A special thanks to Peggy Hodge for sharing this historical piece from the old Highlight Kennel archives.



by Eugene L. Jacobs

(American Whippet Club American Kennel Gazette Column)

According to the Oxford Universal Dictionary, the definition of the word ROACH is, "A small freshwater fish of the Carp family, common in the rivers of northern Europe . In U. S., also applied to various small fish resembling, or mistaken for, the roach." In addition, ROACH is also "An upward curve cut in the foot of a square sail" and the abbreviation of Cockroach. Webster's Collegiate Dictionary has this definition of ROACH, "A Cockroach," "A European freshwater fish of the Carp family. It is silver white with greenish black. Any of various allied or similar cyprinoid fishes."

In the official standard for Whippets, the word ROACH is not mentioned and under the definition of Back, it states - "Strong and powerful, rather long with a good, natural arch over the loin creating a definite tuck-up of the underline but covering a lot of ground." In spite of these facts, too many people frequently use the word roach when they are referring to the Whippet back or top-line.

The Whippet standard calls for an animal to be rather long in the back and to stand over a lot of ground and as a result, how could he be drawn-up like a wicket in the middle? The correct Whippet back should be level at the shoulders and from the shoulders, flow to a good arch over the loin and at no time, be ROACHED, HUMPED or WHEEL backed!

Occasionally, one sees a flat backed Whippet. one with no arch over the loin. A flat back is just as wrong as the drawn-up, wheel back and as a result, a flat back should be equally penalized.

When evaluating a Whippet back or top-line, please refer to the Whippet Standard and remember, the ARCH is supposed to be over the loin - not in the middle of the back!!

* * *


(Volume 7 - Issue 2 - April, 1963, Eyleland Kennel Reports, Ralph and Barbara Eyles)

"At the request of Eugene Jacobs to do the Gazette column, I excerpted an article from The Book of the Dog (Vesey - Fitzgerald, London, 1948) which I had found interesting. Now, after conversations with several Whippet people who do not subscribe to the Gazette, it might be of general interest to those who only receive the Whippet News. The article applies to Greyhounds but inasmuch as the Whippet standard is practically word for word the same as the Greyhound standard, it could apply equally to Whippets. It is as follows:

'The English Greyhound exhibits a model of elegance and a. combination of symetric proportions, probably unrivalled by any other animal but the race horse. The perfection of the mechanism for speedy progression is apparent throughout his structure.

It is frequently argued that Greyhounds course and race successfully in all shapes and sizes and that good looks are no asset in dogs required for sport; classic examples are then quoted of dogs who were not outstanding good lookers but who were brilliant performers in the field or on the track.


Whilst it is a fact that there have been, and are, successful dogs of all shapes and sizes, it is also a fact that a malformed dog could never be a success. The conformation required in a Greyhound has been built up in the course of the long history of the breed, to enable them to carry out their work as efficiently as possible and with a minimum of fatigue.

Considering the requirements in the perfect Greyhound; speed is undoubtedly first in importance, but speed alone would be useless without a well balanced and well coupled body, which enables the dog to make sudden turns and twists without effort and without losing balance. Stamina is also an important consideration and for this the body must be formed as to afford the maximum room for heart and lungs and every limb must be built for soundness. Size is a factor governed by speed and balance.

In the earliest book on sport printed in English - The Boke of St. Albans, first published in 1486 - we find a description of the perfect Greyhound, which, when analyzed, gives a picture of the ideal Greyhound to this day. The writer of The Boke says: - 'A Grehund shuld be heded like a Snake and necked lyke a Drake. Feted lyke a Kat, Syded lyke a Bream. Chyned lyke a Beme.' The similies are exceed­ ingly apt, even if somewhat exaggerated, and give us an excellent picture of how the perfect Greyhound should be 'schapte.'

Taking the points in the same order as given by the old writers and commencing with the head; likening of the shape of the Greyhound's head to that of a snake is good - a long, narrow head broadening a little and flattened in the skull, giving plenty of brain room; well placed prominent eyes, bright and intelligent; the jaw strong with sound level teeth, no sign of cheekiness; the ears are, probably, the least important point in a Greyhound's make up, but there is little doubt that nicely folded ears, small and of fine texture, perfect the magnificent streamlined head of a well bred dog.

The neck lengthy, gracefully symmetrical and muscular without any tendency to throatiness, is an exceedingly beautiful feature and may well be likened to the graceful neck of a drake. On the length and flexibility of the neck depends the dog's ability to strike down the hare without checking his stride. The great authority Stonehedge lays down that in a well formed dog the measurement from the point of the nose to the junction of the head with the neck should be the same as the measurement from that junction to the front of the shoulder blade.

The shoulders are not described in the Boke of St. Albans, they should be long and oblique and well set back, muscular without being loaded.

The chine or back 'like a beam' part of the description is lovely; broad and squared up like a piece of axe trimmed timber is just what a Greyhound's back should be, the broad square back showing enormous muscular development on each side of the spine. The chine must be strong and flexible; a strong back slightly arched at the loins to enable the hind legs to work straight backwards and forwards without any outward motion causing loss of maximum propelling power.

The 'sides of a bream,' also, well describes the Greyhound' the chest is exceed­ ingly deep and roomy in the front, giving plenty of lung space; the ribs nicely spring but relatively flat sided to permit good set on and easy working of the shoulder blades in a straight line (A bream is a European fresh-water fish with relatively FLAT sides and a slightly arched back - B. Eyles).


A very old saying amongst horsemen is 'no hoof, no horse' and this is applicable to the Greyhound. The 'fote lyke a kat' is of the utmost importance as the concussion taken by the foot when at full gallop on hard going is terrific and a cat foot with the toes set well up, close together and well padded is essential to absorb shock. The perfect foot possessed by practically all cats describes the ideal to perfection. Such perfect feet are possessed by relatively few Greyhounds, hence the prevalence of 'track foot' amongst racing Greyhounds.

It is strange that our old descriptions do not include the legs, the most striking feature of the breed. Forelegs must be perfectly straight, muscular on the outside but flat on the inside; pasterns long and strong.

The hindquarters of the Greyhound are a perfect picture of colossal propelling power, and absolutely depict speed. The quarters must be wide and well let down, hocks forming a good angle and close to the ground. Any tendency of the legs to divert from a dead straight lateral line, such as out at elbow or cow hocks, is a damning fault. The movement must be entirely lateral, to gain the maximum propul­ sion power and minimum wind resistance.

The rat tail, that is, long and covered with smooth fine hair is a sign of quality and breeding, a bush or excessively hairy tail shows the opposite: the tail is used as an aid to balance and it is essential that it should not be kinked. A fine coat signifies quality in a like manner to a fine tail.'

Thus ends the applicable portion of the article, which we found most interesting. Most people know what a Whippet or Greyhound should look like but they don't know WHY they should look that way. For those who think that Whippets are Whippets and Greyhounds are Greyhounds and that the Whippet is not a scaled down Greyhound and shouldn't look like one, may I briefly compare the standards of the two breeds?

Greyhound head - Long and narrow, fairly wide between the ears, scarcely preceptible stop, little or no development of nasal sinuses,

good length of muzzle, which should be powerful without coarsness Teeth very strong and even in front.

Whippet Head - Long and lean, fairly wide between the ears, scarcely preceptible stop, good length of muzzle which should be powerful without being coarse. Nose entirely black.

Greyhound: Ears - Small and fine in texture, thrown back and folded, except when excited, when they are semi pricked.

Whippet: Ears - Small, fine in texture, thrown back and folded. Semipricked when at attention. Gat ears are incorrect, ....etc.

Greyhounds: Eyes- Dark, bright intelligent, indicating spirit.

Whippet: Eyes - Large, intelligent, round in shape, ...etc. Expression keen and alert, ...etc.

Greyhound: Neck - Long, muscular, without throatiness, slightly arched, and
widening gradually into the shoulders.

Whippet: Neck - Long and muscular, well arched and with no suggestion of throatiness, widening gradually into the shoulders ....etc.


Greyhound: Shoulders - Placed as obliquely as possible, muscular without being loaded.

Whippet: Shoulders - Long, well laid back with long flat muscles. Loaded shoulders are a VERY serious fault.

Greyhound: Forelegs - Perfectly straight, set well into the shoulder, neither
turned in nor out, pasterns strong.

Whippet: Forelegs - Straight and rather long...etc. Elbows should turn neither
in nor out... etc. Fair amount of bone ...etc. Pasterns strong.

Greyhound: Chest - Deep, and as wide as consistent with speed, fairly well- spring ribs.

Whippet: Brisket - Very deep and strong...etc. Ribs well sprung but with no suggestion of barrel shape...etc.

Greyhound: Sack - Muscular and broad, well arched.

Whippet: Back - Strong and powerful, rather long with a good natural arch over
the loin...covering a lot of ground.

Greyhound: Hindquarters - Long, very muscular and powerful, wide and well let

down, well-bent stifles. Hocks well bent and rather close to ground, wide but straight fore and aft.

Whippet: Hindquarters - Long and powerful, stifles well bent, hocks well let down and close to the ground. Thights broad and muscular.

The feet differ a little but both coats are to be 'close, smooth and firm in texture.' and both tails are 'long and tapering' and the color for both is 'immaterial.' Very interesting, what? We find it so."

Mid West Specialty

The Mid West Specialty has been changed to Friday, July 21, so as to go along with the Chicago International Show which has been moved to July 22 & 23. Mrs. W. P. Wear will be the judge and a full program for Whippet owners is planned with a luncheon and American Whippet Club meeting following the judging on Friday, end racing in the air-conditioned amphitheater with the International Kennel Club on Saturday and Sunday.

Show Secretary - Mrs. Shirley Mack 4812 W. Vliet St. Milwaukee , Wisconsin 53208

Racing Secretary - Louis Pegram c/o Ralston Purina Co. St. Louis, Missouri 63199

Advertising copy for catalogue due June 19a For information write

Ralph Eyles Box 180 , Route 2 Antioch , Illinois 60002

Ralph Eyles, Mrs. Eugene L. Jacobs, Co-Chairman Mid West A.W.C. Specialty


Mid West Supported Shows ---

The committee cannot find any advantage in changing the supported shows in our section of the country, for once established, these shows can be included in the yearly show and race plans of local exhibitors. These shows for 1967 will be -

St. Louis, for information write - Louis Pegram, Ralston Purina Co., St. Louis, Missouri, 63199. This show will also offer racing with a two day program.

Champaign, for information write - Mrs. Eugene L. Jacobs, Mahomet, Illinois 61853. This show will now be one week before the Specialty and International week end and will provide a "warm up" for Chicago. Racing, two days.

Delaware , (Marysville) for information write - Victor Renner, R. R. No. 2, .Marysville Ohio 43040. Racing, two days and featuring the Marysville Futurity.

The Supported Show DATES are - St. Louis, MAX 21; Champaign, JULY 15; Delaware, end of OCTOBER.

Western Specialty

As Show Chairman for the 1967 Western Specialty and supported shows, I am pleased to announce that the Specialty will again be with the Santa Barbara Kennel Club show. At this writing, the date has not been set by the SBKC but it is usually the last Sunday of July. Liz Scott's lovely engraved Whippet head medallions will again be the "prize" of the show, with 1st through 4th in all classes. The first place medallic this year will be mounted making it stand out a bit from the other class placings. Mrs. Scott is also making a new design for this Specialty. Pearl Baumgartner is the trophy chairman and all donations to the trophy fund will be received by her.

We have also made a slight change in motel accomodations. I have personally contacted several motels who will take pets for the show week end; you will find them listed elsewhere in this issue. It is requested you make your own reservations and when doing so state that you are attending the American Whippet Club Specialty at the S.B.K.C. dog show. Rates are listed and those that are AAA are noted. If you wish, you may send requirements to Mrs. Diane North, who is hospitality chairman and she will forward several at a time to a specified motel. We are negotiating with a nice restaurant for dinner accomodations and when plans are completed will have the announcement for the next issue of WHIPPET NEWS. Plans are to include a choice of the regular menu where guests will order when sending in their reservations. Bar facilities will also be available. Reservation forms for dinner and the motels are elsewhere in this issue, Please make your motel reservations no later than JUNE 1st. Mrs. North, or myself will be glad to forward any information you desire regarding accomodations from these recommended motels.

Negotiations are under way at this time for the Specialty judge and hope we can make the announcement in the next issue.

Arrangements are in process for the northern California and north west supported shows. Plans for these two shows should also be completed and ready for the next issue. The combined efforts of the northern and California members have gone towards the supported entry in April with the Sun Maid Kennel Club; we have a lovely trophy list and the judge is one we hope will have good support.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in July.

Christine Cormany Show Chairman 1967


- - -

Eastern Supported Shows

St. Petersburg , Framingham and Westchester K. C., Purchase, N. Y. are the three supported shows for 1967,

Mrs. Margaret P. Newcombe, Show Chairman, writes - Ladies Dog Club, June 3, 1967, Wellesley Mass. , judge Mr. Virgil Johnson is the place for our next supported show.

Westchester Kennel Club, Sept. 10, 1967, Purchase, New York, judge Dr. Edward K. Zane, Honolulu, Hawaii, is the place for our third eastern supported entry.

A ballot was taken last October and November for our judge for the eastern American Whippet Club Specialty in 1968 and here are the three persons getting the most votes. In first place, Mr. Percy Roberts, in second place, Mr. Alva Rosenberg and in third place, Mrs. M. P. Newcombe.

Eastern Specialty

Our Eastern Whippet Specialty for 1967 will again be held in conjunction with the Rock Creek Kennel Club and our judge is Mr. A. Peter Knoop. He was approved by the membership present at our Rock Creek meeting following the 1966 Specialty.

