned in such a way the food. was not staying down, but had somehow become twisted! Both of our Vets said they have never seen anything like it and were amazed that she had survived this long, she was just over 4 months. I had been promised a written resume on this but at present have not been able to get one as they are so very busy. It was a hard decision to make but one that had to be done as the pup would have died eventually.

Other news in our area is that Strathoak White Velvet, now owned by Norman Gibson of Monterey Park, is the proud mother of 3 girls and 1 boy by Dot Frames' Great Circle King of Hearts. This breeding was unplanned you might call it, as we had figured on breeding to the Frames' champion or one of the red males by Ch. Meander Robin, however, when we saw King of Hearts, our hearts went to him! He has a depth of chest out of this world, a good typical Whippet outline, one that nearly every breeder and owner dreams of and the bloodlines were of great value to us here in So. California, so without further ado, a decision was made! As the pups are not even 24 hours old at this writing, it is a bit early to predict any sort of a future for them, but naturally, they will all be Champions of first class!! All are white with various shades of fawn markings on the 3 girls and black markings on the male! The climax to this news is that Mrs. Gibson, who was also expecting, went off to the hospital six hours after White Velvet delivered her last pup!! By December "deadline" we should have details on the newest arrival of the Gibson family, as well as the 4-footed arrivals.

Wendy Howell's move to Ireland will leave a big gap to fill here in California, although her trips to So. California were not too many, we always enjoyed her visits and dogs while she was here. She will be greatly missed. Here in So. Calif. prospects seem bright for newer recruits to our breed, interest seems to be coming alive again and we feel in another year or so the picture will be different, no longer will we be faced with only one or two points at a show, and then they were only occasional, but they will be more often and majors will be closer together. It is a bright hope to look forward to.

Would you please check your mailing list for the name of George and Virginia Mackin Woodland Hills , Calif. If they are not already on the list (I believe I understood Dot Frames to say she was sending their names in) would you please see that they are placed on the list. They are newly arrived from the east, have a BLACK male of Meander and Strathoak bloodlines, are keenly interested in getting started in the breed, say there is nothing like them. How well we know that! Other readers may seem curious as to why I'm emphasizing black so much, there have only been two blacks in the area that have been shown and at present the color seems scarcer than hens teeth, also I'm very very partial to blacks, mainly I suppose because my first three Whippets were all black, two of them being champions. However, the color seems to be a bit more prominent on the east coast and I remember the days here, so will Donald Hostetter, where nearly every other Whippet was a black, fawns and whites were then in the minority!! What happened, where did it die out, what became of the color? The whites have over—ruled us, but just wait, someday the story will be different. I think there is nothing lovelier than a real shiny, showy stylish black and some day I'll prove it!!!

White Acres Kennels Report
Pearl Baumgartner

December, 1960

Since our last report we have been very busy with racing and Beagle club activities which included a Specialty and a Field Trial. We took time out to make a weeks trip to San Francisco where mother (Margaret White) judged a Beagle Specialty. While there we visited with Wendy Howell and was very sorry to hear of her planned move to Ireland. We had a good talk and looked over her family of Whippets. She has been a credit to that area and was the one who interested us here in the sport of racing, it will be a loss to the sport, but we wish her well in her new home.

We have attended a couple of shows this fall and now have 12 pts. and a Group 3rd on our brindle and white bitch, White Acres Cherokee. She is sired by Ch. Great Circle the Scot ex Ch. White Acres Sea Shanty. All these points have been acquired while she is still a puppy.

We are now bedded down for the winter which arrived in our area with 9 inches of wet snow on November 2Oth, but after slipping and sliding a friend arrived and we were able to attend the Whidby Island Kennel Club show at Everett, my 2 Whippets attended the show unbathed, and I w a s thankful they were dark brindles. We arriv­ ed home in the early hours of the morning to find we had no electricity or tele­ phone, the power was restored by morning but we were without telephones for 2 days. It seems the dogs always survive these situations better than we humans.

