A special thanks to Terry Schwartzman of Travlin' Whippets for the Historic contribution to the AWC

by Witty Warren

My life has been one of adventure.

I have sought the world o'er for thrills.
I've been wrecked in the Indian Ocean.
I've smoked the green Opium pills.

I've tasted the lips of a Princess,
I'll prove it if you'll bet the dough.
I've been lost in a northern blizzard,
When the glass was 60 below.

I've found virgin silver in Coball,
and gold in the Yukon's shore.
My broker has paid me thousands,
For a day on the Exchange floor.

I've seen a torpedo coming,
Without even a chance to run.
I've looked without never a tremble,
In the eye of a bandit's gun.

I've backed the Derby winner,
When he won at a killing pace.
But the thrill that held me the longest,
Was the end of a Whippet Race.

Louis Pegram

Eyleland Peppermint Boy, owned by E. Kornblith, Chicago, Illinois, easily won all of his three heats to be the high point race Whippet at the International Kennel Club Show. Showing the same blazing speed he flashed at the American Whippet Club Specialty Show and races last fall in Pennsylvania, Peppermint Boy was never fully extended and in each race was more than five lengths in front of his nearest competitor, winning in a common gallop.

Peppermint Boy, from his first start as a puppy, gave every indication of being a high caliber race dog. He does net have the flashy, spectacular style of running as did Champion Whipoo's Whimsy, C.D., International Kennel Club's top racing star for two years, but Peppermint Boy has a steady, even gait, that places him well early in a race and his stamina is such that he never seems to be in trouble during any stage of the race, regardless of the distance. He is truly one of our all—time great race Whippets, and it would have been a real thrill to have seen Peppermint Boy and Champion Whipoo's Whimsy in a match race, both when they were at the peek of their racing careers.

To make a complete family victory at the International this year, Peppermint Boy's full litter brother went Best of Breed in the conformation class.

Dr. & Mrs. H. W. Heiser of Oklahoma made the long drive to Chicago, and certainly the fine showin g of their four entries was most gratifying. Tubara's Choir Boy w a s easily the second best racer on the grounds, and their other three entries all came up with excellent races as their point rating would indicate. Certainly we hope this fine showing will draw other newcomers to Chicago in 1962.

The quality of the field was not particularly outstanding, but well matched with every adult racer receiving points. This is a fine tribute to the great competi tiveness of the Whippet. All entries were in excellent racing condition, with the Eyles' own racers showing very strong in all of their races, and Traymatt Plywood owned by Barbara end Josephine Steinberg, flashing the same fine speed he showed at the Specialty lest fall.

Competition was also keen with the young racers. Eyleland American Flag owned by young Miss Kathy Crawford swept to an impressive win in all three heats and may be another Peppermint Boy next season. Eyleland Tasha, Traymatt Aluminum Moth and Lullaby O'Lazeland all showed well and should be among the lending all age racers in 1962. Quality of the young stock was good, and we should have another fine crop of racers for next season.

The starting boxes, modeled on those used at the Greyhound tracks, worked perfectly and received favorable comment from all people having entries in the races. The 175 yard track was well packed with a fine springy cushion enabling the Whippets to give their best speed. The perfect record of no injuries to Whippets since racing was started at the International was kept intact through 1961.

The large entry of racers was most gratifying, but it is disappointing that more eastern entries did not support this event, which offers the best of facilities as well as purse money which covers much of the cost of travel, expenses, etc. Only Donald Hostetter, president of the American Whippet Club, was present with eastern representatives for the races.

We greatly missed Wendy Howell and the California Whippets, who have always shown so very well on this track. It is our hope that Wendy and the California dogs will be back again next year, as well as the group now forming in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cooperation was excellent from those owners racing Whippets, and intentional fouling or fighting by the dogs was at a minimum. Whippets striving to get runn ing room in the back of a drag lure will at times create body contact, but I did not see one racer, either junior or senior, try to deliberately ride, push or bump a dog off of the track. Those racers not trying to chase the lure, did not interfere with other dogs trying to run the lure in an honest fashion.

Special thanks should go to Gene Jacobs, for his fine handling of the lure, Bob Mohrman of St. Louis, Missouri, along with Red Bailey did an excellent job at the starting box, while C. C. (Tex) Fawcett, Dr. James Corbin and Mr. Jack Middleton took full judging responsibility. Donald Hostetter and Mrs. Sibyl Jacobs filled

in at all times in seeing that the racing and scheduling of races went off smoothly. Many of the owners helped in the drawing and making up of the races, and it was only through the combined effort of these Whippet owners that we were able to present Whippet racing on the straight—away at its very best.

Besides the Eyleland Perpetual Trophies for the Grand Winner and Runner Up and for first in the Puppy Races, trophies were presented for the top five dogs in the Senior Division and the top four dogs in the Junior Division. The American Whippet Club offered an engraved silver dish for the Grand Winner and Donald Hostetter offered engraved silver candlesticks for Runner Up. These trophies are greatly appreciated. Thanks also to Pearl Baumgartner, John Berger, Mr. & Mrs. Jacobs and L. Pegram for offering trophies.

Mrs. Grovermen Ellis, president of the International Kennel Club of Chicago, was on hand to present final trophies, and certainly all of us interested in the breed owe her and Mr. William Ogalvie, secretary of the International Kennel Club of Chicago, much for their generosity and thoughtfulness in making Whippet racing possible.

First Company Governor's Foot Guard Athletic Association February 18, 1961, Judges Mr. George Leatt

Puppy Dogs, one shown, Lisa C. Houston's Hannington's Trundle (by Ch. Fanfare of Allways ex Ch. Wise Child of Allways)

Open Dogs, one shown, Pennyworth Kennels' Pennyworth Ebony King (by Ch. Fleeting Falcon ex Ch. Pennyworth Blue Iris)

Winners Dog to Hannington's Trundle. Reserve to Pennyworth Ebony King.

Puppy Bitches, two shown. First, Mrs. W. P. Wear's Stoney Meadows Moonlight (by Ch. Meander Bob—White ex Laguna Leonie) Second, Margaret C. Hodge's Hannington's Tweedle Dee (by Ch. Fanfare of Allways ex Ch. Wise Child of Allways)


Open Bitches, three shown. First, Margaret C. Hodge's Selby Highlight (information not given) Second, Frank J. Parker's Renpark's Merry Antoinette (by Ch. Wingedfoot Ringmaster of Pennyworth ex Ch. Renpark's Verry Merry) Third, Pennyworth Kennels' Pennyworth Black Eyed Susan (by Ch. Wingedfoot Ringmaster of Pennyworth ex Ch. Pennyworth Blue Iris)

Winners Bitch to Selby Highlight. Reserve to Renpark's Merry Antoinette.

Best of Winners to Selby Highlight.

Specials, three shown, Ch. Stoney Meadows Red Fox, Ch. Lucky Penny of Mardormere, Ch. Lucky Number of Mardormere.

Best of Breed to Ch. Lucky Penny of Mardormere (by Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad ex Ch. Honey of Mardormere) owned by Mardormere Kennels. Best Opposite Sex to Mrs. W. P. Wear's Ch. Stoney Meadows Red Fox (by Ch. Meander Kingfisher ex Laguna Leonie)

Thanks to Frank Parker who sent in these results.