  • * *

Donald P. Hostetter Memorial Trophy

This trophy will be at all three specialties and the Regional Show Chairman are to include this information in the premium lists for the American Whippet Club Specialty in their area. The Donald P. Hostetter Memorial Trophy is offered by Pennyworth Kennels. Pennyworth Kennels offers through the American Whippet Club, for competition at its Specialty Shows only, the Donald P. Hostetter Memorial English Silver Cup (value 500.) For permanent possession it must be won three times by the same exhibitor, not necessarily with the same dog. Winning dog must be bred by the owner to qualify for trophy.

* * *

The Whippet Club, Ontario, Canada

Interested people may contact "The Taylors" - 2035 Victoria Ave. , Burlington, Ontario

Officers for 1967

President - Mr. Robert Taylor

Public Relations - Mr. N. Bowen

Secretary - Mrs. Margret Bowen

Race Chairman - Mr. R. Graham

Treasurer - Mrs. Jean Taylor

Vice President - Mr. J. Hale

* *





West Coast Specialty
Santa Barbara Kennel Club Show

July, 1967

Trophy Chairman: Mrs. Pearl Baumgartner, 10703 East 59th Avenue, Puyallup, Washington 98371

Liz Scott designed Whippet Head Bronze Medallion - 1st through 4th in all classes Best of Winners, Winners and Reserve - Mounted Bronze Medallion. Veteran, Stud Dog, Brood Bitch - Brace Classes Bronze Medallion.

Hospitality Chairman: Mr s. Diane North, 23647+ San Fernando Road, Newhall Calif.


Contact Mrs. North or myself for motel accomodations and dinner reservations. Please use form below or fascimile.

Recommended Motels:

Encina Motor Lodge - 2220 Bath St., Santa Barbara AAA Double Bed $14.46 (Including Tax)

Twin Room $16.64 ( Including Tax)

David O. Buxton, Manager

Hyatt Lodge - 3525 State Street, Santa Barbara Single $9 - 12.00

Double $12 - 16.00

Double-Double $14 - 16.00

Two room suite $18 - 20.00

Thelma Deaton, Manager

Pacific Park Motel - 122 W. Cabrillo Blvd., Santa Barbara AAA Single-double bed $12.00

Twin beds $14.00

Double and Single $14.00 to $16.00

Two double beds $16 - 18.00

Dogs allowed in rooms. Require $10.00 for same - refundable.

Motel Medallion - 3840 State Street, Santa Barbara AAA

Queen (2) $14.00

Twin double 2-$15.00; 3-$17.00; 4418.00.

Will accept dogs if left in van or car. Free coffee-restaurant adjacent. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Webber, Managers

One day deposit required on all reservations - two day advance notice for refund on cancellations. Christine Cormany, Show Chairman

Mrs. Diane North

236471 San Fernando Road Newhall , California, 91321

Please make the enclosed motel reservations for (how many) ______

(rate) _____________ (type) ____________

Dinner reservations for (How Many) ____________

1st choice 2nd choice ___________

Signed ____________________

All reservations will be acknowledged.


San Fernando Kennel Club, San Fernando, Calif.

Oct. 23, 1966; Judge: Mrs. Helen Walsh

Winners Dog to Marie C. Schaefer's Glenray's Christmas Love (by Ch. Whirlings Mr. Rudy of Glenray ex Eyeland Minuet). Reserve to Paul Sykes and Michael Dougherty's Roving Rainmaker (by Meander Hindsight ex Windward Misbehavior).

Winners Bitch to Marilyn Barlows' Sing'n Little Girl Blue (by Traymatt Molasco ex Rockabye Black Mollie). Reserve to H. L. and Mary B. Robinson's Dragonfly's Sugarfoot (by Ch. Courtenay Fleetfoot of Pennyworth ex Ch. Attila's Dragonfly Gypsy.

Best of Winners to Sing'n Little Girl Blue

Best of Breed to Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Frailey's Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Bold Venture ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Snow Queen). Best Opposite Sex to Mrs. Julie Holm's Ch. Stoney Meadows Frosty Queen (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Golden Quest ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Snow Queen).

3rd Hound Group to Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune * * *

The Kennel Club of Riverside; Hemet, California

November 6, 1966; Judge: Mr. Forest N. Hall

Puppy Dogs, one shown. Allen W. Wing's The Baron of Coventry (by Piperkins Rusher ex Sing'n Little Girl Blue).

Open Dogs, two shown. First, Marie C. Schaefer's Glenray's Christmas Love (by Ch. Whirlings Mr. Rudy of Glenray ex Eyeland Minuet). Second, Paul Sykes and Michael Dougherty's Roving Rainmaker (by Meander Hindsight ex Windward Misbehavior).

Winners Dog to Glenray's Christmas Love. Reserve to Roving Rainmaker

Puppy Bitches, two shown. First, Hollypark's I'm Martha (by Ch. Ringmore Finisterre ex Hollyparks Humoresque) owned by Roy Widner. Second, Constance F. Barney's Holly- park Hearts and Flowers (by Tinker Tum ex Ch. Whirling Downs Whistle Bait).

Winners Bitch to Hollypark's I'm Martha. Reserve to Hollypark Hearts and Flowers. Best of Winners to Glenrays Christmas Love.

S p ecials only, three shown. Ch.. Canyon Crest's Black Knight, Ch. Stoney Meadows Frosty Queen, Ch. Humble Acre Slo Gin.

Best of Breed to Gretchenhof Kennels' Ch. Humble Acre Slo Gin (by Ch. Lysander of Briskway ex Ch. Whipoo 's Tar Heel). Best of Opposite Sex to Canyon Crests Kennels' Ch. Canyon Crest's Black Knight (by Ch. Courtenay Fleetfoot of Pennyworth ex Ch. Canyon Crests Surprise).

NOTICE - Name Inadvertently Omitted


D. Jay Hyman writes - Looking at Volume 10, Issue 5, which I read thoroughly and enjoyed very much, I found one mistake which surprised me. In listing the winners of the Western Specialty Show, Santa Barbara, I noticed that you show there were eighteen Specials shown, but you only listed 16. You failed to note that Ch. Stony Meadows Royal Fortune was also shown in the Specials Class.


Yuma Kennel Club, Yuma, Arizona

December 3, 1966; Judge, Mr. R. A. Cross

American Bred Dogs, one shown. Jacqueline Quiros Kubat's Dragonfly's Fleetfoot (by Ch. Courtenay's Fleetfoot of Pennyworth ex Ch. Attelas Dragonfly Gypsy).

Open Dogs, three shown. First, Paul Sykes and Michael Dougherty's Roving Rainmaker (by Meander Hindsight ex Windward Misbehavior). Second, Marie C. Schaefer's Glenray's Christmas Love (by Ch. Whirlings Mr. Rudy of Glenray ex Eyeland Minuet). Third, Carol. S. Richardson 's Fleetfoot of Pennyworth ex Ch. Attilas Dragonfly Gypsy).

Winners Dog to Roving Rainmaker. Reserve to Dragonfly's Fleetfoot

Puppy bitches, one shown. Roy Widner's Hollypark's I'm Martha (by Ch. Ringmore Finisterre ex Hollypark Humoresque).

American Bred Bitches, one shown. Constance F. Barney's Hollypark Hearts and Flowers (by Tinker Tum ex Ch. Whirling Downs Whistle Bait).

Open Bitches, three shown. First, Glen Ray and Iwana L. McBevitt's Eyeland Minuet (by Ch. Eyeland Honey ex Eyeland Pianissimo). Second, Robert Russell and Robert 0' Donnell's Rusnell A Kiss of Joy (by Ch. Hollypark's Highland Fling ex Hollypark's Summertime Gal). Third, Mrs. J. Kubat's and Mrs. B. Edward's Snowfire of Hardknott (by Rainbow of Hardknott ex Summersway Sandmartin).

Winners Bitch to Eyeland Minuet. Reserve to Rusnell A Kiss of Joy Best of Winners to Roving Rainmaker

Specials only, three shown. Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune, Ch. Humble Acre Slo Gin , Ch. Canyon Crest's Black Knight.

Best of Breed to Mr. and Mrs. H. Frailey's Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Bold Venture ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Snow Queen). Best Opposite Sex to Eyeland Minuet.

4th Hound Group - Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune. * * *

Imperial Valley Kennel Club, Imperial, California
Dec. 4, 1966; Judge, Mr. Chris Shuttleworth

American Bred Dogs, one shown. Jacqueline Quiros Kubat's Dragonfly's Fleetfoot (by Ch. Courtenay's Fleetfoot of Pennyworth ex Ch. Attila's Dragonfly Gypsy).

Open Dogs, three shown. First, Marie C. Schaefer's Glenray's Christmas Love (by Ch. Whirlings Mr. Rudy of Glenray ex Eyeland Minuet). Second, Paul Sykes and Michael Dougherty's Roving Rainmaker (by Meander Hindsight ex Windward Misbehavior) Third, Carroll S. Richardson's Dragonfly's Fancyfoot (by Ch. Courtenay's Fleetfoot of Pennyworth ex Ch. Attilas Dragonfly Gypsy).

Winners Dog to Glenrays Christmas Love. Reserve to Roving Rainmaker


Puppy Bitches, one shown. Roy Widner's Hollyparks I'M Martha (by Ch. Ringmore Finisterre ex Hollypark Humoresque).

American Bred Bitches, one shown. Constance F. Barney's Hollypark Hearts and Flowers (by Tinker Tum ex Ch. Whirling Downs Whistle Bait).

Open Bitches, two shown. First, Mrs. J. Kubat and Mrs. B. Edwards' Snowfire of Hardknott (by Rainbow of Hardknott ex Summersway Sandmartin). Second, Robert Russell and Robert O'Donnell's Rusnel A Kiss of Joy (by Ch. Hollypark's Highland Fling ex Hollypark's Summertime Gal).

Winners Bitch to Snowfire of Hardknott.

Reserve to Hollypark Hearts and Flowers

Best of Winners to Snowfire of Hardknott.

Specials Only, four shown. Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune, Ch. Canyon Crest's Black Knight , Ch. Humble Acre Slo Gin, Ch. Attilas Dragonfly Gypsy.

Best of Breed to Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Bold Venture ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Snow Queen). Best Opposite Sex to Snowfire of Hardknott.

Ch. S. M. Royal Fortune wont on to third in Hound Group.

Silver State Kennel Club, Las Vegas, Nevada

November 13, 1966; Judge, Mr. Albert E. Van Court

Open Dogs, one shown. Ronald Bare's Hollypark Highland Frost (by Ch. Hollypark Hobgoblin ex Sand Spiral Kindall).

Puppy Bitches, four shown. First, Dorothea C. Hastings' Hollypark Duchess of Gridley (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune ex Ch. Eyeland Brown Betty). Second, E. R. Hastings' Hollypark Cheer For Me (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune ex Ch. Eyeland Brown Betty). Third, Constance F. Barney's Hollypark Hearts and Flowers (by Tinker Tum ex Ch. Whirling Downs Whistle Bait). Fourth, Don R. Dye's Madcap Dusty Road (by Ch. Great Circle Mad Hatter ex Great Circle Tosca).

Open Bitches, two shown. First, Marilyn Barlow's Sing'n Little Girl Blue (by Traymatt Nolasco ex Rockabye Black Mollie). Second, Bettye Kirksey Scott's San Saba Satin Doll (by Ch. Whipoo's Cheesta ex Humble Acre Pokey Slow).

Winners Bitch to Sing'n Little Girl Blue. Reserve to Hollypark Duchess of Gridley. Best of Winners to Sing'n Little Girl Blue.

Specials Only, three shown. Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune, Ch. Canyon Crests Black Knight, Ch. Humble Acre Slo Gin.

Best of Breed to Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Frailey's Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Bold Venture ex Ch. Stoney Meadows Snow Queen). Best Opposite Sex to Marilyn Barlow's Singn Little Girl Blue.


Antelope Valley Kennel Club, Inc., Lancaster, California
December 11, 1966; Judge, Mr. Fred H. Hunt

Puppy Dogs , 6-9, two shown. First, Allen W. Wing's The Baron of Coventry (by Piper­ kins Rusher ex Sing'n Little Girl Blue). Second, Marion H. Woodcock's Hollypark Red Cloud of Suntan (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune ex Ch. Eyeland Brown Betty).

American Bred Dogs, one shown. Marion H. Woodcock's and Norma B. Howard's Silver Sun of Suntan (by Ch. Eyeland Double or Nothing ex Ch. Silver Song of Suntan).

Open Dogs, seven shown. First, R. L. Sykes and H. Dougherty's Roving Rainmaker (by Meander Hindsight ex Windward Misbehavior). Second, Arthur J. and Laura Grant's Canesco's Gadabout (by Canesco's El Capitan ex Ch. Canesco's Double Date). Third, Marie C. Schaefer's Glenray's Christmas Love (by Ch. Whirlings Mr. Rudy of Glenray ex Eyeland Minuet). Fourth,Caroll S. Richardson's Dragonfly's Fancyfoot (by Ch. Courtenay's Fleetfoot of Pennyworth ex Ch. Attilas Dragonfly Gypsy).

Winners Dog to Roving Rainmaker.

Reserve to Canesco's Gadabout.

Puppy Bitches, 6-9, one shown. Robert L. Holland's Her Ladyship of Coventry (by Piperkins Rusher ex Sing'n Little Girl Blue).

Puppy Bitches, 9-12, one shown. Ray Widner's Hollypark's I'm Martha (by Ch. Ringmore Finisterre ex Hollypark Humoresque).

Novice Bitches, one shown. James L. and Jane E. Lafrenaye's Oakshade's Snow Star of Suntan (by Ch. Eyeland Double or Nothing ex Sunday Slippers of Suntan).

