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Abbreviations: BOB - Best of Breed; BOS - Best of Opposite Sex; WD - Winners Dog; WB - Winners Bitch; BOW - Best of Winners; RWD and RWB - Reserve to WD and WB; BP - Best Puppy; BISweeps - Best in Sweepstakes; B/F - Best in Futurity.


APRIL 13 - 14

American Whippet Club National Specialty

The American Whippet Club, Inc. held its fourth National Specialty show and obe­dience trial at the Hyatt Hotel in Palo Alto, California on April 13 & 14, 1990. There was an entry of 301 Whippets making 324 entries, with Ms. Carol Willumsen (Willcare) judging all the conformation classes, Mr. Alvin Lee judging the 25 obedience entries, and Mrs. Audrey Sutton judging the 7 junior showmanship entries. In addition, there were 156 entries in the Futurity and Maturity classes, judged in the same location on April 12 by Mrs. Pat Dresser (Dress Circle).

Thanks to Warren Cook for photographs and to Liz Perucki for ringside snapshots.

BOB - Ch. Allerei's Ain't Misbehavin' (Ch. Surrey Hill's Houston, F.Ch. x Allerei's Shaharizad, F.Ch.). Breeders R.H. & J.M. Simonsen. Owners Carolyn & Karen Bowers.

BOS, WD & BOW - Chelsea Drakkar of Oxford (Whippoorwill Moonstone x Ch. Chelsea Saffron). Breeders & owners Lee & Deann Christianson & Dianne Bowen.

RWD & BP - Surrey Hill Rogue of Chelsea (Ch. Chelsea Mesmorize & Ch. Allerei's Ain't Misbehavin'). Breeders Carolyn & Karen Bowers. Owners Lee & Deann Christianson.

WB - Gallways Peaches (Ch. Delacreme de la Renta x Gallway Gorilla My Dreams). Breeder & owner Ann Gallup Marsh.

RWB - Jocora Chelsea Glory Road( Ch.

Chelsea Mesmorize x Ch. Idolor Chelsea Heartfelt). Breeders & owners J. Melton & D. Christianson.

The following dogs received a Select Award in the Best of Breed competition: Ch. Saxon Shore Flashback, Ch. Patric's Take It From, Ch. Prophecy's Promises Promises, Ch. Allerei's Santa Paula, Ch. Barbado Testarossa , Ch. Chelsea Moonstruck, Ch. Runner's Such A Clairvoyant, Ch. Oxford's Paloma of Chelsea, Ch. Hamrya's Teacher's Pet, and the veteran dog, Ch. Morshor's Ma­jestic Dell, ROM.

Class winners (and entries):

Puppy D. 6-9 mo. (26): RWD above.

Puppy D. 9-12 mo. (17): Paris Seaworthy Simon ( Ch. Gold Dust's Joint Venture x Whip­pletree Hadley).

Junior D. 12-18 mo. (7): Wheatland Prairie Schooner (Ch. Chatwig Chinook, F.Ch., imp. UK x Willoughby of Wyndsor).

Novice D. (1): Windswood Parcheesi (Can.Ch. Bluerock Saint Vivant, F.Ch. x Regalstock Zenobia, F.Ch.).

Bred by Exh. D. (12): Sonsteby's Smooth Character (Ch. Delacreme de la Renta x Ch. Sonsteby's The Right Stuff).

American Bred D. (6): Joe Montana of Wyndsor (Flyer of the Crackerjacks, imp. Ger­many x Dynasty of Wyndsor).

Open D. (20): WD above.

Veteran D. (5): Ch. Morshor's Majestic Dell, ROM (Ch. Plumcreek Walk On Water x Ch. Morshor's Royal Bid).

Award of Racing Merit D. (4): Ch. Captain Elijah of Brewster (Captain Brewster of Wyndsor, ARM, ORC x Dancing Carly, CDX).

Puppy B. 6-9 mo. (23): Merci Isle Whisper To A Purr (Ch. Delacreme de la Renta x Ch. Merci Isle Hot Flowers).

Puppy B. 9-12 mo. (17): Jocora Chelsea One For The Road (Ch. Chelsea Mesmorize Ch. ldolor Chelsea Heartfelt).

Junior B. 12-18 mo. (17): Showtime's Autumn Classic (Ch. Saxon Shore Amber Waves x Ch. Rodon's Touch of Class).