Whipoo Kennels Report Sibyl & Gene Jacobs December, 196O

We had a very enjoyable visit with the Whippet owners in the Marysville, Ohio area the end of October. We were guests of John and Betty Berger, who along with their son, own W's Happy Time (Ch. W's Whimsy ex Meander Slap Happy) and some young pups sired by him out of W's Fawn—A-Belle, a Whimsy daughter. We visited the Manyard

Davissons, owners of Fawn—A—Belle, and saw other pups from the litter. All the pups looked very promising, sound and of good substance. One of the pups from the litter is owned by the Renner family, who also own a little white bitch out of our latest White Chiffon — Spattarib litter. Also numbering among the area Whippet owners are Mr. & Mrs. Willard Parrett who have a litter brother to the Renner's white bitch, W's Blue Chip, and Mr. & Mrs. Tom Kirchner, who have a dog and a bitch from the Harbridge Kennel. Friendly rivalry exists among the group and they are looking forward to the Chicago International show, both for breed showing and racing. There is an excellent track at the Fair Grounds close by, where the Whippets are getting their race training. This group is also combining their efforts to increase the Whippet entry in their area.

Our most recent litter of Whippets consists of two pups, 1 male and 1 female, by Spattarib ex Ch. W 's Wild Honey, whelped October 14. They were somewhat of a surprise, as we had thought Wild Honey had missed since she did not look pregnant. We thought she was having a false pre gnancy, with just a little milk in her back two breasts. However, she had the two pups. She must have been carrying them under her rib cage, and she continued to have milk almost exclusively in the back two breasts, with plenty of milk for the two pups. It is a relief to have a small litter for a change, especially since the cold weather has prevented us from moving the "litter" but to our kennel from our house where the litters are whelped.

Northern California Whippet Racing Club Reports

Beach racing has continued on alternate weeks when there is an afternoon low tide. Fall storms have swept the beach clear of debris and there is fine hard surface about thirty feet wide up from the water. The Lurchers have been hunting regularly now joined by a Greyhound, birthday present from Roger Saltmarsh to Larry Wicks. Happy Birthday Mrs. Wicks. Evelyn Anderton and the writer had a very pleasant day going out with the Borzoi. The Borzoi people locally, of whom there is a large number, have found themselves in a position similar to that of the Afghan group. i.e. a lot of very large dogs that mi ght as well be used for sport as running hounds lying around as house pets between dog shows. Mr. & Mrs. Gillete of Saratoga, Calif., prominent local breeders, came to see us on the subject, and all agreed that the first step was to get them out in the fields where the rabbits are and see what happened. It was with some alarm that we watched five or six gigantic Borzoi falling in after the Whippets on the first rabbit of the day. One Borzoi, weighing 135 pounds had even gotten away from the lady who owns him complete with collar and leash. This flurry ended with Whippets sniffing down a rabbit hole, Borzoi on the other side of the fence. There was no chasing of Whippets, no Borzoi ran away, and the next run was longer and all ran together happily. The third rabbit ended in a kill with Borzoi and Whippets closing in together. The Borzoi has tremendous speed, and with their size seem hardly to be moving. We then ran the dogs on our lure machine in the field. Some of the Borzoi got the idea right


away and made good times on a short course (there was not enough string on the machine). Some, if not all of these people had come a long way to join in this project. I am only sorry there weren't more rabbits. However, they were all enthusiastic, and pleasantly surprised at the way their dogs ran. They are going to build a lure machine end find other places to go hunting. More power to all these sporting people and their good dogs. It was an odd experiment to say the least for the smallest sight hounds to be checking out the largest on how to run

a rabbit. It was hard to tell, with the big ones inexperienced, and the runs short, just how the two breeds would do together on an extended course. It seemed as though the Borzoi would have overtaken the Whippets on a straight long run and probably gone ahead. But their extreme size makes turning difficult and wide. Perhaps a good sight group would be one or two of each breed. Since the Borzoi weigh almost one hundred pounds more than the Whippets, it is really remarkable they can run together at all.