American Bred Bitches, three shown. First, Norma B. Howard's Sugar 'N Spice of Suntan (by Ch. Eyeland Double or Nothing ex Ch. Silver Song of Suntan). Second, Constance F. Thomas' Hollypark Hearts and Flowers (by Tinker Tum ex Ch. Whirling Downs Whistle Bait). Third, Don R. Dye's Madcap Dusty Road (by Ch. Great Circle Mad Hatter ex Great Circle Tosca).

Open Bitches, seven shown. First, Marilyn Barlow's Sing'n Little Girl Blue (by Traymatt Nolasco ex Rockabye Black Mollie). Second, Arthur J. and Laura Grant's Von Der Busch Silver Bell (by Ch. Freddie of Test ex Maddam Rosslyn). Third, Carol S. Hayhurst's Syndicated Ruby Paint Pot (by Ch. Hollypark Highland Fling ex Seven League Syndicate). Fourth, Mrs. J. Kubat and Mrs. B. Edwards' Snow-fire of Hardknott (by Rainbow of Hardknott ex Summersway Sandmartin).

Winners Bitch to Sing'n Little Girl Blue. Reserve to Von Der Busch Silver Bell. Best of Winners to Sing'n Little Girl Blue.

Specials Only , five shown. Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune, Ch. Dragonfly's Wingedfoot , Ch. Humble Acre Slow Gin, Ch. Hollypark Summertime Gal, Ch. Shimmering Star of Suntan.

Best of Breed to Mr. and Mrs. H. Frailey's Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Bald Venture ex Ch. Stoney -Meadows Snow Queen). Best Op posite Sex to Gretchenhof Kennels' Ch. Humble Acre Slo Gin (by Ch. Lysander of Briskways ex Ch. Whipoo's Tar Heel.

First in Hound Group to Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune.


Golden Gate Kennel Club, San Francisco, Calif.

January 14-15, 1967; Judge, Mrs. Frank Warner Hill

Puppy Do gs 6-9, one shown. Lynette J. Trounce's Bardon Trappings (by Stoney Meadow's Epic ex Meander Ribbon's).

Puppy Dogs, 9-12, one shown. Gladys M. Cutter Hollypark's Just Plain George (by Ch. Ringmore Finisterre ex Hollypark Humoresque.

American Bred Dogs, two shown. First, Nira M. Carroll's Nira's Irish Mist (by Ch. Tomburton's Tiberius ex Enger's Candy). Second, Craig Tangen and Gladys Cutter's Mopalo's Jelly Bean (by Meander Pilot ex Tom Burton's La Malinche).

Open Dogs , six shown. First, Jacqueline Quiros-Kubat's Dragonfly's Fleetfoot (by Ch. Courtenay's Fleetfoot of Pennyworth ex Ch. Attila's Dragonfly Gypsy). Second Richard J. and Donna Hammond Winter Poon's Goodbye (by Piperkin's Pacer ex Whipoos Cricket Song). Third, Marie C. Schaefer Glenray's Christmas Love (by Ch. Whirlings Mr. Ruby of Glenray ex Eyleland Minvet). Fourth, LaDonna Lundgren's Madcap Trail Guide (by Ch. Great Circle Mad Hatter ex Great Circle Tosca).

Winners Dog to Dragonfly's Fleetfoot Reserve to Hollypark's Just Plain George.

Puppy Bitches, 6-9, two shown. First, Gladys M. Cutter's Highland's Hollypark Holly (by Ch. Stoney Meads Royal Fortune ex Ch. Eyeland Brown Betty). Second, Walter and Madolyn Olofson Bardon's Frippery (by Stoney Meadow's Epic ex Meander Ribbons).

Puppy Bitches, 9-12, two shown. First, Margret P. Symons' Anjuska (by Ch. Barron Summer Storm ex Twinky Toffee Tore). Second, Kathleen Y. Blanchard and Allan Coft Blanchard's Hollypark Tipperary Colleen (by Ch. Ringmore Finisterre ex Hollypark Humoresque).

American Bred Bitches, three shown. First, Nira N. Carroll's Mopalo's Ella Wellington (by Meander Pilot ex Tomburton's LaMalinche). Second, Howard M. Bobren Vagabonded Whipoo's Pavane (by Whipoo's Bengal ex Ch. Whipoo's Vagabonded Hera). Third, Jayne Langdon's Fancy Fete's Early'Dawn (by Ch. Mopalo's Gayblade ex Heidi Von Rosell).

Open Bitches, Four shown. First, Carol Barron Hollypark's Hello Dolly (by Ch. Hollypark Hobgoblin ex Macks Tiger Lily). Second, Walter and Dorothy Matheny's Nimblefooted Halla (by Diamint V. D. Getrouwen ex Int. Ch. Wingedfoot Hildegarde). Third, Mrs. William Eltiste's Sonna Rhapsody Billa De Esta (by Ch. Gypsy's Kelly, C.D. ex Rockabye Pandy). Fourth, Donna Cardella Marshall and Dale Simmons' Almar-O Princess Carole (by Ch. Pennyworth Snow Prince ex Almar-O Hark to Lisa).

Winners Bitch to Hollypark's Hello Dolly. Reserve to Mopalo's Ella Wellington. Best of Winners to Dragonfly's Fleetfoot.

Specials Only, seven shown. Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune, Dragonfly's Wingedfoot Eyeland Minuet, Ch. Hollypark Naughty Marietta Whirling Downs Fancy, Ch. Red Gleam of Test, Ch. Humble Acres Slo Gin.

Best of Breed to Jacqueline Quiros-Kubat's Dragonfly's Wingedfoot (by Ch. Courtenay's Fleetfoot of Pennyworth ex Ch. Attila's Dragonfly Gypsy (D). Best Opposite Sex to Gretchenhof Kennels' Ch. Humble Acres Slo Gin (by Ch. Lysander of Briskways ex Ch. Whipoo's Tar Heel).

Brace Class, two shown. Duane F. Ripley and R. Thomas Neff's Ch. Strathoak White Velvet (by Strathoak Star Copy ex Whipoo's Silken Elegance). Duane F. Ripley and R. Thomas Neff's Ch. Whirling Downs Fancy Work.


Wisconsin Kennel Club, Milwaukee, Wisc.

January 29, 1967; Judge, Mr. Charles F. Kellogg

Open Dogs, five shown. First, Mary Beth Strauss' Marial's Jellybean (by Ch. Forest Slim Jim ex Little Silver). Second, Ralph Eyles' Eyleland Shadow Boxer (by Ch. Eyleland Cinamon Roll ex Meander Shade). Third, Norman Leight and S. R. Blackstone's Night Light's Half A. Head (by Big Tarnish ex J. M. Hi Fidelity). Fourth, Barbara. and Josephine Steinberg's Traymatt Tackle (by Traymatt Rab ex Ch. Traymatt Nancy).

Winners Dog to Marial's Jellybean. Reserve to Eyleland Shadow Boxer.

Puppy Bitches, one shown. Ann J. Gallup's Galway Kadota Fig (by Ch. Roanbar Son of Cachalong ex Pennyworth Truly Fair).

Open Bitches, five shown. First, Ralph Eyles Eyleland Hopscotch (by Ch. Meander Indiscretion ex Eyleland Hannah). Second, Ann Gallup's Pennyworth Truly Fair (by Ch. Courtenay Fleetfoot of Pennyworth ex Ch. Pennyworth Temptress). Third, Patricia Brown and Laurie Refieuna's Baystar Wilpat Oh So Sweet (by Ch. Pennyworth Bay-star Maestro ex Pennyworth Forget Me Not). Fourth, Marial's Minnetonka (by Ch. Marial's War Paint ex Marial's Mirandy).

Winners Bitch to Eyleland Hopscotch. Reserve to Pennyworth Truly Fair. Best of Winners to Marial's Jellybean.

Specials Only, one shown. Juanita Bayless' Ch. Barbree Birdie O'Lazeland (by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Lorelei O'Lazeland).

Best of Breed to Ch. Barbree Birdie O'Lazeland.

Best Opposite Sex to Marial's Jellybean .


St. Joseph Kennel Club, St. Joseph, Mo.

Feb. 5, 1967; Judge, Theron C. Trudgian

Puppy Bitches, one shown. Donna Bangs' Moley Rat (Ch. Wings High in The Clouds ex Wings Blaze O'Glory).

Open Bitches, two shown. First, Donna Bangs' Uhuru's Rolling Stone (by Ch. Wings High in The Clouds ex Wings Blaze O'Glory). Second, Waldwyn Kennels' Reg. Meander Nicotine (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Malboro ex Ch. Meander Cygnet).

Winners Bitch to Uhuru's Rolling Stone. Reserve to Meander Nicotine. Best of Winners to Uhuru's Rolling Stone.

Specials Only, one shown. Ch. Humble Acre Meadow Lark.

Best of Breed to Ch. Humble Acre Meadow Lark.


Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club, San Jose, California

February 19, 1967; Judge, Mr. Harold H. Schlintz

Puppy Dogs 9-12, one shown. Lynette J. Trounce's Bardon Trapping's (by Stoney Meadow's Epic ex Meander Ribbions).

American Bred Dogs, one shown. Franklyn and Kyra Downton's Madcap Time Bomb (by Ch. Great Circle Mad Hatter ex Great Circle Tosca).

Open Dogs, nine shown. First, Gladys M. Cutter's Hollypark's Just Plain George (by Ch. Ringmore Finisterre ex Hollypark Humoresque). Second, Marie C. Schaefer's Glenray's Christmas Love (by Ch. Whirling's Mr. Rudy of Glenray ex Ch. Eyland Minuet). Third, Norman W. Ellis' Meander Madcap (by Ch. Stoney Meadows Marlboro ex Ch. Meander Cygnet). Fourth, Richard J. and Donna Hammond's Winter Poon's Goodbye (by Piperkin's Pacer ex Whipoo's Cricket Song).

Winners Dog to Hollypark's Just Plain George. Reserve to Madcap Time Bomb.

Puppy Bitches, 9-12, one shown. Margaret P. Symons' Anjuska (by Ch. Bardon Summer Storm ex Twinky Toffee Tore).

Bred by Exhibitor Bitches, one shown. Donald and Barbara Frames' Bardon Faded Finery (by Stoney Meadows Epic ex Meander Ribbons).

American Bred Bitches, four shown. First, Mrs. Robert B. Henderson's Home Place Shadygaff (by Ch. Great Circle Mad Hatter ex Ch. Madcap Syndicated News). Second, Mrs. Robert B. Henderson's Home Place Calamity (by Ch. Great Circle Mad Hatter ex Ch. Madcap Syndicated News). Third, Nira M. Carroll's Mopalo's Ella Wellington (by Meander Pilot ex Tomburton's La Malinche). Fourth, Canyon Crest Kennels' Canyon Crests Bakara Ha (by Ch. Courtenay Fleetfoot of Pennyworth ex Ch. Canyon Crest's Snow Boots).

Open Bitches, eleven shown. First, Norman W. Ellis' Homeplace Calliope (by Ch. Great Circle Mad Hatter ex Ch. Madcap Syndicated News). Second, Mrs. Lynette and Gerald Trounce's Capo D'Monte's Hyacinth (by Piperkins Pacer ex Whipoos Cricket Song). Third, Mrs. Robert B. Henderson's Great Circle Dame Ha (by Ch. Great Circle the Scot ex Badgewood Annie Oakley). Fourth, George and Jeanne Clemens' Madcap Time Limit (by Ch. Great Circle Mad Hatter ex Great Circle Tosca).

Winners Bitch to Home Place Shadygaff. Reserve to Bardon Faded Finery Best of Winners to Hollypark's Just Plain George.

Specials Only, five shown. Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune, Ch. Madcap Stage Struck, Ch. Bardon Summer Storm, Eh. Dragonfly's WIngedfoot, Ch. Whirling's Mr. Rudy of Glenray.

Best Whippet to Donald and Barbara Frames' Ch. Bardon Summer Storm (by Stoney Meadows Epic ex Ch. Eyleland Winter Wind). Best Opposite Sex to Homeplace Shadygaff



Cecilia Francis, London, writes - Richmond Ch . Show was its usual festive type of show, Xmas trees in the comers of the downstairs wings. They drew an entry of over 200 in the variety puppy class, and a Whippet "Clipper of Hardknott' was placed fourth by Leo C. Wilson. A Whippet was also placed third in the open variety class. This was owned by Ann Argyle "Harque to Image." I was not showing, myself, but went to see the judging. It was a Swedish judge name of C. Lindhe. There was over 100 entries and I arrived at the show before one o'clock only to find that the judge had finished and gone. I had expected to see the bitches judged as the judging did not start until 10:30 A.M., so I was disappointed. However, we have the Whippet Club Limited show on January 28th with Bob Bannister making his debut in the center of the ring. Our racing season closed on December 26th with a knock-out match. This was won by Mrs Sellers "Spookey" a black Whippet owned by Mrs. M. Wigg of the Ladiosfield Kennels.

It is now our rest period. We shall be having our A. S. M. during February and then the date will be fixed for the start of the new season. I have already written around to some other club secretaries regarding match dates for the spring and summer. I hope we have a good summer and a good race program. We should have gone coursing this weekend but due to scarcity of hares it has been cancelled. Any­ way I have been presented with a litter of puppies this week so I suppose I should have been unable to go. Two male, two female, two brindle, one fawn, one white (or cream) from Franciscan Daffodil and Laguna Liberty Lad. Hope they turn out well. Will try to find some news to follow this for your next issue.

Mrs. D. U. McKay, Secretary, The Whippet Club, writes - Thank you again for your News letter with most interesting photographs and reading. The people of Guerrsey in the Channel Isles are keen to start a whippet club for showing and racing. One of the organizers have recently asked me how to go about making the traps and layout for the racing. I sent him the photographs in your magazine which show so clearly how to construct them.