Novice B. (2): Donmar's Hannah Lee de Baie (Ch. Terrace Hill's Sandcastle x Donm ar's Paw Prints On The Run).

Bred by Exh. B. (24): RWB above.

American Bred B. (10): Surrey Hill's Calamity Jane (Ch. Highlight's Bold 'N Spec­tacular x Ch. Surrey Hill's Modern Times).

Open B. (20): WB above.

Veteran B. (12): Ch. Whippoorwill High Flyer ( Ch. Whippletrees Raisin Cain x Ch. Lady Blair of Whippoorwill).

Award of Racing Merit B. (2): Willoughby of Wyndsor, ORC, F.Ch. (Volant Rapp of Wynd­sor x Regalstock Vampire, ROMX).

Stud D. (3): Ch. Surrey Hill's Houston, F.Ch. (Whippoorwill Moonstone x Ch. Whip­poorwill Surrey).

Brood B. (9): Ch. Chelsea Saffron ( Ch. Whippletrees Raisin Cain x Ch. Spectre White Hot).

Brace (3): Ch. Morshor's Majestic Prince & Ch. Morshor's Majestic Dell, ROM.

Extended Generation Stud D. (2): Ch. Surrey Hill's Houston, F.Ch. (see above).

Extended Generation Brood B. (1): Ch. Sonsteby's I Told You So (Ch. Mojo's Sage Mark of Hillendale x Runner's Little Lady Roar).

Best Junior Handler (7): Carol Hinson with Oxford's Chloe.

Judge's comments -CAROL H. WILLUMSEN:

THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE is having I judged the 4th National AWC Specialty and for this honor I want to thank the membership of the American Whippet Club. An equally heartfelt thanks goes to the breeders and ex hibitors who chose to show me those 300-plus wonderful Whippets.

To the Show Chairperson, Carol Curry, and the members of her committee let me say that words can not express the gratitude I and everyone there felt for arranging such a superb show. The memory of it will stay with me always, and it will be a hard act to follow for any other upcoming Show Chairperson.

The show was held in a lovely hotel in Palo Alto , California . The huge ballroom was a stage for our three-day event. The trophy table was like nothing I had ever seen before: the silver glittered and the ribbons were spectacular. The enormous carpeted ring was more than adequate to hold most of the large classes I had. However, the carpeting itself posed an ever endless chore for me. The bright colors and geometric design was a constant problem on my eyes and I had to concentrate not to be distracted when the dogs moved.

I will not review each and every placement as it will become repetitious, but will critique my class winners and of course my final decision.

My first class was Puppy Dog 6-9 months with an entry of 23 adorable puppies. These youngsters were a sight to behold — so much quality. This is our future and I'll say that if this is any indication of what's coming, our breed is in good shape. My first place winner was Surrey Hill Rogue of Chelsea. This dog went on to be my Reserve Winners Dog. He is a beautifully put-together puppy, fawn with white markings, with a great expression and determination. There were two other littermates in this class — one was second and the other found it was his day to play and did not show well.

The 9-12 months Puppy Dog class had 15 — my first place was Paris Seaworthy Simon, who I found out later had won the Futurity. This dog is a beautiful red and white. He has a lovely head and expression. Another place­ ment in this class was Waterdance Night Watch who was an almost solid black with a jet black eye. He had substantial bone and moved well. The 12 to 18 months dog class was won by Wheatland Prairie Schooner, a heavenly red mahogany brindle and white and a comparatively sound mover.

There was a single entry in Novice Dog and it was Windwood Parcheesi. He was a brindle and white dog who was very fit and in condition. The entry of 10 in the Bred by Exhibitor class was won by Sonsteby's Smooth


Highest Scoring Dog in Regular Classes - Glenwood Frogdawg Alchemist, CDX, LCM (Ch. Knightwoods Rebel Rouser, F.Ch. x Crestfield Harvest Thyme). Breeders James Evers & Lucien Collins. Owners Christine Hobbs & Bruce Beetz. 193 1/2 pts.

Class winners (& entries):

Novice A (3): Bohem Moon At Night ( Ch. Bohem American Way x Ch. Whippoorwill Bohem Aria), 189 1/2 pts.