Durham , North Carolina

March 24, 1961, Judge: Mr. James W. Trullinger

American Bred Dogs, one shown, F. Julia Shearer's Meander Con Man (by Ch. Meander Pickpocket ex Meander Scatterbrain)

Open Dogs, three shown. First, Lazeland Kennels' Wanderlust O'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O'Lazeland) Second, Meander Kennels' Meander Spit N' Polish (by The Baron of Birdneck Point ex Ch. Whipoo's Showy Luster) Third, Lazeland Kennels' The Mariner O'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O'Lazeland)

Winners Do g to Wanderlust O'Lazeland. Reserve to Meander Spit N' Polish.

American Bred Bitches, two shown. First, Lazeland Kennels' Whipoo's Wish Me Well (by Ch. Whipoo's Whimsy, C.D. ex Meander Slap Happy) Second, Lazeland Kennels' Pennyworth Forget—Me—Not (by Ch. Wingedfoot Ringmaster of Pennyworth ex Ch. Pennyworth Blue Iris)

Open Bitches, two shown. First, Lazeland Kennels' Solidago O'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Ch. Meander Liat O'Lazeland) Second, Lazeland Kennels' Enchantress O'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O'Lazeland)

Winners Bitch to Solidago O'Lazeland. Reserve to Whipoo's Wish Me Well.

Best of Winners to Wanderlust O'Lazeland.

Specials, one shown, Ch. Stoney Meadows Sprint.

Best of Breed to Wanderlust O'Lazeland. Best Opposite Sex to Solidago O'Lazeland.

Raleigh , North Carolina

March 25, 1961, Judge: Mr. William L. Kendrick

American Bred Dogs, one shown, Julia Shearer's Meander Con Man (by Ch. Meander P ickpocket ex Meander Scatterbrain)

Open Dogs, three shown, First, Meander Kennels' Meander Spit N' Polish (by The Baron of Birdneck Point ex Ch. Whipoo's Showy Luster) Second, Lazeland Kennels' The Mariner O'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O'Lazeland) Third, D. R. Motch's Seven League Sunday Best (by Ch. Seven League Saddler ex Ch. Windholme Mother Goose)

Winners Dog to Meander Spit N ’Polish Reserve to The Mariner O'Lazeland.

American Bred Bitches, two shown. First, Lazeland Kennels' Whipoo's Wish Me Well (by Ch. Whipoo's Whimsy, C.D. ex Meander Slap Happy) Second, Lazeland Kennels' Pennyworth Forget—Me—Not (by Ch. Wingedfoot Ringmaster of Pennyworth ex Ch. Pennyworth Blue Iris)

Open Bitches, three shown. First, Lazeland Kennels' Solidago O'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Ch. Meander Lint O'Lazeland) Second, D. R. Motch's

Seven League Sixpence (by Ch. Seven League Saddler ex Ch. Windholme Mother Goose) Third, Lazeland Kennels' Enchantress O'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O'Lazeland)

Winners Bitch to Solidago O'Lazeland. Reserve to Whipoo's Wish Me Well.

Best of Winners to Solidago O'Lazeland

Specials, one shown, Ch. Stoney Meadows Sprint.

Best of Breed to Solidago O'Lazeland. Best Opposite Sex to Calvin G. Perry's Ch. Stoney Meadows Sprint (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Marathon ex Stoney Meadows Snow Bird.

Fayetteville , North Carolina
March 26, 1961, Judge: Mr. Wm. Ackland

Open Dogs, one shown, The Mariner O'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O'Lazeland)

Winners Dog to The Mariner O'Lazeland.

American Bred Bitches, two shown. First, Lazeland Kennels' Whipoo's Wish Me Well (by Ch. Whipoo ’s Whimsy, C.D. ex Meander Slap Happy) Second, Lazeland Kennels' P e nnyworth Forgot–Me–Not (by Ch. Wingedfoot Ringmaster of Pennyworth ex Ch. Pennyworth Blue Iris)

Open Bitches, two shown. First, D. R. Motch's Seven League Sixpence (by Ch. Seven League Saddler ex Ch. Windholme Mother Goose) Second, Lazeland Kennels' Enchantress O'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O'Lazeland)

Winners Bitch to Whipoo's Wish Me Well. Reserve to Seven League Sixpence.

Best of Winners to The Mariner O'Lazeland,

Specials, one shown, Ch. Stoney Meadows Sprint.

Best of Breed to Calvin G. Perry's Ch. Stoney Meadows Sprint (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Marathon ex Stoney Meadows Snow Bird). Best Opposite Sex to Whipoo's Wish Me Well.

Thanks to Donald Hostetter who sent in the results of the three North Carolina shows.

Hoosier Kennel Club, Indianapolis, Indiana
March 26, 1961, Judge: Dr. A. A. Mitten

Open Dogs, one shown, Wm. E. Fields' Oberon of Briskways (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Eyleland Buttercup)

Winners Dog to Oberon of Briskways.

Puppy Bitches, one shown, Barbara Fields' Whipoo's Avon Jessica (By Whipoo's Happy Time ex Whipoo's Tea Biscuit)

Open Bitches, four shown. First, Anamary E. Compere 's Love Letter O'Lazeland (by Ch. Surfrider O' Lazeland ex Pennyworth Forget–Me–Not) Second, Sylvia Borgel's Whipoo's Sylvan Sprite (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Ch. Whipoo's Wild Honey) Third, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Jacobs' Whipoo's Elegant Aire (by Ch. Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander ex Whipoo's Silken Elegence, C.D.) Fourth, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Jacobs' Meander Mata Hari (by Ch. Meander Pickpocket ex Meander Scatterbrain)

Winners Bitch to Love Letter O'Lazeland. Reserve to Whipoo's Sylvan Sprite.

Best of Winners to Oberon Of Briskways.

Specials, one shown, Ch. Rosalie of Rosehall.

Best of Breed to O. J. de Korsak's Ch. Rosalie of Rosehall (by Stoney Meadows Front Page ex Ch. Bo Peep of Bird Neck Point). Best Opposite Sex to Oberon of Briskways.

Mahoning Shenango Kennel Club, Youngstown, Ohio
March 26, 1961, Judge: Maurice Baker

Novice Dogs, one shown, Jeanette & Joe Frinzle's Sir Lancelot (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Sports Extra ex Faline of Kerry Estates)

Open Dogs, two shown, First, Kathleen Beargie's Rocket's Torpedo, C.D. (by Ch. Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander ex Ch. Whipoo's Sharp Focus, C.D.) Second, John & Marguerite Wilkey's Rockabye Blue Boy (by Tin Rib's Tiger Rag ex Rockabye Peace Pipe)

Winners Dog to Rocket's Torpedo, C.D. Reserve to Rockabye Blue Boy.

Novice Bitches, one shown, Paul R. Francis' Fawn Lady (by Fleetwood of Kerry Estates ex Bamboo Beauty)

Winners Bitch to Fawn Lady.

Best of Winners to Rocket's Torpedo, C.D.

Best of Breed to Rocket's Torpedo, C.D. Best Opposite Sex to Fawn Lady.

Western Reserve Kennel Club, Cleveland, Ohio
April 2, 1961, Judges Byron Hoffman

Novice Dogs, one shown, Jeanette & Joe Frinzle's Sir Lancelot (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Sports Extra ex Feline of Kerry Estates)

Open Dogs, three shown. First, Kathleen Beergie's Rocket's Torpedo, C.D. (by Ch. Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander ex Ch. Whipoo's Sharp Focus, C.D.) Second, John & Marguerite Wilkey's Rockabye Blue Boy (by Tin Ribs Tiger Rag ex Rockabye Peace Pipe) Third, Thomas L. Kirchner's Harbridge Bartzia (by Harbridge Rolling Stone ex Laguna Lovely Lady)

Winners Dog to Rocket's Torpedo, C.D. Reserve to Sir Lancelot.