The Whippet Club held a most successful Members Limited Show in Oxford, January 28th with 244 entries and 117 exhibits. The Best in Show was won by Shalfleet Sceptre owned by Mr. Cliff Bayhin. A five year old fawn bitch bred by Mrs Odell sired by Wingedfoot Dent-de-Lyon ex Wingedfoot Bar lette. Best Dog went to Mrs. Rolls' Velroza Pink Gin by Paul of Allways ex Velroza Painted Lady. Best Puppy was Miss Hawthorne's Deepridge Mintmaster by Ch. Laguna Ligonier ex Deepridge Juliet. He also went best Novice and Reserve Best Dog in show. Best Bitch Puppy was Mrs. Bennetts brindle white Crystal of Hardnott by Ch. Laguna Light Lagoon ex Summersway Sand Martin.

The class for Racing and Coursing dogs and bitches attracted a big entry of 15 was won by Mrs. R. Stubbs' Taimo Laguna Lovella by Ch. Laguna Ligonier ex Park Phillippa. This brindle and white bitch standing at 17-3/4 inches is one of our well known race winners and has won many prizes in the show ring including Crufts. As many of you breeders own progeny from Ch. Laguna. Ligonier, they may be interested to know that the dog challenge certificate at Crofts this year went to one of his sone, Wymere Regal Prince owned by Mr. George Silk. This win also gives Prince his title. Other wins by Ligonier were my own Laguna Leisure. First Puppy Dog - Mr. and Mrs Barker's Barmaud Sunroe. First Junior Dog and First Graduate Dog - Mr. and Mrs. Woods' Bitch Laguna. Ravensdown Astri won the B.O.B., Her ninth CC and finished up in the last five of the Hound Group. Her breeding is Ch. Ravendown Bright Star ex Little Loo of Laguna. All good wishes for a very successful year ahead.


The National Whippet Association

Championship Show - November 26th, 1966 Judges: Dogs - Mr. R.James, Bitches - Mrs. Cleeve

Special Puppy Dog, first, Mrs. D. N. M cKay's Laguna Leisure (by Ch. Laguna Ligonier ex Laguna Ravensdowne Fairie -Queen).

Puppy Dog, first, Mrs. D. N. McKay, Laguna Leisure. Junior Dog , first, Mrs. M. Fell's Mister Softie of Altyre (by Dragonhill Hillgarth Spring Salad ex Arrow of Altyre).

Maiden Dog, first, Mrs. D. N. McKay's Laguna Leisure.

Novice Dogs, first, Mr. and Mrs. R. Tilley, Day Tripper (by Ch. Harque to Gamecock ex Falling Star).

Special Beginners Dog, first, Mr. and Mrs. R. Tilley, Day Tripper. Graduate Dog, first, Mr. and Mrs. R. Tilley, Day Tripper.

Limit Dog, first, Mrs. M.D. Garrish's Fleeting Flamboyant, (by Int.Ch.Tantivvey Diver ex Fleeting Yamalle Aida). Open Dog, first, Mrs. M.D. Garrish's Fleeting Flamboyant.

Special Puppy Bitch, first, Mrs. A. Thomas' Gilliana Greeta (by Gilliana Gonzalet ex Martholme Minoai).

Puppy Bitch, first, Mrs. D.N. McKay's Laguna Great Circle Marjorie (by Great Circle Stephen's Day ex Great Circle Isolde). Junior Bitch, first, Mrs. S. Duffield's Golden Nippa (by Ch. Dragonhill Woodpecker ex Dalstar Wild Cherry).

Maiden Bitch, first, Miss J. M. Barker's Barmaud Sunsilk (by Eng.andAmer. Ch. Barmaud Sungauge ex Ladiesfield Beguiled).

Novice Bitch, first, Miss J. M. Barker's Barmaud Sunsilk.

Special Beginners Bitch, first, Mr. F. Nicholas', Silla of Lowglen (by Wild- wind of Parret ex Malsra Temptation.

Graduate Bitch, first, Mr. F. Nicholas', Silla of Lowglen. Limit Bitch, first, Mrs. N.F.Odell, Shalfleet Starstruck (by Ch. Eveningstar ex Shalfleet Sceptre).

Open Bitch, first, Mrs. E. Collinge's Greenbrae Poltesco Dusky Maid (by Poltesco Phoenix ex Poltesco Clemwade Merry Maid.

Special Veteran Dog or Bitch, first, Hrs. D. N. McKay's Ch. Laguna Linkway (by Ch. Runway Controller ex Ch. Laguna Leading Lady).

Dog CC to Mrs. M. B. Garrish's Fleeting Flamboyant. Reserve to Mrs. W. M. Wigg's Ch. Ladiesfield Bedazzles (by Spears Hound ex Heyuille's Satan's Child).

Bitch CC to Mrs. E. Collinge's Greenbrae Poltesco Dusky Maid. Reserve to Mr. and Mrs. D. H. L. Gollan's Ch. Peppard Winter Queen (by Laguna Liberace ex Peppard Peppermint).

Best of Breed to Greenbrae Poltesco Dusky Maid. Reserve Best of Breed to Fleeting Flamboyant.

* * *


Many good articles have appeared in the WHIPPET NEWS from time to time with respect to the popularity of Whippets, the limited demand of Whippets as a pet and a hobby and the problems resulting for the breeder in the utilization of Whippets which do not have show potential.

One of the objectives of our Club is the promotion of Whippets.

What is the Club as such doing about promotion of Whippets? Certainly we are trying to promote Whippet activities among our Club members. We are attempting to promote better Whippets by good selection and breeding practices. We are also attempting to make others become interested in Whippets as a pet, as a hobby, for showing, for racing, for coursing.


The real need for promotion to make Whippet breeding more appealing is as has been stated in the WHIPPET NEWS, the promotion of the Whippet particularly those not meet­ ing showing, racing and breeding requirements as a pet. It is this specific aspect of Whippet promotion that could well become a major project for study by the American Whippet Club.

When we think of promotion we think of advertising, selling, distribution and all of the commercial aspects of merchandising. All of this starts, however, with a so called "consumer need." The American public today is very much interested in pets and what the pets provide. We know the Whi ppet has much to offer as a delightful companion, as a real affectionate friend and as a very dignified addition to any household. No particular study of this aspect is required. We can all agree on the various attributes of a good Whippet.

In studying acceptance of a good product by the American public we find that promotion is the key. There are many aspects of what makes a product attractive. It is here that I believe we can give some thought and study. What is it that is un­ attractive to the Whippet to many people? How can we convey to the people the desirable attributes of the Whippet? How can we make Whippets accepted and desirable by the public?

This is just one approach to promotion of Whippets. There are probably many other ways of approaching this, many ways of approaching the right questions. All I am attempting to do is to raise a question of whether or not this is a desirable project and to encourage comments as to feasibility of such a project by the American Whippet Club.

In addition to your comments and suggestions it would be good to have more articles in the WHIPPET NEWS discussing ways and means of putting a promotional project in to action. Furthermore, projects by local groups or Clubs in promotion and advertising of Whippets locally including so called "test marketing" by placing Whippets with potential owners, providing them with the 'WHIPPET NEWS, inviting them to shows, races and coursing meets, may provide avenues for effective action.

Respectfully submitted January 15, 1967.

Victor A. Renner, President American Whippet Club

* * *

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Mrs. Dorthea Hastings - Treasurer
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William Fields



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Trained racing stock, hurdlers, hunters
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Morgan Speed Equipment

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offer for your consideration

a litter whelped November 30,1966

2 males, 2 females, all brindle




Stoney Meadows Epic

Catalogue on request.



Ch. Bardon Summer Storm(yelbow-fn)




Ch. Eyleland Winter Wind

Muzzles $5.00







Stoney Meadows Epic

Gary Morgan



Ch. Eyleland Plaid(yellow-brindle)

6210 Wolf Road



Meander Ribbons

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20202 S.W. Birch St .




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ROUTE 2, BOX 69 FALLON , NEVADA 89406 TELEPHONE: 702-423-4208




Ch. Meander Mockingbird

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Eyleland Foolscap


Spean Sherpa

Wish to welcome their new kennel mate


(Stoney Meadows Epic ex Meander Ribbons)

We are very pleased to have been

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15 month old male, white with fawn head markings. Excellent bone, nice size, darkest pigmentation, sound.

Ready for the ring. Pictures on request.

$ 150.00


Richard Reynolds
450 Menomonee
Chicago , Illinois





bred by

D. R. Motoh

June 10, 1960 August 19, 1966









The black and white Whippet


Storm Warning Kennels, Reg.

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14134 Federer Street
Saint Louis, Missouri 63116

Whippet puppies available from

good blood lines. All colours.

For showing and racing.

Pedigrees and photos on request.

Mrs. Davin "Des Fils du Vent" Kennel

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We are expecting a litter the early part of April -we feel it should be the best litter we have had.

For more information please contact either

Mrs. G. M. Strauss
4969 North 21st
St. Milwaukee, Wis. 53209
Mrs. Mary Arthur
4434 North Oakland Ave.
Shorewood, Wis. 53211




Whelped Oct. 31, 1966 --- Males

Sire: Ch. Hollypark Highland Flight

Dam: Towne's Northern Mist

Whelped Jan. 20, 1967 Males & Females

Sire: Piperkins Rusher

Dam: Locksley Hall's Diana

Peggy Wimberly
30893 E. Sunset Dr. Redlands, Calif.


We have PUPS (7 & 9 mo.)
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Litter whelped Feb. 8, 1967. 6 females and 1 male. Basic white with blue/fawn markings. (ONLY 3 FEMALES LEFT).

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Tricolor dog, ten months, guaranteed top show quality. By Great Circle Stephens Day

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Price reasonable. Shipment easily arranged.

Miss N. Twyman m.r .c.v.s.

The Coole,

Dungarvan, Co. Waterford Irish Republic


Puppies - Nov. 20, 1966
Show Quality

Ranger also congratulates his winning progeny and especially Group Winner Ch. Tonto of Flying W.

Burt and Lonnie Gordon
9250 S. W. 125 Terrace
Miami , Florida 33156
Phone 235-8699



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The Whippet News

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516-WA 1 - 2963 SYOSSET , N.Y.








ROTHESAY, N.B. CANADA PH. (506) 847-3289









General Appearance - The Whippet should be a dog of moderate size, very alert, that can cover a maximum of distance with .a minimum of lost motion, a true sporting hound. Should be put down in hard condition but with no suggestion of being muscle-bound.

Head - Long and lean, fairly wide between the ears, scarcely perceptible stop, good length of muzzle which should be powerful without being coarse. Nose entirely black.

Ears - Small, fine in texture, thrown back and folded. Semipricked when at attention Gay ears are incorrect and should be severely penalized.

Eves - Large, intelligent, round in shape and dark hazel in color, must be at least as dark as the coat color. Expression should be keen and alert. Light yellow or oblique eyes should be strictly penalized. A sulky expression and lack of alertness to be considered most undesirable.

Teeth - White, strong and even. Teeth of upper jaw should fit closely over the lower. An undershot mouth shall disqualify.

Neck - Long and muscular, well-arched and with no suggestion of throatiness, widening gradually into the shoulders. Must not have any tendency to a "ewe" neck.

Shoulders - Long, well laid back with long, flat muscles. Loaded shoulders are a very serious fault.

Brisket - Very deep and strong, reaching as nearly as possible to the point of the elbow. Ribs well sprung but with no suggestion of barrel shape. Should fill in the space between the forelegs so that there is no appearance of a hollow between them.

Forelegs - Straight and rather long, held in line with the shoulders and not set under the body so as to make a forechest. Elbows should turn neither in nor out and move freely with the point of the shoulder. Fair amount of bone, which should carry right down to the foot. Pasterns strong.

Feet - Must be well formed with strong, thick pads and well-knuckled-up paws. A thin, flat, open foot is a serious fault.

Hindquarters - Long and powerful, stifles well bent, hocks well let down and close to the ground. Thighs broad and muscular, the muscles should be long and flat. A steep croup is most undesirable.

Back - Strong and powerful, rather long with a good, natural arch over the loin creating a definite tuck-up of the underline but covering a lot of ground.

Tail - Long and tapering, should reach to a hipbone when drawn through between the hind legs. Must not be carried higher than the top of the back when moving.

Coat - Close, smooth and firm in texture. Color - Immaterial.

Size - Ideal height for dogs, 19 to 22 inches; for bitches, 18 to 21 inches. These are not intended to be definite limits, only approximate.

Gait - Low, free moving and smooth, as long as is commensurate with the size of the dog. A short, mincing gait with high knee action should be severely penalized.

Disqualifications - Undershot Mouth.

Approved November 9, 1955


Purpose - The purpose of this Futurity is to promote and encourage Whippet owners to prepare and train their Whippets for participation in the Marysville, Ohio National Race Meeting in October 1967.

Eligibility - Any A.K.C. Registered or Eligible to register Whippet. Either Sex -and age.

Payments Into the Futurity - To make a Whippet eligible to the Futurity, payments are to be made into the Futurity as follows: On or before March 31, 1967 - $5.00; On or before June 30, 1967 - $ 5.00; On or before September 30, 1967 - $10.00

No payments will be accepted after above due dates.

No payments will be refunded for any reason whatsoever except if the Futurity would be called off. In which case all payments will be refunded to the owner. Owners may nominate as many Whippets as he wishes.

If Whippets are sold during the year eligibility follows the Whippet. This should make eligible Whippets more valuable to the new owners and therefore effect the selling price.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the futurity may do so in which case the donation will be added to the total fund for distribution.

Distribution of F u t urity - All funds in the Futurity will be distributed to owners according to National Race Points accumulated at the Marysville, Ohio race meet October 1967. Only eligible Whippets will be considered. Distribution will be as follows: First 20 %; Second 18%; Third 16%; Fourth 14%; Fifth 12%; Sixth 10%; Seventh 8%; for a sub-total of 98%; Postage and Mailing 2%; giving a Total of 100%.