Wendell T. Howell

Puget Sound Whippet Racing Fanciers

The latter part of August proved quite a busy time for our group with exhibition races at a. Rodeo and also at Portland. On August 2Oth and 21st we were asked to put on two races a day at a new Rodeo grounds at the Kitsap County Fair. Saturday was a beautiful day and the stands were nearly filled, but on Sunday there were near cloud bursts, but iii spite of weather conditions the dogs all ran well and they were so well received that we have been booked for next year.

Then on August 25th arrangements were made for us to go to Portland's Multnomah Kennel Club Greyhound track and put on two exhibition races. We left White Acres loaded with 8 dogs, 3 adults, and 2 girls. From Silverdale the Danhauers had 5 dogs, 2 adults and 4 youngsters. It is some 140 miles so it is quite a trip for two such loaded station wagons. We arrived about 4:3O p. m. and since our dogs had been run on this track earlier in the season, it was not necessary to school them. The races were scheduled between the 3rd and 4th and 5th and 6th Greyhound races. It had been raining prior to the races and the track was in excellent condition and classed as a fast track. Our grooms dressed in their red and white outfits and the Whippets in new racing jackets created quite a picture as they paraded around the track. The first race was the faster dogs and they were off with a good clean break and it proved quite a race with father and son battling it out for first place, with the son, White Acres Kayo Kid the winner with a time of 18.48 seconds, second White Acres Silver Spice, 18.7O seconds. The second race was the slower and younger dogs and this race went off as well as the first. The winner of this race was White Acres Shanty with a time of 19.84 seconds. Both of the winners were littermates owned by Mel Danhauer. Last years winner made the same distance in 19.91 seconds, so we find with practice our dogs are improving. There had been quite a bit of dispute over the distance so it was finally measured and it was found to be 328 yards. The track photographer took pictures of the weighing in, parade to the boxes, loading the boxes, the break from the boxes, and catchin g the dogs at the finish and the parade back to the paddocks, plus the photo finishes of both races, 13 photos in all.

Since these two events this group has been inactive, but when spring comes we hope to get the dogs back on our training tracks for some more fun.

Pearl Baumgartner


Joyce Anson, Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada, writes -

I thought you would like the news that I have made up my young bitch to a champion. She is the first Whippet champion in Western Canada for many, many years. She placed in Group every time she was shown except three times. As you probably know, the Hound group is quite strong in these parts. She is one of the only litter we have bred since we came to Canada three years ago. Her mother is a lovely red bitch who we brought with us. There are three bitches in the Vancouver district from this litter and they all met for the first time in the ring at the P. N. E. this year. Just to show how very close they are in type and construction, a different one won each day, and all placed in Group. This was very satisfying to me and my Daughter (breeder). All the judges were very impressed with all three. Naturally, I like mine, she has her faults, but they are where they should be in a Hound, as far as I am concerned, that is in her head. Her ears are a little large, her skull could be finer and her eyes could be darker, but when you have said that, that is all. Her quarters, front, neck and back line are everything the most fussy Whippeteer could want. Her color is beautiful, the blackest of black with no rusty hairs. She is very fast and spends all her time hunting in the bush.

You will notice her color breedin g is interesting. She should produce good blues and blacks, also I hope some really good well marked black and whites and fawn and whites. I will breed her at her next season.

So far we have not had much success in getting some racing going. Unfortunately, Mr. Jack Rees of Langley, who was very interested and would undoubtedly have been the back bone of the start, died very suddenly during the summer and we have not done much since. I believe we are up against some very strong opposition to any thing pertaining to racing from the Thoroughbred people, although I have not sounded this angle at all yet. So we must hope its only hearsay.

I am enclosing a copy of Molliers pedigree with colors that I know marked in. (Can. Ch. Rockabye Black Molly). Tinribs Mr. Tod and Tomahawk were brothers

out of Safe and Sound by blue sires. Prudence was our foundation bitch, beautiful marked fawn and white parti-color. She always whelped 8 puppies and always had black and whites, fawn and whites, blues and blacks.