Novice B (11): Crestfield The One and Only (Ch. Crestfield Irish Gold x Crestfield Cream Sherry, F.Ch.), 193 pts.

Open A (2): none qualified.

Open B (4): HIT above.

Utility (2): none qualified.

Veteran (3): Ragtime Talisman, CD (Ch. Sheridan Marial's Nikita x Can.Ch. Swiftsure Ragtime Galatea, CD, F.Ch.), 195 pts.

Character, who was a white and fawn with a wonderful expression and truly handsome when stacked. Joe Montana of Wyndsor won the American Bred class hands down. He is a very deep mahogany brindle with a black mask. This dog was very hard and muscled and obviously did some racing in his spare time.

My winner of the Open Dog class was also my Winners Dog. There was an entry of 20 and it was won by Chelsea Drakkar of Oxford. I cannot say enough about this youngster. He is everything one could want. He is a lovely red and white parti-colored with a deep brisket, proper front and topline and moved effortlessly.

I WOULD LIKE TO COMMENT at this time on the quality of my dog entries. I was pleasantly surprised to find such outstanding quality and in the end, I felt the quality over all was better in the dog classes than in the bitch classes. I did not find any really small or pig-like eyes. The bites were good with good underjaws. I did find quite a few "brillo-like" coats, which didn't make me too happy. Where is that close, smooth and silk-like coat???? I also found some really straight pasterns when the dogs were stacked on the table — a few looked like they were about to knuckle over at times.

My veteran dog class was very tearful. There was a real old-timer in the entry of 5 — that is tough when I only had 4 ribbons to give out. I made a comment to the AKC rep that one ribbon only should be awarded in Veterans, regardless of the entry, or all en­ trants should receive a ribbon. My winner was Ch. Morshor's Majestic Dell, ROM, a beautiful black brindle and white with an outstanding side gait.

The ARM dog class was won by Ch. Cap­ tain Elijah of Brewster, a dog worthy of his championship and of this class.

The Puppy Bitch 6-9 months class with an entry of 19 was won by Merci Isle Whisper to a Purr, a very dark brindle with white mark­ings. This young bitch will do very well when she matures. My (9-12 months) Puppy Bitch class with an entry of 16 was won by Jocora Chelsea One for the Road, a very nice bitch with a nice expression and reach and drive when she moved. There was also a very nice black puppy in this class, Free Wind Summer Satinn. I feel she can only get better with time.

Showtime's Autumn Classic was awarded the 12-18 months Bitch class with an entry of 15. She is a beautiful deep color, impressive outline and a sound mover. A white fawn won the Novice Bitch class; her name was Don Mar's Hannah Lee De Baie.

The Bred by Exhibitor Bitch class (22 En­ tries) was won by Jocora Chelsea Glory Road . After looking at the catalog, I find she is a litter sister to my winner of the 9-12 month Puppy Bitch class. She has a lovely outline, great expression and moved effortlessly. Sur­ rey Hill's Calamity Jane was an easy winner in the American Bred Bitch class with an entry of nine.

My Open Bitch class with an entry of 19 was won by Gallway Peaches. She is a beautiful parti-color with all the extras. She is sound and presented to perfection. This bitch ended up as my Winners Bitch and my BBE was the Reserve.

There were 10 in the Veteran Girls Class and it was a very emotional experience for this old softie. Without any reservations at all, I awarded the first place ribbon the Ch. Whip­poorwill High Flyer. This "gal" is a long time favorite of mine and was really putting out that day. My ARM bitch award was given to Willoughby of Wyndsor.

AT THIS POINT, the Specials entered the ring, plus the two Winners, two Veterans and two ARM — all in all a total of 51. After much competing and cutting, I narrowed the field down to about 20. But in this procedure of narrowing down, I lost my Veteran Bitch and she was excused when indeed she should not have been. I can only publicly apologize to both Harriett Lee and Barbara Henderson for a mistake that could not be remedied.

My Best of Breed rosette was presented with great pride to Ch. Allerei's Ain't Misbehavin', a gorgeous fawn and white bitch. She is my type, with all the goodies put into one great bitch. She is truly a classic. After looking at my catalog, I see that my Reserve Winners Dog (the 6-9 mos. Puppy) is her son, so not only is she is a great show bitch but she is also a great producer.

My Winners Dog ultimately became my BOW and BOS. This youngster was in true competition for BOB. He has, I feel, a spec­ tacular show career on the horizon and will be a "Special" to reckon with in the future.