In case of ties, next place money will be equally dividend. For instance if two Whippets tie for second place, second and third place money will be equally divided.

Reports on the Futurity - A complete accounting will be furnished owners of all money received at different periods during the year. A final report will be made after the Marysville race meeting.

How to enter the Futurity - Write for entry blanks to:

W. D. Backman

P. 0. Box 5

Aurora , Indiana, 47001

Remember - No late payments can be accepted. All three payments must be received on or before the due dates stated above. Failure to get your payments in on time will cause Whippet to become ineligible with all previous payments forfeited to the Futurity.

We hope that many owners will participate in this Futurity. We feel sure that this Futurity will create much interest and will be beneficial to the sport of racing Whippets.


W. D. Backman, Gary Purvis, Donna Gluhm Committee


The Northern California Whippet Fanciers Association County Fairgrounds, Fresno, California Saturday, April 1, 1967

Races conducted under the A. W. C. official rules and regulations for National Point whippet Racing. Please be sure you have read these rules. Note: In the case of rain on Saturday, every attempt will be made to conduct the races at Bakersfield the next day. Dogs not entered in the show both days will be permitted to enter the grounds.


1. All Whippets must be registered or eligible for registration with the AKC.
2. Adult Division: Approved or graded Whippets of any age; 4 race programs; 200 yds
3. Puppy Division: For puppies who have not reached the age of one year by April 1.
4. All entries must be in the hands of Jayne Langdon no later than Saturday, March 25, 1967. No entries will be taken at the races.
5. Donation to Equipment Fund, $2.00 per dog. Make checks payable to The Northern California Whippet Fanciers Association.
6. Trophies: Ribbons and awards will be given for major placements in all Divisions.
7. Drawing for post position will take place prior to the races.
8. Cash awards totalling $100 will be distributed at the discretion of the Sun Maid Kennel Club.
9. In addition to the races, there will be an American Whippet Club Supported Entry at the Sun Maid Kennel Club Show on Saturday, April 1, 1967.


Mail entries to: Jayne Langdon, 1422 Ninth Street, Alameda, California.

Make Checks payable to: The Northern California Whippet Fanciers Association. Entries close Saturday, March 25, 1967. No post entries.

Name of Whippet Race Division Grade Age

I (we) acknowledge that I am (we are) familiar with the Official Rules and Regulation, for National Whippet Racing.

Owner _______________________

Address ______________________

Zip Code # _______________________

Whippet Racing Lovers

The Northern California Whippet Fancier's Association will be sponsoring the A. W. C. National Point Races at Fresno on April 1, 1967.

How would you like to donate to the trophy fund?

Trophy or Cash

All classes are open at this time except the Top Ten Whippets.

The Trophy List for Fresno, 1967 National Point Races (Trophies to be silverplated if possible)

1. Top Ten Trophies (Bronze Medallions offered by Liz Scott and Lynne Trounce)
2. High Score Whippet
3. High Score Whippet, B.O.S.
4. High Score Champion of Record
5. High Score Veteran
6. High Score B and B. O. S.
7. High Score C and B. O. S.
8. High Score D and B. O. S.
9. High Score Puppy
10. High Score Puppy B. O. S.
11. High Score Puppy 6-9 months
12. High Score Whippet 1st time entered in a National Point Race adult.

I would like to donate a Trophy ______ and/or Cash _______ to The Fresno National Point Races April 1, 1967 in the following class or classes

Date ___________ 1967____ Signed _______________________

Make checks payable to Mrs. Lynne Trounce, Trophy Chairman, Northern California Whippet Fanciers Association. Hail to Mrs. Lynne Trounce, 2430 Warren Road - off Blvd. Way, Walnut Creek, California, 94596 .


by Louis Pegram

Mr. Harry Hawkins, President of the Mississippi Valley Kennel Club, has announced that Whippet racing will be held as an added attraction in connection with this all-breed show.

Francis Field, located on the grounds of Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, will again be the location where 4 complete race programs will be held over the 150-yard distance. There will be two complete race programs at 2:00 P.M. and 4:00 P.M. on Saturday afternoon, May 20, and two complete race programs at 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM on May 21, 1967. All eligible Whippets entered are expected to race on all four programs.

We found last year by adding large amounts of saw dust after the finish of the race, that it eliminated any possible injury to Whippets as they slid in to catch the lure. This was a very definite improvement and the great majority of Whippets turned in a very fine racing performance over the very fast Francis Field track.

The Mississippi Valley Kennel Club will donate $100.00 in purse money, and $1.00 of the $2.00 entry fee will go for the purchase of trophies. The other $1.00 will be used in the Replacement Equipment Fund. We will make every effort to cover as many categories as possible in the donation of trophies, and the $100.00 will be split up among the various race Whippets based on their racing performance.


1. All Whippets must be registered or eligible for registration with the A.K.C.
2. ADULT DIVISION - approved or graded Whippets of any age - 4 race programs 150 yards.
3. Hurdle Races - (no entry fee if entered in Adult Division) 4 race programs 3 hurdles - 150 yards (Only if enough entries)
4. PUPPY DIVISION - Puppies who have not reached the age of 1 year by May 20, 1967.
5. ALL PAID ENTRIES MUST BE IN THE HANDS OF LOUIS PEGRAM NOT LATER THAN TUESDAY, MAY 16, 1967. There will be no entries taken at the races.

Miss Martha Love, who has been the leader in Whippet activities in the St. Louis area, will again hold her dinner party starting at 8:00 PM Saturday, May 20. This event has always been one of the high lights of the St. Louis weekend of Whippet activities. Martha extends this invitation to all Whippet owners and their families who have Whippets entered for show or racing. Please get your reservations in early so Martha can estimate the number of people that will attend the dinner party.

Dr. Frederick Rutherford has been given the breed assighment at the Mississippi Valley Kennel Club Show. Judging will start at 9:00 A.M. on May 21 so that the second day's race program can start promptly at 11:00 A.M. Incidentally, Martha Love tells me she has secured a trophy in Mexico this year that will be awarded to "The Best of Opposite Sex". Every effort has been made to have a fine trophy list for both the show and races.

We again are shooting for major points in both dogs and bitches, so please bring your show Whippets as well as your race Whippets. Many of the Whippets who have shown to a fine advantage in the show ring at previous Mississippi Valley Kennel Club Shows, have also been out­standing winners on the race track.

During the past two years numerous Whippet owners have taken excellent Whippet race pictures on 8 and 16 mm film. We hope to have shown on Saturday night, May 20, quite a lot of this footage. Would Ralph Eyles, Tony Swistak, Victor Renner, Joe Hargis and William Backman, plus any other owners having film, please bring or send me your Whippet footage. All film mailed to me will be returned the following Monday by insured mail.

We hope also to have a brief meeting outlining coming Whippet activities for the summer and fall, so bring along your suggestions.

We have again contacted King Brothers Motel, Lindbergh and Clayton Rd and Holiday Inn North, 4545 N. Lindbergh, in regards to reservations. King Brothers _ Motel (WY 3-1100) cottages (single) -S7.00, cottages (double) -$8.50, single rooms -S9.00 and double rooms -S12.50 Holiday Inn North (HA 8-8900) single rooms -$9.50 and double rooms - 5 13.50 and $14.50

We will make reservations for you or you can write motels directly. There are several other events in town this same weekend, so please make your reservations "EARLY".


Francis Field - St. Louis, Mo.

Saturday, May 20 - Sunday, May 21, 1967



1. All Whippets must be registered or eligible for registration with the A.K.C.
2. ADULT DIVISION - approved or graded Whippets of any age - 4 race programs 150 yards.
3. Hurdle Races - (no entry fee if entered in Adult Division) 4 race programs 3 hurdles - 150 yards. (Only if enough entries)
4. PUPPY DIVISION - Puppies who have not reached the age of 1 year by May 20, 1967.
5. ALL PAID ENTRIES MUST BE IN THE HANDS OF LOUIS PEGRAM NOT LATER THAN TUESDAY, MAY 16, 1967. There will be no entries taken at the races.

AWARDS: Cash and trophies for major placements in all divisions.

Drawing for post position Noon, Saturday, May 20, 1967. Owners need not be present.

ENTRANCE FEE PER DOG - 2.00 (51.00 goes to Equipment Fund)


MAIL TO: Louis Pegram, Racing Secretary, Ralston Purina Company
Checkerboard Square , St. Louis 2, Missouri



Owner Address

NOTE: If puppy give actual Zip # date of birth


Award of Merit Racing Points
The Northern California Whippet Fanciers Association
Olean View Playground, San Francisco
Sunday, June 18, 1967
11:00 A.M.

Races conducted under the A. W. C. official rules and regulations for National Point Whippet Racing. Please be sure you have read these rules.


1. All Whippets must be registered or eligible for registration with the A.K.C.
2. Adult Division: Approved or graded Whippets of any age; 4 race programs, 200 yards.
3. Puppy Division: For puppies who have not reached the age of one year by June 18, 1967. 150 yards.
4. All entries must be in the hands of Lynne Trounce no later than Monday, June 12, 1967
5. Donation to Equipment Fund, 2.00 per dog. Make checks payable to the Northern California Whippet Fanciers Association.
6. Trophies: Ribbons and awards will be given for major placements in all Divisions.
7. Drawing for post position will take place prior to the races.
8. In addition to the races there will be an N.C.W.F.A. Fun Match, Sunday A.M., prior to the races.


MAIL ENTRIES TO: Lynne Trounce, 2430 Warren Rd., Walnut Creek, Calif., 94596 MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: The Northern California Whippet Fanciers Association. ENTRIES CLOSE, Monday, June 12, 1967

Name of Whippet Race Division Grade Age

Name of Owner:


- 1 8-




Backman Farm Hartford Pike Aurora, Indiana .

Once again we are inviting whippet owners and their friends to attend racing during the summer months of 1967 on the following dates:

April 23rd
May 14th
June 18th
July 9th
August 20th
September 10th
October 15th

Be sure to check with us before coming as some of these dates may be cancelled or altered.

Racing will start at 12:30 Eastern standard time. Please get there early so that we can get your entries and first heat races set up. Each whippet will run four heats. Points will be awarded according to point system established for National Race Meetings. This will necessitate grading by the Secretary for the first heat. There will be no separate puppy races but they can participate under the grade of D- for the first heat.

A top grade racing muzzle (Value $10.00) will be given to the high point whippet at each meet. This can be won only once by the same whippet during the year. Ties will be settled by a run off.

This is a fine opportunity to get your whippets schooled for the National Race Meetings. Hoping to see a good turn out.




Barbara and Donald Frames
Raymond, California

(This was a personal letter, but upon request, we are including it as a Kennel Report.

Dear Sibyl and Gene,

So much has happened I don't know where to begin. As you know, we had decided to move a long time ago and I don't even remember when we started looking. Looked and looked and couldn't find a thing that suited us. Land around California is almost prohibitive in price if it is farm land and most of what is considered ranch land is held in large blocks. There just wasn't anything around Bakersfield, which was the nucleus of our search. Not that we are so fond of Bakersfield but it is where Hap has to travel from time to time, for work purposes.

The one place we did find was about 45 minutes in the opposite direction from whore we are now in relation to B'field. Found a marvelous house of about 4500 square feet, board and batten, wrought iron hardware, stone fireplaces, oriental rugs, etc. all to be included. The house was really as fabulous as any I've ever been in, but the land rose vertically behind it. Oh, and a stream ran by the front door with stone terraces and steps and walls and things -- just like all the pictures! We were seriously interested but the more we delved into it, the more peculiar things became. Seems the house was owned by the minister of a "hate" group and we think it was the site of minuteman drills. The basement was full of reloading equipment and we found a secret compartment in the hall that had pegs for bandoleers and racks for rifles. He was being reported to the FBI by a neighbor and the reason he was selling was because of "harrassment" and "other interests." The real estate lady worked for him and she was one of these "god told me to do..." types. Remind us to tell you about their s plint factory and suit by the government sometime when we are together - it's too long a story for a. letter but it really sounds like a book! After we discovered he didn't own the well that was supposed to go with the house and a few other peculiarities, we began to think better of the whole project, though we certainly did regret the house - it was something!

After assorted abortive trips here and there, we wound up hero, in Raymond. With another place with a story. As someone told us, if we had looked much longer, we would have had material enough for a book. The place was built in 1916 by a German couple from San Francisco and they lived here from then until 1962, after husband died at age 80 something. She did manage to burn the house down in 1950 when she put gasoline in her gas-driven washing machine to dry clean some drapes. Apparently it burned to the ground and took a lot of nice trees with it, but she and her husband rebuilt it and they were in their 70's then. She lived here for a bit after he died but then her daughters, strong minded Germans, came along and moved her into an old people's home in Fresno. She and the daughters came to visit one day and she loudly wished she was still here which occasioned many "mother, tch tch 's from the formidable daughters. Both the Hartmanns were apparently famous gardeners - everyone we talk to says that the place was a mass of flowers but unfortunately, the Dennis family, who bought it in 1962, let most things die. There are bulbs all over, however, which came as a most pleasant surprise this spring.