Novice Bitches, one shown, Paul R. Francis' Fawn Lady (by Fleetwood of Kerry Estates ex Bamboo Beauty)

Open Bitches, four shown. First, Thomas L. Kirchner's Harbridge Suede (by Choirmaster of Allways ex Harbridge Ballerina) Second, Harry J. Bridge 's Harbridge Snowberry (by Harbridge Mustang ex Reckless Debutante) Third, Claudine S. Jensil's Faline of Kerry Estates (by Lydney Rising Sun ex Harbridge Snow Flower) Fourth, Vi-Mac Kennels' Vi-Mac's Step N Fetchit (by Harbridge Chamois Ru Sell ex Masked Princess of Spen Cere)

Winners Bitch to Harbridge Suede. Reserve to Harbridge Snowberry.

Best of Winners to Rocket's Torpedo, C.D.

Best of Breed to Rocket's Torpedo. Best Opposite Sex to Harbridge Suede

Thanks to Kathleen Beargie who sent in the results of the two Ohio shows.

International Kennel Club, Chicago, Illinois April 8 & 9, 1961, Judge: Mr. Harry T. Peters, Jr.

Puppy Dogs, one shown, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Jacobs' Whipoo's Bengal (by Whipoo's Happy Time ex Whipoo's Tea Biscuit)

Open Dogs, five shown. First, Mary Russell's Eyleland Red Mack (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Aggie of Stoney Meadows) Second, Edward B. Jenner's Red Letter O'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O'Lazeland) Third, Lazeland Kennels' Beachfire O' Lazeland (by Ch. Surfrider O'Lazeland ex Pennyworth Forget­Me-Not) Fourth, William Fields' Oberon of Briskways (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Monocle ex Eyleland Buttercup)

Winners Dog to Eyleland Red Mack. Reserve to Red Letter O'Lazeland.

Puppy Bitches, three shown. First, Jack Stone's Storm Warning Grey Cloud (by Ch. Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander ex Storm Warning Dart of Meander) Second, Barbara Fields' Whipoo's Avon Jessica (by Whipoo's Happy Time ex Whipoo's Tea Biscuit) Third, Lazeland Kennels' Lullaby O'Lazeland (by Ch. Surfrider O'Lazeland ex Soliloquy O'Lazeland)

Open Bitches, seven shown. First, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Jacobs' Whipoo's Elegant Aire (by Ch. Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander ex Whipoo's Silken Elegance, C.D.) Second, Harry J. Bridge's Harbridge Snowberry (by Harbridge Mustang ex Reckless Debutante) Third, Stuart Burford's Siren Song O'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O'Lazeland) Fourth, Edward B. Jenner's Harbridge Lovely Lady (by Harbridge Rolling Stone ex Laguna Lovely Lady)

Winners Bitch to Storm Warning Grey Cloud. Reserve to Whipoo's Elegant Aire.

Best of Winners to Eyleland Red Mack.

Specials, two shown, Ch. Harbridge Hallmark, Ch. Tubare's Chorister.

Best of Breed to Eyleland Red Mack. Best Opposite Sex to Storm Warning Grey Cloud.


Mrs. Cecilia E. Francis, London, writes - May I take the opportunity of writing to you about Whippet racing? Mrs. S. E. Evans has loaned me the Whippet News from America and as my husband and I are both very interested in racing I would like to give you and your readers a little information on the movement this side. We are very much amateur and as we live in town our problem has been to get a field for practice. For a time we were able to hire a field for trials, the first day 48 dogs, owners and friends arrived, and a good days sport was had by all. At that time we had no traps, but have since built six dog traps. These are spring loaded and released by a string pull. So we have been able to run six dogs at a time. The dogs very quickly settle to going into the box and are eager to be away. The artificial hare (or lure) is attached to a bicycle wheel and my husband winds. The speed can be varied according to the class of dog about to run. The winder soon learns the speed needed for each batch of dogs. Dy the way, we use nylon fishing line 30 lbs. breaking strain for the lure. Since we hove had to give up this field we have been unable to find another, so have not been able to keep the people interested. However, we have great hopes this year of finding a new venue and starting our sport again. In the meantime we have been able to trial out at some small Greyhound tracks and have managed to clock 19 - 18 secs. for 300 yds. at Watford Track, this with my Sante's Toby (who was judged 3rd by Mrs. Fell at Kensington). I read her report to you in the December issue and must correct it, as Toby is a red fawn dog not parti-colour as stated he certainly did not need walking. I think Mrs. Fell meant the Palmercross dog which is particolour.

There are not many dogs shown and raced over here, the majority of breeders have the opinion that racing spoils shoulders. Personally I consider this a fallacy, if the racing is not started when the dog is too young and provided that plenty of road walking is given between races.

During this year we hope to give racing demonstrations on a few Greyhound tracks and have been engaged to race at Shalford Park, Surrey, on May 6th, at Dagerhem Town Park in July, at Leyten on Aug. 20th and maybe Southend in Sept. This latter engagement is not yet confirmed.

I was most interested in the Puget Sound Fanciers activities, the times they record seem to be very good, but times vary according to track conditions. Will look out for your next News.

Cruft's Dog Show, 10th February, 1961
Judge: Mrs. C. A, Martin

There were 142 Whippets with 239 entries. The top winners were:

Dog C. C. to Miss I, E. Birrell's Ch. Blik's Ringmore Bardolph (by Ch. Bellavista Barry ex Tweseldown Mimosa) Reserce C.C. to G. Mannering & M. Castle's Ch. Oldoaks White Rajah (by Lady Park Spring Rain of Allways ex Markover of Test).

Bitch C. C. to F. Barnes' Ch. Teighways Tasmin (by Ch. Bellavista Barry ex Teighways Treacle) Reserve C. C. to Mrs. E. Winscom's Oh, Winpin Misty Moon (by Wingedfoot Marksman of Allways ex Golden Dawn)

Best of Breed to Ch. Teighways Tasmin.

Judge Martin writes, English Dog World, - I had a truly wonderful entry - it makes one feel very proud & honoured indeed...I must now apologise for my rather scrappy notes on my winners, but after the judging was over I left the ring for a moment to talk to an exhibitor, & when I went back someone had taken my purse all my money, my keys, my return train ticket & my jotted down notes, & I literally came home without a penny, a poorer & a wiser woman, so I beg you to forgive my notes as they are from memory, but what memories: I can truly say I never saw a finer collection of beautiful Whippets in my life, & dogs who went cardless can, & will, win in the best company. What a breed to be proud of indeed. By the way, I found two cryptorchids — how did they pass the veterinary surgeon I wonder. One thing I think we must watch is heads. There are many very good Whippets spoilt with rather coarse heads to my mind, a good head just finishes off a good dog. I have come to the conclusion that much of the talk about bad action is due to the handlers — they often don't give their dog time to settle into a nice stride. Several good looking dogs were spoilt with cow—hocks, & quite a few had flat sides,& I do so like a nice spring of rib in a racing dog. But on the whole we have not much wrong with the breed, & if we get them all perfect there will be no competition....Open D: What a class — all out of the top drawer: 1 Birrell's Ch. Blik's Ringmore Bardolph, most beautiful dog, worthy champion, sound as a bell, not only has he got all the show points, but the temperament as well, correct size yet masculine, full of quality, lovely mover, should do the breed a lot of good, won CC....Open B: 1 Barnes' Ch. Teighways Tasmin, most glorious, a real champion all the way, lovely, won CC & best of breed....My CC winners were truly worthy of Crufts.