I shall campaign Mollie in the States next summer I hope. I hope I run up against some good competition.

I do so enjoy Whippet News. Thank you for sending it.

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Case, Grossmont, Calif. writes-

Canyon Crest Laddie Boy Recent Wins....Del Monte, Calif., judge - Leo Wilson, 1st American Bred. Ventura, Calif., judge - Robt. McCandless, 2 points and Best Breed. San Diego, Calif., judge - C. Higgs, Best Breed (Comp., but no points). San Fernando, judge - Robt. McCandless, 4 points and Best Breed. Reno, Nevada, judge - Dyrek Rayne, 2 points and Best Breed. Mesa, Arizona, judge - Chas. Sievers, 1 point and Best Breed. Phoenix, Arizona, judge - Ed. Hirchman, Reserve Dog. Tulare, Calif., judge - Lewis Starkey, 1 point and Best Breed. Laddie Boy was whelped August 6, 1959. Purchased at age of 9 months. Shown for the first time at Del Monte under Leo Wilson with good competition and not in what we feel was top shape. Enroute Laddie was nauseated and we found he was loaded with Round worms. That has been six months ago. After working with Vets for the past six months we finally got the all clear sign. So, we feel considering the past ordeals this youngster has had to undergo, he has done considerably well. When and if Laddie finishes his championship we will send you further information and pedigree.

Noel P. Jones, Palo Alto, Calif., writes —

Thought you might be interested to know that the Whippet Speedy Gonzales is now a champion, handled by the capable Monti Long. Also Ch. Freddie of Test...Freddie is siring some beautiful puppies and will prove that he was well worth while importing. Freddie was also handled by Monti Long except for one instance, I was fortunate to get Porter Washington...

Maria Lucia Kernke, Sao Paulo, Brazil, writes —

It has been a pleasure to receive your bulletins in which you have always written something about Whippets. Attached please find some clippings, a "Brasil Kennel Club" magazine and two photographs giving some information about Whippets. (Editor— Any reader is welcome to borrow the magazine from the News. It will be sent on request. The clippings are written in Spanish and must be translated. The pictures show M. L. Kernke winning with a Whippet on July 31 at the Brazil Kennel Club, judge Maxwell Riddle, and the Whippet, Golden Guinea shown at the Brazil Kennel Club under judge Kyle Onstott.)

Please feel free to ask for any data you may need to continue writing about Whippets, and, at the same time, I must apologize for not having acknowledged heretofore your very interesting bulletins.

Mr. & Mrs. Ivan W. Moffitt, San Jose, Calif., write—

We look forward to the varied and interesting reports in the Whippet News.

We have sponsored Laguna Lucky Laird (nephew of Laguna Lucky Lae) to recent championship, for our daughter, Mrs. Imker, now living in Alexandria, Virginia. The vested interest in Laird's inheritance to our home has given us pleasurable insight and experiences in California's Dog World. We are indeed lucky to have Laguna Lucky Laird.

Jacque Tucker, Virginia Beach, Virginia, writes -

On April the third of this year we moved from Norfolk to Virginia Beach and I've tried to think if I sent in my new address or not. At any rate I haven't received a Whippet News since I left Norfolk and have really lost out on all the doings. We held our local dog show on the day I moved and I was determined to attend and exhibit come what may even tho I was moving. My good husband was kind enough, with the help of my mother, to insist I go along to the show, which I did and of course I enjoyed the show as always. Even more so than usual because I was smart enough to get out of that awful moving. Since I'm not too well versed in the doings of the dog show, I will only say my little angel (well don't lau gh, she is) took two first prizes and first in the Hound group. However, there was no one else in the class but my Christine, so she had no competition at all. And I didn't attend the fall show because I was moving again, so I decided I'd better stay home this time.

If anyone has a Whippet, a female, to give away, since at this time I'm not financially able to buy one, to be sure it will be given a good home and treated as one of the family, as all of our dogs are. We do want another one.