The Dennis' were a peculiar bunch. She was apparently a former beauty operator and her educational offerings consist of a diploma in the Fitch method for restoring hair. Great! Judging from correspondence we have had to plow through, she is both small minded and stupid but at the same time shrewd and extremely avaricious. DOCTOR Cyril Eugene Dennis (doctor being doctor of education) was one of these large expansive types who felt that nothing less than being an advisor to the president of a university or maybe the USA would suit his very considerable talents and the fact that this had not come to pass was the fault of his fellow man in not recognizing

his genius and capabilities. They just couldn't have been more oddly assorted. Any­ way, the educational con man installed Stupid on the "ranch", here, and left her grow­ ing vegetables and scrabbling for a living while he tooted off to Bemidji, Minn. After he was there awhile, he found someone he felt was a more suitable mate for his exhalted self and told Dorothy dear ho wanted a divorce. She left laundry on the line, cats in the back yard, and chased off to Minn. screaming "no, no I'll never give you one...", meanwhile writing her son in the Seventh Day Adventist academy that "Satan has him" , she was a rabid SDA, by the way. We came along after they had all left, liked the place and made an offer and then just by happenstance found out that there was an easement that went between the house and garage to the property behind that belonged to someone else. We promptly lowered our offer to the Dennis family and set about buying the adjoining property which happened to be for sale, also. Most fortunate as it was the only way to get rid of the easement and we loved the properly anyway. Also, the property line, we discovered after a survey, went right through the generator house and cut off half the garden. We also discovered an unrecorded survey which showed that the house wasn't even on the property but that turned out to be erroneous. Dorothy, who wanted to sell the property and THEN discuss the divorce, was agreeable to the lowered price but the great Cyril Eugene wanted his divorce before he would agree to anything. To force the issue, we finally had to come up to their price but when we did so we specified that everything on the property except personal possessions be included. They were still squabbling over the judge to hear their various suits and countersuits when escrow closed - and two weeks later, he dropped dead! How lucky can we be! We were all signed, sealed and out of the picture, thank goodness. We had already packed all their belongings, which was why we had all this paperwork and correspondence to go through and sort out from catalogs, brochures, etc. Every time we brought up a load of our own possessions we had to take out a load of theirs so there would be room to put our own things. Ugh! I hope we never have to do THAT AGAIN! And to top it off, after escrow closed the real estate agent got a six page list from Dorothy dear of tools, furniture, etc. from the house and outbuildings of things she wanted them to take out and pack for her - what nerve! They were furious, especially after the sale agreement specifically stated that everything went with the house and their garage was already full of her belongings. Dorothy, in the guise of the bereaved widow, is due to arrive in the area any day, now, and the meeting should be interesting. We've never met her but know a great deal about them all from having to pack for them and what the neighbors have told us.

Enough of the background music. The house is rough sawed board and batten, and sits on the edge of a ravine. We are down the slope from the top of a hill so are protected from winter winds but don't have as nice a view as we would in some other locations on the property. No one had ever done a thing to the boards so it had weathered partly light grey, partly dark grey, and partly cinnamon - not too attractive a combination. We now have stained it a color similar to the Antioch house. Put about 25 samples of stain on various boards and asked every friend who came along and this color won by a large margin. There is a tree called the blue oak, which blends with the color exceedingly well, so the house now blends right in with the native trees. In front, as you come down a rather steep hill, there is a stone terrace and a retaining wall but unfortunately, they have used concrete walks around the other three sides. There is a considerable amount of granite in the area which makes interesting outcropings so we plan to turn the concrete walks into stone terraces, eventually. Stone just seems more appropriate.


The house is too small but what there is of it is attractive, we think. There is a living room, one large bedroom, kitchen, back porch which has been turned into an office, and utility porch which we have remodeled into a dining porch. Outside there is a large covered patio area which connects to the generator house, a cute little building of rough sawn boards and shingles. Our power here consists of our own generators and while most people gasp to hear we don't have the conventional forms of electricity, we haven't found it any hardship at all. We generally use kerosene lamps and have gotten quite fond of them. We could use the generator, or course, but it is so still here we like to listen to the noises of the forest and find the sound of the generators quite annoying. Refrigerators are butane and since we are some distance from town, we have more than one and are about to get another which has been adapted for use as a freezer.

There is the remains of a vegetable garden here, which has proven quite profitable. Blackberries, strawberries, and boysen berries have been delicious and there are a few grapes and orchard trees. We have planted more so should have quite a bit of fruit within a few years.

Most people seem to think we live in something that rather resembles a high-level desert but such is not the case at all. There is not the water there is in the middle west so the grass turns gold in the summer but I like the combination with the green trees. We are about 1600 feet, in the foothills of the Sierras. According to the local residents we live in the mountains but if we do, (guess our road would be considered a mountain road at that) they are certainly small ones though we have some excellent views of the high sierras from various places on the property. There are steep hills, granite outcroppings, and oak and pine. Not much brush and underbrush, due to lack of water. Where we are, the oaks are smaller than those in the middle- west but a bit higher, around 2500 feet they are huge, much larger than anything I've ever seen.

When you come out, you'll have to come and stay for awhile. It isn't like the California one generally visualizes, here, and I'm sure you'd find it pleasant. Some people think we are too remote but we are within easy traveling distance of anywhere we want to go and we have some peace and privacy here, something that isn't very easy to obtain in this state. Most of our friends, however, wonder why we are here until they get here - and then they wish THEY were here.

Lynne Trounce

Walnut Creek , California
What's Happening In California

I had the pleasure to attend the Northern California Whippet Fanciers Association Breed Course, February 12, 1967. It was the first time I had attended an all Whippet course under Sighthound Advisory Official Rules and regulations. The Courses I had attended before were mixed sighthounds which I felt had a lot of lady luck involved as to who the winner would be. The All Whippet Course was most exciting to watch; I felt in a sense it really separated the men from the boys.

Gary Bottjers dog Pepper Pot has endurance that is unbelievable. In the morning he had his preliminary course as all others with time to recuperate. But at the noon time rest Pepper Pot escaped from the car into the field jumping a rabbit, coursing it through three fields, returning tired and only thirty minutes to rest before the finals. Then in the finals, running with fresh dogs he again was beyond a doubt the best of the three dogs running, which with his combined points made him the first place dog of the course for the second year in a row.

As we were returning across the field to our cars Gary Bottjer and myself jumped a rabbit right out from under our feet so Gary says lets put the dogs on slip leads incase we jump another -- so we did. Both Gary's and my dog had just finished our final course twenty minutes ago so sure enough we jump another rabbit and let the dogs go with another Whippet joining us who had run in the first final which was more rested. Pepper Pot with one extra course up on the other two Whippets was again hard to beat even though the other two made a good showing. They certainly had him at a disadvantage.' During the course Pepper Pot tripped, breaking his stride, losing considerable ground and goes on to regain it. That is what I call endurance beyond a doubt. He was still tops with a total of two scored courses and two free courses against the other two Whippets with two scored courses and one free course.

It was truly a sight to behold. I would venture to say this dog should be considered the top coursing Whippet in California of those competing at the Coursing Meets. I feel free to say and only say it as his owner would say it himself, Pepper Pot may not be a. conformation dream but he has something every conformation dog should have. To the best of my knowledge this dog has yet to be outpointed by a Greyhound competing in the same coursing heat with him.

Hunt Master was Duane Hedrick who did an excellent job. It was a pleasure to course under his direction. Judges were N. Fuller from England and Lyle Gillette, both doing an excellent job. The top ten dogs were:

1. Pepper Pot, 1st Place rosette, 2nd kill of day. Owner, Buttzer.
2. DahnKlar Marc Anthony, 2nd place rosette, 3rd kill of day. Owner, Thompson.
3. Bardon Sara Lawerence, 3rd place rosette, 1st kill of day. Owner, Trounce.
4. Oculist Eyed Sue, 4th place rosette. Owner - Beaman.
5. Ch. Piperkins Rambler, 5th place rosette. Owner, Frames
6. Rockabye Cheakers
7. DahnKlar Brutus
8. Syndicated Highland Hunter
9. Wheel'n Deal's Trey
10. DahnKlar Lucretic Mara

Highlight of the course was when Urray's Glory Be hurdled a six strand bob wire fence with only a minor cut to his tail.

We have a. little scalawag of a Whippet in California who thought she could fly. Named Charity, she decided to try her wings out from three stories up. Her owner Richard Gervais is happy to say luck was with her and she only suffered one broken bone in her rear leg.

Tom Neff and Duane Ripley's Whippet Ch Whirling Downs Fancy Work and Ch Strathoak White Velvet, a mother daughter brace, placed second in the hound brace group at Golden Gate Kennel Club Show in January, under Judge Frank Warner Hill. Beaten for first place by a brace of Bassets, but beating a brace of Basenjis and Dachshunds. It was the Whippet Braces' first time out under their new owners.

The popularity of whippets in Northern California is really growing . New people poping up all over with Whippets, plus they are interested in being active. Just in the last three to four months the N.C.W.F.A, has received nine or more applications for membership. This is quite a change from maybe one or two a year. Among our new members are Mr. and Mrs. Dick Symons, owner of Anjuska, who I believe will be one of our up and coming race bitches in California. She showed great speed and form at the N.C.W.F.A. fun races for being out for the first time and never seeing a lure or boxes before. Watch out for this young bitch. I've just got the feeling she's going to run her heart out and be hard to beat, plus she'll make her mark in the show ring.

Don and Barbara Frames are living in the next best place to heaven in Raymond, Calif. What a place to raise and condition Whippets. 178 acres of land, not a neighbor for miles and what a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of town. I really enjoyed my weekends there, lots of good Whippet talk, a charming Franklin Stove to curl up by. One thing though, the Frame's have great cases of poison oak to offer.

I know -- I've still got mine! But it's such a great place with lots to offer. The heck with poison oak.

Carroll Hayhurst's Hollypark HedgeHopper is under contract to M.G.M. for the film Camelot starring Vanessa Redgrave. Hedge Hopper plays her constant companion in the film. Be fure and watch your local theater for this film featuring one of our wonderful breed, the Whippet.

Ch. Bardon Summer Storm was Best of Breed and went on to place second in the Hound Group of 19 hounds at Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club Show, February 19, 1967.

Meander Madcap was winners dog for a major at Westminster this last month and Ch. Eyleland Quick Trick was B.O.S. Both California owned.

Whippets placing in the coursing meets the months of October and December. The Greyhound Sponsored Meet - Open Mixed. 1st, Pepper Pot; 2nd, Rockabye Checkdrs; 3rd or 4th Whippet owned by Carol Chapple.

Saluk Sponsored Meet - Open Mixed. 3rd, Wheel'N Deals Trey; 5th, Dahnklan Mark Anthony.

In closing, three cheers for articles written by -

1. Bill Turpin Jr. - Let's get Something Straight
2. Selwyn Blackstone - Race Track Robbery.
3. Allen McNaught - Acquainting The Public With the Whippet.
4. Bill Turpin Sr. - Lack of Conditioning.
5. Martine Collings - Winterfold Kennels Mail Bag

Wheel'N'Deal Whippets has a new kennel name. Due to the fact of people commenting it sounds like we wheel'n'deal in dogs. Actually wheel'n'deal is an old southern slang saying for something fast moving. Our new kennel name is Epinards. Epinard is the name of one of my husbands foundation French import racing pigeons. Here's hoping the Whippets of Epinard can live up to the name of this racing great of the pigeon world.

I was thinking it might be interesting if in each issue of the WHIPPET NEWS if a A.W.C. member was featured. An article on their interests other than Whippets, where they live, what the country is like, how many children, things like that, and of course how long they have been in Whippets etc. What brought this to mind as my husband and I were visiting with Bill Conrad we were surprised to find out he shared the same interests in skin diving and fishing that we did. Also we were surprised to find out and quite amused that several people thought we lived on a cattle ranch in California and exercised our Whippets on horseback, which is far from fact, being we only live on two acres out of the city limits of Walnut Creek. Anyhow, I think some­ thing of this sort would be an interesting article and could help us become to know each other across the miles. Maybe a person could be picked and write something about themselves or maybe someone could take it on as an each issue thing and get information from whoever is to be featured. Just an idea.

Mrs. G. M. Strauss
Milwaukee , Wisc.

I should like to make a correction. Marial's Mirandy is listed in our name in the Point races at Eyleland Park both in '65 and '66. She was sold prior to the '65 races and was entered both times as owned by Tom Burkart.

We were happy to see the individual races listed at the Eyleland Race meet. In '65 only the point list showed the race results. However, one may get the impression that, except for the hi-point races, only three dogs were run at a time. We always like to study the individual race results as we can much better gauge how our dogs, and others, are doing by whom they competed with and the placings. This isn't always reflected in the point list. Except for the really top dogs and perhaps the lowest ones, you very often find a few dogs who are rated much higher than dogs who have beaten them at the meet (and will always beat them.) This is thanks to these over­ rated dogs drawing easy races. The set-up offered by Mr. Blackstone a year or so ago would give one a much truer picture of each dog's ability in comparison to the dogs they run with at a meet.

Mr. Pegram's article on "flowers" interested us as we are "blessed" with such a lovely one who has done quite well in racing. As it is a show disqualification and heriditary, it's reprehensible to even suggest such a dog may be considered as stud. These things should be explained to new breeders when a dog is sold or given away on breeding terms. Unless the new breeder does some background study he may be ignorant of this. We understand the retained testicle or testicles are prone to cancer and that this condition (ab-orchidism) may cause an unstable temperament. W're happy enough with our Blitzie's temperament. He's a fine pet and gets along well with the other dogs -- he's 3 1/2 years old. However, we would never again keep a dog who did not develop normally. We dislike Euthanasia too, but we have seen so many instances when that would be so much more humane than the way some dogs -- too many Whippets in this area -- meet their end. Along with that thought, when it is necessary to employ this end of life too often, perhaps it is time for one to overhaul their breeding practices.

The article dramatically titled "Racetrack Robbery" omitted a rather significant fact. Two of the top six racers at that meet had been previously disqualified for fighting at National Point Races the year before.

We will be expecting a litter by Ch. Forest Slim Jim ex Marial 's Minnetonka the early part of April since she has informed us she would be agreeable. It will be two years since we have had puppies here. Perhaps the main reason we are planning this litter is that Doug Arthur, Mary Beth's husband, would like a puppy of his own to show and race. Ralph, you were right when you said we were not losing a daughter, we were gaining a handler. We will also want a class dog to show next year. Jellybeans just got his second major and now has eleven points so it's conceivable he should finish this year (though who knows).