Notice — Whippet Owners

Dr. Samuel H. Scott has kindly consented to prepare, and keep up to date, records of the producers of Whippet champions, brood bitches and studs. These records will be available to the American Whippet Club and any publication or person in need of these accurate records. A report will be presented annually in the Whippet News.

Here is the way Dr. Scott will do the records:

1. All Whippet people should send to Dr. Scott the names of all the champions finished by them since 1950. (Breeders or stud owners can send the names of champions produced by their dogs to help establish the records).

2. Included in the report should be the names of the sire and dam of each champion together with the date the championship was completed.

3. For the first year's report Dr. Scott will submit the names of all dams who hove produced four or more champions, the names of the champions and the dates when they finished.

4. Dr. Scott will also submit the names of the sires who got six or more champions, the names of the champions and the dates when they finished.

5. In succeeding years, Dr. Scott will submit only the names of new dogs or bitches to the list and the names of dogs and bitches whose counts have changed since the preceding year.

After the first information is given to Dr. Scott he shall keep the records up to date through the A. K. C. Gazette, starting with 1961, giving the date of the Gazette in which the announcement of Champions is made.

Send the necessary information to:

Dr. Samuel H. Scott Box 2485 Norman , Oklahoma


The Whippet News offers the right to other publications to reprint material in the News without writing for specific permission, providing a credit line is given.

Many people helped make this issue of the Whippet News an interesting one. This support is greatly appreciated and we thank all those who sent in show results, kennel reports, articles, ads pedigrees and letters.

Special thanks should be given to Dr. Samuel Scott, who for the past few years has compiled the interesting show record statistics, and who has now consented to keep the records for the get and produce records. Many people are interested in records and statistics and if records are to be kept and used, they should be accurate, and accurate records will now be available to Whippet owners. Dr. Scott needs the cooperation of all Whippet people to establish these records, so be sure and send the information to him.

A list of all those receiving the Whippet News, except for the members of the American Whippet Club, is included in this issue. All readers should check this list for additions or corrections.

Deadline for the June issue is June 1. Advertising rates $1 for 1/4 page, $2 for 1/2 page, $4 for a full page. Picture rates: $9 per picture, 1/4 page size, includ ­ ing making the cut. Please send glossy print. $4.50 per picture, 1/4 page size, if you send cut (mounted on wood block). Please send remittance with order.

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The opinions expressed in the Whippet News are those of the individual writers and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the editor or the American Whippet Club.

Mail to:

The Whippet News c/o E. L. Jacobs Mahomet, Illinois


Mrs. Ellis presents First Place
Trophy to Mr. Ralph Eyles and
Eyleland Peppermint Boy
Mrs. Ellis presents Second Place
Trophy to Mrs. H. W. Heiser and
Tubara's Choir Boy


R.Eyles, J. Cisney, Mrs. Eyles, Mrs. Jacobs
Mrs. H. W. Heiser
Mrs. Jacobs, Wm. Fields


Whippet Owners Drawing and Making Up The Races


General Appearance - The Whippet should be a dog of moderate size, very alert, that can cover a maximum of distance with a minimum of lost motion, a true sporting hound. Should be put down in hard condition but with no suggestion of being muscle-bound.

Head - Long and lean, fairly wide between the ears, scarcely perceptible stop, good length of muzzle which should be powerful without being coarse. Nose entirely black.

Ears - Small, fine in texture, thrown back and folded. Semipricked when at attention. Gay ears are incorrect and should be severely penalized.

Eyes - Large, intelligent, round in shape and dark hazel in color, must be at least as dark as the coat color. Expression should be keen and alert. Light yellow or oblique eyes should be strictly penalized. A sulky expression and lack of alertness to be considered most undesirable.

Teeth - White, strong and oven. Tooth of upper jaw should fit closely over the lower. An undershot mouth shall disqualify.

Neck - Long and muscular, well-arched and with no suggestion of throatiness, widening gradually into the shoulders. Must not have any tendency to a "ewe" neck.

Shoulders - Long, well-laid back with long, flat muscles. Loaded shoulders are a very serious fault.

Brisket - Very deep and strong, reaching as nearly as possible to the point of the elbow. Ribs well sprung but with no suggestion of barrel shape. Should fill in the space between the forelegs so that there is no appearance of a hollow between them.

Forelegs - Straight and rather long, hold in line with the shoulders and not set under the body so as to make a forechest. Elbows should turn neither in nor out and move freely with the point of the shoulder. Fair amount of bone, which should carry right down to the foot. Pasterns strong.

Feet - Must be well formed with strong, thick pads and well-knuckled-up paws. A thin, flat, open foot is a serious fault.

Hindquarters - Long and powerful, stifles well bent, hocks well let down and close to the ground. Thighs broad and muscular, the muscles should be long and flat. A steep croup is most undesirable.

Back - Strong and powerful, rather long with a good, natural arch over the loin creating a definate tuck-up of the underline but covering a lot of ground. Tail - Long and tapering, should reach to a hipbone when drawn through between the hind legs. Must not be carried higher than the top of the back when moving. Coat - Close smooth and firm in texture.

Color - Immaterial.

Size - Ideal height for dogs, 19 to 22 inches; for bitches, 18 to 21 inches. These are not intended to be definate limits, only approximate.

Gait - Low, free moving and smooth, as long as is commensurate with the size of the dog. A short, mincing gait with high knee action should be severely penalized.


Undershot mouth.

Approved November 9, 1955

NEW CHAMPIONS. This section is a regular feature of the Whippet News. Each issue we will present a three generation pedigree of new champions, with colors of the dogs when possible. Owners of new champions should send in the pedigrees as soon as the confirmation is received from the American Kennel Club. Please include the name of the dog and color, breeder, owner, date of birth, as well as the colors of the dogs in the pedigree. The pedigrees are presented on a first come basis and no more than two pages will be presented each issue.

Dorothea Frames Reports
April, 1961

I have waited as long as I dared before writing you about our Western Whippet Specialty Show, hoping that we would know of our judge in time to get an advertise m ent in the News, but nothing definate yet.

We will take a page in the next issue which should come out well before the Santa Barbara Show deadline (end of July) to announce all details. The Specialty will be at the Santa Barbara show and the day before will be the Ventura Show. It promises to be an eventful weekend and we are anticipating an excellent entry.

There is now a Sight Hound Racing Group out on the coast and the Turners of Newport Bench attended the last meet and had a great time.

I bred my little silver bitch Gigi to Rocket 's Firecracker and am hoping, naturally, for great things.

The Turners little red bitch, Lady Swift of Piperkins, was Best of Breed at the Glendale show last week for three points and pleased us all. Several of us are planning on racing with the Sight Hound racing group this spring so we may have some racing competition for either this fall or Chicago.

We are all looking forward to Harry Peters doing Whippets at Harbor City in June. There is a sanctioned Match the weekend before to sharpen the puppies. Should be great fun.

Paul R. Francis Reports
April, 1961

As you probably know, Whippet interest in Ohio is on the rise. At the Columbus show, April 23, we hope to have 10-12 dogs entered. I met the Kirchners at the Cleveland Show and they related to us that there are quite a few Whipoo and Harbridge Whippets in the Marysville area.

I have expressed my appreciation for receiving the Whippet News in the past, and I do so now.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Louis Pegram at the Cleveland Show.