My awards of merit were given to the following: Ch. Saxon Shore Flashback, Ch. Patric's Take if From Me, Ch. Prophecy's Promises Promises, Ch. Allerei's Santa Paula, Ch. Barbado Testarossa, Ch. Chelsea Moonstruck, Ch. Runner's Such a Clair­voyant, Ch. Oxford's Paloma of Chelsea, Ch. Hamrya's Teachers Pet, and my veteran Dog, Ch. Morshor's Majestic Dell, ROM.

My best Puppy Award was given to Surrey Hill Rogue of Chelsea, who was my reserve WD and son of my BOB. The rosette for best Bred by Exhibitor was given to Jocora Chelsea Glory Road , who was also my reserve WB. My best Stud Dog was Ch. Sur­rey Hill's Houston, F.Ch. This was not a hard choice to make since my BOB bitch was stan­ding next to her daddy. My best Brood Bitch was to Ch. Chelsea's Saffron; again not a hard decision, as she is the mama of the beautiful Winners Dog. The extended genera­ tions were won by the stud dog Ch. Surrey Hill's Houston, and by the brood bitch Ch. Sonsteby's I Told You So.

It was great to have three braces come into the ring. My final choice was the Morshor champion father and son, Majestic Dell and Majestic Prince.

However, the brace of Ch. Starburst Fast Break and Wildfire's Shooting Star gave the winners a run for the rosette.

To conclude this critique, I would like to mention two aspects that I feel need attention. Let us be very careful of the A-frame fronts that I saw so much of — a lack of fill is a very disconcerting feature to me and it certainly does not make for a pretty picture when the dog is stacked or when it is gaiting. I also found some great German Shephered top lines — ones that started at the withers and ended at the hocks. I personally feel that the keystone of our breed is the top and under lines. If we lose them, we have lost the most important feature of our breed.

I do not want to forget to thank my ring steward, Tom Partis. With his many years of experience, he certainly made the ring run smoothly. And last but no least, again I want to thank all of you. I hope everyone that attended our National had as good a time as I had.


Best in Futurity - Paris Seaworthy Simon ( Ch. Gold Dust's Joint Venture x Whippletree Hadley). Breeder & owner Sharon Sakson.

Best in Maturity - Ch. Chelsea Moonstruck (Ch. Surrey Hill's Houston x Ch. Chelsea Cor­iander Windborn). Breeders Lee & Deann Christianson. Owners Syl Rozny & Barbara Henderson, VMD.

Class winners (and entries):

Puppy D. 3)5 mo. (13): Jocora Chelsea Amontillado (Whippoorwill Moonstone x Ch. !dolor Chelsea Heartfelt).

Puppy D. 5-7 mo. (11): Ringmaster's Tutankhamen (Ch. Lorricbrook Sunflyte x Ch. Gold-Dust's Limited Edition).

Puppy D. 7-9 mo. (21): Locar's Martini on the Rocks (Ch. Morshor's Majestic Prince x Ch. Locar's Show Off).

Puppy D. 9-12 mo.(15): BIF above.

Junior D. 12-15 mo. (5): Idover Perfect Gentleman (Ch. Plumcreek Jumaco Austin x Ch. High Flyer Puddle Jumper).

Puppy B. 3-5 mo. (12): Chelsea Marsala of Jocora (Whippoorwill Moonstone x Ch. Idolor Chelsea Heartfelt).

Puppy B. 5-7 mo. (9): Ringmaster's Ravivett (Ch. Lorricbrook Sunflyte x Ch. Gold Dust's Limited Edition).

Puppy B. 7 .9 mo. (19): Delacreme Dear One (Ch. Delacreme de la Renta x Ch. Carbeth On The Spot, F.Ch.).

Puppy B. 9-12 mo. (21): Locar's Datani Total Eclipse (Timbar's Starless Night x Ch. Locar's Holiday Rambler).

Junior B. 12-15 mo. (11): Idover Simply Splashing (Ch. Plumcreek Jumaco Austin x Ch. High Flyer Puddle Jumper).

Maturity D. (8): BIM above.

Maturity B. (11): Ch. Rafina Fairlights Emily (Ch. Delacreme de la Renta x Ch. Rafina Bunny Hop).