The post-poning of the International was a surprise. It will be much more convenient for us, this way. Besides, it will give us a longer time to enjoy the beautiful traveling trophy our Jellybeans won as top puppy racer last year.

Best wishes to all for a fine new year.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert O'Keefe
Newport , Michigan

We certainly hope all of our Whippet friends have come through the New Year in good health and fine spirits.

Our Sally (Pennyworth Nice Enough) presented us with nine gorgeous puppies, seven females and two males. They are a constant source of entertainment, but occassionally I find myself wondering why my everloving spouse and I didn't take up a more restful hobby such as Butterfly Mounting or Bird Watching.

Recently we have had the good fortune of placing two of Camels puppies, Silhouette's Autumn Hind and Silhouette's Autumn Nocturne, in the homes of two loving families. Both were over a year old, but nevertheless, adjusted nicely in no time at all. Mr. and Mrs. James Diamond and Mr. and Mrs. John Mee deserve full credit for this. I hope they will always be proud of their Whippets.

A special congratulations to Christine Dresser from Berea, Ohio, new owner of Silhouette's Northern Lights, who in just a few short months has proudly earned two three point majors and one, five point major. Keep up the good work, Christine.

Well, it's feeding time again so I'd better stop and get down to business. Hope we can see you all soon.


Keith and Judie Wallace
Goodlettsville, Tennessee

Would like to make some suggestions about the WHIPPET NEWS. Would it be possible to have articles written by the older breeders (not in age, but in experience) on their kennel and breeding with information such as: why they started in the breed, what they started with and why, what they are hoping to accomplish, their interpretation of the standard in terms of what they are trying to breed, etc. This would be, I think, of great help to people like us who know practically nothing about the type dogs being bred by others and why they feel it is correct (presuming that they do). I'm sure that you all know all the "ins" and "outs" of the breeding of the other veteran Whippet breeders. We can only judge that certain breeders have used specific dogs or bitches quite frequently from looking at various pedigrees, but have no idea as to what particular things they found attractive enough to breed for. Another thing I have wondered about is whether or not the WHIPPET NEWS would sponsor a " p edigree issue" like several other breed publications do. I am referring to an issue devoted to pictures (paid advertisements) which are published along with a pedigree of the dog in question. From the ones we have seen (principally in Afghan publications) the pictures run mostly to dogs being advertised at stud, but also include bitches and puppies. I would think that if the WHIPPET NEWS readers and advertisers would support this type issue it would benefit all breeders in that it would give them dogs and their pedigrees in one place where they could refer for possible breeding leads, or just to see what others were doing. As I said, I have no idea of whether this has been tried before and found unworkable, or suggested and not thought feasible, or what. Since both ideas would rest in large part on support of Whippet breeders, it wouldn't work unless they were willing to back it and for all I know, maybe they wouldn't.



Mrs. 'Margaret P. Newcombe, Pennyworth Kennels, writes -

Regarding my latest ad on Fleetfoot, I have just learned that he is tied for the honor of Top Producer of 1966, not as I have stated in the ad. It should read:

Top Producing Hound for 1966 and Top Producer All Breed, tied with Yorkshire Terrier, both having 14 champions for the year. (See ad POPULAR DOGS, May issue)



by Louis Pegram

1966 was a good year for Whippet racing. It must be considered , however a year of realization and stablization, and not a year of spectacular growth. We again must face the fact that the Whippet population in the U.S.A is small, and there it no indication that tremendous population increases can be expected in the breed ; even though 11 months of 1966 showed a 15% increase over 1965 in registrations with the American Kennel Club: It is still necessary, in most sections of the country, for Whippet owners to travel many miles to take part in a race meeting, or to attend

a show where major points can be virtually assured in both dogs and bitches. With the normal expected loss of certain owners in either phase of Whippet activities, be it racing or showing, great changes in a year's period are highly unlikely.

Already established race groups such as the Midwest Coursing Club, Northern California Whippet Fanciers Assn., Western Gazehound Club, and Southern California Whippet Assn. all held one or more successful race meetings under National Racing Rules and Regulations in 1966. Some meetings had fewer entries than in past years, while others showed fine growth. Our Canadian friends especially moved ahead in their Whippet racing activities.

Whippet racing has gone through many changes since it's revival in 1958. Today while we wish more Whippet owners would take part in racing , it requires a far better trained race Whippet than was the case in past years. If a Whippet does not have desire, speed and proper training, he will not make the grade in today's competition. We believe that the present Grading System used is the fairest method to give properly trained Whippets, both fast and not so fast a chance to visit the winners' circle when such Whippets show their best racing form. Under National Racing Rules and Regulations emphasis is still placed on "QUALITY", yet slower Whippets also are given every opportunity to win their share of races in line with individual actual racing ability. Our records over the year show clearly that a few Whippets show great consistency, regardless of where they race, while the majority vary greatly from race meeting to race meeting. This same condition is true in horse racing across America.

Every encouragement is given to national race meetings, hopefully of bringing the top racers from one section of the U.S.A. and Canada to other sections, on what might be called an East vs. West basis. This has been understandably difficult, but has met with reasonable success. Since Mrs. Wendell Howell moved from California to Ireland , a number of leading Midwest Whippets have raced on the Pacific Coast , but few top West Coast Whippets have run in the Midwest. Results of this interchange of top racers has not always painted a true picture, but as results are based on superior victories , there can be no argument. Having seen most of the top race Whippets race in America, it is my feeling the only two Midwest Whippets who ever equalled their best Midwest racing form on the West Coast were EYLELAND HANNAH and RENFIELD SHAUN. Other top Midwest racers showed little, and I believe that the smaller starting boxes, and failure of the owners to run down the track or at least be at the finish line at the end of the race, was the major contributing factor to their poor showing.


This loss of lengths at the break often mean the difference between victory and defeat. It must be remembered that even the top racers are creatures of habit, and any change in equipment or racing conditions can cost a racer valuable lengths and possible defeat. These conditions are pointed out just to establish that before a Whippet can truly be called a great national racer he should race in various sections of the country. Groups holding Whippet race meetings under National Racing Rules and Regulations should do everything possible to have standard equipment and follow closely the rules as they are clearly written.

It was agreed by your Racing Rules Committee that no changes would be made in National Racing Rules and Regulations in 1967. Only a few minor changes were suggested and the importance of having people thoroughly understand the present rules, seemed to have by far the greatest value to the sport.

One thing that needs attention is Puppy Racing. Entries in all sections of the country have been poor, and puppies on the whole have been poorly trained. The problem is simple: (a) There are not enough Whippets raised each year to provide a sufficient number of trained puppies for racing under 12 months of age. (b) Few puppies are ready to compete in races with spectator attendence until they are 10 months of age or older. Some five years ago, I urged that the puppy race age limit be raised to 15 months as it would give young Whippets a longer period to race against inexperienced Whippets of their own age, and it would increase the number of puppies to make interesting and competitive puppy racing. This was voted down as many A.W.C. members felt that the 12 months limit should apply in the show ring as well as on the track.

Being absolutely realistic, the job of training a young puppy for racing is a far greater task than teaching him to walk around a show ring on a leash, so in June I will again ask for a vote from members of the Sectional Supervisory Racing Committee to raise the age limit in Puppy Races to 15 months. This would not become effective until January 1, 1968, so as to be fair to all Whippet owners and breeders.

Hurdle racing still remains the number one crowd pleaser in our Whippet race program, but shows little growth. Mr. Selwyn Blackstone has virtually alone been responsible for keeping this much needed portion of the sport alive. Problems in hurdle racing are lack of hurdles and especially guide wings to keep the Whippets from running around the hurdles. Our race tracks vary greatly, and it is difficult t. secure the needed materials to keep the hurdle Whippets on the track. This phase of the sport should be encouraged. Whippets take quickly to hurdles, and training in most cases is very simple. Top hurdle racers in 1966 would be RENFIELD SHAUN and the problem bumper, EYLELAND HANDSOM RANSCM.

1966 prepared the ground work for two major improvements in Whippet racing held under National Racing Rules and Regulations:

There will be An Award of Racing Merit Program based on points accumulated at race meetings held under National Racing Rules and Regulations. This program is explained in the December issue of The Whippet News.

There will also be the first Whippet Sweepstakes open to all race Whippets. This can be of real value in promoting Whippet racing, so please enter one or more of your better racers in our first Whippet Sweepstakes.

It is our hope, if you are not currently taking part in Whippet racing, that you will join in this breed improvement program to make it even a

greater success in 1967. In line with all of the above comments, let me remind you of the objectives of Whippet racing held as an affiliated part of the A.W.C.:



Each year at this time I try to give an approximate rating on the Whippets who raced the year before under National Racing Rules and Regulations. You understand that this rating is an approximate and is especially difficult where certain Whippets do not perform consistently at all meetings. This is also true of young improving Whippets, or those who have raced only on a limited basis. Race meetings were numerous in 1966, so through error on my part, some names may not be listed. Puppy Racers in most cases are also not listed, as they may not have reached the age for Adult Racers.

The purpose of this rating is to better communications between those people who race Whippets in various sections of the U.S.A. as to the comparative ability of the various Whippets that raced during 1966. Group A would be excellent, Group B-above average, C-average, D-below average.

EYLELAND HOMER retains his early speed and had enough endurance to be high point racer at Chicago, Illinois St. Louis; Missouri and Marysville, Ohio. His only defeats came from CH. BETTE BROOK BONITA, GRAVE DIGGER and SPRING INTRIGUE. RINGO'S RINGO continued his brilliant record, but raced only in California. His only defeat in 1966 was to CH. H. HIGHLAND FLING over a rough racing surface at Fresno, California. STRATHOAK SPRING INTRIGUE needs only to break a bit faster to challenge the above two for top national racing honors. URRAY CHIEFTAIN had a heavy schedule along the entire Pacific Coast and was always in the top three placements. H. BETTEBROOK BONITA looked her best ever in 1966 but did not race at a distance over 150 yards. The consistent 23 lb. CAN. CH. ROCKABYE EMBER OF COURSE proves that a little Whippet can be outstanding, both on the track and in the show ring. HASTY ROYAL RED can beat the best when he feels like it, but seems to prefer the turf. CH. ROUGET O'LAZELAND still is tough when he gets his favorite spot clear of interference. He is a fine producer of both show and race Whippets. REX RINGO is always in top competition, and if anything goes amiss, he can take it all TITAN HOBO has a tremendous stride, and will improve as he gains strength and experience. PIPERKINS RAMBLER has speed and size, so he will figure close for top honors in 1967.


1 International Kennel Club Show, Chicago, Illinois scheduled for April 1 and 2 has been postponed until July 22 and 23, 1967. Four complete race programs will be held under National Racing Rules and Regulation on these two July dates. Building will be air-conditioned.

2. First payment for Marysville, Ohio Race Futurity due before March 31, 1967. Please enter one or more of your better Whippets. Write W. L. Backman, P. O. Box 5, Aurora, Indiana Zip Code 47001, if you need additional entry blanks.

3. The Mississippi Valley Kennel Club will hold their annual all-breed show on May 21, 1967. Dr. F. D. Rutherford, Detroit, Michigan, will judge Whippets. Four complete race programs under National Racing Rules and Regulations will be held in connection with this show: Two complete programs on Saturday, May 20 and two on Sunday, May 21. Race entry blanks and information on extra activities will be included in the next issue of the Whippet News.

The Western Gazehound Club Vancouver, B. C.

Bill Turpin Sr.

At the annual meeting of the Western Gazehound Club the following were elected to the 1967 executive.

President - Mr. Richard Webster
Vice-President - Mr. John Rogalsky
Secretary - Mrs. Diana Greenwood
Treasurer - Mrs. Barbara Rogaisky
Racing Chairman - Mr. Bill Turpin, Jr.
Publicity and Public Relations - Mr. Bill Turpin Sr.
Membership and Editorial - Mrs. Gerry McLure
Trophy Chairman - Mrs. Barbara Webster
Social Chairman - Mrs. John Barkert
Ass't Social Chairman - Mrs. Georgine Fraser
Show Secretary - Mr. Richard Webster

Our club activities during 1966 were extensive, entertaining and rewarding. One of the most gratifying developments was the continued healthy growth of our membership and their enthusiastic participation in shows and racing.

In 1966 we were fortunate to obtain Wolfson Field on the beautiful University of British Columbia Campus for training our dogs and holding our race meetings. This is an ideal field over 300 yards long, flat with excellent turf that is well maintained at all times.

We feel that a greater number of people in our area are becoming aware of the racing and are coming out to watch and thoroughly enjoying themselves. The attendance at our National Points Meeting was very gratifying.

Before our National Points Meet two of our members with their dogs were interviewed for fifteen minutes on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's weekly sport show. They also gave us coverage of the actual racing on the evening sports program.

Five of our members made the long trek to Santa Barbara with gratifying results. They were all enthusiastic about the racing, the size and calibre of the dog shows at both Santa Barbara and Ventura, as well as the hospitality of the people they met.

Quite a number of our members took a real healthy contingent of dogs to the Whippet Specialty and National Points Race Meeting at Renton, Washington. It was a spirited meeting but the highlight was the unparalleled hospitality and kindness of the Baumgartner's, Pearl, Bob, Carrol and last but certainly not least Pearl's mother Mrs. White.

We here in Vancouver feel we are more than fortunate to have Pearl Baumgartner as close as she is to Vancouver. Her knowledge and experience is extensive and she is always ready to help and council. Whippets and Whippet owners need more Pearl Baumgartner's.

What is ahead for 1967? First for our racing we have again been successful in obtaining Wolfson Field at U.B.C.