I have enclosed a few addresses of Whippet owners in this area who I am sure would enjoy receiving the Whippet News, if possible.

Great Circle Kennel Reports
Wendell T. Howell

Den Dolder, Holland, April, 1961

This kennel, accompanied by its owner, left California on Tuesday March 14, and arrived in Brussells on Friday the 17th. It is almost more then I can bear to report on the trip itself, but some information might be helpful to another Whippet owner crazy enough to undertake such a thing. We were passengers on a freight carrier, which shall be nameless, and from aborted takeoff in San Francisco,

engine trouble in Los Angeles, engine trouble in New York (causing a six am depar ture), prop trouble in Gander, 100 foot ceiling in Shannon, to the final stop on a lovely warm morning in Brussells, the trip was a series of difficult hardships both for me and the dogs. I was lucky enough to get them (all ten) out at Gander due to a sympathetic customs inspector, and turned them all loose in the snow. By the time they were rounded up by several angry men they had done all they had to do, which was as well, because they didn't get out again until Brussells. Here, after a series of difficulties with agents, inspectors, and custom officials and an indefinite handing of money, I loaded them, crates and all, into a hired Volkswagon bus. After an hour of travel toward Holland I fell asleep at the wheel and drove into a ditch where we all slept for three hours. From the border cross ing to a midnight arrival at Madame Donath's house, everyone in Holland was helpful and kind. Arrival at Madame Donath's was heaven. The dogs were all promptly put to bed and so was I. It is impossible to say enough nice things about Madame Donath, and Mrs. Hugenholtz and Mr. Staffhorst who help her. Here is great feel­ing for the animals, completely thorou gh care, and quarters well built against the weather.

The spring day at Brussells was a hoax, and weather since has been a pretty ghastly series of rein, sleet and snow storms. It has been necessary to compromise with the feeding, as here, dogs keep in very good health on a diet of tripe and bread. The American dogs have learned to eat it, but we have supplemented to some extent with other meat. If it weren't so cold, end with quarantine staring us in the face, I would let them undergo a little more Dutch discipline (which can be pretty formidable) in this respect, as all Madame Donath's kennel is as healthy and fit a s any I have ever seen.

The dogs came out of the trip in excellent shape, though naturally, tired. The day after they arrived we took some out to the track at Utrecht for training. It was raining and hailing and they were asked to run on a circular track from an entirely unusual startin g boxes. However, they did well, got the picture about the turns, and when we race officially this weekend I feel sure they will do very well indeed. They are all entered in the racing book here, at least all that can be, as the height limitation is 20" and the age, one year. The conditions are

very exact, and the paper work quite complicated. It is formal, and on a notional basis. The track at Utrecht is perhaps the hardest for our straight racers, the first turn being very sharp and a little uneven. On a suggestion of Mr. Staff horst, we started them for the first time close to this turn and not from the boxes. They were going slowly enough to see the skin was turning, and therefore avoided any accidents. The second time around they ran close to the rail and didn't follow the skin out when it bounced off the wheels on the turns.

Ch. Great Circle the Scot is 3/4" too big to race, which is a disappointment, as being compact and stocky he might do quite well.

Old Holiday, always one to be different, ran off with the others in the sandy woods around here and didn't come back. I got my hired car stuck in the sand looking for her, and several people got soaked in an icy rain. I was contemplat­ ing a Dutch dog funeral, as roads and railways are very close. It seemed, at lest, that she had got stuck in an empty swimming pool, and was rescued by a kindly caretaker. Those of my friends who know Holiday will recognize the chance he took.

Also, don't kick a Dutch cat. Madame Donath's black one, approached quite gently by Carmen, suddenly fastened on her face like a leech. I gave a powerful kick at the situation, and landed my foot instead on the brick wall of the house. Now I suffer from two badly sprained toes and walk around in a bedroom slipper.

By the time anyone reads this, Chicago will have come and gone. I hope it is as much fun as ever and there are a lot of fast dogs and everybody wins. Best of Luck to everybody. If anyone likes this sort of article I will try to keep WN informed of the progress of these American Whippets overseas. We are entered in the show at Amsterdam, with Xenia, Wise Child and Tralee. This should be fun and I will report on it.

Stoney Meadows Kennel Reports
Doris Wear

March 22, 1961

Actually I have no kennel report of any moment as this is a "waiting" period. Three, no FOUR, bitches bred but more about that after the litters have "hatched". The accent on the fourth breeding is because THAT one was entirely UNplanned! Our sassy (and sexy!) little Englishman, Chanctonbury Hercules, jumped the kennel yard fence, on the other side of which some of our old ladies and young pregnant ones were sunning themselves peacefully on the kennel porch and bred old Kate (S. M. Make Believe) who, having been in confinement we though a safe FOUR weeks, had just been released there from. Alas, too soon as we so speedily discovered TOO LATE! We did not rush her to the vet's as the odds are against anything coming of it - she'll be 12 in June - and if I had had a mind to breed her on purpose "Spindle would have been the boy for the job anyway so we're letting nature take its course and we'll see what happens!

I remember that Judy Shearer told me that Ch. Dizzy Blonde of M. pulled the same trick on her a couple of times in her old age. Is it then a fact that old bitches stay in longer and are breedable for a longer or at a later period than are the young ones? Or are these two isolated exceptions? Answer please, someone! At any rate I suppose that we really should have these old girls spayed after they've had their allotted litters then they'd be safe and no trouble to us, expensive as it is.

Harrisburg and National Capitol shows were this past weekend and the results were such as to afford several people satisfaction. As usual I did not get a catalogue but here are the wins as I can remember them: Harrisburg, J. J. Duncar, judge. Winners dog, Best of Winners (4 points) and Best of Breed, Donald Hostetter's Wanderlust O'L. Reserve dog, Jackie Pimble's puppy (by Bob-White ex L. Leonie). Winners Bitch and Best Opp. to my puppy bitch, S. M. Moonlight. She is same litter as the RD. There were no specials. Wanderlust went on to fourth in the Group. National Capitol - Carroll Stewart, judge. Winners dog, Best of Winners and Best Opp. to Wesley Christopher's S. M. Rufus (same litter as RD and WB the day before) - it's hard to say who was the more pleased, Wes or I! Winners bitch - and this is where I goof as I don't know the animal's name - to Mrs. Hodge's nice English import. Reserve to S. M. Cassandra, my puppy bitch. Best of Breed to Judy Shearer's Ch. Meander Magpie 11. Did not hear how she fared in the Group. This was a 3 point show in both sexes.

I guess that's all for now. By next issue we should be crawling with puppies and teeming with news!


FLASH for the News...

On Sunday, March 26th at the Kennel Club of Northern New Jersey, Stoney Meadows Moonlight, by Ch. Meander Bob–White ex Laguna Leonie, was WB for 3 points, then BB over two specials, then WON the Hound Group in which there was almost a full complement of the eligible breeds and which included two noted BIS winners, THEN

was one of three called out for BIS! As this was "Li la's" first birthday, it seemed to us rather a gratifying way to celebrate it! Incidentally, this win gave her 5 points instead of the three she had won in the breed, so she came away needing only one more to finish.

Whipoo Kennel Reports
Sibyl & Gene Jacobs
April, 1961

We always find the Whippet Statistics compiled by Dr. Scott very interesting, and find the "totals" informative as to any "trend" in the breed. We were pleased to read that although the total number of Whippet Group placements was down for 1960, the total number of dogs was up, the hi ghest in the four years the Statistics have been compiled. We think this is a good sign.

We sincerely hope that the Whippet exhibitors in the mid–west area will again take advantage of a "specialty" judge at the Champaign Illinois Kennel Club all breed

show on Saturday, July 15, 1961. Last year there was an excellent entry of Whippets and we hope there will be an even better entry this year. The judge this year is Mr. Donald P. Hostetter, president of the American Whippet Club and we feel very fortunate the Champaign Kennel Club is having him. The show is outside and un benched and there will be major points and trophies. Last year it was a 5 point show in dogs and a 4 point show in bitches. The superintendent is Paul A. Ferguson, 125 E. High St. , Portland, Indiana , and there is a show the next day at Kankakee, Ill. , 75 miles from the Champaign show. We attended the whelping of Dr. & Mrs. Edlin's Whipoo's Dark Venture on March 24. She had eight pups, four do gs and four bitches, all very attractively marked. The bitch is sired by Ch. Whipoo's Spattarib of Meander ex Whipoo's Silken Elegence, C.D. The sire of the pups is Lysander of Briskways.

White Acres Kennels Report
Pearl Baumgartner

March 7, 1961

As things are now we are having a challenge race on June 25th at the MKC Greyhound track. It will be ours a gainst those from Calif. and also those from Canada have been invited. There will be several trophies at stake. It should be real fun. It is also in conjunction with Dog Fanciers of Oregon show so I hope we will get a good Whippet entry. Until this time we have not found it necessary to run with muzzles

as our dogs are not fighters but we have started to train them so they will be ready for this race. We haven't found muzzles that were right for some of our smaller ones. What do you do for the small ones?

I finished White Acres Cherokee last weekend. She is the one sired by the Scot.

Cherry is a real good one and I am sorry that more people didn't breed to the Scot as I got a very good litter and it was a complete outcross. I have only one large one in the litter and he is 21 inches and weighs 30 lb. in good flesh. He should be able to run though. The others are from 18 1/2 to 19 1/2 in. in height. I have a good male but is one of those that is hard to get in good flesh, so it will be a while before he will be ready to show.

We had a letter from the Edmistons and they have decided to show their Whippet at more shows. He was Best Whippet at Heart of America show on Feb. 26th and they were real thrilled, as it has been a long time since they have had a dog in the ring. He is a litter mate to my White Acres Sylvia, the last one I finished. I haven't seen him since he was a year old, but I thought him a good dog, about 20 in. in height.

Had hoped to get to Chicago this year, but things haven't worked out for us, so I’ll plan on it next year, and perhaps bring some of our dogs for the races. I think we have some good ones and will really be running them to get ready for those proposed races in Portland in June and hope we here in Wash. can win the west coast championship.

Mr. Gib Maring has made all the arrangements for these races and has been promised a full page in "Kennel Review" on the challenge race and Whippet races. We hope

to get two pictures and a photo finish picture printed along with the article. I will send all the details for the News. Jenny Henderson and Monty Long are the ones fro m Calif. who have worked on it from there.

I have a suggestion to make as to the races at Chicago. I think if you used just certain people to act as groom (handlers) and have them dress in a similar dress. It makes it so much more picturesque. We use some music, at the Renton show we used "Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail" and at the race track they march to their music. They use a hunting horn to call them to the post. At Renton we used one of the horns made from a cow's horn. It all adds to make a little extra color to the event

March 22, 1961

We hope we can make Chicago next year and we will bring both dogs for the show and the races. Maybe after the race on June 25th we can have the Pacific coast champion represented at the Chicago races.

Just got a letter from Mrs. Anson and they will be coming down with some dogs from B. C. Canada to run with us on June 25th, so the races get more interesting all the time. I will try and get all the details to you in time for the next News, so that all will know about it before June 25th.

We are now in the process of training our dogs with muzzles. To date, our dogs have gotten along fine but when we bring in strange dogs we will probably have trouble. We have a lure machine similar to the one that was used in Chicago three years ago and we have used everything from a white rag to a green rabbit hide and we haven't had any trouble with them snapping when we want to catch them. Some times they steal the hide and we have had to really run to catch them. We have one who really puts on a show when she steals the hide, she takes it back to the boxes and gently lays it in the box that she has just come out of, then stands back and barks, she wants to go again.

Oklahoma Whippet Club
Norman , Oklahoma

Marilyn M. Kern, Secretary
March 28, 1961

The Oklahoma Whippet Club held a racing meet March 12, with fifteen dogs and several puppies present. This was our first race since last November, due to weather conditions and other circumstances. However, it would seem that the long rest had no deleterious effect on the dogs. Ch. Harbridge Hallmark ran one 200 yard heat in 12.0 seconds. This was the fastest time clocked in any of our racing heats.

Incidentally, all of us down here would like to see tires, distances and type of track used, included in racing reports from some of the other clubs. We have been racing the dogs on a 200 yard straightaway dirt track. Times usually run from 12.6 to 14.0 seconds. It would be interesting to have some basis for comparison of the dogs ' performances in various parts of the country and under various conditions.

Dr. & Mrs. H. W. Heiser have the honor of displaying the trophies for the highest scoring dog, Ch. Harbridge Hallmark, and the hi ghest scoring bitch, Cameo Alabaster. These trophies represent the results of eleven racing meets in 1960.

We also wish to report the addition of Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Suggs, 714 Cruse, Norman , and Tubara Dutch Dandy, better known as Dromeo, to the membership of the Oklahoma Whippet Club. Please add the Suggs to the Whippet News mailing list. Thank you.


Joyce Anson, B. C., Canada, writes —

At last we have got our Whippet Club formed. We call ourselves the Western Whippet Club and we hope to get our dogs racing this summer.

Molly's puppies are really lovely, and a stronger, healthier lot no one could wish for. Molly now holds the record litter for us. Her mother had 8 and grandmother had 8. We have never had less than 7 in any litter we have ever bred. My youngest daughter, Jenny, has started training Kelly (father of the pups) for Obedience and it's amazing how quickly he is picking it up. After 6 lessons he heels well and sits, although he hates the cold damp ground. He stays while she leaves him and recalls nicely. I'm sure she'll have no trouble with retrieving and jumping so she is very pleased and we'll let you know how he gets on in competition.

Arthur E. Wright, Agoura, Calif., writes —

I have just read your latest News that came to Mr. Walker. He always brings it down for me to read. He has a nice Whippet he got from Jim Young of Pasadena, a male that is the size I like. I think you ought to get after Jim Young to write a few things about Whippets of 45 years ago.

I also think that Jim and I are the oldest Whippeters in America. After reading the News I started to look at a few things about Whippets that I've saved through the years and came across something that might interest you. There are two poems by Witty Warren of Canada, written about 34 years ago. The reason I kept the poems was because I bred the dog Jack of Diamonds that he loved. He was a beautiful Whippet. He got his name in a funny manner. I had a nice litter and all were ordered in advance and when they were six weeks old, Tom Corley, a young man came to get his pup and as he was in no hurry we started a little Penny Ante game and during the game Tom said give me one card and if it is the jack of diamonds I'll have a royal flush. He got it and he said that's my pup's name and good night. Jack made his championship in America and Canada after Witty Warren bought him.