We are all excited and enthusiastic about our National Points Meeting this year. The date has been moved to August and we know that this will be of great interest to many Whippet owners because of the following:

1. There will be a Gazehound Specialty before the races with one of the most prominent hound judges in America, whose name will be announced in due course.

2. The Specialty will also be held in conjunction with the North Shore Kennel Club Dog Show, which is one of the most popular as well as one of the largest in Western Canada. Our American friends will have three opportunities to obtain points towards a Canadian championship.

3. AU these events take place just one week before the Whippet Specialty and National Points Race Meeting at Renton, Washington. It is only 150 miles and an easy three hour drive from Vancouver.

While not trying to appear too provincial, we who live in British Columbia and Washington State believe there are no more beautiful spots in North America and we know that you will not regret a visit to this part of the country. Further, we believe our American friends should start planning now to bring their families and dogs to both our meetings at Vancouver and Renton and we know you will really enjoy yourself.

All pertinent facts and dates will appear in an early issue of the Whippet News. In the meantime start planning your fun vacation in Vancouver and Renton this August. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Our best to all Whippeteers for 1967

Howard Bobren

San Francisco , California

The 57th Annual All Breed Dog Show and Obedience Trial of the Golden Gate Kennel Club was held Saturday and Sunday, January 14th and 15th, 1967, at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. The Northern California Whippet Fanciers Association decorated its bench­ ing for the first time and had 19 Whippets under its colors. In total 29 Whippets were entered in the show.

The judge, Mrs. Frank Warner Hill of Llandreath, Shafetsbury, Dorset, England, used a technique none of us had ever seen before. In her very thorough, careful judging, she had each Whippet placed on a table.

In charge of bench decorations was La Donna Lundgren, assisted by Dorothy Matheny, Dorthy's brother Chris, friends, neighbors, etc. At the Cow Palace on Thursday night before the show to help set up was the entire committee of decorators, Donna Hammond, Margret and Dick Symons, Jayne Langdon, and Howard Bobren. The display had silhouettes of racing Whippets, banners, streamers, and balloons and flags above the benches. An off-white fabric backing at the rear of the benches set off name tags for each of the dogs. Grass cloth was used on the floor of the benches. Most of the

dogs were not caged, but were shown on bench leads with red velvet collars. Naturally the dogs behaved beautifully through the two days of mobs of people. Eleven of the 19 dogs benched by the NCFWA belonged to members. They were joined by friends and guests, mostly from Southern California. Everyone was very pleased with the way our benching worked out. What we lacked in professional decorating polish we made up for in spirit and enthusiasm. We had a guest book for visitors who wished to be contacted about further information on Whi ppets, and this was well received. About 30,000 people attend the Golden Gate show, so our Whippets received a lot of exposure.

During the long hours on the bench, members of the club had a chance to visit with each other and to meet some of the out-of-town people. Jacqueline Quiros-Kubat, whose Dragonfly's Wingedfoot was Best Whippet and who was benched with us, joined us for a while and we had a chance to meet and talk with the charming Mrs. H. G. Frailey, owner of Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune, "Gridley," also benched with the club's dogs.

The NCWFA has plans and events ready for another successful year. Next week we will have our membership meeting with nominations for new officers. Very fortunately the club is growing and obtaining exciting, enthusiastic, and hard working new members. The club will soon sponsor a course, a fun match, and handle the racing at Fresno.

The Northern California Whippet Fanciers Association held its monthly meeting on Saturday evening, January 21st at Howard Bobren's, San Francisco apartment. There was a record turn-out of over twenty members and potential members. Chaired by Vice- President Duane Hedrick, the group accomplished the planning of events for the coming year. In addition to the monthly fun races, the NCWFA will hold its annual course

the weekend of February 11th, it will run the National Race Point event in conjunction with the Fresno show, it will sponsor another National Race Point event, it will hold exhibition races in connection with the Chowchilla Country Fair, and it will hold a Fun Match. New officers were nominated and the results of the election will be reported in the next edition of the WHIPPET NEWS.

To add to the results of the Santa Clara Valley K.C. show, the Frames' Ch. Bardon Summer Storm went on to place 2nd in the Hound Group.

Our February meeting was held on Sunday, February 26th at the Danville home of Charles and Myrna County. New officers of the club were announced as follows; President, Duane Hedrick; Vice President, Lynne Trounce; Treasurer, Myrna County; Secretary, Donna Hammond; Board of Directors, Frank Carroll, Don Darling, Norman Ellis, Jeanette Keppleman, LaDonna Lundgren. Members gave a vote of thanks to Duane Hedricks for his handling of the Whippet Course on February 11th and 12th.

The club's racing equipment is coming right along. Omer Rees completed our new starting boxes which we all had a chance to inspect. All that remains is for the ladies auxiliary under the direction of Charles County, to paint the boxes. Donna Marshall is making new racing jackets.

A Fun Hatch to be held in June, hopefully in Golden Gate Park and including National Point Racing, is being planned. As soon as arrangements are confirmed we will let the Whippet News know the details.


Bo Bengtson, Stockholm, Sweden, writes, Jan. 2, 1967 - Perhaps you would like to have news for the Whippet News about the two big shows over here, both in the autumn. Gothenburg International was rather a disappointment with only 25 Whippets shown under the Swedish judge. Both CACIB winners - Ch. Laguna Leader and Int. Ch. Bojars Bibi - repeated their success from last year but this time my Leader beat Bibi for BOB.

At Stockholm International a few weeks later there was an all time record of 57 Whippets for Mrs. Julia Curnow of England to judge. The CACIB winners in this tremendous competition were in dogs, Badgewood Mark Train, a white dog I imported from Cruft 's show in February and being top whippet this last year, while in bitches an old hand got the award - Ch. Tundrans Aurore, Swedish bred for many generations and winning BOB at this big show for the third times Mark Twain is of special interest to American Whippeteers as he carries a line back to the Meander and Picardia champions. The CC winners were Bernito, a son of Ch. Leader, and the imported Bocachica Psyche, daughter of England's top dog, Ch. Samarkand's Greenbrae Tarragon&

Would be extremely interested to get news from the U.S.A., especially as I hope to go over in the spring. I will judge Whippets and Greyhounds in England in May and intend to go straight from there. Would be most interested to have a look at your American Whippets, they look a grand lot from the photographs I have seen. Perhaps I could judge some match or a Sweepstake somewhere if it is suitable.

Martine Collings, Winterfold Kennels, Rothesay, N. B., Canada, writes - I was sorry to learn that Mrs. Garrish, weekly "Dog World" correspondent in England, was quite insenced by my recent leter in W.N. Particularly, since I have received letters from England reflecting quite the opposite reaction& I am thankful that at least some people were able to detect that my "tongue was in my check" when speculating on the future origin of great Whippets.

My recent comments were purely a personal opinion - for what that is worth - and as such can I hope produce reaction without personal animosity. I hardly think it can be described as writing "with an air of authority for the American press!"

It could not be further from my mind to wish to spoil Anglo-American relationships within our breed. If I have offended Mrz. Garrish or any of the other English breeder for whom I formed a respect whilst in England 5 years ago, I am extremely sorry. I am more than willing to "eat humble pie" over my final paragraph which wrongly conveyed that I included all English breeders instead of merely the one who prompted my letter. I hope it will be remembered that I did not begin this controversy. The very fact that I felt obliged to deplore those criticisms of Mr. James' (which he admits to having had "blue pencilled" in part by his editor due to their derogatory content) is proof that the boot is on the other foot!,

It has never been my intention to give an impression that I have any "standing" in the breed in England, or to be imodest. I have merely been around dogs and horses all my life, afforded generous help and opportunity from some of our American breed authorities and put on a lot of dedicated hard work on the breed over the last 10 year (not 2, as Mrs. Garrish suggests) from which I am slowly beginning to reap reward. My husband, co-owner of our kennel, a breeder/exhibitor/judge of show and working dogs of many breeds in various parts of the world (he owned his first Whippet back in 1927) shares the view I expressed. I can't dispute that there are many who could write with more authority than I.

I hope this will salve any anger or misunderstanding stemming from what I wrote. But if anyone should wish to continue this controversey, which did not originate from me, then I warn them I shall not be a co-operating oponent - I just don't believe in taking things that seriously and I suspect it is becoming just a little BORING, anyway & James Hale, Ontario, Canada, sends - "Speedy Whippet Built Like Bullet" by Peter Krien. What has a lean, sleek body, four legs, a pointed nose and is as fast as the wind? Put that question to James Hale of 508 Henry St. here in Woodstock and he would undoubtedly answer, without a moment's hesitation, "A Whippet."

If you haven't guessed or don't know, a Whippet is a fleet-footed canine that might be best described as a small edition of the Greyhound.

Mr. Hale, vice-president of the newly organized Whippet Club of Ontario in Burlington , is the proud owner of two of the fine animals, which he hopes will form the nucleus of a local kennel. Although he has had an interest in the animals for some time through stories told him by his father who kept Whippets in England, Mr. Hale waited until 2 1/2 years ago to buy one. The success he has had with Canadian Champion Whiptail's Silver Dart, called simply Dart around the house, convinced Mr. Hale to make his pet more than just a hobby. In 1965 dog shows in Oakville and London. Dart qualified for best in show, best of breed and first and second in group respec­tively. He was ranked second best Whippet in Canada, and this year, in a show in Kitchener , Dart was named best of breed by a noted English judge. With about two years of show competition behind him, Mr. Hale's Dart has been named best of breed 12 times.

Theories of how the breed originated vary. "Some people think they are an original breed. I've seen pictures of early Greek statues depicting dogs very similar to the Whippet," Mr. Hale said, "Other authorities feel the breed was derived from a cross between the Greyhound and the so-called Italian Greyhound, a smaller dog. About 100 years ago breeders in Northern England introduced terrier blood into the breed, to give them lots of heart, courage and endurance."

Today the prime purpose of the dogs is racing, although in England, where the Whippe is much more common, it is also used for coursing hares. For both purposes the dogs appear admirably suited. Ranging in height from 17 1V2 to 21 inches at the shoulders, a good Whippet can reach speeds of 40 miles per hour. "The dogs can run neck and neck with a rabbit simply playing with it until it's ready to grab it and flip it in the air, breaking its neck." Back in the 1920's, a speedy car (in those days at any rate) bore the name of the breed.

As mentioned before, Mr. Hale's ambition is to have his own kennel to breed top race and show stock. He and the members of the club in Burlington hope to popularize Whippet racing in Ontario to rival the popularity that Greyhound racing enjoys in Florida. With this in mind he recently purchased a now five month old mate for Dart with the impressive name Winterfold Penny Royal from a renowned New Brunswick kennel

(Mrs. Collings). Her owner is quite confident that he has another winner on his hands And why not? After all, her sire was International Champion Courtney Fleetfoot of Pennyworth, who was named the leading sire of all breeds in the United States in 1966, winner at Westminster - the biggest of all American dog shows - in 1964 and is the only Whippet in history to be named best in show 29 times.

With blue-blood breeding like this one would hardly expect a Whippet to be an ideal pet and a calm, good natured friend to children. However, according to Mr. Hale, nothing could be further from the truth. "They make an ideal pet, are intelligent, devoted, quiet and yet are very alert and make good watchdogs. They love to play." Here, however, the similarity with the average household pet ends. Housed in an insulated, electrically heated kennel, Dart and Penny are groomed every other day, their nails clipped every two weeks and they are fed a highly specialized diet of raw beef, tripe, milk, eggs and so on. "On the average I spend about three hours a day, sometimes more, grooming the dogs, training them for shows and giving them runs in Southside Park." Fortunately for Mr. Hale, his wife Lorna doesn't really mind his devotion to his prize Whippets. She's an enthusiast too and holds the position of secretary in the Oxford County Kennel Club.

Walter & Elsie Klimpel, Long Island, New York, write, I would like to say that my husband and I think the NEWS is improving and becoming more interesting and informative with every issue.

W e only wish more people would know of all the virtues of owning a Whippet and having it as a house pet. It is one of the bests We have only one bitch as of now, Ch. Bore Shors Small Account, but she has been bred to a son of Ch. Greenbrae Barn Dance, namely, Ch. Highlights Flashy one and we hope to retain another bitch out of this litter, which is due in April. I would like to mention that before we bought this girl my husband could not see a Whippet. 7e have had German Shepherds, a Doberman Pinscher and still have 3 Poodles. But my husband is completely taken in with the Whippet breed and we intend to have nothing else in the future. We hope to breed quality, not quantity, and hope to place them in loving homes, and if we are lucky enough to breed show quality Whippets, which we are aiming for, we hope we can place them in homes of show minded people who will show them.

"Veil" is such a pleasure to own. She is such a lady everywhere we take her. People stop us constantly and admire her. Whippets are not "yappers" and they do not jump around crazily in the car and they walk like a dog should walk on the leash. Honestly, I could go on and on. About all the fun we have racing her and how on weekends we go to a large field nearby and she courses rabbits and the minute she loses them in the high grass, she turns around and comes obediently back to us. She is just a lovely animal and we are proud to own her.

Continued success with your wonderful WHIPPET NUTS. Future home of Sie Wal Kennel.

A. N. Morton, Alberta, Canada, writes, I was delighted to receive a second copy of the WHIPPET NEWS.... I was also quite thrilled to see an honourable mention given to my dog in Mr. Webster's advertisement on page 3 of the advertising section. The record of Urray Gorgeous George is all the more impressive, I feel, because he had never been put down for show until he was almost 15 months old. In six successive P Prairie Shows he has placed 2 Best Opposite Sex, 1 Best of Breed, 2 Group Thirds, 1 Group First.

On February 18 & 19 Calgary is hosting the first All Breed Show of Canada's Centennial Year. It is reported that we have some four hundred entries, many of them coming from the western United States. I do not yet know how many Whippets are entered, but I am anxiously anticipating a completed championship for Gorgeous George.

* * *

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