If you care to print the poetry I think it would be all right, but I don't know if Mr. Warren is alive today, but I'm sure it would suit him. Well maybe it is News so I will say that the first Whippet Derby was raced at White River Junction Vermont in September, 1921. I know because I was there. The Derby was won by a little bitch named Sunshine. There were dogs there from Baltimore, Cleveland, Canada and Mass. The Whippet Club of America started there and Felix Lessor from Baltimore was a great man in the Whippets. His father owned the Baltimore Sun. I would love to look way back in the pedigrees of some of the Whippets of today and see if there were names of great dogs of those days, "Black Prince " , "Man of War", from Toronto, "Gilligans Tommy" from Lawrence, Mass., "Hasty Daisy" owned by Mr. Lowenstein of Toronto, "Sloe Eyes" of Pasadena, Jim Young's "Winnie", one of the best show dogs I ever saw. Well maybe I'd better quit this and let you youngsters get your dogs in shape for the season ahead. My 14 1/2 year old Butch just let me know he wants out so wishing all the dogs and owners the best of luck.

The Whippet News Mailing List,

April, 1961 (In addition to American Whippet Club members)

Claire E. Anderson, R. R. I Box 9—B, Bloomingdale Rd., Wheaton, Ill.
Mr. & Mrs. John Abrams, 418 N. W. 50th, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Archer, 13074 Rajah, Sylmar, Calif.
Mr. & Mrs. C. C. Bailey, 38 E. Beardsly, Champaign, Ill.
Garland A. Baker, 3309 Coltrane Road, Oklahoma City 11, Oklahoma
Thomas T. Barker, 3735 Aurelius Rd., Lansing 10, Mich.
Joseph Z. Batten, 33 Smith St., Chappaqua, New York
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Black, 15692 25th Ave. SW, Seattle 6, Wash.
Selwyn Blackstone, 3047 Rt. 2 Hy 41, Franksville, Wisconsin
Mr. & Mrs. David Bowles, 2290 Johnson Ferry Rd., N.E., Apt. 3, Atlanta, Georgia
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Bullock, 11 Westwood, Mattoon, Ill.
Marianna Burrows, 922 Clark Place, El Cerrito, Calif.
Harold H. Carr, Carr Greyhound Kennels, P. O. Box 267, Derby, Colorado
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Case, P. O. Box 57, Grossmont, Calif.
Wesley Christopher, c/o Dormar Kennels, Oxford, Md.
John Cisney, 601 Kentucky Ave., Racine, Wisconsin
Larry Clement & Ross Graham, 1857 41st Ave. N, Seattle 2, Wash.
Donald L. Cochran, Rt. 3, Box 169, South Haven, Mich.
Mrs. E. L. Cochran, 4878 Elmhurst Ave., Norfolk 13, Virginia
Arnold D. Collier, Route 3, Box 253, Brooksville, Florida
Mrs. J. Hamilton Coulter, "Clintagh", Lloyd Neck, Huntington, Long Island, N. Y.
Ralph W. Cox, 2807 Fairfield Ave., Greensboro, North Carolina
Leroy E. Creek, Route #1, Box 878—Y, Odessa, Texas
Christina Cullen, 1624 Monk Rd., Gladwyne, Pa.
Melvin Danhauer, Rt. 1 Box 146, Silverdale, Wash.
Manyard Davisson, Rt. 3, Marysville, Ohio
Wm. Dean, 40 Maple St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Andrew Delfino, 3017 Octavia St., San Francisco, Calif.
Dr, James Dick, 805 6th St., Butte, Montana
Mrs. Don Diessner, 201 Logan Ave., Yakima, Wash.
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Disson, Scarborough Rd., Scarborough, N. Y.
Henry Doder, Jr., 532 South, Toledo 9, Ohio
Daryl Down, 230 S. Bristol, Arlington Heights, Ill.
Mrs. Eunice Doyle, 8 Scribner Street, Montpelier, Vermont
Mrs. Betty Dunbar, 4515 West Director Place, Seattle, Wash.
Dr. & Mrs. Philip Edlin, 16 i2th St., Rantoul, Ill.
W. C. Edminston, Ralston, Nebraska
Mr. & Mrs. Morris Edwards, Rt. 1, Box 135, Lewisville, Texas
Dolores Eggert, Rt. 2 Box 229, Long Grove, Ill.
Jeanne Ellis, Humble Acre Kennel, R. 3, Rockport, Indiana.
Mrs. Ruth Ewing, Box 2667, Rt. 2, Woodinville, Wash.
Weldon Feldman, 2605 W. Berwyn, Chicago 25, Ill.
Mr. & Mrs. Morris Ferguson, 18113 26th Ave. W, Alderwood Manor, Wash.
Burton M. Forman, 7116 Linda Sue Way, Fair Oaks, Calif.
Donald M. Fraser, McNeill Manufacturing Co., P. O. Box 93, Red Springs, N. C.
Mr.& Mrs. Joseph Frinyl, 7225 Craigmere Drive, Middleburgh Hts. 30, Ohio Ruth &
Allen Gallup, 826 Mary Meadows Lane, St. Louis 41, Missouri
Mrs. Wm. Gerard, 2602 West 3rd. Ave., Hialeah, Florida
Mr. & Mrs. George Gibson, 1995 College View Drive, Monterey Park, Calif.
Mrs. Alfred R. Glancy, 735 Lakeshore Rd., Grosse Point 36, Mich.
J.E. Glynn, 7535 S. Peoria St., Chicago 20, Ill.
Mr. & Mrs. James Gober, 1151 Washington, Chehalis, Wash.
Harry Goeltz, 525 N. East Ave., Oak Park, Ill.
A. Golde, 8168 Evergreen Ave., South Gate, Calif.
Charles Hagerman, Box 695 R. R. 2, Knox, Indiana.
Mrs. Muriel Hammond, 6702 McKinley Ave., Tacoma, Wash.
Irene K. Harris, 1167 Boylston Street, Boston 15, Mass.
John Harris, Harris Heights, Petaluma, Calif.
Parker Harris, P. O. Box 111, Jamesville, N. Y.
Mrs. George Hass, 105 Lee Ave., Alexandria, Virginia
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Hearn, Route 4, Lawton, Oklahoma
Barre Hill, Northwood—On—The--Lake, Interlochen, Mich.
Betty Lee Hinks.,Step A Long, 754 Main St., Reisterstown, Md.
Mr. & Mrs. E. B. Hopkins, R. No. 1, Belle Meade, Champaign, Ill.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Horsfall, R. 3, Box 24, Williamston, Mich.
J. C. Hughes, P. O. Box 467, Anderson, Indiana
Mrs. Clyde R. Jones, Sec. Decatur Obed. Tr. Club, 1311 Ravina Park Rd., Decatur, Ill
Noel Jones, 278 Monroe Drive, Palo Alto, Calif.
David Kailin, 5804 Johnson Ave., Bethesda 14, Md.
Dr. Kamsler, R. D. No. 1, Sunbury, Pa.
W. R. Kenney, Sloan, Iowa
Mr. & Mrs. R. J. Kenord, c/o Solos Corp., Dreshev, la.
Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Kern, 814 Monett St., Norman, Oklahoma
0. J. Kersting, Ada, Mich.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kilcullen, Rt. 3, Box 168, Palatine, Ill.
Mrs. Sherman R. Killian, 1115 Dolrece Ave., La Marque, Texas
Tom Kirchner, 400 Buckeye St., Marysville, Ohio
Wolter Klaus, 75-72 187th St., Flushing 66, Long Island, N. Y.
Mrs. Leo Koch, 1212 Garden Hills Dr., Champaign, Ill.
Mr. & Mrs. E. F. Kornblith, 1101 Elm Ridge Dr., Glencoe, Ill.
Ruth Kraeuchi, 2022 N. Belles Rd., St. Louis 22, Missouri
John W. Kreutziger, Jr., 7674 No. Wyandot St., Denver 21, Colorado
Dan Kuzuhara, 1033 Ashland, Evanston, Ill.
Martha Love, 44 Westmoreland Place, St. Louis 8, Missouri -21-
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Lupton, 358 Robinson, Yuba City, Calif.
George & Virginia Mackin, 6502 Hatillo Ave., Woodland Hills, Calif.
Fred. Maday, 79 Personette Ave., Verona, New Jersey
Gib Maring, 2650 S. W. Custer St., Portland 19, Oregon
Edward P. Martin, 520 First Ave., Parkesburg, Pa.
Edith Meiser, 171 East 62, New York, N. Y.
Jenne Millet, Candlewood Kennels, 383 Dysot St., S. Easton, Mass.
Marcus W. Minkler, 6242 A N. Kenmore, Chicago 40, Ill.
Melanie Minton, 3107 Joseph Ave., Norfolk, Va.
Mr. & Mrs. Ivan W. Moffit, 87 South 17th Street, San Jose 12, Calif.
J. W. Monigold, Box 1472, Othello, Wash.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Moore, Dorich Poodles, 5002 Florence Blvd., Omaha 10, Nebraska
Mrs. Kay Morrell, Overrun Farm, Dover, Mass.
Mr. & Mrs. Eldon McCormack, 2812 Terrace Heights Rd., Yakima, Wash.
Joseph R. McCrackin, J. R. McCrakin Co., Forest Park, Georgia
Mr.& Mrs. Bradford McDaniel, Seymour, Ill.
Bill McNerney, 4041 Oregon Ave., St. Louis 18, Missouri
Mr. & Mrs. Doug McPherson, 21300 S. Lakeshore Blvd., Euclid 23, Ohio
Mrs, Donna Nasser, 580 Florence St., Aurora, Colorado
Margaret Olson, 15329 S. E. Stark, Portland 33, Oregon
Mr. & Mrs. Willard Parrett, Route No. 6, Washington Courthouse, Ohio
Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Paxton, 333 Irving Ave., Bridgeton, N. J.
G.A. Plummer, Rt. 8, Box 372, Dallas 11, Texas
J. W. Poulton, Blacksburg, Virginia.
Margaret Purfield, 2062 Blackrock, Bronx 72, N. Y.
Dr. Wm. J. Purse, 1115 Race, Denver, Colorado
Juanita Renner, R. R. No. 2, Marysville, Ohio
Mrs. Lillian Reuland, 13441 E. Tracy, Baldwin Park, Calif.
Frank X. Rice, 228 Clearview Road, Hanover, Pa.
Jan L. Riley, 2175 Cummington Rd., Cleveland 6, Ohio
Mrs. Doris Ringer, Rt. 3, Box 397, Snohomish, Wash.
River Road Rental, R. 2, Box 318, Marinette, Wisconsin
Jo Ann Roelle, 4117 Malcolm, St. Louis 25, Mo.
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Roth, 380 Montauk Ave., Brooklyn 8, N. Y.
• Saltmarsh, P. 0. Box 44, Sausalito, Calif.
Mrs. Janes Schurtz, 2700 Green St., San Francisco, Calif.
Mrs. Robert Sears, 2696 3rd Ave., Hialeah, Florida
Dr. Roger Seidl, 1417 Tenth St., Menominee, Mich.
E, J. Shoupe, 4971 Countryside Lane, Lyndhurst 24, Ohio
Norman Smith, 12090 S. W. Boones Ferry Rd., Portland, Oregon
Betty Stites, 18672 Dodge Ave., Santa Ana, Calif.
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Stout, 2389 Washington St., San Francisco 15, Calif.
Frank Strouhal, Hungerford, Texas
Mr. & Mrs. Colin A. Studds c/o Rose Hall, Lynnhaven, Virginia
Rene Suane, 2708 N. Lake View, Chicago 14, Ill.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Suggs, 714 Cruce, Norman, Oklahoma
Mrs. R. J. Sullivan, 11904 30th Ave. SW, Seattle 66, Wash.
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Tanner, 1605 Wrenford, South Euclid 21, Ohio
John Towne, 6272 Honolulu Ave., La Crescenta, Calif.
Beverley Traglio, 1011 N. E., 69th, Portland 13, Oregon
Jacque Tucker, 4019 C Farragut Circle, Virginia Beach, Va.
Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Turner, 2525 Crestview Dr., Newport Beach, Calif.
Mr. & Mrs. Albert E. Van Court, 728 S. Windsor Blvd., Los Angeles 5, Calif.
Art Vildebille, 250 Columbia Ave., Des Plaines, Ill. -22–
Wayne O. Walker, O. Box 88, Agoura, Calif.
Mrs. George F. Weber, 436 E. Third St., Moorestown, New Jersey
Roy H. Weblemoe, Dalmo Collie Farm, P. O. Box 425, Fairbury, Nebraska
Mrs. J. E. Wilkey, 1631 Maywood Rd., S. Euclid 21, Ohio
Keith Wilson, 4432 N. Romero Rd., Tucson, Arizona
Mrs. Marion Woodcock, Box 68F, 131st Street East, Pearblossom, Calif.
Mrs. Frances N. Woods, 800 Los Trancos Rd., Menlo Park, Calif.
Arthur E. Wright, 5442 Lewis Rd., Agoura, Calif.
Ann Wyman, c/o The Boston Globe, Boston, Mass.
Hiram A. Young, Box 104, Hinsdale, Mass.
Mr. & Mrs. E. Zwillinger, 5569 Maple Ave., St. Louis 12, Mo.
E. J. Anson, R. R. No. 1, Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada
W. G. Burton, 84 Devonshire, Greenfield lark, Quebec, Canada
Mrs. Donath, Seevwen, 35 Barnseweg Den Dolder, Holland
Mrs. M. B. Garrish, Wethersell Cottage, Barhatch Lane, Cranleigh, Surrey, England
Mrs. Hugenholtz, Baarnseweg 35A, Den Dolder, Holland
Maria Lucia Kernke, Canil Pirajense, Caixa Postal 1155, CAMPINAS – Est. Sao Paulo,Brazil
Mrs. Dorothy Lewis, Rydons Lane, Old Coulsden, Surrey, England
Mrs. 7. M. Martinson, R. R. No. 1, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.
National Whippet Assoc., Mrs. S. E. Evans, 26 Ingleboro Drive, Purley, Surrey,
Northern Counties Whippet Club, Mrs. R. Hodgson, 4 Victor Ave., Bare, England
Morecambe, Lancs., England
Archie Sparrow, 386 Seneca St., Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Mrs. Geoffrey Tooth, 13 Gloucester Square, London Wl, England
Ed Veitel, Debaire Kennels, R. R. No. 2, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
S. Wells, Cranmore Kennels, Chanby Rd., St. Hubert, Quebec, Canada
Whippet Club, Mrs. Fred Jones, Hailey Rd., ':Jitney, Oxon, England
Dog World, 469 East Ohio St., Chicago 11, Illinois
Mrs. Helen Rosemont, Western Kennel World, 20 Sycamore St., San Francisco, Calif.
Mrs. Alice Rosenthal, The Dog News, 406 Elm St., Cincinnati, Ohio
The Kennel Review, ?. O. Box 225, Glendale, Calif.
Mrs. Alice Wagner, -.copular Dogs, 2009 Ranstsead St., Philadelphia,